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‘Honey, get up!’ Leah repeated as she struggled to wake her lover. Hayley was an adorable little thing, much more so when she was cocooned in their bed covers. But this wasn’t the time to be admiring little nymphs! Leah scrambled to the window yet again. Hayley’s parents were getting out of their car. Shit!

‘Hayley, Hayley. Darling, please get up. I’ve got no idea how to deal with your parents,’ Leah mumbled as she attempted to tap Hayley awake. On the word ‘parents’, Hayley’s head shot up and her dark eyes became fully alert.

‘Parents, Lee? My parents? Here?’ she shrieked, her voice unbelievably loud for a person who had just awoken from deep slumber.

‘Yeah, they’re coming up now,’ Leah explained, slipping on her boxers. She had always been the calm one. Well, almost always. This was an exception. When your lovers’ parents were halfway up your doorstep, wouldn’t you panic, too?

‘Did they tell you they were coming?’ Leah queried again as she pulled her hands through the sleeves of her button-down blouse and balanced her toothbrush in her mouth.

‘No, they didn’t!’ Half-dressed and beautiful, Hayley got out her bathrobe and put it on. Leah sighed. Why hadn’t she thought of that? She blamed the unusual lack of common sense on her splitting nerves.

‘Buddy!’ they heard a deep, male voice call. ‘Buddy, open the door. We’re here!’

A giggle escaped out of Leah’s tight-lipped countenance; she couldn’t help it. Buddy? Of all the ridiculous nick-names, Buddy! She laughed even harder.

Well, she wasn’t laughing a second later when her head was pulled down for a rough, demanding, good-morning kiss. Hayley was a small woman in her mid-twenties; she only came up to Leah’s shoulder! The strength in her small, lithe body however, always took Leah off guard, especially during times like this. Hayley’s tongue flicked over hers, demanding a response. Leah’s morning-numbed brain began to thaw and so did her mood. Just when she was about to respond to the fiery sprite, Hayley pulled back.

‘Good morning,’ she said, her eyes glazed and her voice husky. ‘Don’t leave the room, love. I’ll be right back. Remember, don’t move. Don’t.’ With one, final, lingering kiss, Hayley opened the door and left Leah staring at her deliciously curved hips in her wake.

Leah sat on the large bed, hugging herself and fighting the desire that had been substituted by the blood in her veins. She had been living with Hayley for nearly eight months now and that woman could still make her want like no other. There was no doubt in Leah’s mind that she was in love with Hayley but somehow, expressing that love just wasn’t Leah’s style.

At 5’11”, lean and blonde, women were usually the ones to fall at Leah’s feet and proclaim their unending love for her, not the other way around. It did not make Leah feel any better that that was exactly what she wanted to do now; fall at Hayley’s feet and surrender her heart and soul to her.

It wasn’t only the sex. Well, maybe part of it was, but Leah loved Hayley for her quick-wittedness and her thirst for life, more than anything else. Hayley had been through a lot in her twenty-six years on earth. Coming from a conventional adıyaman escort Indian-Christian family, the inner turmoil her new-found sexuality had caused her in her teens was one of the hardest things anyone could face without a partner to talk to. Her father had been a preacher and her mother, a devout Christian. They were good people who led their life by the Good Book.

Hayley had lived that way too; as the shy, youngest girl in the Ananda family. However, she had realized in her teens that she had started looking at ladies in a way that she wasn’t supposed to. She noticed the way her neighbour wore her sari so that men would notice her slightly rounded, sexy navel; the way the young girls at church flipped their hair to attract the opposite sex. The next thing Hayley knew, she was on a plane to London; on the way to a place where she wouldn’t be judged as a curse just because her sexual preferences were different. Back home, no one had known about her ‘affliction’. And Leah knew that Hayley planned to keep it that way.

‘Buddy! How’ve you been, my little girl? My, my, you look fantastic!’ Leah heard Mrs. Ananda exclaim. Her exclamation was followed by a rapid bout of Tamil that Leah could barely understand. Hayley had tried to teach the difficult language to her, but in the end it was concluded that Leah’s tongue was just meant to do other things, anything but speaking Tamil.

Leah listened on and wished that she could be next to Hayley right then, offering her the strength that Leah knew she needed to sit through the breakfast with her parents. She knew how Hayley felt about lying to her parents, and even though she might not have been lying out rightly, she knew how Hayley would be hurting inside just because she was keeping something from them. Leah knew all that, but she couldn’t do a blessed thing about it.


Hayley sat stiffly as her mother cried on her shoulder at the burden of leaving her daughter overseas to fend for herself. A lady shouldn’t live alone like Hayley did, she admonished and Hayley had to bite her lip from spitting out a suitable retort. She hated the way their community treated women, like fragile little glass nothings, to be admired and to be blamed for all the bad times that fell upon them. If the husband’s business did not reap a profit, it was because his wife wasn’t praying well. If the first child in the family turned out to be a girl instead of a boy, the woman was blamed for her ‘infertility’ whereas it has been scientifically proven that a sex of a child was dependent solely on the man himself. Her family had fallen prey to such ways of life, but not her. Certainly not her.

As she sat there, however, listening to her parents and their words of love and affection, her heart ached for keeping the truth from them. She desperately wanted her parents to know that she was gay, but she just couldn’t tell them. It would hurt them and she didn’t want that to happen.

She had to change, she thought as her father put his arms around her. For him. For them. For her parents, she had to change.

She was living in sin. And yet, the image of Leah popped into her mind. Her beautiful escort adıyaman Leah, with her short blonde hair and feisty green eyes. The way she looked after their morning runs, all flushed and tall and sexy. The glint in her eyes just before she picked Hayley up and threw her onto the bed. Those time didn’t feel sinful, but they felt that way now, somehow.

After what felt like eons, her parents finally left, promising to stop over once more before their flight at midday tomorrow. Hayley had just shut the door when she felt arms around her, strong arms that were as familiar to her as her own. She nearly sighed and leaned back onto Leah when she heard her dad starting the car. She pulled away then, violently.

‘What the- Hayley!’ a very startled Leah watched as her lover pelted past her and into their bedroom. The door slammed shut and Leah felt the impact of it all the way down to her soul. Something was wrong. Hayley had pulled away with the look of pain and anguish in her eyes. Leah had to find out why. She simply had to.

Before Leah could knock, Hayley opened the door, already dressed in jeans and a shirt. Without a word, Hayley made for the front door. Leah, however, was there first and blocked her path.

‘What the fuck is wrong with you? What happened? I need to know, Hayley,’ Leah demanded, her frame still blocking the doorway.

‘I can’t do this anymore, Lee. I just can’t. It’s a sin,’ Hayley whispered.

‘No-,’ Leah started to deny it and realized that she couldn’t do that to Hayley. Leah wasn’t in a place to say what a sin was and what wasn’t.

Her heart started to pound and her blood raced through her veins. She was losing Hayley. She could feel it in the air between them. Her eyes filled with tears. Shit, this couldn’t be happening!

Her mind grappled for a solution, anything she could say to change Hayley’s mind. She only managed to find one. Grabbing Hayley by her waist, she thrust the smaller woman against the door and asked,

‘Do you love me, Hayley?’

At that point, Hayley started to cry. Leah was rendered helpless as she watched her warrior-queen break down and shed tears that gleamed like polished pearls on her dark skin. The sobs that tore from Hayley’s throat cut Leah as deeply as any knife could. Leah had to stop her; else Leah might start sobbing as well.

Pressing Hayley’s soft body against hers, Leah captured Hayley’s mouth in one swift move. Hayley fought her and that truth tore at Leah’s heart. She felt Hayley slipping away and was going to pull away from her when she felt Hayley respond. Heat licked through Leah’s belly as Hayley’s tongue intertwined with hers and coaxed it to invade her own mouth. Oh god, how good it was between them. Oh god, how she loved this woman.

Hayley was having similar thoughts. She really did love Leah, to the point of madness, in fact. She couldn’t believe that she had actually talked herself into giving her up! Just the thought of losing her to any other woman made Hayley’s skin crawl.

Capturing Leah’s tongue, Hayley began to suck on it, nibbling along its length and Leah moaned in pure delight. Hayley’s hands plunged adıyaman escort bayan into Leah’s thick blonde hair as their kisses became fevered to the point of passion. Leah tore Hayley’s shirt from her body and cupped her bare breasts, feeling the familiar weight and shape of it. She used her fingers to tweak the ends and Hayley’s nipples came alive and spiked like pebbles in her hands.

Leah’s mouth left her lover’s and traveled down to Hayley’s jaw, trailing the juice of their mutual passion in its wake. Leah’s lips found Hayley’s luscious breasts and began licking one of them, just the portion that boasted Hayley’s silky flesh; she had different plans for the area that was dusted with dark coral.

Hayley’s need grew as she watched her lover suckle her breasts, deliberately not touching her hard, aching nipple. Hayley gripped Leah’s shoulders tightly, giving her signals and pleas to end her torture. She was already mindless with need, her body as taut as a bowstring and she couldn’t hold a thought in her head.

At that point, Leah’s devil tongue lashed out and covered Hayley’s nipples in hot, molten lava, and all Hayley could do was scream in pure, unaltered lust.

‘Lee, please, stop it. Stop it now. I can’t take it anymore. Goddammit!’ she breathed through half-open lips. Leah knelt in front Hayley, her tongue tracing a trail down her navel, pushing her jeans aside. Her long fingers traced a path towards Hayley’s womanhood and all Hayley could do was surrender, as she always seemed to be doing, to this woman.

Leah’s hand penetrated Hayley’s warm depths and she gasped to find the slippery, thick honey that had already pooled there. Hayley was moaning now, louder as another one of Leah’s fingers entered her in a conquest for love.

Hayley was close, Leah knew, and so she drew nearer and slightly bit her clit. Hayley came in a flood, drenching Leah’s hand and the carpet as she held on to Leah for support. Leah lapped up as much of the honey as she could, the zesty taste as familiar as the quaking body she held in her arms.

Picking Hayley up as though she weighed no more than a feather, Leah led her towards the room and settled her on the bed. Leah’s body was aching with need and want but today, it would be all about Hayley. Her sweet little Hayley.

‘Honey?’ Leah whispered to the hellion who has nibbling on her earlobe.

‘Mmm-hmm?’ Hayley replied as her tongue traveled lower.

Leah’s eyes met hers and she said, ‘I love you.’

Hayley’s eyes filled with tears. She knew exactly how much courage and pride it had taken Leah to utter those few words and she loved the woman for it. Through a throat clogged with unshed tears, Hayley said, ‘I’ve always loved you, Leah. Always.’

The loving that followed was a slow, languorous one. Both of them gave and both of them took, sharing their love for each other through well-placed kisses and caresses. For the first time in her life, Leah surrendered to a woman who took her to soaring, ecstatic heights and made her world come crashing down around her in waves. She was content. She was loved and loved back, that was all that mattered.

Hayley thought about her parents and the disappointment and hurt that they would have to face because of her. But it could not be helped; some things were just beyond her control, such as her love for Leah.

Just before they went to sleep that afternoon, arms entwined around each other, Hayley thought she heard Leah whisper, ‘I love you, Buddy.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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