BtVS – That Crzay Summer


BtVS – That Crzay SummerBUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – THAT CRAZY SUMMERDawn woke up in the middle of the night panting for breath in a cold sweat. The t-shirt and panties she’s wearing plastered to her body. She had the same horrible image that awoke her many nights imprinted into her eyes. The sight of Buffy falling to her death off the tower to close the portal her blo*d had opened slowly cleared from her vision she thought, “It should have been me not Buffy! I’m not even real those stupid monks made me out of a ball of energy, but I’m still here and Buffy is gone…” Dawn began to softly weep as she curled up into a small fetal ball. “The world needs the Slayer, not her little s*ster who isn’t even real. How did things get so messed up it should have been me who closed that portal not Buffy… How could she even think I’m more important than her?”Dawn wiped the tears from her face as wept as she softly muttered, “First Buffy and I lost mom then Buffy went and got all stupid and noble… now I don’t have her anymore. Even Willow and Tara don’t understand, they have each other.”Tara wrapped her arms around Willow and softly whispered to her lover, “Willow she’s hurting so much we have to make her feel loved and wanted.” “Baby we’re doing the best we can, aren’t we?” Willow said as she felt the hot tears welling in her eyes as she looked at Dawn. “Willow we could show her more love than we have been,” Tara gave Willow’s ear a gentle lick as she whispered into her lover’s ear.”Baby are you saying what I think you are?” “Depends on what think I’m saying?””That Dawn isn’t going to have her own room anymore?” Tara blushed slightly as she gave Willow a quick passionate kiss, “Do you want to?””Oh God yes Baby!” Willow softly panted, “Dawn is so beautiful… who wouldn’t want her?””You little güvenilir bahis şirketleri vixen,” Tara grinned. “You’ve already been thinking naughty things about her, haven’t you?””Well maybe I have,” Willow blushed as she spoke. “But so have you baby, now that we’ve admitted that we both have the hots for her. Do you think we really should…?””I think we need to go slow but, yes, Dawn needs to know she’s still loved and lovable.” Tara looked at Dawn and softly said, “I w- want to go in there right now. Dawn looks like she needs to be held and kissed…””Calm down baby just go in do it,” Willow assured Tara. “She’s feeling very hurt and lonely right now, I’m sure she’d like some Tara snuggles and kisses…””Willow!” Tara panted, “I’m talking about more than a little peck on the cheek and a quick hug.””I know baby,” Willow gave Tara a small smile as she spoke. “Now go make Dawn feel better.””Are, are y-you sure?” “Yes! Now quit stalling, Baby Dawn needs you.”Tara slowly went into Dawn’s room and softly asked, “how you doing?” as she thought, “You sure aren’t wearing the best thing for seducing someone. Boxers and an oversized t-shirt not the sexiest thing around that’s for sure…” “Ok I guess…” Dawn was trying very hard to put on good face in front of Tara as she thought, “My whole world pretty much fell apart and I’m miserable. Not like you really care or anything you’re all wrapped in Willow anyway.” Aloud she said, “Why… it’s not like you even care!”Tara moved onto the bed beside Dawn and wrapped her arms around the younger girl, “Dawn, of course I care and so does Willow.” Tara gave Dawn a quick kiss that wasn’t entirely dry but that didn’t have actual tongue either as she thought, “Ok so far so good, but don’t rush her,” Tara gently stroked Dawn’s long silky canlı bahis hair as she spoke, “Dawn we both love you…” “I know that Tara,” Dawn paused before she softly spoke, “It’s just well you and Willow have each other and I miss Mom and Buffy all of the time.”Tara planted several firm kisses on Dawn’s lips as she gently sucked the lovely brunette’s lower lip. Tara slowly let the tip of her tongue slip into Dawn’s mouth as the kiss deepened. Dawn let out soft moans as Tara softly and sensually kissed her for several minutes. As the kiss finally broke Tara asked, “Did you like that?””Uh huh,” Dawn softly said, “that was the first time anyone kissed me liked that.”Tara smiled as she looked at Dawn, “So, did you like how I kissed you?””Well it didn’t suck,” Dawn, said with a small smile, “I can sure see why so many people like doing it so much…”Tara gave Dawn another quick kiss with just a touch of tongue, “No it doesn’t suck, but you need to get back to sle*p young lady.”Tara slowly walked towards the door of Dawn’s room as reached for the light switch she softly said, “Good night Dawn. I love you.””I love you too Tara,” Dawn then softly asked, “Tara I don’t think I’m going to be able to get back to sle*p… hold me please?””Ok, slide over sweetie,” Tara said in her sweetest tone of voice, as she slipped under the covers and wrapped her arms around Dawn. Dawn softly asked, “Can I kiss you again Tara?” “Just one more,” Tara said with mock firmness, “it’s late and we should both be asle*p…”Tara felt her lips part as Dawn slowly let the kiss deepen, an involuntary moan escaped her lips as the teen’s tongue explored the soft interior of her mouth. As the kiss lingered on Tara felt a familiar wetness and warmth between her legs as she thought, “Damn… Dawn.”Willow güvenilir bahis softly asked, “Tell me what Tara’s doing to you cutie…” “Oh God, Tara!” Dawn exclaimed, “rub my clit with your thumb some more…”Willow pulled her flannel nightgown around her waist revealing the large thick patch of auburn between her legs. The redheaded witch began to wildly stoke the outer lips of her sex and the hard nub of her clit.Dawn was panting for breath as her orgasm approached. “Tara! That’s it! Oh yeah! That’s it!!!”Willow was wildly rubbing her overhead sex as she moved closer to Dawn and spoke in a seductive whisper, “Hey cutie, is Tara still fucking you with two fingers or did she put a third one in?””Uh two!” Dawn took in a sharp intake of breath. As Tara slipped her finger in beside the two fingers she was already thrusting into Dawn’s dripping wet snatch, “THREE!!!” The teen exclaimed as her body entire body was rocked by wild spasms as the first of a series of orgasms washed over her body. Tara was wildly thrusting her fingers into Dawn as the teen whimpered in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm hit her. Willow’s eyes were glued Dawn’s face and the look of pure ecstasy as the teen rode Tara’s fingers to orgasm after orgasm. This pushed the redheaded witch over the edge as she exclaimed “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!!!” Willow continued to wildly masturbate with both hands her eyes never leaving Dawn’s face as worked herself into an orgasmic frenzy. As Willow and Dawn came down from their respective highs from having multiple orgasms. Tara said in a sweet coy tone of voice, “Dawn do you think you’re up for another lesson tonight?” “Baby she looks kinda done in,” Willow said as looked at Dawn who was still slightly out of breath from the experience she’d just had. Dawn sat up on her elbows as she spoke, “I’m so not done in…” She then wrestled Willow to the mattress and kissed her as passionately as Tara had kissed her.Dawn knew that their lives had changed for the better, and she was excited for what Willow and Tara was going to teach her about love making.

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