Brother Matthew

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I am the abbot at a small monastery hidden away in the hills. The last abbot died five years ago and I was chosen basically because of my age and the order wished to modernize. I am only thirty-seven, rather young to be the head monk, but I tried my best to make things better here. Things improved dramatically when Matthew arrived. Brother Matthew was fresh from college and had decided to take his vows with us. He was the first computer literate monk we truly had here.

The order wished to set up a website to attract new monks and Matthew was able to do this for us as well as many other computer improvements. Matthew was also very humble and I soon made him my assistant. Matthew was a handsome man of twenty-two when he arrived. He had blonde hair and and a handsome face, Matthew also had an air of confidence that was needed to set up our monasteries’ website.

Once a year we have a ritual where all the younger monks wash the feet of their elders as well as the abbot. This is done to instill humbleness in every monk. As Matthew was my assistant, he came to my chamber one day with a bowl of water and a cloth. I sat on the edge of my desk and pulled my robe up to my knees. Kneeling down, Matthew then took a damp cloth and began to wash my feet, then worked his way up my calves.

I know this is wrong to say, but I was always attracted to Matthew. Not in a sexual way, but for all the ways he helped make life easier here in our monastery. I was looking down at him now, and I am ashamed to tell you this, but I felt a stirring in my loins. I was slowly getting an erection as Matthew performed his washing. Monks do wear casino şirketleri underwear, despite what you might have heard. My penis was beginning to push at the material of my shorts.

I couldn’t have Matthew stop his washing so I tried to control my urges. It wasn’t working. At one point Matthew looked up and was staring directly at my crotch. My face turned red as I knew he saw a slight bulge in my robe’s material. Matthew kept working higher. I wanted him to stop and he placed the washcloth down. I was relieved he was done, but then Matthew did the unexpected. He pushed the material of my robe higher, exposing my penis pushing through my underwear. It shocked me that he did this and it shocked me when he reached up and pulled my shorts down around my ankles.

My cock was now exposed. I was hard and erect as I could ever have remembered. I seemed to be frozen to the floor as Matthew leaned in and took my cock in his hand. He brought it to his lips and then he began to suck on the head. I have been celibate for twenty years now. At that moment I lost all control of myself, I forgot who I was. Matthew took me deeply down his throat. I reached out and placed my hands on the back of his head. I didn’t want him to pull away, I am sorry to say I never wanted this to end.

I stood up and began to thrust my pelvis into Matthew’s face. Here we were, two monks having wild oral sex together. We had both lost our minds. Not having sex all these years, I wasn’t able to control myself. After only a few minutes of this, I began to squirt my manseed down Matthew’s throat. Matthew never let up or pulled away. He took casino firmaları every hot drop of me. When he finished his sucking I was completely drained. I also was embarrassed beyond belief. I quickly pulled my shorts up and lowered my rob to the floor. Matthew stood up and without saying a word, withdrew with his water bowel and cloth.

My mind was churning for the next few days. I was avoiding Matthew at all costs. I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him, although I knew this couldn’t go on forever. One night as I was in my bed going over some reports, I heard a knock on my door. I was naked but underneath the covers for the evening. In entered Matthew. He said we needed to talk and I agreed. Matthew said he wasn’t ashamed for the other day. He was attracted to me and he said that he knew that I was attracted to him. I couldn’t deny a thing in front of him there.

Matthew walked closer to my bed and then slowly pulled his robe up over his head. He was now totally naked there in front of me. Matthew had decided not to wear underwear that evening. Matthew’s body was incredible, I have to be honest. He had rock hard abs and his cock was already hard. He was well hung in that department. I thought I was looking at a male model in front of me.

Matthew came over and pulled the covers off my naked form. I was quickly becoming erect from the view in front of me. No words were spoken. Matthew climbed onto the bed and over top of my midsection. He took hold of my cock, which was now as hard as I could ever have imagined. Matthew then looked at my face and smiled. He then sunk down onto my rigid cock and I filled his güvenilir casino bowels with my erection. Matthew slowly worked up and down my cock. I was lost now and I knew it. I took his asscheeks in both of my hands and I spread them as wide as I could.

Matthew began to ride up and down on my thick cock. There was much grunting and thrusting. I had only hoped no one could hear our love cries. I was now bringing my ass up from the bed and giving Matthew every hard inch of me. We were both now lost in male lovemaking. Matthew’s bottom was so incredibly tight. Each thrust made me want to explode inside him, but I managed to resist. How long did we make love? I had no idea. I just never wanted Matthew to pull off from me.

Eventually I felt a tightening in my sacs. I knew I was so close. I told Matthew I was going to cum inside him. He then slammed down hard on my groin and I blasted him with a geyser of my love cum. I just kept firing one load after another into his greedy ass. After some minutes of hard thrusts I could feel myself getting softer. Matthew them pulled off and cleaned me with his mouth. He licked every drop of our love juices from the tip of my shaft.

Afterwards we both were lying in bed. Matthew told me he loved me. I loved him as well. He said he had to have me as a lover or he would go mad. I am afraid I felt the same way. I told him how wrong this was but I couldn’t stop myself now. I said we would need to be discrete from now on. Matthew agreed and we have since made love a few more times. Matthew has also taken me with his long cock. I can’t begin to tell you how this feels. Matthew is so enormous and I have to control myself from screaming as he thrusts into my bottom in the nighttime.

I know we will be caught one day, it is inevitable. I just know I can never give up my beautiful monk lover, nor can he give up his abbot.

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