Briefs Buddy Part 1

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Briefs Buddy Part 1
As Dave woke from a deep sleep and stretched out in bed he fell to wondering about the events of the last two days.
He was wearing a favourite pair of white M&S slip briefs. Nothing unusual about that – he always wore briefs in bed and possessed no other night wear. His briefs were soft from lots of use and felt good and tight around his arse, his cock and his balls. Nothing unusual about that either – he had a big collection of well broken-in briefs chosen just because he loved the feel of them around his manhood and his bum. His briefs were drenched with hot spunk – and that too was not unusual since his day generally ended with fierce underwear sex and the shooting of his load in whatever lucky pair of briefs he happened to have on.
No, what was unusual was the sleeping figure of Matt lying next to Dave in the bed clad in nothing but a pair of white Jockeys. The Jockeys sharply defined Matt’s massive dick and balls and were also soaked in cum. As he gazed on Matt’s face and torso, let his eyes linger on the sexy y-fronts and pictured the gorgeous package which lay beneath Dave felt his throat tighten with lust. His soft cock, not tired despite its recent pounding and ecstatic release, began to stir once more in the wet briefs.
Dave realised that something profound had changed, and that for the first time in his life he had found someone whose passion for briefs, for their soft feel around cock, balls and arsehole, for the manly smells from a well worn pair of y-fronts, for the glorious feeling of pouring out a cum gush of spunk into a much loved pair of underpants, for the joy of seeing a fit young guy in a pair of Calvins, for the unexpected thrill of glimpsing a lad’s waistband above his jeans, for a sneak peak of guys in their briefs at the gym, for the bahis siteleri fantasy world which only a true briefs fetish can open up – that he had at last found someone whose passion for all these things was equal to his own. He had found himself a briefs buddy.
Unable to resist, Dave lowered his head to Matt’s bulge. The smell of hot spunk was potent but delicious, as Dave brought his mouth to Matt’s Jockeys. He nuzzled the package with gusto, getting his nose right into the root of Matt’s cotton-clad cock, and with his left hand gently caressing his new mate’s bull-sized balls. His right hand slid under Matt’s arse until he found what he was looking for. Then he started very slowly to rub his fingers down the arse-crack through the Jockeys, gradually working his way to Matt’s juicy hole, where he let his fingers play around the puckered ring.
Dave was now fully roused and his cock was tenting his briefs, straining them so that his balls and cock-base were uncovered. He was as close as he could imagine to paradise. The thrill of having his face buried in Matt’s bulge and his fingers caressing Matt’s butt through his Jockeys was beyond anything he had ever experienced. As his fingers travelled south from Matt’s hole to that special area between arse and cock he realised his mate’s dick was hardening too and stroking the Jockeys below Matt’s arse quickened the lad’s erection .
Dave glanced up from his work on Matt’s bulge to see his friend rouse himself blearily from his sleep.
“Again?” whispered Matt in a voice thick with sex and desire. “Again ” replied Dave. “I’ve never wanted briefs-sex more than at this moment, or with anyone more than you.”
“In that case….” murmured Matt.
Dave extricated himself from Matt’s cock and arse and reached down beside the bed, where bahis şirketleri he kept a stash of briefs. In a few deft moves he took off Matt’s Jockeys and his own M&S bikini slip. He put the soaking briefs on the pillow between them, so that they could continue to enjoy the spunk aroma and to be turned on by what they had just enjoyed. Then he pulled a pair of well worn FTLs over Matt’s legs and , with a bit of help from his briefs bud, got them into place. If anything the FTLs accentuated Matt’s physique, his pulsating cock, even more than the Jockeys.
For himself, Dave chose a ripe pair of Hanes y-fronts, worn for a couple of days and full of his own man smell. Dave’s cock twitched excitedly as he pulled them on.
The two lads locked in a passionate embrace as their dicks touched hard against one another through their briefs and as they breathed in the hot cum smell. Matt began to rub his cock gently against Dave’s and Dave responded, each of them doing all they could to heighten the other’s pleasure. Both knew that for them the special sensation of cock massaged through cotton briefs was an explosive thing, something which few others could and would ever appreciate at its true worth. As the boys kissed, and their tongues met, their dicks throbbed ever harder and for each of them began the stirrings of man juices in their briefs-covered balls.
It was not long before the lads’ cocks started to leak precum, and the precum soaked into their briefs, creating two big damp patches. Matt in particular was a precum gusher and Dave was determined to make the most of this opportunity. So they got into a 69 position, and each boy got his nose and then his mouth onto the precum patch and slurped greedily. At one point Matt’s horse cock poked up out of the waistband of his FTLs, canlı bahis and Dave put his mouth on the rampant cockhead, twirling his tongue around the tip at the point where the foreskin was gathered. But Matt gently pulled him away and stuffed his cock back inside his FTLs , twanging the waistband as he did so which pleased them both. So Dave nuzzled the cockhead through the fabric and was rewarded by a fresh gush of raw precum which nearly blew his mind.
Both lads were getting close and returned to kissing as they rested their heads on the cum-filled briefs from their earlier session. Hands moved to briefs, Dave’s to Matt’s FTLS and Matt’s to Dave’s Hanes. Gradually the boys pulled one another off through their underwear, each of them getting additional pleasure from the feel of the other’s briefs as well as from what was inside them. Spunk began to tingle and bubble up inside their bollocks, and each lad felt the distinctive pleasure surges, one after another, as the cum mounted. The fabric of their briefs rubbed against their cocks and cockheads, enhancing the pleasure they were giving to one another. The smell of spunk and the feel of their discarded briefs on their faces tipped each lad into an orgy of wildest joy.
“I’m gonna cum” shouted Dave, almost hoarse from the lust which engulfed him. “Me too” said Matt, his head spinning from the pleasure his mate was giving him through his underwear. And so the boys buried their faces in one another’s, kissing with a new intensity, as the hot juice surged from their pulsating cocks and soaked their welcoming briefs.
It’s rare for two mates to cum together at just the same time. And it’s magical. So a stroke of magic touched Matt and Dave at that moment, and they both knew it was their briefs and their love for briefs-sex as well as their hot partners which had brought this about. As they fell back exhausted onto the bed they buried their faces in the briefs on the pillow, drank in the wonderful spunk smell, and smiled contentedly as they drifted off to a well earned sleep.

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