Brian’s Story


Brian’s StoryTruth or dare Stephanie asked Allie. Dare Allie replied. Stephanie took another sip of Jack and said “I want you to take Brian’s virginity and I get to watch.” Allie swallowed her glass of whisky and grabbed both Brian and Steph by the hand and lead them to the bathroom. Brian was a big boy, sixteen years old and six foot six inches tall and about two hundred twenty five pounds and not very smart nor good looking. He was the center on the football team and nobody could get past him. But he was not popular, he was not good with people nor girls. Stephanie was popular, one of the cool k**s, always has been. Very good looking, head cheerleader, everybody knew her. Stephanie and Brian had been neighbors and friends since pre school. Brian was always there for Stephanie when she needed some body. And Steph used Brian when she needed him but ignored him at school as he was not at the same social level as she. Allie was married and in her mid forties. She could not have c***dren, she and her husband were youth ministers at the church. Allie had invited Stephanie over to hopefully get her to come to the youth group. Allie hopped that with Allie in the group over teens would see that it was cool and join up too. Allie had a problem, her body could not process liquor like normal people so if she had a small drink she would get black out drunk. This caused her to be a slut all thru high school and college. She would not remember what she did or who she did it with. Allie ended up with a very bad reputation. When she met her husband she stayed away from drinking as much as she could. Her husband would push her to drink as he enjoyed it when Allie would drink and turn into a porn star. But what he did not know internet casino was that this caused Allie to drink when he was not around and other men would enjoy the porn star side of Allie. And that is what was happening right now unknown to Stephanie. With Allie’s husband gone and only the three of them together Allie felt safe with a small drink to help fit in with Stephanie.Once in the bathroom Allie dropped her pants and sat on the counter with her legs pulled up. Her wet dark haired pussy right there for Brian to see. Allie grabbed Brian’s pants and pulled them down and released a massive boner. Both women were in awe at the size of Brian’s member. It was ten inches long and as big around as a can of beans. With a massive ball sack to go with it. The women gasped as Allie took hold of it and stroked it lightly as she fingered herself to prep her cunt. Brian had never seen a naked woman before nor had one ever touched his cock. But he knew what was coming. And when Allie guided his prick into her tight little cunt he thrust forward but Allie had to calm him and tell him to go slow to allow for her to stretch.After a minute Brian was balls deep inside Allie. Allie had her ankles up on Brian’s chest as he started to thrust in and out of her. Stephanie could not believe what she was seeing. She had always had a desire to watch people having sex but never thought it would happen. Both Allie and Brian were moving towards orgasim, Stephanie reached over and started to rub Allie’s clit which caused Allie to orgasim much quicker. As soon as she hit orgasim and her pussy clamped tight around Brian’s cock he let loose with his orgasim and pumped a huge load deep inside Allie’s womb. This all turned Stephanie canlı poker oyna on even more and when Brian finished draining his balls in Allie and pulled his cock out, Stephanie dropped her pants and jumped on the counter next to Allie and “I am next, Brian fuck me now.” Brian turned and pushed his still hard, cum soaked cock easily up Stephanie’s love tunnel and started to fuck her just he had done to Allie. Stephanie came almost instantly but Brian having just drained his balls was good to go for several more minutes before he finally filled Stephanie sweet pussy with his spunk. Both women were pretty satisfied with what had just happened. All three quickly cleaned up and went home. Brian got into bed and slept soundly having just fucked two women. Allie laid in bed thinking about what had happened. For whatever reason this time she remembered what had happened and could not get the feel of Brian’s massive member out of her mind. Her pussy tingled at the thought of his cock pulsing as it pumped cum deep into her. She wanted more sex with Brian. Stephanie laid in her bed thinking of what had happened too. This guy with a huge cock has lived next door to her her whole life and she never knew what treasure was between his legs. Stephanie was not worried though as she knew he was right next door and could have Brian anytime she wanted now and planned on getting more of that cock. Her pussy watered at the thought. Over the next few days Stephanie moved quickly to seduce Brian and start enjoying his cock on a regular basis. Brian gladly fucked Stephanie whenever she wanted. He was enjoying his new found hobby. Allie on the other hand was frustrated as she wanted Brian but could not time it right. But poker oyna then one day after a youth group meeting Brian and Allie found themselves alone together. Allie moved on Brian swiftly and with in minutes they were fucking. Brian had learned a few things from Steph and this made it way better for Allie, better than she had expected. And because of that Allie wanted him more. Allie decided to make time for fucking Brian on a regular basis. Brian never said a word to either woman that he was fucking the other. Soon Stephanie let it slip to her BFF that she was fucking Brian on the side and about his massive member and good it felt. The other girls started to sniff around Brian and found him to be a great easy fuck that kept his mouth shut. Brian was getting plenty of prime quality pussy. He even fucked started to fuck some of the teachers. Then on one of the away games he ended up fucking two of the team moms, at the same time. But he kept it all to himself as he had few friends and only the ladies were talking so the guys never knew. Allie and Stephanie both kept fucking him too. At one point Brian may have been getting more action than the star football player. This kept up all the way thru college. Yes, Brian went to college. He was not the smartest guy but he made it thru and tagged lots of tail while getting that degree. Stephanie went to the same college and kept fucking Brian every chance she got. Allie too. Allie did not go to college but would come visit Stephanie and the two of them would get Brian and have a threeway like they did when all this started. Brian and Stephanie ended up married with c***dren. They ended up with a nice house and great marriage and good jobs. Allie comes once a year to visit without her husband. And during that visit the three of them fuck like there is no tomorrow. Brian’s story is a good one, it shows you may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but you can still have a magic cock that drives the ladies wild.

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