Breaking the Unbreakable – Please comment


Breaking the Unbreakable – Please commentYou awake in total darkness. The room is cold, the floor is hard and unforgiving – this place is very unfamiliar to you. You open your eyes and realize that you have a bag of sorts placed over your head so that you cannot see, the seam of the bag chokes tightly around your neck giving you just enough space to breathe shallow.As you regain more of your senses you are horrified to learn that your arms are raised above your head and bound together, completely unable to be moved. Your legs are spread wide and shackled to the floor, the shackles digging into your ankles. You can feel the blood trickling down your feet and pooling on the ground.Your senses are shocked when you feel the lightest trace of a human tongue on your back, beginning just above your ass and tracing ever so lightly up to the nape of your neck. I grab you and hold your breasts tightly with my muscular arms, squeezing enough to make you uncomfortable. You can tell that I am naked by the feel of my cock pressed against your bare back. Leaning in close I whisper into your ear “You are not in control here, and this will not be pleasant.”My arms relax and my hands softly cup your breasts then follow your curves down to your sides, then to your hips and finally tracing just around your pussy. Even now your juices are flowing and you are mentally begging for the abuse you know is about to come. You have never felt so vulnerable.While my hands continue to trace around your pussy you moan as I also press my cock between your ass cheeks. It is very large – you wonder what if you will be able to handle it when the time comes.I suddenly release you from my grasp and step back. From the cold stone walls I pull a leather whip – it has 12 tails on it, illegal bahis siteleri each studded with leather studs. You feel the sudden sting of the whip across your upper right side, the whip reaching around and striking your right breast as well. Your nipples are instantly on fire and your side begins to throb. This strike is followed by 3 more just like it, you scream aloud in pain, not willing to give in to the pain yet. I show your left side no mercy, striking it 4 times with the studded whip – drawing blood on the left breast. It tickles as it streams down your side, an odd but welcome contrast to the extreme pain.Your body is beginning to swell and burn. Your ass is wet with the pre-cum off of my cock. As you hang suspended by your legs and feet you feel a finger suddenly jammed into your asshole – no mercy is shown and no credence is paid to your cries of pain. You love the sensation of the pleasure and pain mixing together – you can feel your pussy juice running down your legs. Your entire body screaming to be fucked by your captor. One finger becomes two in your ass and you whimper, but do not give in to the pain yet. You are strong and confident….but I will break you.As I finger your ass, knowing that I am causing you both extreme pain and pleasure, I reach around with my other hand and place a vibrator on your clit. You instantly yelp at the burst of sensation. After only a short few seconds you near orgasm, your breathing heavy, your tears of pain becoming moans of pleasure. Just as you reach the point of climax it all stops – I remove my fingers from your ass and remove the vibrator.I walk to your front, marveling at the beauty that is your body. Your tears running down your neck and seeping through the perabet giriş black bag, your swollen and bleeding breasts standing proud on your chest – nipples erect and begging for more. The curves of your thighs beg to be held onto and fucked. I notice the pussy juice running down your legs and grin – you are as sadistic as I had hoped, and are almost enjoying this. But you must be broken before I will provide you what you so desperately seek – the final release, the orgasm that will change your life.I walk to the stone wall and remove another toy of mine – a metal flog. 20 beaded chains, each a wonderous 18 inches in length. Walking back to your front you do not whimper – but you will. Your will is about to be broken.I draw the whip back to full extension and bring it crashing into your vagina, the chains colliding with your pussy, clit and the inner thighs. The pain is unbearable and your legs buckle. Your full body weight supported by only your wrists they cry out in protest. You try to close your legs but are unable.The whip strikes home over and over for what seems like hours. The pain you feel is absolutely worse than anything you have felt before. You cry out for mercy and beg me to stop. You promise to be a good slave, to do my bidding and give me great sexual pleasure. Anything to make the pain stop. Your cries are met only with more blows from the metal beads – spreading pain and blood to your breasts, sides, thighs, ass and calves.There you are, spread eagle in front of me – torn, beaten, bruised, crying and submissive. You have finally been broken.The torture from the whip ends as I throw it to the side and marvel at you – my new sexual slave. To do with as I please.I kneel in front of you and run my tongue perabet güvenilir mi over your welts – you moan in pleasure. I reach your breasts and spend ample time with them, bringing you to a point to where you beg for my cock.Slipping behind you I bring myself close once again and whisper into your ears “You belong to me now…”With that I spread your ass cheeks with my hands and thrust my throbbing cock into your ass. It is not pleasant at first and you begin to sob. You do not beg for me to stop – having learned that begging will only beget more torture and punishment.As the pre-cum from my cock fills your ass it becomes more pleasurable for you, your pussy juices flow and you begin to moan. My cock thrusting hard into your ass, but slowly.You feel my arms wrap around your throat, the muscles closing off your airway making it impossible to breathe. Still thrusting I take my other hand and play with your clit, furiously at first, then slowly. I relax my arm, allowing you a final gasp of air. Flexing the muscle once again your airway is blocked, completely at my mercy. I pull my cock out of your ass and slide it into your soaking pussy. You try to moan but cannot.Your pussy is warm and swollen from the torture – begging for my cock to stay, it wraps itself around my cock and tightens.My dick thrusts deeper and harder into your pussy than you thought imaginable. Furiously pounding at your vagina you quickly come to orgasm – your convulsions clenching around my cock and forcing my orgasm as well. My cum fills your pussy while I pump a few more times.Having satisfied myself I pull my cock out and step back – marveling at the amount of cum streaming down your legs. It turns a pinkish color when mixing with the blood.Gently embracing you now, cupping your breasts softly with my hands, pulling your body into mine – totally intertwined – I say to you “You have served me well. I will return for you again very soon.”And with that I walk out of the room, leaving you suspended in my dungeon, anxiously awaiting my return.

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