Breaking Paulina


Breaking PaulinaIt was the third night of interrogations for Mr. Chang. The young woman named Nadia sagged in the straps, naked to the waist and sobbing from the savage whipping he had just given her. Her blouse and bra, ripped off of her, lay in scraps in the corner of the room. She was an attractive, slim brunette, and he knew she did not have much tolerance in her to pain. A few cruel lashes from his bullwhip across her tender back and she screamed out the answers he was looking for. Time for act two.The policemen in their dark green uniforms brought in her husband, handcuffed and struggling. He stopped in horror as he saw his pretty wife strapped to the whipping frame, his eyes focused in horror at the red lines of the lashes crisscrossing her back and ribs.Chang threatened the man: “I will lash your wife to death right in front of you if you don’t cooperate, you vile traitor!” He shook the coiled bullwhip directly in front of him.Chang’s voice was full of venom as he slapped him with the coiled whip across his face. This was the third round of arrests of the opposition cell the police found and now he wanted the next group. From there, successive confessions by force could wring out the identity of the whole network. Chang used this technique often against underground cells in which only a few members knew the identity of others. In practice, he simply tortured the information he wanted out of each captive, and moved on the next small group and so on and so on until all were identified, captured and had confessed.The man turned his head away and heard Nadia cry out again at the coming terror as the bullwhip whistled in the air. With a loud crack it landed on her back, but curled around her ribs so the cruel tip hit her right breast with a deep cut. Nadia screamed loudly, cried out her husband’s name, and begged him to do something to stop her pain. The man, completely horrified at what he was seeing, fell to his knees and told Chang he would tell him anything he wanted to know.Satisfied, the waiting policemen wrote down the addresses and telephoned their headquarters to raid the houses. A fresh crop of victims was soon going to come Chang’s way.***A few hours later, after his earlier victims were returned to the holding cells, Chang received a call from the Chief of the Secret Police. Chang was always careful to hold his victims after they were broken so that if a new fact came to light from a subsequent victim, he could go back to the first one and torture them again to complete the story. Tonight the Chief wanted to pay Chang a mild compliment.”I hope you can stay with us until the end of this nasty business. Your methods have already been quite helpful.” Chang was always glad to help a fraternal regime. He liked Eastern Europe anyway and the pay was very good. He of course would turn over most of it to the Party, but a rest stop in Switzerland on the way home would stiffen his bank account nonetheless.The Chief continued. “We were too late for most of the houses because the scum knew we captured Nadia and her husband and took off. They’re smart enough to know we would make them talk. But we think we arrested the leader. We have to know if she is the head of the group and we then have to know the details of their operations. Can you handle that?”Chang agreed immediately. “Just one thing, My General. If the case is a difficult one, will there be a problem if she dies before cooperating?” Sometimes Chang wasn’t paid if things went wrong.”Well…I would hope that you are more careful than that. Do you want me to use another ‘consultant’? I have one I got to know from my last posting in Cuba. Very good results with electricity. Or maybe I should send you a new branding iron. Those little items usually work too.” Chang knew he was being challenged.”No, My General. I’ll get the results you want in my own way. Give her to me!” He hung up the phone. Yes, he did experiment with all kinds of methods of causing pain to make captives cooperate, but he still favored his own combination of whips that had proven so effective. It was almost by chance that Chang found whipping to be the most psychologically fearsome as well as physically painful method of torture, and therefore to him, the most pleasurable. On an assignment in his own country, years ago, the small electric generator he had been using to heat the soldering irons failed at a critical moment, and he had to improvise quickly to please his superiors in the Party. The young woman being questioned was stripped and tied to the rafters and Chang viciously went to work on her naked body with a bamboo cane. After such a wonderful confession from that whimpering girl, he had little need for other methods of torture and relied almost exclusively on whipping to obtain his victims’ cooperation.Chang and his assistant prepared the interrogation cell while they waited for their prized victim to arrive. They checked the bindings for securing the victim, cleaned and laid out on a table the various implements for pain they planned to use. A fearsome variety of whips lay on the table, each made to produce a different injury or level of pain—belted leathers, plaited leathers, fiberglass, rubber, and wire. Some had a single lash, such as the bullwhips, others multiple lashes, such as the cat-o-nine tails. Chang was meticulous about their placement—each should be laid on the table in order of increasing severity. If a victim resisted one level of pain, he could improve the situation by changing the whip and the aim, and at some point an increasing amount of pain and terror applied to the right parts of her body would break the prisoner and force her to confess.Chang and his assistants put on their black coveralls, rubber boots, and tight, black leather gloves. When he heard the steel doors grate on the concrete upstairs, he knew it was time to get started. It was late evening and Chang quickly swallowed the caffeine pills that would keep him alert. But if their leader was anything like that weak simpering Nadia, there would not be too much effort tonight to get results.Upstairs, the two policemen brought in a struggling, protesting young woman. It was clear there had been a fight during her capture, as her short hair was tousled and moist with sweat, and multiple reddened bruises showed on her bare upper arms where the guards had gripped her tightly. As they entered the room, one of the guards, frustrated at her continuing struggle, whacked her hard on her left k**ney with his rubber truncheon and sent her spinning to floor. This would also put her in the right frame of mind for the rest of her time under the not-so-gentle care of the Secret Police. She was temporarily stunned from the sudden blow, wrapping her arms around herself, gasping, and trying to suppress a cry from the quick, sharp pain. “Is SHE the LEADER?” Inquired Chang staring at the statuesque beauty curled up on the floor.The Chief entered the room. “Yes she is. And very hostile I must say. She injured two of my men before being subdued. Her group even tried to shoot at the cars that were bringing her back here. No doubt we have the most valuable member of the opposition we could ask for. Her own band tried to kill her rather than have her fall into our hands.” The Chief turned to leave as he handed Chang a long list of questions.”Put it all on tape. We need every detail. Do whatever it takes to make her talk. Her name is Paulina and her cover was a local theater company.”Chang examined his new victim as she lay sprawled on the bare cement floor. She was an attractive blonde, very tall. She was wearing a bright green tank top, the fabric wet under the arms from perspiration, and very form-fitting blue jeans. Her bare feet were in leather, strappy high-heeled sandals. Chang immediately noticed her large, firm breasts and shapely torso. Big-boned and beautiful, she was like a Greek Goddess come alive from a statue. Eastern Europe sure produced some fulsome kocaeli escort beauties. Her mussed up short hair was almost platinum blonde, she had high cheekbones and a rosy complexion that made her lovely even without any makeup.Chang decided first to question her without torture so he could determine better who he was dealing with and how hard he might have to work on her to get his answers. Two policemen picked Paulina up, threw her in a metal chair and handcuffed her wrists and her ankles. She had recovered from the truncheon blow and sat upright. The bright arc lights were turned on and aimed at her face. Chang took a long drag from his foul cigarette, seated behind a table facing the voluptuous woman he was eager to torture. She could barely see him from the glare of the lights and the smoky haze wafting over to her.”Paulina is it? You can call me Mr. Chang.” “And you can call ME against everything YOU stand for, swine.” She spat her words and turned her head to avoid the glare of the light on her. It was all so melodramatic, bright lights and the smoke-filled room. Who did they think she was, some sweet young thing, scared to death at being in a prison?Chang was sizing up the tolerance to pain of this dazzling blonde. He had heard such brave talk before by many pretty women like her, in their late twenties, toughened by the grim life in this country but retaining a deep and rich beauty. When his whips threatened that beauty, bravery vanished very fast. All of the women captured with Nadia had confessed, some after taking only a few lashes on their bare backs with a thick leather tawse. Others tried to resist the pain, but broke after they realized they would be permanently scarred by the bullwhips that so hideously cut into them. Chang got results wherever and whenever he was called upon to weaken and then break a female captive.As he stared at Paulina in the chair, Chang admired the cleavage of her breasts and noticed that she wore no bra. Her nipples made two alluring points that showed through the knitted material of her low-cut tank top. He also noticed her midriff was bare, the tank top not quite long enough to be tucked in her jeans, revealing a flat, athletic stomach. She could be quite delightful in another setting, but he was not sitting across from her at a dinner table. “The police already told me you are in the underground. We know you are against all of us but we are interested in more than that,” Chang began, glancing down the list of questions the Chief had handed to him. “We also know your stupid opposition movement is finished and you are a failure as their leader. If you are smart, you can tell us a great deal and spare THEM and YOU much unpleasantness.” “Like what would I tell you bastards?” Paulina snapped, daring him to ask her anything of value so she could scoff at him again.”Like everything,” Chang answered quietly. “Let’s start with the place your coward friends scurried to after they discovered that we had captured Nadia alive.” He thought this might arouse her interest.”Nadia?” Paulina gasped, then quickly recovered her composure. “She won’t tell you bastards a thing. And it’s no good asking me either.” “On the contrary, my dear Paulina. We have already had quite a conversation with her and she was quite helpful you know. Identifying you as the leader of this rat pack, for example. She was a very willing collaborator.””You tortured her.” “Yes, and I am going to torture YOU unless this conversation improves. Although I can still torture Nadia right in front of your face if that would be preferable.” Chang sat back to study her reaction.Paulina, for the first time, felt a knot in her stomach at the thought. She would have to be strong and was betting she could hold out against a lot of pain–But could she stand to see her pretty friend screaming in agony under the savage interrogation methods she had heard about? Knowing Nadia might be tortured to loosen Paulina’s tongue? That ugly thought made her resolve to get Chang angry so he would see in Paulina a serious challenge. In that way, although she knew she was going to take the abuse, but she might prevent an emotional, intolerable confrontation with Nadia in a torture chamber.”I don’t give a damn about her. This is a war and we’re all just casualties like any soldiers. When we get her back to our side, she’ll be tried like a collaborator should and then shot.” Paulina was sickened at the thought of saying such things about her best friend, but it was definitely the best course. She could only hope these monsters were clumsy and brutal, and after a beating or two would throw her in a prison until she could arrange a breakout for the group. That was something she could withstand, she was sure. And if they thought she was stubborn and kept insulting them, they might keep working on HER and leave Nadia alone. Not a pleasant choice, but one Paulina felt she had to make as the group’s leader.Chang seemed to take the bait from the skillful young actress. “Very well, your questioning will now begin under more persuasive conditions.” Chang was suspicious at Paulina’s coldness toward her fellow rebel but was eager to let Paulina just how fast her courage could disappear under the sting of his whips. He began to work out in his mind a plan for successively more savage whippings, thinking she might be stronger than he originally thought.Months ago, Paulina tried to prepare herself for the risk of capture, as it was an ever-present danger among the underground members. As a leader, she had the responsibility to be brave and take the same risks as her followers did. Too often, of late, she heard of other opposition groups being compromised by Party informants. The people arrested were never heard from again but still rumors of beatings and other abuses in the prisons were common. Paulina always told her group to hold out if possible for two days after being arrested so that the other members could find new hiding places and destroy any evidence of their identity. Each member knew the names of no more than three others, but Paulina knew dozens of names and places and plans. Capturing her could bring down years of hard work at fighting the Party and its police state. More than that, Paulina thought about all the other brave friends who would also end up in prison if she compromised the network. This steeled her resistance and she made an inner pledge to herself to be strong and silent no matter what they did to her.Chains were thrown around her arms and her handcuffs put back on her wrists so that she could not struggle free and she was led, like a dog on a leash, down a flight of dimly lit stairs to the main interrogation cell. As she entered with the guards, she noticed the floor had been hosed clean and was wet but that the room still smelled of sweat and vomit, leather, metal and rubber. To Paulina this was nauseating enough, but another odor hung in the air—a stale, hot, misty reek of pain and fear.In the center of the room was a tripod made of iron pipes about four inches in diameter, about eight feet high. The ends were sunk into the concrete floor making it very stable. Paulina’s arms were stretched overhead and her wrists and elbows secured to welded rings in two of the pipes with black rubber straps. Next, her legs were spread apart and her knees and ankles secured along the same pipes with the similar thick rubber bindings. They were very tough and very tight. There was almost no way for her to squirm at all, except by moving her hips. She felt cold steel in the small of her back and a ripping sound as the back of her tank top was cut in half up her spine, exposing her naked back to the waiting interrogators. The razor nicked the nape of her neck in finishing this, and she winced a bit from the small cut it made. The guards carefully tucked away the blades to prevent any of the prisoners from obtaining them for a suicide attempt.Chang looked approvingly at escort kocaeli her bare back and admired her flawless skin. He rubbed her back with his gloved hand as she writhed to escape the vile touch of his leather gloves on her. “You have smooth, wonderful skin, my dear Paulina. Do you want it to remain that way?” He also studied the nasty bruise forming on her left side from the blow of the guard’s truncheon.Paulina was trying to prepare herself for whatever they now had in store for her. It wasn’t just a beating now, but something worse she could only guess at. She thought she might be cut or burned! As she concentrated on keeping her cause alive with her silence, her back between her shoulder blades suddenly exploded with pain as a swishing sound filled the air. She had been lashed with a heavy flogger—a cat-o-nine tails, in fact. This particular whip was made of stout rubber electrical cords, with nine thick, long lashes on the end of a flexible braided handle. In the right hands it could cause serious pain and these were the right hands. As the angry purple welts raised up on her back, Paulina resolved not to cry out. She had heard that once you start to scream you begin to lose the fight against the torturers. The cat came down on her again, this time on her lower spine. She groaned a bit as the breath was knocked out of her, but still clenched her teeth, trying to avoid thinking about the sting of the flogger. She received again and again the harsh bite of the lashes, but soon realized there was probably not much blood being drawn. This was true, as her skin was only broken in a few places, and it gave her some renewed hope that at least she would not be badly scarred.But the pain was intense and burned through her with every stroke. The whip was especially harsh on her when the lashes curled around the sides of her ribs. But each small interval between the whip strokes allowed her to concentrate on absorbing the next bite of the nine stinging strands, and soon she realized she would not be broken by this amount of pain.After fifty lashes, Chang also realized he was not getting anywhere. Paulina’s back and her sides along her ribs were completely covered with livid bruises and fiery red welts but she failed to give him the repeated cries of pain he so wanted to hear, let alone any information. He then ordered the assistants to remove her jeans. They cut and ripped off her jeans with the razors. Her small cotton panties were also torn off and the knee and ankle straps reattached to her bare, spread legs. It was certainly true that Paulina had a femme fatale figure. Her hips were very shapely and her legs, although not slim, were exciting all the same. She had an athletic, hard body, which produced great interest from men who liked to contrast the sinewy motion of her well-toned muscles with her supple, creamy skin.Now she was only wearing the torn tank top that hung loosely from her shoulders, giving the men a flash of her breasts as she writhed in the whipping frame. She was also still wearing her high-heeled sandals, which the interrogators either did not notice or care about. Chang decided to change whips to increase the severity of her pain, hoping this would begin to weaken her for more questions. He chose a long fiberglass switch and brought it swiftly against the backs of Paulina’s calves. She did not expect a shock of pain there and that lessened the feeling of the switch cutting into her. Hitting firm muscle did not cut as deeply as did whipping softer flesh, but Chang knew it would burn like fire. Paulina braced herself for the next blow, which fell across the backs of her thighs. This was the worst pain she felt so far, like a burning stick thrust across her. Her teeth still clenched after five strokes, Chang finally got from her a long, loud groan when he furiously whipped the bruise on her left k**ney. Keeping up the pace, he worked the switch up and down her backside from her shoulders, buttocks, thighs, and back to her calves, all in all giving her nearly one hundred lashes. The marks from the switch made a ghastly sight of her backside, the mixed droplets of blood and sweat trickling down to her ankles. Chang was surprised that she kept on fighting the terrible pain, only occasionally crying out from the sting of the cane. Still she refused to respond to his questions about her network and the whereabouts of the remaining members of the group.By this time Paulina was dripping with sweat all over her body, and panting furiously from the unrelenting fire of the switch on her back and legs. When Chang finally stopped this grisly exercise, she wondered now what was next. She could taste the salt of her tears in her mouth, and she was sick to her stomach from the pain and felt like vomiting. For the first time began to think of minor bits of information or other lies she could tell them to make the whipping stop for a while. This was really awful and she wondered how much more she could take. Chang approached her from the front and grabbed her neck with one gloved hand, his face close to hers.”Haven’t you had enough, Paulina? Your wonderful, young body is being systematically ravaged, cut to pieces. Do I have to flay you alive with my floggers to get what I want? Do you want your skin to hang down in strips and the white of your bones to show from the flesh I will whip away? Because that is what will happen if you don’t cooperate.” He snarled these words through his teeth and his evil determination shocked and frightened Paulina. But she was able to hold on to her wits, and despite her terrible suffering, resolved to go on resisting him and his thugs for at least a while longer, knowing full well she would be tortured further. Then maybe she could throw them a few lies and they would leave her alone for a while to regain some strength. It was hard to concentrate as her back and legs hurt terribly, but she thought she could appear to be broken at some point and tell lies to get them to stop whipping her.She turned her head and tried to pry loose from his grip. Paulina thought again about her hatred of the regime and the Party: “I have nothing to say…..bastard.” Her voice quavered, lips trembling, and Chang knew she was starting to weaken from the pain and thoughts of the hideous wounds on her body. Anticipating a defiant, but weakened response, Chang had at the ready a thick, short black rubber whip in his other hand. He brought it upward between Paulina’s legs, the full force of it slapping against her bare vagina. The blow was so sudden and intense that the pain traveled right up Paulina’s backbone and down into each of her legs. Her eyes opened wide, and she let out a long, heart-rending wail. Chang whipped her again, harder, right between her legs, and Paulina shrieked, which Chang drank in like perfume. Progress at last, he thought.Paulina vomited and choked at the tenth lash driven right into her groin, and began to cry out almost continuously. She thought about spitting or vomiting in Chang’s face, but she was too weak and frightened at this new, savage torture to muster the strength and defiance to do it. Paulina was in agony, feeling her very womanhood being ravaged. These men were b**sts, unrelenting, savage b**sts, and they meant to break her. The answers to Chang’s shouted questions began to fill her mind between the surges of pain and terror.Chang then paused to let their eyes meet before each time he struck her. This increased the anticipation of the pain on this most tender part of the female body. Occasionally he would only tap the whip against her vagina lightly, and laugh as she flinched and moaned from her increased sensitivity to the anticipation of more pain inflicted there. Chang knew Paulina had no idea that this whip could cause so much agony, and he saw in her eyes the first indications that she would beg him to stop hurting her. When that moment arrived, Chang knew he had broken his victim.After kocaeli escort bayan the thirtieth whiplash directly in her groin, with blood now trickling down the insides of each of her thighs, Paulina fainted on the whipping frame and her head fell forward. One of Chang’s assistants turned a valve on the wall and a powerful jet of ice cold water hit Paulina’s body from above. This aroused her back to consciousness and washed her wounds to that the torturers could better see the places they had missed. She coughed and choked but tried to swallow a bit of the water to quell the bitter, dry taste in her mouth.During this interlude, Chang was being pressed for results. When the Chief got off the phone, Chang was now getting concerned. He told the Chief the case was an obstinate one and the Chief admonished him for not torturing Paulina with the electrodes. Chang resolved to continue with the whips, even though he had worked on Paulina for over an hour and a half. With Chang’s expert techniques, the usual time to break a woman was about fifteen minutes. He began again.Walking over to her, Chang grabbed her shoulders and shook her roughly. After a string of abuses and threats, Chang finally said to the groggy Paulina,”This pain is nothing, you bitch! I will lash you until you scream for mercy!””I…have…nothing…to…say…” she replied softly, whimpering, trying to screw up enough courage for the next round of fearsome pain that was surely to come. Paulina hoped that her continued resistance would cause the torturers to argue among themselves and delay inflicting more pain on her while they moved her to a holding cell. If this awful man’s superiors were as brutal as he was, maybe her continued silence would cause him trouble with the Party and he would be removed. But Chang was not about to give up.But her last remark enraged him. Defeat from a pretty woman was not an option. He swiftly tore off her tank top in one motion, exposing her chest. Paulina was now naked on the interrogation frame. Reaching for his most severe leather flogger, he walked around her, stood back and hurled its menacing lashes, letting the gruesome metal points of each of its four strands curl around her ribs. The effect on the side of her torso showed instantly by the four livid red lines tracking all the way to her back. Paulina screamed as the lashes tore into her.Chang then worked this scourge around her back and ribs so that the metal ends would curl against her chest or stomach with maximum effect. Her large breasts quivered as the whip repeatedly struck her there. The pain was especially bad when the pointed ends hit her sensitive, large nipples. She was sickened and frightened at the blood and the pain and her own screams. This was way beyond anything she even had nightmares about. How could she go on? Would she bleed enough to faint for a long time and maybe even die?The flogger continued doing its merciless work on Paulina’s bare back, ribs, and chest. Paulina finally did blessedly pass out again and slumped in the rubber bindings, all of them now shiny with sweat and blood. She had taken over forty lashes from the hideous flogger, a new record of endurance for Chang’s current bundle of victims. She was u*********s for nearly a half-hour despite the repeated ice water showers.***When the cold water hit her for the fifth time, she awoke and her eyes slowly focused on the figure in front of her as they cleared of moisture. The moment she originally dreaded had now occurred. Her interrogators must know now that she would die before betraying her network. But there was Nadia, tied with wire in the metal armchair against the wall! She was naked, and had a look of pure horror on her face as she gaped at the outrages inflicted on Paulina’s body. Paulina was hardly recognizable as the lithe, comely woman she was only a few hours before. All vitality had been drained from her face, and her breasts! A distressing road map of bruises and cuts and welts! My God, thought Nadia, in complete horror: What they did to her!Paulina found the strength to speak to Nadia, barely able to lift her head. “I told them nothing…..have courage.” Her chin sank against her chest as shook her head from side to indicate the word, NO. This she did with her eyes closed, to avoid looking her own mangled chest.Chang knew it was time to resume. He took out a new rod, flexible but strong and made of fiberglass. Along the rod were small serrated edges that were designed to cause painful abrasions. He began whipping Nadia’s bare shins, relying on her screams and pleadings for mercy to arouse Paulina. Soon Nadia’s shins were rubbed raw as the skin was sc****d from the front of her legs. Paulina suddenly knew she could not stand seeing Nadia tortured for much longer. Nadia was begging her to tell them what they wanted to know and from her frantic voice Paulina knew that she was suffering very badly. Nadia had been broken completely by the pain and now her desperate cries for Paulina to tell the torturers to stop were making Paulina go nearly insane with a dreaded choice. She finally found the strength to say:”Oh stop it, damn you all. Leave her alone. She knows nothing. Whip my legs with the rod, damn you. Whip ME instead, not her!”Both Nadia and Chang were astounded at Paulina’s continuing reserves of courage. Nadia was deeply ashamed at her own lack of strength, but was terrified at the mere thought of pain. She realized that she was the cause of Paulina’s capture and this horrible result. But she also knew that Paulina had been the right choice to lead the network. Her true faith to the cause was now proven by the terrible consequences of that faith on her torn body. And the thought of asking the torturers to whip her again to save a friend from pain was the most anyone could ask for in these cruel and heartless circumstances. Nadia had expected Paulina to despise her for her weakness.But Chang knew he finally had Paulina defeated and moved in for the kill. “Not so fast, my lady. Yes, we can certainly whip you again. But I am going to continue to work on the lovely Nadia here, and the more you tell me not to, the worse it will get for HER. And YOU will watch every moment of it as I lash the skin right off of her. And the only way it’s going to stop is for you to start talking. NOW.”At that Chang picked up what looked like a hellish wire rug beater. It was made of a flexible but stiff metal braid and had three sharp, threatening flails. He soon went to work slapping the horrible instrument against Nadia’s bare chest, shoulders, and upper arms, inflicting frightful wounds on her delicate body with each wiry lash. Chang really enjoyed using the wire whip, one of his own creations intended to inflict clawing, deep, but thin red furrows of pain. The psychological horror of it was equally effective with the levels of agony it inflicted. Nadia’s screams and begging for mercy soon became unbearable for Paulina. “All right, you win,” she said, and turned her head and eyes away, sobbing from the sight of Nadia’s savage ordeal. “I’ll give you what you want, you bastards….you vile bastards…”Chang stopped whipping Nadia. She heaved and wretched in the chair, blood running down her chest and arms. Nadia was only able to manage a bare whisper, her head down and shaking from side to side and murmuring, “No more…please…no more…”Paulina began to give up names and places while Nadia whimpered uncontrollably, straining at the wires binding her, knowing her cries were the cause of Paulina finally giving the torturers what they wanted. But all Nadia really wanted was for the evil whippings to stop and never start again.***Chang had to send the tapes of Paulina’s interrogation session upstairs to be transcribed and then to be checked out by police commando raids. Paulina did not have the strength left in her to lie, and gave Chang as much of the information as he wanted. When she hesitated for a moment, he stroked the insides of her thighs with the rubber whip to make her flinch and then turned around to strike Nadia. Three times he did this, and, Paulina sobbed uncontrollably and told the truth. She hated herself but could not go on. Chang had completely broken her will to resist.

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