Brandy (Chapter 5)


Brandy (Chapter 5)Judgment DayBrandy’s cell phone rang just as she was going into her house, cheerleading practice over early. She looked at the screen before she answered it, her heart racing when she saw the number. Did Cindy want me to babysit again? She trembled at the thought of seeing Michael again, at him taking her home and what he might do this time to her excited body. “Hello, Cindy,” Brandy answered.“You’ve been a naughty girl, Brandy. I told you not to cum and you defied me, standing in the window, my camera recording all of your shameful defiance.”“I’m sorrrry, Sirr,” she stammered, even though she knowingly defied him. “I’m a naughty girl,” she admitted.“Yes you are, Brandy. And naughty girls need to be punished. Take the path behind your house into the woods. I’ll meet you.”“When?” She felt the heat between her legs at the thought of Michael spanking her.“Now.” Michael hung up the phone.It was still early, the sun not setting yet. She walked into the woods, continuing, her eyes trying to find Michael. It was almost ten minutes before she heard his voice.“Over here, Brandy.” He was standing by a tree, looking around to make sure no one else was around. They were far into the woods, houses to far away to be seen. He led her away from the path until they came to the clearing that Michael had found. It was an ideal spot, not only to spank her, but also a good place for him to train her to please him with her body. He had cut down a tree, the tree lying on its side, Michael making short work of taking most of the branches off of it. It would come in hand later, but now he was interested in the stump. It would be a convenient chair for him to sit.Michael had prepared this spot, not just a place he discovered. Would he take me here more then this time? What was he planning for me? He sat down on the stump and motioned for her to come over.  She felt the dampness between her legs as she went over to him, seeing the bulge in his pants tenting up the front. She still couldn’t believe that she could excite him so much.“Lie over my lap. Head all the way down.” His hands were on her body as he guided her down over his lap. Her hair fanned out in front of her as the blood rushed to her head as she submissively spread her young body over his lap. She felt the hard cock pushed into her pussy, his hand sliding over her ass as he arranged her. He moved her back and forth, feeling his cock jerk beneath her. Was I doing that to him?The skirt did no good as he laid her over his lap, the short skirt riding up and uncovering the tight red panties that molded to her ass cheeks. He pushed the skirt up higher until it lay on her back, her thighs clenched tightly together. He would allow that for now. “I don’t want to hear a sound out of you or I will take your güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri panties and shove them into your mouth to silence you,” Michael warned her as his hands caressed her buttocks, feeling her muscles tense as she waited for her spanking.The birds flew out of the tree as the loud report rang out in the silence of the forest. “SMMMACK.” It was nothing like what Brandy expected it to be. The pain was instantaneous, his large hand hitting one of her buttock with such a ferocity that it pushed her hard onto his lap and throbbing cock beneath her. “EEEEEEHH,” she cried out.He left his hand on her cheek, feeling the heat from her skin where he struck her ass. He didn’t do it easy, so excited to spank a girl for the first time that he put all of his power into it. It felt good, feeling her buck beneath him, her pussy rubbing back and forth on his cock, her buttocks clenching uncontrollably beneath his hand. She had cried out, sure that it was much more painful then she had expected, but that only excited him more. “I wouldn’t tell you again about crying out. I will gag you if you cannot comply.”It still stung where he had hit her, her body tense as she waited for the next. She felt his hand leave her buttock and then she felt it, able to felt the rush of air a millisecond before she felt the large hand descend on her other buttock with equal harshness. She bit her lip as she struggled to contain the scream that was in her throat. The pain shot through her buttocks, her body sliding back and forth on his lap until the sharp bite of the slap receded to a dull ache on both of her buttocks. She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. Only two slaps and her buttocks were burning. The hand rubbed her buttocks, caressing the flesh almost lovingly that he had just heated up with the harsh spanking. He rubbed his fingers along her crack, pushing her panties down into it until her panties molded the twin peaks of firm ass flesh and the gentle divide between them. He began to spank her, the power never letting up as he spanked each cheek, the time between them getting shorter as he became more excited from her uncontrollable rubbing of his cock. He stopped only long enough to slide his fingers beneath her panties so he could feel the heat of her flesh from the spanking. She suffered silently beneath him.She wanted more, especially when she felt his fingers slid under the edge of her panties and touched her naked ass cheeks. Her ass burned with the pain of the spanking but her pussy was flowing freely as she was forced to rub up and down his throbbing cock beneath her. The next spank was not any harder, but Brandy cried out in pain. “AAAWWWWW.”Michael stopped as the silence of the forest was pierced güvenilir bahis şirketleri by her cry. Without saying a word, his fingers hooked into the top of her panties and began to slowly pull them down her the twin hillocks of her ass, revealing the pink skin where his spanking had already inflicted the pain. “Lift up,” he ordered her, Brandy submissively lifting up her middle so he could pull her panties down over her ass and down her thighs. He stopped for a moment so he could savor the naked flesh exposed, her thighs still clinging tightly together, but he could still make out her pussy clamped tightly between her legs. He drew them off her legs, making her stand up. “Open your mouth.”She stood half-naked in front of him, her pussy revealed for the first time, but he barely looked, pushing her panties into her mouth until her cheeks began to swell up as her mouth was filled. She was pushed down onto his lap again, this time her naked pussy feeling the roughness of his pants and hard cock on her mound. Hands pulled up her skirt again, this time her body getting goose bumps as his hand slid on her naked ass. He hit her ass again, Brandy squirming on his cock as she felt the delicious pain that his hand inflicted on her naked flesh. He was spanking her like a naughty girl and she was rubbing on his cock, ready to explode if she continued much longer. She never felt so shameful.Michael continued his punishment of Brandy, but from her squirming and rubbing, he wasn’t sure how much of it was punishment any longer. His hands continued to rain down blows to her buttocks, feeling her clenching muscles and her naked pussy rubbing on his cock beneath her. He could hear her heavy breathing and knew it wouldn’t be long before she could no longer control her emotions and cum beneath him. He wouldn’t let her cum without him first. “Lift up again, Brandy.”She didn’t know why, but she obeyed reluctantly, her pussy deserted by the hard cock beneath her. She felt his hands fumbling between them and then there was the unmistakable hiss of a zipper being lowered. She almost came at the thought. Was he going to fuck me?” This was never how she expected to lose her virginity, fucked while being spanked, but her arousal was at a fever pitch and she would do anything to please Michael. She kept raised up as she felt him sliding his pants down. “Back down now, Brandy.” He groaned in pleasure when he felt her hot pussy pushed down on his cock, moving his lower body until he felt his cock slip between her pussy lips and felt her hot dampness.It was like nothing she ever felt before. She took her panties in her mouth, anything to make Michael strip her naked, anything to feel the pleasure of Michael’s throbbing cock on her virgin pussy. Michael canlı bahis şirketleri wasted no time, beginning to spank her, a renewed interest as his hand rained down powerful blows on her buttocks, all with the purpose to drive her pussy back and forth over his cock. She didn’t disappoint him, squirming suggestively back and forth, the pain in her buttocks mixing with the pleasure of the masturbating cock between her virgin pussy lips driving the orgasm from her body.Michael fought the desire to throw her to the ground and fuck her virgin body, instead beating her ass until it was a red. He heard her in the throes of an orgasm, her body going tense, her buttocks clenched until he felt her pussy lips gripping his cock as she came all over him. Michael needed no further encouragement, humping up until he got the necessary friction on his cock and he exploded, jetting his hot cum on the young girl squirming on his lap. He never felt so much excitement, his balls tightening up as he came.She couldn’t believe it, her body trembling in pleasure, cumming all over the cock when she felt him beneath her. His hands held her tight and then she felt the hot cum jetting out onto her virgin pussy, bathing her inner lips with the hot crème. Her head exploded in pleasure when a powerful jet of cum shot out and sprayed her clit like a fire hose, sending her young body into an orgasm that robbed her body of all her strength. She lay on him limply, both of them spent. He finally pulled her off of him, Brandy on her knees, unable to stand up as he stood up over her, his cock still hanging out, covered with their juices. He looked between her legs, his cum glistening in the light between her thighs, her neatly trimmed bush now soaked with his milky cum.She couldn’t move, on her knees before him, her muscles refusing to act as she looked up at him, seeing his cock for the first time. It was huge, even as it began to soften from his orgasm, but his hands pushed it back into his pants, but not before he rubbed his cock on the side of her face, feeling the sticky, warm cum leaving a trail on her silky skin. Then his cock was gone, pushed back into his pants, Brandy still half-naked on her knees.“Put on your panties and go home. Next time obey me.” Michael walked off without looking back.It took her a couple of minutes before she could get to her feet. Her pussy was covered in cum, as was her cheek. She could feel it beginning to dry. She spit her panties out of her mouth, taking them and wiping upthe cum from between her legs and on her cheek. She wouldn’t wear them, but she thought of what Michael would do if he were still here. Put them in your mouth, Brandy, he would have ordered her. She obeyed, stuffing her panties back in her mouth, this time the salty, thick cum covered her tongue. She left them in her mouth as she walked back home, only taking them out when she got next to her house. For the rest of the night she had the taste of Michael’s cum lingering in her mouth, going to bed that night, her panties once again in her mouth, wishing there were still more cum on them.

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