Bound and In Love Ch. 02

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This story contains BDSM and bondage material please do not continue to read if you do not like that kind of thing. Thank you for reading, comments and ratings are appreciated.


“What’s this?” Michael fingered the odd shaped toy; it was cool to touch and made of red rubber, with a wide bottom, a cord from the bottom and a wireless control next to it.

“It’s a butt plug. I got it from Russia. It vibrates and expands. It works from a mile away.” Thomas stood by him as he walked around the deep purple and black playroom. A black four poster bed dominated the middle of the room; one wall was covered in floggers, whips and riding crops, another was full of restraints, from metal to even cotton, then there were the drawers, a purple set of four drawers that were at least four foot long, so far he’d only looked in the top drawer. He was kind of scared to look in the other drawers.

“How long did it take to get it all?”

“I started when I was seventeen so eleven years around about.” Thomas sat on the bed, with a deep purple silk bedspread, and waited as he explored the playroom.

“Why did you start collecting it?” Thomas’ face darkened before he shook his head and Michael frowned before turning back to the drawers and trying to fight the denial fighting through his body.

“What do I need to do then?” Michael turned and smiled shyly at him, he was only standing there in grey sweatpants as he hands fiddled nervously with the cuffs on his wrists still.

“Strip and kneel on the floor by the bed.” Thomas watched as Michael stripped his sweatpants and then knelt by the floor, automatically assuming the position without being told. “I need to find out how much you can do. We’ll see how good your control is today.”

“What do you mean by control, Sir?”

“I mean how well you can stop yourself from coming. When I have you in the club I don’t want you coming all over the leather before I’m ready for you.” Thomas stroked Michael’s cheek lovingly and watched as the smaller man rubbed his head against his hand. “Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I’ll be back shortly.” Thomas left him by the door, Michael didn’t know how long he was sitting there, it could have been ten minutes to an hour but he sighed in relief as the door opened and Thomas’ bare feet came into view, the worn and faded black denim loose around his ankles. He wanted to look up but knew he wasn’t allowed to so he kept his gaze trained on Thomas’ bare feet.  Even his feet were sexy.

“Good pup.” Thomas reached down and stroked his face again before bringing his chin up to look at him; he was standing only in the jeans, with the top button undone. Michael struggled not to imagine if he was going commando or was wearing those tight fitting black boxers he favored.

“I want you to stand and go lie on the bed for me.” Thomas dropped his hand and Michael stood on shaky legs, he waited a moment for the circulation to come back before he jumped onto the purple and black bed. He couldn’t climb on it he had to jump to get up onto it since he was shorter than Thomas. He leant back and Thomas adjusted him so his head was on one of the feather pillows and spread his legs. Michael blushed, which was ridiculous considering Thomas had seen almost every inch of his scrawny body.

“You’re beautiful, Michael.” Thomas whispered against his shoulder as he reached up to take the suede cuffs from the headboard and link them to each of his wrists. Michael tugged gently but the bindings didn’t move an inch.

“I don’t want you to come until I say so. If you find it hard then use your safe word. Understand me?”

“Yes Sir.”

Thomas knelt between his legs and grasped Michael’s cock, squeezing tight until he gasped and bucked his hips. Thomas continued to stroke him until Michael was whimpering and clutching the silk sheets in his fists.

“Not yet, Mikey.”

“Mph.” Michael gritted his teeth and moaned as pleasure continued to wrack his body, he almost screamed as he watched Thomas lower his head and sucked him inside with one swallow. He whimpered again and fought the urge to thrust his hips or come. He began to name all the bands he knew that he liked, Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Of Mice & Men, Black Veil Brides. There was a deep suction and Thomas squeezed his balls hard, he felt his cock twitch and knew he was going to come and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Then Thomas stopped.

“I’m dying to bury my cock deep inside your tight little ass.” Thomas growled as he rubbed his thumb around his hole, Michael twitched and squeezed his eyes shut. Pierce the Veil. My Chemical Romance.

“You’re doing good, pup.”

Michael opened his mouth to say ‘thank you, sir’ but all that came out was a hoarse moan as Thomas sucked him inside again, his tongue lapped at the head and his hands rolled his drawn up balls, he wanted to come so badly it was hurting him but he couldn’t. It was like his body knew it would disappoint Thomas if he did.

Emotions spun around his head, gümüşhane escort he knew he loved Thomas and he knew he shouldn’t. Tears seeped from his eyes as he struggled to keep hold of his control and his heart. He couldn’t fall any more in love with him than he already was because he knew that in four months he would be gone. Michael would have to flit from club to club in search for his replacement Thomas but he knew deep down in his soul that he was the only man for him.

The first time Michael saw him was world altering. Winter was then coming and Thomas and Chad had been ordered outside to help chop the wood and bring it inside. He had sat outside with a cup of hot chocolate and watched as Chad threw the logs in the wagon and his brother hefted the heavy axe and bought it down on log after log. The muscles bulged in the tight shirt and Michael was hard instantly.

The next three years were trying to convince Thomas to pay attention to him, he stole his clothes, he turned up at his club, one time he even sat on his lap only to be pushed away with being told that he was too young. Granted he was only 15 at the time. He could understand where Thomas’ point was coming from.

Even as he was thinking about it he couldn’t completely block out the pleasure of Thomas’ hot wet mouth and he knew he was going to have to use his safe word. Thomas blew gently on the head of his cock and Michael watched through glazed eyes as pre-cum oozed from the slit.

“White.” Michael groaned and Thomas sat up and stroked his hand across Michael’s bare stomach.

“Do you want to come, Mikey?”

“Yes Sir.” Michael rolled his head and looked at the clock; they’d only been doing this for ten minutes. It felt like a lifetime to him. His cock throbbed angrily and pre-cum oozed from the slit at a sticky steady stream.

“Where are your manners?”

“Please, Sir.”

“Then come for me.” Thomas gripped his cock and it was impossible for him to stop as he shot cum over his hand and wrist and his own stomach. Pleasure made his body numb for a few seconds and his stomach cramped in pleasure as he moaned his release out.

“Clean it up.” Thomas placed his hand near his mouth and Michael sucked the digits in his mouth, drinking up the salty cum. He licked down Thomas’ wrist and the goo which had been collected from his stomach.

“Good, pup.” Thomas sat him up and kissed him, a deep, sensual kiss full of passion and dominance. It made him fall that little bit more for him; he put himself into that kiss, tugging the restraints.

“Sorry, darlin’.” Large hands reached up to unbuckle his hands and Michael threaded his hands through Thomas’ dark hair and tried to take control of the new kiss. Thomas growled and pushed him onto the bed, pinning his wrists to the bed and shook his head at him.

“Naughty, pup.”

“Sorry, Sir.” Michael panted and looked away; he didn’t want Thomas to see the tears in his eyes.

“What’s wrong, beautiful?” Thomas lifted him and sat him on his lap again; rubbing his hair away from his face and catching a lone tear that escaped.

“It’s nothing, honestly.” Michael wiped his eyes and smiled a watery smile at Thomas.

“You can tell me if anything is wrong, you know?” Thomas kissed his forehead and smiled at him.

“Of course.” Michael nodded and snuggled into Thomas, who picked him up and gently placed him on the counter in the dark en suite, a warm wash-cloth was swept over his skin and make up wipes were brushed over his face to remove that last of his eyeliner and mascara. That just made even more tears seep from him.

“Let’s get you to bed. We’ll be doing that every day this week; I want you to be able to last up to an hour.”

“Is that all we’ll be doing?”

“What do you think about going to the club on Friday?”

“Okay.” Michael snuggled deeper into Thomas’ arms as he was carried out the room and up another flight of stairs before he was being laid down on a comfy pine bed, Thomas pulled him away and tucked him bed.

“Sleep, beautiful.” Thomas kissed his forehead and turned as Michael grasped his wrist.

“Stay, please?”

“Not tonight.” He kissed him again before leaving the room and closing the door behind him and Michael, he turned to rest his head against the wooden door and closed his eyes tightly.

“Mr. Aero is here, Sir.” Thomas turned too, looked at Darwin, he knew he must look terrible right now, he felt it. The fact that he didn’t want to leave Michael and he knew he was the reason that he was crying right now, and then that Rudy was here didn’t make it any better.

“Tell him to leave, Darwin. He knows he shouldn’t be here. If he’s not gone in ten minutes I’ll call the police. There is a reason for restraining orders.” Thomas turned and slammed the door to his study before he buried himself in his work. He couldn’t think of Michael or ex’s right at his moment.


He was awake before the sun rose. Michael stretched out on escort gümüşhane the soft bed, sighing as his joints popped loudly. His cock was solid as he wandered into the en suite and adjusted the water so it was almost scalding.

He was humming to himself as he stepped from the shower, reaching over and grabbing a towel from the heated rack.

“Breakfast is on the table.”

Michael squeaked and placed the towel in front of his body, hiding his privates. Thomas quirked an eyebrow and grinned as he leant against the door frame.



“Why does that sound like a question? Come.” Thomas crooked his finger and Michael cautiously made his way closer. Thomas kissed his cheek before stealing the towel and drying him gently with it. Michael’s heart pounded in his chest as they stood in an embrace for a few moments.

“Kitchen. I hope omelet is okay. I remember you saying you were a vegetarian?” Thomas allowed him to get dressed before heading towards the kitchen.

“I told Chad that almost two years ago.”

“Good memory.” Thomas shrugged like it was no big deal and sat at the barstool. 

“Hmm.” he sat delicately on the stool, his ass tender the next day around. He picked the metal fork and stabbed viciously at the egg white omelet. It smelled delightful. The aroma of eggs, onion, ham and peppers blended as he slipped the piece of egg between his lips.

“Have you ever been spanked before?”

Michael coughed and pounded his chest as he choked on the piece of egg before looking up and glaring at Thomas. He sat there with a grin on his face as he awaited his answer.

“Of course…”

“Michael.” Thomas growled before picking his cup of coffee up and placing the hot liquid to his lips before sipping the black contents of the cup.

“Never, okay?” Michael looked at his plate and pushed his food around the plate. It didn’t seem as appetizing as it did a few moments ago.

“Then why do you like this?” Thomas gestured around him. “Why did you say two when I asked about pain?”

“Because you like it.” Michael stood and took his plate towards the sink as Thomas grasped his wrist and glared down at him. He was picked up and placed on the breakfast bar so he was eye-level with Thomas. “And when I did have sex I loved the bite of pain you get every time it happens.”

“That’s not the same thing.” Thomas growled and thrust his hands through his dark hair. “I’m not doing this with you if you’re not one hundred percent sure this is what you want.”

Thomas’ hands slid out and linked his wrists together in one of his hands. The other pushed through Michael’s blonde hair.

“I want you. I’m one hundred percent sure about that. I can become what you need.” Michael pulled his hands free and ran them through Thomas’ hair. His hands were pulled away as Thomas paced along the black tiled floor.


“Don’t, Michael. I can’t do this if you’re not fully committed to it.” Thomas turned and Michael bit his lip as tears pooled in his eyes. He’d probably just messed his only chance to be with Thomas up. “I don’t want someone who wants this because I want it!”

“I promise I am. I’ve looked at everything, I swear. I’ve even been to a few clubs.” he jumped from the island and wrapped his arms around Thomas’ broad waist. He buried his face in his muscled chest and breathed in the unique mint scent that clung to Thomas everywhere he went. “I swear on my life. I need this, I need you.”

“You fucking lied to me.” there was an angry undertone to the sentence but it wasn’t spoken in a hateful manner.

“I didn’t mean to lie. I really wanted you and I like pain…” he trailed off as Thomas turned to glare at him further. “Sorry.”

“Who touched you at these clubs?” Thomas growled and grasped his biceps and pushing him back so he could look into his eyes. Michael’s heart stuttered in his chest at the possessive streak shining in those chocolate eyes.

“I…I only went this year…they wouldn’t let me in earlier…” Michael stammered as his cock hardened. “Even if I did have a fake ID. They said they spotted it miles off…”

“That’s not what I asked, Michael.”

“One guy. I already said I had a Dom but he touched anyway.” Michael stroked Thomas’ chest and nuzzled his face back there when the grip was released on his arms.

“I’ll train you. We’ll start out light and see if you can handle it. Tell me his name and where he touched you.” Thomas tucked his chin up and bent down to kiss him. It was a kiss full of promise and speculation. Michael wrapped his arms around Thomas’ neck and threw himself into the kiss, moaning as hands gripped his ass and pushed him against the island.

“Mr. Thurston.” Frank’s voice boomed into the kitchen and Michael jumped away from him.

“Yes, Darwin?”

“Your nine o’clock is here.”

“Thank you.” Thomas turned back to Michael and frowned at him. “Why so sad, Mikey?”

“You’re still having clients?” gümüşhane escort bayan Michael ducked from his arms and washed his hands in the sink as he cleaned the table and placed them back in the rightful cupboards.

“No. Marcus take the clients now and leave that, someone will clean it.”

“Who’s Marcus? I can’t leave it.” Michael gave him pleading eyes and Thomas let him carry on with whatever he was doing.

“My business partner.”

“Have you had sex with him?”

“Michael!” Thomas growled at him and pulled him from the sink, forcing him to look him directly in the eyes. “It’s no business of yours but yes I have.”


“He wanted to know how to be a Dom so I trained him.”

“I thought you only train people to be submissive?” Michael frowned in confusion and Thomas leant forward to kiss the corner of his mouth.

“No, darlin’. I train them either to be Dom or submissive. I’ll show you one day.”

“I don’t want to see.” Michael twisted his hands together and looked up at Thomas. “So I’m yours then?”

“All mine, love.” 

“Will you ever have sex with me?”

“How does your mind change so drastically?” Thomas reached up and threaded his fingers through Michael’s hair.

“Talent.” Michael shrugged and looked at him hopefully, a lock of blonde/blue hair falling in his face as he spoke. “Rudy and he touched my ass a few times.”

“Who’s Rudy?” Thomas growled his heart seizing in his chest as Michael frowned at him.

“The guy that…um…touched me. Are you angry at me, Thom?” Michael reached out and placed his palms on his broad chest, the muscles flexing under his hands.

“I’m not angry. Do you know this Rudy’s last name?”

“Yeah. He’s named after a chocolate bar. Aero. Rudy Aero.” Michael nodded and winced as Thomas ripped his hands from his hair before leaving the kitchen. He heard the garage door whir to life and then Thomas’ bike left the garage.


“I think I done something wrong.” Michael sniffled into the phone three hours later at his house. He’d waited two hours for Thomas to come back but he hadn’t. It had taken him an hour to walk home.

“What happened? Did he hurt you?” Blaine whispered vehemently down the line. It was the first time Michael had ever heard Blaine get angry. The small man never seemed to get angry.

“We…we were talking about me never…doing BDSM.” he ignored Blaine’s shocked gasp. “I told him that…that a Dom touched me. He asked his name and I told him. He freaked…I don’t know what to do.”

Michael wiped his nose on a tissue and crawled into his bed; the silk sheets settled over his skin and comforted him. There were murmured words over the line before rustling.

“What was the Dom’s name?” Chad was on the phone now. His voice assertive and demanding. It made him think of Thomas.

“Rudy Aero. Why?”

“Fucking cock-sucking dick headed asshole!” Chad growled down the phone. Michael was sure it wasn’t about him. He hoped.

“What? What have I done?”

“Rudy was his ex.”

“No…” Michael whispered as he gripped the Metallica t-shirt tight in his fist, tears flowing down his cheeks. Rudy was Thomas’ ex. He didn’t know the full story behind what happened between them but he knew he had been with Rudy since he was 15. They broke up when he was 24. He’d never understood why Thomas had managed to collect everything in his playroom whilst under the control of his Dominant ex boyfriend.

“Oh God!” Michael held his hand over his mouth, his stomach threatening to spew his lunch over the expensive sheets. He looked up as he heard raised voices from outside his bedroom.

“I don’t give a fuck if he’s your son. He’s my boyfriend and I want to see him!”

He hung the phone up without explanation and tossed it into its cradle. The little red light was blinking furiously at him. He obviously had messages on there. The number announced it to be Thomas.

“Michael has never told me he’s got a boyfriend.” his mother chimed in, the way she spat ‘boyfriend’ made him cringe.

“It’s new. We’ve only been together a week.” Thomas’ voice was getting deeper. He leapt from the bed and threw open his door, looking at the hulk of a man next to his small mother. Her worried blonde head swung towards him. He nodded his head that it was okay as Thomas pushed his way into his bedroom.

“I don’t like your Mom.” He was dragged into the walk-in closet and pushed against the shelf of dress shirts.

“Not many people do.” Michael grunted as his back encountered a coat hanger.

“You had to fuck him didn’t you? The one man I want to fucking kill!” Thomas rested his forehead on his shoulder and Michael hesitantly reached up to cradle his head.

“I…I didn’t have sex with him.”

“So bloody polite.” Thomas nuzzled his neck and that was when Michael got the bitter aroma of brandy up his nose. His heart galloped into his throat as he looked at Thomas’ nuzzling head.

“You’re…drunk.” Michael tried to push him but Thomas groaned and wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him tight to him.

“Tipsy only had a few.”

“Come to bed.” he managed to slide out from underneath the great weight and tugged him towards the bedroom. He knocked off boots, underwear and jeans as he held onto the shelves for support.

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