Boner’s Ribs , Special Sauce Pt. 02

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18+ Adults Only. A work of fiction inspired by my real life experiences. Enjoy Responsibly.


I stood out on the side of “Boner’s” still naked talking to Earl. Earl had a small wooden fence on the side of the building and an outdoor hose. He sprayed me with the hose as I rinsed and scrubbed with a loofa and bar of soap.

Katie watched as we spoke holding a towel.

“So it’s pretty simple.” Earl started.

“I need a young hot stud who isn’t afraid of getting dirty. I need a guy who can help out another man the way you just helped me in the basement.”

“So you want me to be a fag? A gay prostitute?”

“Hell Son,” Earl countered. “I saw the way you looked at Katie. I know you’re into pussy.”

“But I also felt your ass wrap around my cock. I watched your cock get hard from just being naked in front of me in the basement. I watched you cum all over them kegs from getting fucked. You may not be gay…but you sure as hell aren’t straight either!”

Katie chucked as Earl stopped spraying the hose and she handed me the towel.

“I mean, Did you or did you not ask me to fuck your ass? Did you stop me when I opened your fly? And not to put too fine a point on it, but who’s photo does Katie have with a load of man sauce dripping out of his ass?”

I glanced at Katie wanting to be mad. But instead I had to chuckle.

“Ok Earl. You have me there,” I said.

“I don’t care about labels and neither do my customers,” Earl offered. “All I have is this place and my Katie.” “You’d be doing casino oyna us a huge favor to help out around back.”

“And…” Earl Continued.

“And?” I asked again feeling a sense of deja vu.

“And those roughnecks tip pretty good. You may just get more money than you need.”

I was very confused. And my ass was admittedly a little sore. I walked in for some ribs and beer. And a little more an hour later I was considered servicing strange men at a country roadside eatery. More than that, Earl was right. I had never experimented. But his cock brushing against me, his cock teasing me, and his cock fucking me had opened up more than my ass. I was getting hard again as I listened to his words and logic. Katie didn’t miss my growing erection.

“Look Daddy” She said in her southern twang. “He’s getting hard again thinking about dick.”

Earl Smiled. “Well now, I think he is.”

“But maybe,” She said. “Maybe he still likes pussy.”

With that she dropped to her knees and took my semi hard cock into her incredibly sexy mouth. I was fully erect in seconds.

“Mmmmmm” she cooed softly as she sucked me.

She slid out of her jean shorts and fingered her pussy as pumped my dick between her red lips.

“Allright Sugar,” Earl interrupted. “Anymore of that and he’s going to pop, and I need him horned up and ready.”

My cock slid out of Katie’s mouth with a “pop.” “Mmmmm,” she offered. “Yeah daddy, I think he may be bisexual. Seems like he still wants my pussy.”

“Well,” Earl replied. “We will see slot oyna if he still wants you after tonight. Jack my boy, you are going to get lots of cock time if you stick around tonight. What do you say? Are you up for it? Keep ’em hard? Get ’em off?”

And here I go again…Dammit.


Katie lifted her shorts and slapped my cock as she walked back inside. “See ya later Shuug.”

“Now,” Earl said. “Have you ever sucked a cock?”


What kind of question was that? Of course I hadn’t. I had only seen another cock in person an hour ago Earl. And it fucked my ass! And it was yours!

“No Earl, I have never sucked a cock.”

“Ok, time to get started. You dont have to suck me off son. I don’t think I have much left in my balls. Most of it landed in your sexy little ass. I just want you to suck me and get used to it so it doesn’t come as surprise in the next few minutes.”

What? Oh right.

Earl was still naked. Thankfully he had hosed his cock off from when it had been in my ass a few minutes before but he was still a big sweaty guy. And the taste of his cock matched his years of work in a kitchen and the meaty flavor of his famous ribs.

I put my lips on the tip and just kissed it. Then another lick, two more, and then another.

“That’s it Jack. Just explore your way around.”

We were naked on the side of his restaurant. Big rigs and regular people passing by at 50 miles per hour. If they could only see through his thin little wooden fence they would see big Earl naked and canlı casino siteleri me on my knees with his hardening cock filling my mouth.

“How’s it taste Jack?”

“MMmmmm, It’s salty,” I said and smacked my lips as I continued servicing his dick.

“Hell Jack!” Earl said. “You can pretend in front of Katie, and who knows maybe she’ll even fuck you. But DAMN you are a good cock sucker! You’re a natural kid.”

Goddammit Earl. I mean, thanks Earl. I had to admit it made me feel good to hear him say it. Big Earl had a heart of gold, a thick cock, and even though he had said I didn’t have to make him cum I was about to get a direct taste of his special sauce.

“Ohhh my!” Earl uttered and he pumped his cum into my mouth. “Good. Good. Good.” He said.

“MMMMM good. Now swallow it.”

Swallow it? You never said? Ok Earl. Because it’s you.

I swallowed his second load and licked my lips.

My cock was rock hard.


Earl told me not to bother cleaning up. The dinner crowd would be arriving soon. He grabbed an orange half apron and threw it to me as we walked into the basement from the outside.

“What’s the apron for?” “It doesn’t exactly cover me?”

“It’s not supposed to dummy!” Earl said laughing. “It keeps your ass and cock accessible. It’s for tips! you wanna put that cash somewhere right?”

“Right” I said.

“Three pockets in the front,” Earl offered and put his overalls back on as i followed him up the stairs.

“Just the Apron Jack. You’ll be more comfortable with bare feet.”

I left my clothes and inhibitions in the basement of Earl’s I mean “Boner’s Ribs” and followed Earl up the stairs and out to the fabled back deck.

* * *

To Be Continued…

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