Body Corp[orate Chapter 2


Body Corp[orate Chapter 2Chapter 2The AwakeningEdera started her walk to the door and as she progressed up the long driveway naked to all who could see, and that appeared to be no one, she pondered again should she turn and run. She had agreed to something that was starting to get very real. She was now a slave with no limits, in a place with no way out. At least in the city she knew she could end it at anytime, although she had to admit, she had never even thought of it. The driveway was lit and she could see the beautiful grounds in front of this very stately looking home. It was a dark night with a small moon, but no glare in the sky that could have indicated a city or town near by. With the exception of a seemingly large dog barking, which stopped suddenly, she was surrounded by an almost eerie silence. Naked in the yard of a stranger, clearly willing to do anything for her sexual fix, only served to make her shamefully aware of how far she was willing to go for the man that never was. He was gone forever and she had absolutely no idea where he came from, where he lived, his name or where he went after giving her the traveling instructions. She would miss him terribly. The page was now turned.Just as she reached the front door it opened suddenly, giving her a scare. A very proper looking gentlemen welcomed her in all her nakedness. She was embarrassed at first but later wonder why, as she was completely exposed all over town for the last two months.As she entered she looked around at one of the most beautiful homes she had ever seen. Somebody was very wealthy. The man introduced himself as George, he was the Master’s assistance and would be assisting her. He would also be her boss at times, whendesignated by their Master.He indicated for her to follow. She looked at the beautifulchandelier hanging in the middle of the curved oak staircase as they walked across the foyer, it was a real piece of art. They went into a study where he sat down in front of a marble fireplace, but when Edera tried to do the same she was stopped. “Before you can sit” he told her, “you would be so ordered, and right now that is not an order”, so she stood. He motioned for her to come closer. He slowly turned her around and examined her body very closely. He gave his approval, commenting on how beautiful she was. He had her face forward, then went to her vagina to take a closer look. Without warning he slipped his fingers up into her cunt making her stand on her toes. He commented that, she was very wet but small in there, which he said would be fixed later. “That’s it for the night” he said, as sex was not in the plans. He continued touching her all over, feeling her soft skin and silky hair. Your body is now the Corporations and you shall take care of it. Your name is now Cindi and only Cindi. She had now lost the last part of her identity. Edera for all intense and purposes does not and did not exist. She was then told to stand back spread her legs and put her hands behind her back. It was time for some of the rules. As he spoke Cindi could see that she was having an affect on his manhood as it was starting to show in his pants. She knew nothing would happen, as the master would surely want to be the first to violate her corporate body. He continued, “you can never wear clothes in this house or anywhere else the master may take you, unless so ordered. The weather will not be a factor. You will oil your body daily and put on your makeup, you are fall colours are you not?” She nodded. ” This is to be done each day before anything else, when given the time. You will not sit, eat, drink, sleep or use the bathroom without your Masters or Georges permission. Most importantly no sex whatsoever with anyone or masturbating without your Master’s say so.” If you are caught touching yourself you will be banished to The Power House”. George emphasised, “that is not a place you want to go”.Cindi was starting to show her fatigue almost falling, with this George stated it was bedtime, as she had no doubt had a long day. She had no idea what time it was but it was very dark and she had been traveling since early morning. She only hoped that they would let her have a normal sleep. They left the study and back out into the foyer and up the stairs. As they walked Cindi noticed a lot of strange wall hangings in gold, which accented the décor but no doubt, had dual purposes. She was too tired to think she just wanted a bed. They finally entered her room. It was a very large room with a king size four-poster bed sitting in the middle. Again around the room were strange wall hangings but right now she didn’t care. She noted she had her own bathroom, which could only be used with permission, which could be a problem, if she forgot to ask first. She had never asked permission for anything from any man or women in her adult life so this was going to be strange. Right now all she wanted was sleep, and that came as soon as she hit the sheets.Next morning came earlier than she hoped. She only turned over once and George appeared at the foot of her bed. “Get up and stand at the foot of the bed” he said. There was no kindness in his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri voice, like had been there last night, it was now all business.She did as she was told, and George proceeded to chain her wrist to the top of the bedpost and her ankles to the bottom. He wasn’t finished, next her nipples were clamped and her tits spread and tied to the two-bed post as well. With her legs spread so far apart her cunt lips were well exposed so they were also clamped and spread by tying them to the posts. She was completely spread eagle with everything wide open for inspection, or so it seemed. This was only part of the reason. Her Master was to get his first glimpse of her in this position. George asked if she had ever been whipped before. With terror in her voice she said never. Well you will get used to it, as it is a daily ritual with your master. She couldn’t believe what she heard. She had no idea what to expect, her old master never mentioned or tried it on her. If he had, things may have been very different. Humiliation and domination she craved, but whipping? It pushed domination to a new height. She had her chance to leave and now she would pay the price or would she also begin to crave this cruelty. Her feelings were mixed, time would only tell.Cindi hung there for about an hour before her new Master appeared with whip in hand. He was actually good looking, tall and stocky but not a fat man. He didn’t say his name, he would only be known as the Master. He reminded her of Donald Trump in stature. His voice was gentle but authoritative. He was in command and it was apparent he wanted her to know it the first day. He welcomed her to his home and expressed his hope that they would have a good time together for the next month. Next month? Cindi thought it was suppose to be a year but she would find out shortly what he meant.He continued, “George tells me you have never been whipped before, well that is good, I will teach you to love it, as I do love giving it. You may scream, yell, cry; whatever no one will hear you”. He let out a yell and swung the long whip at her body wrapping it around her several times and to Cindi’s surprise it didn’t hurt all that much except when the tip came around and hit her cunt. It stung for a second. On his second blow the tip came to rest on her bosom. His third wrapped around her legs making a snapping noise. He then put that whip down and went over to a cupboard and opened it. Her body eased for only a second until she saw what was in her bedroom cupboard. It was full of whips of all kinds. He snapped a small whip off the wall, came over to Cindi and snapped it quickly under armed at her very exposed cunt. It hit home, forcing her to jump but she was tied too securely. She let out a chilling yell, the pain was almost unbearable. He came back again. This time the whip went up her backside hitting her ass, another very tender spot. Again she yelled and then started to cry. Her Master seemed to enjoy it more.Next he went after her legs causing welts to appear. She continued to cry, but it only seemed to encourage him. Her tits, the twins as he later put it, were the next targets and he hit them square on. He had lots of practice and it was evident. He then released her tits from the bedpost so they could swing free. She had large bosoms about 38’s, which stood out proudly. The master had glee in his eyes as he punished them, forcing them to swing from side to side with Cindi trying to turn away from the strikes. Cindi was shinning with sweat and tears and could only stand with the help of the chains holding her. Finally the master had enough and abruptly left the room seemingly satisfied with his new slave. George came in took some photos for the Master’s trophy case, she assumed and left, leaving Cindi hanging on the bed. After an hour or so Cindi had to relieve her self, since no one came back she had no choice as to where she would do it. The urine sprayed all over and rolled down her legs onto the hardwood floor and lay at her feet. Cindi was slowly collapsing with her legs bent, with her cunt spread even more widely. Her head just hung with her hair all over her face when George finally returned. Upon noticing the mess on the floor George released Cindi and told her to lick it up until the floor was again spotless, her humiliation was only being compound. She bent down on her knees to obey and when she tried to clean the floor with her tongue she proceeded to vomit on the floor she was suppose to clean. George only hesitated but a second and told her that now she had two flavours to clean. With this he tied her aching legs to the bed and her hands behind her back and left the room saying he would be back shortly to check on her floor cleaning. Cindi could only lie on the floor and cry, wondering what she got herself into and how much worse it could it get. She knew her self-pity had to come to an end if she was going to get out of this mess. The urine was now in her wounds and stinging badly. It took sometime but she finally had replaced all the waste she had rid herself of back into her body. The floor was youwin clean again.A short time later George returned and took her into the bathroom and hosed her down with the showerhead, which he seemed to enjoy. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was so beautiful standing there naked with welts all over her body from the earlier activity. Even in all this pain she knew this guy was going to be trouble. Cindi was told to clean up and oil down. The oil was on the vanity. It would relieve the pain and moisten her skin. The makeup was also there. He would be back to take her to lunch and then the Master would give her a tour of the grounds.At about noon George came to get Cindi. Her whole body bore marks from the mornings whipping. Before they left the room Cindi’s feet were chained again with gold chains and her hands bound behind her back. They went down to the very large dining room with some of the most elegant furniture Cindi had ever seen. The room was completely wood, walls, floors, ceiling everything in light oak. Hanging along the walls were twelve beautiful gold chain restraints. It was so tastefully done that they did not look out of place although she wondered, why twelve. She sat down at the end of a very wide and long oak dining table with her master at one end and she at the other. Her hands were freed and then her lunch was served which after drinking her own urine tasted wonderful. She was very hungry after her ordeal. She noticed that her master just watched and talked but wasn’t eating. There was a reason.After Cindi had finished she was told that she would receive her dessert after her master had eaten and he would give it to her. She was told to go to the other end of the table and lay across in front of her Master. Cindi could almost fit on the width of the table but her head and ankles hung over the sides. George then tied her down, to the point that she could barely move.The Master’s lunch then came from the kitchen and was served on his plate, which was Cindi’s flat stomach. It was chicken fingers and they were hot. He had a salad placed on her chest between the twins, his new word for her tits. The salad dressing was then poured over the lettuce and tits with some of it running down her neck. The plum sauce for the chicken fingers was poured generously over her pubic hairs and ran down into her cunt. Cindi was instructed to open her legs, which was difficult because of the restraints. Then more sauce was poured on her clit and between the cunt lips. For some reason Cindi was starting to get aroused with the warm sauce engulfing her love button. Her own juices were starting to flow which was what her Master had intended. Her Master ate slowly enjoying his new table fixture. Luckily he did not use a knife but the salad fork caused some pain when it punctured through the lettuce. Cindi was enjoying the chicken fingers that were dipped in her pubic hair and then into her cunt. The Master was playing with her, turning her on ever so slowly. Cindi’s sexual urges were just below the surface as she had been at the brink for two days. His fingers and the chicken were now being forced up into her cunt mixing her juices with the sauce. She was now starting to bubble again and was looking for him to continue. He could hear her sexual moans the more he played. To keep her going he started licking the salad dressing off her twins. He had her near the peak, now was the time for her dessert, his sweet cream. He got up went around the table and stuck his very large thick cock in her very welcoming mouth. Cindi was eye to eye with hers master’s balls, with her head over the edge of the table. She sucked as though her life depended on it. His cock was still growing when he forced it so far into her throat that she gagged. He continue to put it in and out with Cindi trying to control the depth as she wanted to eat this monster, not be choked by it. She wanted to get to her cunt, she wanted relief, but the chains prevented that from happening.Her prayers were answered. George was inserting something, a cucumber, as she found out later, into her cunt and rubbing her clit. It was heavenly, a cock in her month and cool cock shaped vegetable in her cunt, she didn’t care at this point it was giving her what she wanted. Her dignity reached another low level. After one leg was released, the cucumber went in deeper and deeper as she opened up. George finally stopped pushing and just left it inside almost out of sight. Her cunt was full but with no friction she became desperate, she sucked her master with a women’s fury to get him off so he could finish her. It worked. He let go and her mouth was filled with his cream which dripped down her cheeks and into her eyes. She tried to swallow but there was too much. It just kept coming, her Master must have been saving it for some time. He finally pulled out but his cock spit in her eyes and nose, it was everywhere. Even the floor received its share. She was crying to be relieved but no one cared. They step back and watched. Cindi was then released from the table, sliding off it to her knees. The two men just stood in youwin giriş silence, as she begged to be fulfilled, they just watched her suffer. Cindi started licking the seed off the floor, taking it out of her nose and eyes and devouring it. She was in a sexual frenzy and her Master just watched and smiled. The temptation to touch her self was overpowering but she remembered her instructions, not without permission. She was in agony. Begging for permission was a waste of time.Finally her master started to play with the still inserted cucumber slowly pushing it in and out taking her higher and higher. She tried to force herself against it but he wouldn’t let her, he kept her on a plateau making her cry and beg for relief. She was completely out of it. He then did the unthinkable he replaced the cucumber with a vibrating dildo. It kept her at a fever pitch, she rolled on the floor, kicked out, folded up, anything to get herself off but the dildo would not do it for her. Her wanting continued. There wasn’t enough friction against her clit to finish her. Straight vibration would only get her up, not finish the job. The Master had enough for now, he turned it off and slowly Cindy came back down with an aching in her loins that she never felt before. He would not let her climax. He had established his complete control over her and she knew it. She was then allowed to go backup stairs and clean up before the tour of the house and yard, still wanting. It was all she could do, to not touch herself. As she slowly came down the stairs she even considered riding the banister.Even while in her room she seriously considered pleasing herself but something told her she was continually being watched so didn’t dare. The agony continued unabated.On the tour of the property their first stop was in the very large family room which although very well appointed could be a dungeon with all the equipment on the walls, she was told to try a chair and was immediately penetrated in both her cunt and ass as soon as she sat down. They were very tight fits as both inserts were very large. She started to gyrate desparate to relieve herself, but she was pulled free and lead outside.They went out onto the patio from the family room, which was about six feet off the ground. The patio over looked a very large backyard, completely surround by trees. In the yard there was a very large rectangular pool with all the accessories, a slide and other items she didn’t even recognize. He walked her over to the pool and while looking at it the Master asked if she could swim. She said, “No, I’m scared of water” and with that he pushed her into the deep end.With her chains still on she went to the bottom very quickly. Even though she tried to get out she couldn’t get off the bottom. She looked up and could see her Master standing looking down at her as she was drowning. When it was apparent she was almost out of air, he reached down and grabbed her arm lifting her out of the water on to the pool deck with one motion. He obviously used the gym equipment placed around the yard. He casually stated, “no need to cry it’s okay I will always save you. Masters don’t kill their slaves around here. No need to fear the water now”. It didn’t make her feel much better. ‘They continued on, walking around the edge of the property where the trees were covered with ropes and chains and straps. She could only guess, what they were used for. They passed the hot tub, the swing, the fountain and fishpond, the sand pit, the archery range, a snake pit, which sent shivers up her back, as she looked down, at his pets, as he put it. They went on past a very large cage off the end of the property that seemed to have no purpose. It did, as she would find out. Next to it was The Power House George had mentioned. It was about 12ft by 12ft not all that large, with no windows so she couldn’t see in. The Master hardly even mentioned the building except to say what it was called. What was happening to her? Only two mouths ago she was the perfect lady at the top of her field now she was willing to endure any humiliation, any amount of pain in her struggle for sexual satisfaction.They went back to the house, the afternoon was almost evening now. She was given a drink to remove the dryness from her mouth. After the drinks on the patio, which was the first normal thing she did all day, she was escorted to her room and told to bath. She would not receive dinner that night. As it was she was full of cum. As she came out of the shower George showed up and lead her to the bed not allowing her to dry stating we will hang you to dry. It became very clear what he meant. She was placed standing on the bed and a hook was lowered from the ceiling. As it came down, her wrists were put into leather cuffs and locked in position. Her arms were then attached to the hook and raised about two feet off the bed. He set the timer so she would be lowered into the bed automatically in two hours. She would drip dry. Cindi was hanging there, like a side of beef, when George again pulled out the camera and took a few shots. He then turned off the lights and left. By the time she was lowered onto the bed her arms felt like they were coming out of their sockets. As she was lying there, still chained to the lift, she pondered the day thinking this was a very rude awakening and what would tomorrow bring. She then closed her eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep.

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