blue wig xxxxxx

Adriana Chechik

blue wig xxxxxx
so there I was at home clean shaven and showered and looking on the interweb for some fun !
this guy about four miles a way in baston hill messaged me asking if i was up for a meet at his place ? ok was my reply ! were your school girl uniform no stocking ! and your blue wig xxxxxx and be dressed when you get here !
I got dressed as he asked and went to his house there was building work going on on the next doors house and one over the road ! I parked on his drive and went to his door ! you cant park there !! I said theres to many guys about and dressed like this is asking for trouble xxx ok I will park your car down the road.
He gave me my keys now get in the house !! and get on your knees im going to fuck fuck you xxxxx somthing did not feel right I had a four sniffs of my poppers then he pushed his semi hard cock in my mouth and forced my head down his cock went balls deep !! it was not long before he was cumming all over my face dont wipe it off !! now go ! go were ? back to your car im done with you !! I cant like bahis siteleri canlı this ! for fuck sake was his reply grabbed my arm lead me to the gate your cars down there! I had cum over my face and tittys my skirt did not cover my bum ! so as i walked quickly as you can in 8ins platform heels I could feel eyes looking at me! I got to my car opened the door bent over for some wet wipes the garden gate opened behind me then a finger went around my bum then up my crack ! he hooked his finger around my thong and gently pulled me into the garden.
He cupped my big tittys omg he said very nice and your hair! i could feel his cock getting bigger I put my hands around my back and unzipped him and put my hand inside to find a very thick and very hard cock xx stay there and bend over xx im going to lick your hole if you dont mind? yes pls can i take a hit of poppers? yea go for it as he was licking and putting his tongue into me then a finger then two ! I took four long sniffs then i could feel his knob pushing against my hole canlı bahis and started pushing then pop his knob enters me I gave a sharp breath ! are you ok he asked ? yes I was not expecting you go into me that easily xxxxxxx with that he starting to fuck me harder faster deeper omg im loving this guy he sliped his hand into my pantys and started to wank my sissy pole pls stop your going to make me cum xxxxx he did not ! I spunked into my pantys thats a good girl xxxx he started pumping faster and faster im going then fuck he he squirted the biggest load ive think ive ever had ! but he kept pumping the noises his cock was making going in and out of my wet cum filled hole! im going to cum again ! again ! yes again if i dont stop ! keep going he gave out a grunt and more hot spunk was up my bum and running down my legs and into my shoes and around my toes ! fuck this guy is a cum factory xx his cock now lip slipped out of my bum he put my thong back ! then I turned around he was gone!
what a nice guy xxx

I opened the gate and got bahis siteleri into my car cum leaking out all over my seat so I squirmed around making a bit of a mess now my skirt,thong was wet with his cum xxxxxxx fuck i was so turned on! but I had to clean my heels and feet so I could drive!
right nedge hill lets go dogging ! as I got to the car park there was a few empty cars there my Tshirt was wet with cum so I ripped it down the front and tied it under my big tittys put on a tiny skirt and off I went into the woods it was not long before I found two guys hard at it the guy who was getting fucked his cock was waving around that turned me on more my clitty was getting hard ! then the one guy said im cumming he pulled out his cock squirted his load over his back and hole then pushed his cock back in fuck thats hot ! I asked can I clean you both up ? come here and lick his swollen hole ! he was not joking it was pouting and very red ! I slowly licked fuck me he said thats most kinkyest thing thats ever been done me ! I kepted on licking then my hand was put on his cock wank him at the same time it was not long before he was cuming he turned around and squirted over my tittys ! omg that was fun .

part two later xx

thank you for reading my story xx

lots of love from lexus xxx

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