Blake’s Truth

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When Blake first met Brenda on an internet date, he wasn’t all that taken by her. She was not really as her photo had portrayed her. She was bigger in the hips and her face was fuller and plainer, almost homely. He had mentioned in his profile that he was looking for a big, voluptuous woman, but Brenda was pushing the boundaries of that description.

When they danced that night, however, he got a chance to feel how firm and strong she was. This excited him for many known and unknown reasons and he decided then and there that he would give her a few more dates.

On the second date she wore tight jeans that her broad hips were almost bursting out of and her attitude that night seemed different. She started asking him personal questions, sexual questions about the stuff he had experienced as a young man. He told her about spying on his neighbor, Mrs. Albe, whenever she raked the lawn in her cut-off jeans. Brenda smiled, but didn’t seem too shocked by this admission. Then she calmly stated:

“I used to lift my brothers and carry them around until they cried.”

Blake stared at her when she said this and a surge of adrenaline coursed through him. He wasn’t sure why, but he was intensely curious to know more.

“Why did you want them to cry?” he asked her.

“I don’t know…I just loved to tease them and watch them get frustrated.”

“So you liked being mean to toddlers?” he asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Oh no, they weren’t babies then, they were older, ten or eleven.”

Blake felt his face flush.

“You made them cry at that age?” he continued.

“Yeah, it was fun carrying them around our big yard. They would try to wiggle out and make a fuss, but I think they liked it.”

Blake couldn’t think of a thing to say and a long silence passed between them. Visions of his own young adult daydreams suddenly flooded back to him. These fantasies always had something to do with the weird chick who had lived across the street from him then, and visions of being abused by her. At that moment he began to see Brenda in a different light.

A week later they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend and he started spending lots of time at her house where she lived with her mother. It was the same house Brenda had grown up in and Blake always found himself imagining what weird things had gone on there back in Brenda’s childhood. One day she found him in the kitchen staring çorum escort out into the backyard. Understanding what he might be thinking, she snuck up on him and grabbed the back of his underwear firmly, forcing them up into the crack of his ass.

“You wanna go out and play?” she asked him, her mouth close to his ear.

“Yeah,” he replied defensively, looking quite surprised and embarrassed.

When they got outside she gave him the tour of the family property. She pointed out the fence post where she used to hang her brothers by their underwear and the flag pole she used to force them to climb. If they made it to the top she would tell them to do it again. Eventually they would all lose strength and slide down helplessly where she would be waiting to carry them to their place on the fence post, their dangling feet kicking just inches off the ground.

“So you tormented those brothers of yours!” he said unsteadily.

“Sure, why not. They deserved it. It was just so much fun watching them burst into tears when they realized they couldn’t escape.”

Blake felt a wave of heat move up into his face and he found himself speechless again.

“What’s the matter?” she asked him with a mischievous smile.

He felt her hand return to the band of his underwear and pull up as she searched his face. He shook his head awkwardly to signal he was fine, but his uncomfortable expression betrayed him. Then she put her other hand on the bulge that had now appeared between his legs. She smiled and began to speak to him in a mocking pouty voice.

“Is my little man’s dickie hard!” she taunted as she squeezed at the mound. Then she squatted down and lifted him, her arms hugged tightly around his upper legs.

Blake was caught off guard and struggled to keep his balance from his aloft position.

“What…what are you doing?” he complained.

“I’m giving you the tour!” Brenda replied.

As she began to walk with him held up in her arms, Blake became irritated and confused. He twisted around fitfully and seemed to be looking for any possible way down.

“Stop!” he managed to say.

But Brenda was certain at this point that she understood him a lot better than he understood himself.

“Sssshhhhh” she replied, looking up with pleasure into his worried face.

This was the real beginning of their relationship, the real breakthrough. In another çorum escort bayan month he revealed his deepest desires to her as he never had with anyone else. Blake understood now that Brenda would never judge him. So he told her what he had always wanted and needed and she listened happily.

By their six month anniversary he had moved in with her and they would daily find time for walks in the yard. As they went she would pat his butt and speak to him with a condescending tone.

“How is my little man doing?” she would ask him, “Is he okay?”

Blake would nod at first, but his discomfort would then grow as they continued back into the yard. Then she would push her hand up between his legs forcefully.

“You have to hold it!” she would insist as she lead him back deeper into the yard.

Blake’s face would then twist into a grimace as he saw the flag pole.

“We’re almost there!” Brenda would tell him.

Then when they got there she would make him pull himself up the pole as she goaded him.

“Come on, little man! Just a few more feet… almost there!”

Blake usually made it to the top of the twenty foot pole once, and on the second attempt would come within five feet of the top before loosing his grip and arm power. Then he would find himself clinging there, frozen, unable to go higher and fighting against the slide back down. Each attempt to inch up with his legs was counteracted by a slip of his finger grip. And then with each effort he would feel a tickling in his stomach and a loss of control in his anal sphincter.

“Don’t give up yet, Little man!” Brenda would yell up to him.

But eventually the weak, tickling sensation would overcome him and he would slide back towards her in blissful resignation. But as he got within reach of her she would keep him from descending with a hand pushed up against his butt. She would then tell him to try again, but as he tried to pull his legs up around the pole once more he would feel his rectal muscles give way and release their contents. When Brenda felt this against her hand she would be pleased.

“Did my little man poop in his diaper!” she would pronounce loudly.

When she said this, Blake’s face would burn in abject humiliation. He would then lose all strength and limply dangle from the pole. At this point she would let him come all the way down.

This is when Blake would completely escort çorum lose his manly identity and feel a complete loss of his self-determination. And as Brenda lifted him up and held him aloft she would carefully read all these confused feelings on his face. She didn’t even care if the neighbors were watching. She loved to bring males back to this place of original dependency and submissiveness.

She would then carry him back to the house and set him down. Then she would lead him into the garage and lift him again. She wanted them to have privacy now. She wanted him to feel the pressure of his full diaper pressed down against her sturdy forearms and the pressure of her tits against his stiff dick. She wanted to hold him there as all the questions arose in his face, as all the confusion came out. And as she saw him look down at her she knew he was getting closer to a return.

“I know it’s frustrating, little man!” she would say to him in condescension, bouncing him slightly.

At this point Blake would utter a few whiny words as he looked around in shame and helplessness.

“Yes, I know… I know…” she would continue prodding.

“Put me down!” he would finally shout, flailing his dangling legs in one last ineffectual protest.

But Brenda knew just how to handle him, just like she had handled her brothers. She would keep him up and under her control with her curvaceously thick legs held in a wide stance and wait for the moment of surrender.

Finally Blake’s frustration would crest and he would begin to cry and ball like the little submissive was. This was the moment that gave Brenda the biggest thrill.

“Yes, that it! Let it all out!” she would shout over his tears. And she would hold him there until he became emotional exhausted and her arms even quivering slightly.

Then she would lay him down and change him and always notice a lot of pre-cum inside the diaper as she set it aside. He would lay there and continue to sob as his erect cock, balls and ass crack were wiped clean.

On these nights he would always ride her like a demon from behind, thrusting up mindlessly into her broad, heart-shaped ass. He always imagined her as a mountain as he clung to her in this position, driving his engorged member fitfully into her sloppy but firm fuck slot. And because his gratification had been delayed, he would shoot his loads up so strongly, they would clear her rock hard ass cheeks and land on her back. Then, having gained her summit and reached the end of his strength, he would lay whimpering and breathless on top of her. From this vantage point atop Mount Brenda, he could see the entire world, and more importantly, his true sexual happiness.

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