Blackmailing a teacher


Blackmailing a teacherI was in high school and only had sex with young girls. My 5th period teacher was extremly hott and her name was Lisa Cherryhill and she was probably in her late 20’s. She taught science and always wore such revealing clothes. I would always ask for help so she would get close to me. Her smell would drive me crazy and when she would lean over to help me with my paper, I could feel the warmth of her body so close to me. My cock would began growing in my pants and I think she would watch it grow as she leaned over me. It seamed like she would intentually rub against me to see my cock grow. I had masterbated atleast a hundred times to her smell and image.One day I was at home on the internet going through porn on xhamster and I came across this profile and I couldnt belive my eyes!! It was her! My mind swirled has I looked at the provocative pictures she had displayed. I stroked my cock so hard that day with the pictures I had found and fantasizing of sticking my cock in her tight little ass. The next day at school I decided to play the card I had found. Half way through the period I raised my hand and asked for some help. I could tell she was excited to come over because of the game we had played. The only thing was the game was about to change. On a piece of paper in front of me I wrote XHAMSTER in big words. When she approached my desk she did her normal lean over to look at my paper and I could she was startled at what she had saw. She became sligthly pale and speechless. I looked up at her and smiled and asked if there was any way she could help me after school on this subject. She hesitated and then said yes. I could tell she was scared, elazığ escort but I didnt care. I just wanted to fuck her more than anything and that was my goal. She would not look at me the rest of the period and I was getting nervous myself. I had two more periods to finish the day and it was the longest time of my life.Finally the last bell rang. I had butterflies in my stomach by this time. I was excited and scared. I took my time to get to her room so the halls would clear out. I approached her door and knocked, she said to come in. She glared at me as I walked to a desked at the front. I sat down and we just looked at each other for a minute. Finally she said something. “So, where do we go from here”. I cleared my throat and replied “I am willing to keep this a secret but I want something in return”. “I dont have any money” she replied. “I dont want money, I want you”. She laughed and said “thats obvious, I have seen what I do to you when I get next to you”. We both giggled. Of course I was ready to do it right there but she suggested we leave school grounds. She told me to meet her at the corner about a half mile way from the school at d**g store parking lot. I was there before her and when she pulled up she told me to jump into the car. My palms were so sweaty. I couldnt believe what was about to happen.We drove for about 15 minutes to a secluded park. We did not say anything the whole ride. When she parked and turned off the car she spun her body towards me. She reached out and starting rubbing my crotch area. My cock wasted no time, it was pressing aqainst my pants and I could tell she was dying to see it. She unzipped my pants and pulled escort elazığ my cock out. With her hands wrapped around it she moaned and said I have been wanting to see this for a long time. That built up my confidence and I began to use my hands on her mature body. I began by unbuttoning her blouse. I slid it off and started on her bra. Once her breast were exposed I just stared at them for a minute. They were perfect, nipples were erect and ready for my mouth. I started sucking on one nipple while I massaged the other. She was moaning at the pleasure I was giving her. I could start to smell her scent rise from between her legs and it was like nothing I have ever smelled before. I just wanted to rip her pants off and devour her. She told me to relax and pushed me off her. She took off her pants and panties and instructed me to do the same. Who am I to question that, she is the teacher. Here we are both completely naked. She bends over and puts my dick in her mouth. The warmth was about to make me explode. I had to tell myself to relax and savor what was going on. God, what a difference from the young ones I had been with. They do it like they have too and she was doing like she like too. She would use both hands and her mouth. While sucking she had one hand massaging my balls and the other sliding up and down with her mouth. I felt my cock swelling and I could feel that I was about cum. I told her I was getting ready to cum and she picked up her pace and before you knew it I squirting my cum right down her throat. I could tell it took everything she had to keep up with the amount of cum filling her mouth but this was a woman and she gulped every drop. elazığ escort bayan She raised up and sat back and told me she couldnt believe how much cum came out of me. We laughed and she started to put her pants back on. I said wait a minute, what are you doing and pointed at my cock. She looked and said holy shit it is still hard as a rock. We arent done yet I replied. I made her lean against the door and hike her legs ups. This exsposed her pussy for me to enjoy. I began to lick her sweet pussy. Nippling on the top of her clit while my two fingers massage the top of her inside. I could feel her getting wetter and my fingers were making a slop noise from the nectar she was producing. Fuck, she tasted and smelled so good. Her hips started moving circles around my fingers, I knew she was getting close. Finally I felt her pussy contract on my fingers, Her whole body tensed up and she covered my mouth and fingers with her juice. She was primed for a good fucking now and so was I. We jumped over the front seats and moved to the back. There she lied on her back with her legs wide open. I positioned myself between her legs and she grabbed my cock and guided me to entry point of her pussy. She inserted my head into her and I took it from there. I slowly started sliding my cock into her wet pussy. Feeling her hot pussy engulf my cock made me shake in ecstasy. She moaned has my cock hit the bottom of her canal. I began to pump in and out slowly. We both looked down at my glistening cock disappearing into her pussy. Damn, I never wanted this to end. Her pussy felt so good around my cock and I wanted this to last for ever. But reality set in. I started thinking to myself, I AM FUCKING MY TEACHER and my immaturity kick in and I blew my second load deep inside her. Our fluids mixed and I had sloth all down the side of my cock. I collapse on top of her and told her I would never tell anyone about xhamster.

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