blackmailed wife part 1


blackmailed wife part 1Andrea,my young wife,is a teacher,slightly stuck up,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.She and our toddler just came back from eastern europe,where they spend the summer with her parents and beloved family.During that time i was able to get a few things done,one was installing micro security cameras throughout home,invisible to a naked eye ,Andrea hate cameras so i had to do it without her knowing,also hoping to record fucking her but the low light conditions always make the camera enter the infrared so is not a good result,never mind,the purpose is security,movement sensitive sensors detect any activity and via internet automatically dial my mobile so i can see live what is going on and continuously record up to a month before.This system was supposed to be at my business only but i was offered two at basically the same cost of one,so i used the second one for home.In the morning,before leaving for work, as usual i ask Andrea what she is up to and she talks about meeting with others young mums,till 1 pm,then back home.She is part of a circle of about a dozen women with her same origin and relative family,Andrea yalova escort see her girlfriends at least 4 times a week and is very fond of them.At 10,30 am my mobile rings and i see my toddler a sleep in his bedroom,i switch channel and see Andrea talking to Paul,the husband of her best friend,i know him well and tough i can’t consider him a real mate i enjoy having a couple of beers in his company,is all good and i close the call.The same night ,back at home ,small talking about the day activity Andreas tell me that all went as planed,fun with the other girls n warm weather, toddler fall a sleep late.Not a word about Paul mid morning visit,i can’t ask about it as i am not suppose to know about it,so i rest my case,for the moment,cause i cant wait for tomorrow to check the rest of the recording.Once at work i immediately access the recorded data from 10,30 onward,this time also with audio,Andrea is sitting on the lounge and Paul is looking down her slightly unbuttoned shirt,she suddenly turn and catch him perving at her breast”What are you doing?’she says”i am looking at a most beautiful and desirable breast” he answer,now,Paul wife is almost flat so i can almost excuse him for that , Andrea blush but knowing how much he escort yalova miss a nice set of tits says”You can have a better look if you want”and open up her shirt to show her very covering and rigid bra, not revealing at all,never the less his prick is obviously getting hard as his pants are visibly swelling.Andrea love a ready cock,she is not a fan of foreplay,with me she get quickly wet when my penis harden up and want to get fucked hard,very straight forward,nice but a bit simple.Paul is still,clearly undecided on what to do but with a full erection pushing his trousers like a pyramid,Andrea lower his zip and her bra and lean his prick on her cleavage and Paul mobile ring,he answer ”Yes i got it and i will be there in two minutes”put the now soft penis away , pick up a book and leave without a word.More then angry i am shocked,i download the all scene and watch his penis on her tits with a growing excitement,Andrea would kill me is she find out i got that video.In the evening i try to have sex with her but after harding up my cock with a few stroke, per usual she kiss me goodnight and go to sleep,she likes doing that,about twice a week,bring me close to cum and stop,leaving me full of desire with a hard dick,continuous yalova escort bayan denials,just two time a month she let me climax,i can’t do anything about cos if i insist i get even less and if i push hard i would get charged .The day after at work i keep thinking at the all situation and i am about to erase all the data but the suddenly i click.i have been looking at this from the wrong angle,i got to get the still of her tits with his cock and use it smartly.The coming sunday we are sorting our mobile photos and video,after Andrea has downloaded hers on the USB to send to her family is my turn,she comment on my mobile photos as we are going trough the gallery,then she gasp and her eyes almost pop out as she is looking at her naked tits with Paul prick on,i made an enlargement that perfectly shows their faces,no doubt about who is in the photo.Springig up and with a very angry tone she ask me how i got it,i answer that is not the point,almost shouting she add”What is the point then?”calmly i say”Should we include this photo in the USB for your parents , family and perhaps Paul wife email?”all of a sudden Andrea loose all her aggressiveness,she sits down, all her strength is gone,eyes down and not a word.After 30 seconds of extremely loud silence i ask her what should we do,send it or not,she slowly shake her head and murmur”I am sorry”i look at her her and say”You sure are but now undo your shirt, lower your bra and play with your nipples.”TO BE CONTINUED….

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