Black , White Girl Fight

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June loved the feel of the autumn air as she drove to cheerleader practice. The 19 year old, blue-eyed blond was surprised to see the girls doing a new routine, she thought it looked more like a booty dance and asked, “What are you doing? It looks more like you are auditioning for a job at a strip club, but I like it, it’s kind of sexy!” One of the girls said that they got the idea at a school dance the other night. June got in the groove and her ass was on the move! As she shook and gyrated, the nipples on her 34C breasts stiffened and she could feel the moisture form between her legs!

After practice the girls headed for the showers and June looked around as they undressed and noticed that she was not the only one to be aroused from the sensual dance routine! Her shapely 5’4″ frame was on fire; she hurried to the showers and hoped that some cool water would dampen her inflamed libido. But the nearness of the other stimulated girls only made her hotter! June had never been attracted to girls before but all of those hot bodies in heat filled her with a strange desire to touch them!

Her gaze lingered on Lisa; Lisa was a 5’7″ black beauty with 38D tits and a lush crop of black pubic hair accented her dark pussy and large, puffy, pussy lips. June felt faint and she could feel her skin flush; she could not understand the strong sexual arousal that she felt for the 20 year old ebony siren. Suddenly she noticed Lisa staring back at her, she felt so embarrassed and her face turned crimson. The black girl smiled at her, reveling her pearly white teeth and said, “What’s up girl? Do you like what you see? Hey, honey, I have a good idea; come over to my place for dinner and we can practice some more and you can get out of the dorm for awhile, What do you say?”

The pretty blond was mesmerized by the fetching girl and replied, “Yes, that would be nice; what is your address?”

“I’ll show you; I got a lift here with a friend, and will tell her that I am going home with you. My mom and I rented a house, you will like her, and we have a large backyard to practice in!”

During the ride home they chatted and checked each other out. June was bewildered; she was still aroused and she couldn’t understand the lustful feelings she had for Lisa. She felt like a volcano ready to erupt and when a black hand touched her thigh, she almost did erupt! The hand lingered on her thigh just long enough for Lisa to point out the house to her, and then it was removed, June felt conflicting emotions; she was relieved that the girl didn’t feel her wetness and disappointed because it felt so good!

The girls entered the house and June was taken aback by the mother’s stunning beauty! The poor blond’s arousal only increased when the 5’11” mom hugged her tightly, pressed her 40D breasts into her and kissed the startled girl full on the lips. “Hi, my name is Monica and I am Lisa’s mother and I am always happy to meet her friends.” June caught her breath and told Monica her name and said that she was glad to meet her too. The blond girl felt intimidated by Monica’s size and beauty.

After a nice dinner the girls went to the back yard and when Lisa told June that her mother was 39 years old, June could hardly believe it, she looked so much younger.

The girls were practicing when Lisa told June to shake it! “I am shaking it! What the hell do you think I am doing?”

“Your little white ass is not moving enough, watch me!” The black girl lifted her skirt and turned so that the blond could get a good look at her behind. June marveled at the way her big butt quivered and shook! Lisa only wore a red thong under her skirt and left little to the imagination. “Now your turn white girl, shake that thing!” Lisa firmly grabbed the girl’s buttocks and shook her ass checks violently! Then the black girl removed June’s skirt so that she could get a better view.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing? Why did you take my skirt off?”

“So that I can see you shake your ass. You need to learn how to shake your booty! Anyway, you look so cute in your dainty pink panties! Maybe you would feel better if I took off my skirt too, hell; I’ll even take off my thong! But please concentrate on shaking your ass, not on my delicious black pussy, and by the way, I know that you want to taste it! I could see it in your lusting blue-eyes when we were in the shower!

“You are crazy; I’m not interested in you or any other girl!” Lisa quickly moved close to June and stuck a finger under her pink panties and into her honey-hole. The blond pushed her hand away and told her to stop.

Lisa said, “Why should I stop? Your pussy is soaked, I make you hot, and you can’t deny it!” Lisa reached her hand down again, but was shocked when June slapped her face hard! “You dumb white bitch; I am going to teach you a lesson now! You will rue the day that you hit me.” Lisa threw a punch but June moved quickly and it merely brushed her head. The ebony aggressor lunged but grabbed air. June swung canlı bahis and hit her nose and drew blood. Lisa was fuming and faked a punch to the face with her left hand and connected to the stomach with a powerful right hand!

The blond buckled over and was gasping for breath when Lisa unleashed a volley of blows to the head and knocked her to the ground! The ebony fireball jumped on the blond and held her down. She inched her luscious chassis forward until her steaming sex was hovering over June’s face. The alluring ebony sex-kitten lowered her dripping pussy to the white girl’s lips and lustfully murmured, “Kiss it baby, put your sweet lips to my hot pussy, do it, you know that you want it! It’s all for you to enjoy, taste it June and stick your tongue out and lick it, bitch!”

Somehow, June managed to lift her legs high enough to wrap her feet around Lisa’s neck and pull the black girl off her! June leaped on top and tried to hold Lisa down. Lisa refused to be held down and managed to roll over. They were on their sides, face to face. They pulled each other’s hair, punched and kicked. Lisa finally got the upper hand and had June face down on the grass. Lisa pressed her face into the turf and twisted her arm behind her back! June screamed out in pain!

The sexy black girl positioned herself in front of the subdued combatant and once again offered the girl her sweet honey-pot! This time she was sitting in front of the white girl and was facing her. Lisa still held the girl’s arm behind her back with one hand and lifted June’s face to her black pussy with the other. A wicked grin covered Lisa’s face when she realized that finally she had the white girl exactly where she wanted her. There was no escape, soon she would have the blond girl’s tongue up her love hole and her pussy twitched with lustful anticipation.

June sniffed the intoxicating aroma of the black girl’s aroused sex and felt herself succumbing to the desire to devour her! June felt this yearning ever since the shower. She did not want to admit it to Lisa, she didn’t want to admit it to herself and now she no longer could resist! The craving for this black girl must be satisfied!

Lisa swooned with delight when the blond girl’s tongue touched her smoldering pussy! Right there in her back yard, she was getting her pussy licked by a pretty white girl! The thought that they could be seen, only increased her excitement. Monica was watching from inside the doorway and had her hand up her own skirt. As the tongue increased speed and sucking lips engulfed her clit; the ebony sex-pot released her grip on June’s arm.

June was in a trance. She was beguiled by this enchanting black girl. She licked and sucked the appetizing black pussy for all she was worth. Lisa stroked her blond hair lovingly until she reached a tremendous orgasm! Then the black girl held the pretty face tight to her sopping cunt and bucked back fiercely! Then June shook and quaked; she reached an orgasm herself while licking up every drop of the delicious girl cum! June felt like she was lost in a beautiful dream!

Then suddenly June was violently pulled by the hair from between Lisa’s ebony legs and dragged into the house! Monica slapped her across the face and flung her to the floor! Lisa just stood and watched her mother put her foot on June’s chest and angrily shout, “You white trash slut! You seduced my little girl in our own back yard, where all the neighbors could see, and you ate her sweet pussy and made her cum!”

“I..It wasn’t my fault! She forced me to do it!”

“Stop lying, you corrupted my little girl and now you must pay!” Monica disrobed and sat on the sofa in only her stockings and high-heels! Then the imposing black sex goddess commanded, “Well, if you like eating black pussy so much, crawl over to me and I will give you a real woman’s cunt to feast on! I know that you like black girl pussy and that you will love a superior black woman’s pussy! So get your sorry ass over here right now, or I will beat the crap out of you!”

The frightened white girl crawled to the feet of the domineering black woman. She looked up into the deep brown eyes of the demanding woman and felt fear! She meekly moved closer and Monica spread her ebony legs invitingly! June wanted to hate this mean woman but instead, she was overcome with lust. She was inflamed with wild desire for the voluptuous creature! She lovingly licked the puffy dark pussy lips and marveled at the sight of the growing clit. The lush black pubic hair was so unlike her sparse light pubic hair.

June sucked on the enlarged clit feverishly and brought the woman to a quick climax with her sucking lips and probing tongue! The blond girl licked up the cum and stuck her tongue as far up the dark tunnel as she possibly could. The white girl could not get enough of the chocolate pudding and gobbled it up with passion! She wanted to bring pleasure to this woman, she loved the tangy taste of her sex and desperately wanted Monica to like bahis siteleri her!

Monica held the girl’s face tight to her sopping cunt and exclaimed. “Oh my God, you are fabulous, that’s right, like that, Yesssss, so fucking good! Lisa, get over here and let our guest feel the joy of your talented little tongue! Lisa slipped under her creamy legs and dove right into her pink pond! Her tongue stirred the still waters of June’s pussy and Lisa savored the divine taste of her flowing juices! June licked Monica and Lisa licked June, they both reached blissful orgasms! Monica chuckled and said, “That’s the way I like to see my girls! Your faces look so beautiful, glistening with pussy juice and cum!”

The girls joined Monica on the couch and June sat in the center. Monica ran her fingers through the blond hair and told her that she was an angel! Lisa said that she tastes good too! June asked, “Does this mean you are not angry with me anymore? I am so sorry that I upset you but Lisa won the fight and seduced me! Now I must confess I am so glad that she did!”

Monica replied, “I know sweetie, I am sorry that I blamed you. It did turn out rather well though; I couldn’t ask for a better little bitch to service my pussy! But you are much too wonderful to be called ‘bitch’ so I will call you ‘baby’!” June kept looking at the magnificent breasts of the black mother and daughter. They both hand fed them to her and June excitedly nursed on all four beautiful black breasts with fervor!

Monica told her daughter to go get a big surprise for baby from her bedroom! Lisa ran to fetch the surprise and Monica sat on top of the sofa, she seductively spread her ebony legs and in a low sultry voice said, “Come here baby and eat some more blackberry-pie! That’s it, kneel on the cushion and enjoy your dessert! Yes, stick that cute little white ass up in the air so that Lisa can give you your big surprise!”

June was gobbling up her tasty treat when Lisa moved behind her and rammed a big black dildo in her tight little pussy! The 10″ invader plowed deep into her aroused love hole. June’s screams were muffled by Monica’s mouthwatering pussy! As she pumped June’s pussy savagely with the thick strap-on, Lisa smacked her ivory butt and yelled, “That’s it baby, fuck back at me, don’t make me do all the work! Good girl, eat my mother’s cunt while I fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before! Yeah baby, cum all over my fuck-stick while mom gives you a facial with her cum!!!”

After her mom and June had their orgasms, Lisa withdrew the strap-on-dildo with an obscene ‘plop’ sound and marveled at the gaping cunt and sticky cum on the dildo. Lisa thought to herself that the tight little pussy wasn’t little or tight any more! The three of them slept together in Monica’s bed that night. Actually, they did not get much sleep but they sure had a good time! It was agreed that June would move out of the dorm and in with them.

Three weeks passed by and June felt invigorated, her life was now exciting. She especially enjoyed weekends with her two lovers and it was Friday night. Lisa suggested that she show June the park and it was a nice evening to go for a walk. Monica said that she had some things to do and would see them when they came home.

The ebony and ivory lovers strolled hand and hand through the park. They found a secluded area and went behind the trees and the girls could not keep their hands off each other; what started out as an affectionate kiss ended up as a wild sixty-nine and they licked each others pussies with wanton abandon! They were both squealing with lustful delight when they were interrupted by a female voice!

“Look here, we have a couple of lesbians doing their perverted shit!” June and Lisa looked up to see two 18 year old black girls standing over them! They were both tall and thin, one was light coco colored and the other was jet black, they both stood about 5’6″ and their breasts were small.

The intruders demanded that the lesbians eat their pussies or they would kick their asses! The girls quickly got to their feet and Lisa told them to ‘fuck-off’! June told them to leave while they still could!

The darker girl angrily sneered, “Who does this fucking white cunt licking bitch think she is! Let’s kick some ass!” They rushed June and Lisa swinging and kicking! Lisa wrestled her opponent to the ground and they were biting and pulling hair! June ducked a swing from the darker girl and retaliated with a hard fist to her nose. As soon as the girl put her hand to her bleeding nose, June whacked her in the ear and punched her in the stomach! When the girl bent over, June kicked her to the ground and swiftly got on top and pinned her to the grass! June looked over and was delighted to see that Lisa also had the other girl pinned to the ground.

Lisa told her captive that if she wanted to leave in one piece she would have to make her cum with her tongue! Lisa poked the girl’s eyes with her fingers and warned her that if she bahis şirketleri tried to do anything stupid that she would poke her eyes out. June thought it was a good idea and did the same. Lisa and June rode their faces until they reached orgasm! They left the girls on the ground and as they walked away, they told them that they looked much better with cum all over their faces!

They strolled through the park and complimented each other on their fighting skills and returned home. Monica greeted the girls with rum and cokes and told them that two of her friends were coming over and that they would have a party! The voluptuous mother told June that she told her friends all about her and that they were eager to meet and eat her!!! “What! You actually told people what we do together? I thought that it was just between us! I suppose you will expect me to service all four of you!”

“June baby, Helen and Betty are my closes friends and they are the only ones that I told about us. Did you confide in anyone?”

“Well, I guess I did; a friend at school asked me why she didn’t see me around the dorm anymore and I told her that I was living at a friend’s house. That’s what I tell everyone, but she asked me who it was and I told her Lisa. Then she smiled and said that she noticed how friendly Lisa and I were. She shocked me when she asked me how I liked black pussy! I told her that it was delicious and walked away. I don’t know if she thought that I was kidding, or what?”

Monica said. “Listen here baby; that makes us even, what does your friend look like?”

“She is 5’7″ with red hair, freckles and big green eyes. Her tits are a 34 or 36C, she is 19 and has a beautiful face.”

“Invite her to the party, baby and you will have some help!”

“I don’t know if I should, oh, ok, what the hell!” June called Sue and said that she would be over soon! Lisa said that Sue was hot and she was looking forward to getting to know her better. June was jealous and gave Lisa a dirty look! They all drank rum and cokes and waited for their company to arrive.

Betty and Helen were the first to arrive. Betty was a 32 year old beauty with dark skin. She stood 5’10” and had 36D cups. Her long black hair was adorned with purple braids, she wore a short purple dress and black stockings and fuck-me heels. Helen was about 5’8″ was thin but had 34C cups. She wore white short-shorts and a red tube-top and looked good for a lady of 41 years. They all kissed and hugged and both women kissed June a little longer than the others and said that she was ‘fine’.

The blues songs were playing and the rum and cokes were flowing when Lisa opened the door and led Sue into the room by the hand and made her a strong drink so that she could catch up with the others. Betty took June’s hand and they danced in the center of the room. Betty’s hands were on June’s buttocks and she was whispering in the white girl’s ear. Monica decided to join them and pressed against June’s back; Betty removed her hands from the girl’s ass and squeezed her breasts. June was getting hot and bothered as both ebony sex-kittens licked her neck and ears!

Sue was the center of attention on the sofa; Helen and Lisa had her blushing, they kept telling her how beautiful and sexy she was! Helen looked the sweet redhead in the eyes and asked, “Do you eat pussy as good as your friend? Monica tells me that she loves black pussy so much that she sometimes spends the whole night feasting on their juicy black pussies! Be a good little girl and lick my cunt! Take a look at your friend.”

Sue was shocked to see June on her knees licking Betty’s bald black pussy! Lisa was kissing her neck and Helen inched her long black fingers up her leg and made circling motions on her creamy thigh! Sue had butterflies in her stomach and was trembling; part of her wanted to stop and the other part wanted to experience the forbidden sex that the black women offered! Not very convincing, the redhead timidly stated, “I don’t think we should do this! I have never been with another woman and I think that I should go now!”

Four black hands were exploring her white body and lustful cravings filled her senses. Helen’s fingers slid into her honey-hole and the stimulus when the black fingers rapidly moved in and out of her pussy brought tingling sensations that she never felt before! Lisa squeezed her tits and that only increased the redhead’s arousal and lewd cravings! Lisa whispered in her ear, “Have you ever fantasized about being with another woman? Now is your chance to experience forbidden bliss; tell me that you want to take a trip to the stars, a rocket to outer space and feel the pleasures that only another woman can give you. Tell me you want it baby; tell me you want to cum!”

“Yes, I have thought about having sex with another woman! I have always been too afraid to do anything about it, but now I am ready! My body is trembling and flush; I need to cum so bad, take me, fuck me and do what you will with me! I am all yours!” Clothing was quickly discarded and Helen’s tongue joined her fingers in Sue’s pussy. Lisa nursed on the pink nipples and the redhead screamed out in ecstasy as her cum juice was sucked out of her sopping pussy!

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