Black on Black Cuckolding is Nice

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Don’t believe the stereotypes, ladies and gentlemen. Black cuckolds do EXIST. My name is Jeanette Langlois and I’m a woman of Haitian and French Canadian descent living in the City of Gatineau, Quebec. My mother, Annabelle Jean was Haitian and my father, Roger Langlois was white, of French Canadian descent. I guess that technically makes me mixed but I always tell people I’m Black when they ask. My folks met in the City of Montreal, Quebec, in the 1980s and had little old me. Since my parents got divorced, my mom raised me in predominantly Haitian milieus. That’s why I’m proud of my culture.

A lot of people think of us Haitians as a deeply religious and fairly conservative lot. In other words, we’re not the type to get freaky. Ha! I guess whoever believes this shit clearly has never met little old me. I’m five-foot-eleven, curvy and sexy, with big tits, wide hips, thick legs and a big round ass. My skin is light brown, my eyes are lime-green and my hair is long and kinky. I rock a mean Afro, man. Takes work but it’s absolutely worth it. If you got it, flaunt it I say. Anyhow, I got a story to share with you ladies and gentlemen.

If you’re like me, scouring the web for content about Black Cuckolds, Black female dominants and all kinds of Black freakiness, look no further. A couple months ago my boyfriend Eugene Jean-Christophe revealed to me that he is bisexual. In the Haitian community, being gay or bisexual is considered taboo. We’re not as homophobic as the people of Uganda or Nigeria who persecute the gays, but homosexual behavior in public is frowned upon across all strata of Haitian society. Me? I’m definitely not your average Black female, that’s for sure. Long before Eugene’s confession, I had been dreaming of watching two sexy Black guys fuck each other.

What? Don’t tell that stuff surprises you. I mean, lots of straight guys and bisexual men enjoy lesbian porn. Well, lots of straight chicks and bisexual women enjoy watching male on male erotica. That’s why I’m saying this shouldn’t surprise you. Anyhow, I told Eugene that I accepted him as long as he’s not cheating on me. Smiling with tears in his eyes, Eugene swore eternal loyalty to me, his darling girlfriend. As for me, I began dreaming of all kinds of naughty scenarios. Eugene is remarkably obedient to me and I like that in a man. Dude is six-foot-four, dark-skinned, muscular and bald-headed. Scary Black motherfucker if there ever was one. He used to play football in the Canadian Football League. I like tall, dark-skinned and athletic Black men. I find them supremely manly.

Anyhow, I began looking for ways to use Eugene’s bisexuality to my advantage. Let’s face it, a lot of us females have twisted desires that would scare most straight men. Me? I like to dominate and humiliate guys. One of my favorite porn stars, Kitten, totally turned me onto the realm of female domination and BDSM when I watched videos of her fucking guys with a strap-on dildo. In one old-school porno featuring bisexual Black guys and horny Black women, Kitten fucked a well-built, dark-skinned brother in a swimming pool. I fingered my pussy while bahis firmaları watching that porno and got as wet as the Pacific ocean. I’ve been wanting to do that to a Black man ever since.

I’ve fucked a few white guys with my strap-on and while they were fun, they’re nothing to write home about. Let’s face it, Black men are seen as tougher and manlier than the average white male in most aspects. Don’t believe me? Watch an NBA or NFL game sometime. A lot of the white guys who approached me in BDSM forums such as Fetlife were the submissive sissy type. I like a man who is strong, manly and intimidating. I want him to scare everyone else with his roughness but I want him to submit to me and only me. Got no time for the Jack McFarland types. I want me a scary brother like Shaft, and I want him to ride my damn strap-on!

Besides Eugene, the only other bisexual brother I know is my good friend Salim Farhad. He’s a tall, good-looking man of Somali and Arabian descent. Salim is bisexual and his soon-to-be Iranian-Canadian ex-wife Mona Zafari isn’t okay with it. Apparently, the quiet Muslim housewife threw a fit once she caught her husband watching gay porn in their home computer. Well, that sucks. Before I began dating Eugene, Salim and I had some fun together. Somali guys are a lot of fun in bed, let no one tell you different. Salim is an awesome guy. The only snag was that he wanted me to convert to Islam and I am a staunch member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Sorry, but I love my religion too much to switch up. We can have fun, though.

Sometimes I miss the good times Salim and I once had. I have a lot of fun with Eugene, especially now that I know he’s more sexually flexible than I previously thought him to be. Regular sex with him is fun. I like to get on my knees before my sexy chocolate prince and suck his long and thick, uncircumcised chocolate dick. I love uncut men. Their sensitive tools are more fun to play with. Eugene has a delicious dick and I love sucking on it. Then I get on all fours and tell him to fuck me like he’s paying for it. Eugene loves it when I talk dirty during sex. He grabbed me by the hips and slammed his dick into my cunt. I bucked wildly and asked him to fuck me harder. Eugene grabbed my long, kinky hair and smacked my ass while burying his long and thick chocolate stick deep inside my hot, wet pussy.

Eugene knows how to beat that pussy up, man. I love that about him. After riding his dick for a while, I told him I wanted to try something new. Eugene was all for it because he’s one freaky brother. If he wasn’t freaky, he wouldn’t last long with me. I put him on all fours and gave that cute dark ass of his a sound spanking. Yes, there are Black women out there who enjoy spanking Black men and I am proud to say that I am one of them. Eugene took his spanking like a real man, only groaning occasionally when my wooden paddle struck his ass. Good for him. I like my men strong and Black, even when they’re submitting to me. Only strong Black men need apply. No weaklings or softies. Peace.

After giving Eugene’s cute chocolate ass the firm spanking kaçak iddaa it so richly deserved, I played with his ass some more. I spread his ass cheeks wide open and fingered his hole before gently licking it. I made him shower and clean his ass an hour ago, because I don’t need any funk down there when I’m licking and fingering. I am freaky but I don’t play with shit. Any man who comes to me for some female-on-male penetration must have a clean ass. Otherwise we’re through. I lubricated Eugene’s ass and made sure the dude was well-prepared for me, then I put on my strap-on dildo and got ready to fuck him.

Before I fucked Eugene, I took something out of my erotica drawer and made him put it on. It’s a Chastity Device. What dominant women make their cuckolds wear. I made Eugene put it on, and watched as his magnificent thick Black dick filled the plastic chastity device. Nice. A big Black dick in chastity. Is there anything hotter? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I put Eugene on the bed, lying on his back with his legs in the air. I asked Eugene if he was ready for my kind of fun and he said yes.

Grinning wickedly, I clapped my hands, and Salim stepped into our bedroom. Eugene’s eyes went wide. He and Eugene know each other, of course. I told Eugene that the cuckolding dream we shared was about to come true. Eugene looked at Salim, then at me. Shrugging, he said he was down for whatever. I smiled and told Salim to undress. Judging by the way Eugene’s eyes roved all over Salim’s lean, muscular body, my boyfriend was ready for a man sandwich. That’s okay because I want to be the female meat in the middle of such masculine passion. Yeah, I’m freaky like that.

We got our freak on, as they say. I made Eugene get on his knees and he obediently sucked on Salim’s long and thick Somali dick. I smiled and fingered my cunt while Eugene sucked off Salim. Hot damn, my most forbidden fantasy was about to come true. Once Eugene’s expert cock sucking got Salim sufficiently hard, we got to the actual cuckolding part. I lay on the bed and Salim fucked me, slamming his hard dick deep inside of me. Eugene sat on the bed and watched, his big Black dick held prisoner by the chastity device. I hurled cuss words at him as Salim fucked me.

Once Salim and I finished, I let him cum all over my feet and then made Eugene lick it up just like a good cuckold should. Black or white, a cuckold is a cuckold. Let no one tell you different. After Eugene finished licking Salim’s cum off my feet, he polished Salim’s caramel dick by sucking it so damn well it was practically shining. Finishing what he was doing, Eugene looked at me and asked me what I wanted. I smiled and told Eugene and Salim I wanted to watch some hot man to man action. I don’t care who fucks who, I just want to watch. That’s the same way most straight men and some bisexual guys feel about lesbian porn, right?

Salim and Eugene got their freak on and it was truly one for the ages. First, Salim took off Eugene’s chastity device and gave my Haitian boyfriend’s thick cock a good sucking. Then Salim climbed on top of Eugene while Eugene rolled on a kaçak bahis condom. Holding Salim’s hips tightly, Eugene began pounding his ass. I watched, fascinated. Thrusting my fingers into my wet cunt, I felt horny and decided to participate. A freaky party like this was too much fun to just watch on the sidelines.

I went straight for Salim’s cock and balls, and began sucking on his dick as Eugene pounded his ass. In no time I had Salim’s dick hard as a piston. Since Eugene was having so much fun ramming his dick up Salim’s ass, I decided to remind my sexy Haitian boyfriend that I’m still the dominatrix in our household. I reached for my dildo and, dipping it into a bowl of lubricant, I thrust it into Eugene’s ass. I heard Eugene gasp as I plugged him. He stared at me, stunned. I winked at him and gave him the thumb up. Shaking his head, Eugene continued pounding Salim’s ass. I don’t tolerate any peacocks in my household. I am a dominant woman and all men in my household bow to me. End of story.

After Eugene pulled his softening dick out of Salim’s ass, I stopped sucking on Salim’s dick and stroked both of these sexy studs. Soon they were ready to cum. Grinning, I told them to cum, right on my face. Yes, I am a dominant woman who fucks guys with my strap-on dildo. And I like it when guys shoot their cum all over my pretty face. Don’t like it? Fuck you! Salim and Eugene’s dicks erupted on my face, drenching me with a geyser of cum. I got it in my eyes, my nostrils and my mouth. And I loved every minute of it.

I looked at Eugene and Salim, and heard them both sigh in relief. I guess I got it like that, eh? I am really good at sucking dick. It’s an art form. A lot of women do it just because their men ask them to. Me? I do it because I love it and I am good at it. I was still horny and wanted to get their dicks inside of me. I was already visualizing myself lying on top of Salim, with his dick in my pussy and Eugene’s cock in my asshole. Double penetration is one of my all-time favorite fantasies. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

What do I mean by that? Simply that men have their limitations. Makes sense, since they’re the weaker sex. You see, after fucking the hell out of each other, neither Eugene nor Salim had anything left for me. I sucked both their dicks but they were basically spent. Ugh! To punish them for their male weakness, I made them lick my cunt and asshole. I ended up pissing on Eugene’s face and farting right in Salim’s face. And I told them to shut up and endure it. I am NOT a happy camper. I swear, men are so weak! I’m right there, with my pussy and asshole wide open and ready for their dicks. I am a dominatrix but dammit, I like to get ALL my holes filled sometimes. And yet, these bozos couldn’t deliver.

I went to bed that night seething with anger. Eugene tried to comfort me by I told him he wouldn’t get any pussy from me for a while. Same goes for Salim. I made him put his clothes and get the fuck out of my house. Before I slept, I buried a pair of twelve-inch dildos inside of me. One up my cunt and one up my ass. And I made sure Eugene saw me do it, too. The sight of me doing that to myself got him hard and he pleaded for some of my pussy. Not tonight honey, I said with a sadistic smirk, then went to sleep. Yes, I’m mean like that. Don’t like it? Um, well, fuck you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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