Black Mamba – pt 3


Black Mamba – pt 3Day Three.I know it was a dream now. But at the time, the feelings I was experiencingwere so sensuous it felt like it was actually happening. I was astride myebony princess. My legs were spread to the maximum over her ample thighs andher fat black snake was pressed against my quivering anus. Bearing steadilydownward, I started flexing my rosebud, sucking her hot meat ever deeper intomy hungry ass. I moaned hotly as I slid up and down her turgid cock andsucked on her sweaty tits. She was milking my clit with her taloned fingerswhen I felt the rush of cum spewing forth.THWACK… “You worthless cunt. I told you not to come without mypermission,” Jennifer hissed. THWACK…THWACK…THWACK. Jenn stood above mewith a malevolent look and beat me unmercifully with a minature cat-o-ninetails. My stomach and thighs were soon covered in large red welts and I wassobbing uncontrollably. Thankfully I had been able to tuck my cock when thetirade had begun, sparring the agony of a lash to my glans. This was not agood way to wake up.Before I could recover, Mistress swooped down and clipped a leash to mycollar and began to drag me toward the door. I scrambled to my feet toprevent being choked and tottered after her on my ungainly high heels.Things were happening much to quickly for me to totally comprehend what wastaking place. The next I realized, to my complete horror, was that I was outthe back door and standing on the patio…… naked. Jennifer looped theleash around an upright for the lattice cover and commanded …..”Sit”!I did so immediately and watched as Mistress disappeared aroundthe corner of the house. I sat there burning with shame at my nakedness,knowing full well that my neighbor could probably see me through an upperwindow of her house.What must she be thinking? Her neighbor “John” stark naked except forplatform heels, a gold chain and a slave collar with a leash. Not to mentionthe femme hairdo and the makeup. On top of all that he’s grown a set of tits.Wait tell I tell his sister about this.I was mortified at the thought, but was afraid to look, for fear that shewas actually spying on me. Embarrassed as I was, despite my situation and thewet dream that I had, my stupid cock began to harden again. I was turned onby the humiliation that I was being subjected to and prayed that it wouldnever end.With that thought in mind, Mistress came back around the corner draggingthe hose and walked up behind me.”On your hands and knees bitch” she said in a no nonsense voice. “Expel theplug buried in your pussie. Don’t use your hands.”On my knees, with my forehead pressed against the grass, I pushed andgrunted trying to eject the invader buried in my hole. It had been inside meso long that I had become almost accustomed to it and had to push hard toforce the girth past my sphincter. With a wet pop, it was propelled on to thelawn and I felt immediate relief. The relief was short lived because Mistresshad trained the hose nozzle at my gaping anus and let loose with a highpressure stream of cold water. I could feel my cock shrivel and balls draw upcloser to my body as the shockingly cold water was played over my body.Throwing a bar of soap down in front of me Jenn commanded, “Wash yourselfand your toy… bitch. I’ll be back in a few minutes and I want you clean.”Dutifully I lathered my body with the perfumed soap and rinsed off withcold hose water. As I stood shivering from the impromptu bath, Mistressapproached me carrying one of my newer shirts. At last I thought, somethingto wear, even if it was just a shirt.”Dry your worthless self with this rag” she said, thrusting the shirt intomy hands. “When your done throw it in the trash with the rest of your rags.”Drying my face, I caught the distinctive aroma of urine and remembered thatJenn had pissed all over my clothes as well as me the previous evening. Thenit dawned on me what Mistress had said. She must have thrown all of my maleclothing into the trash. I would be a prisoner in my own home. I wouldn’teven be able to answer the door. My cock gave away my true feelings as itbecame tumescent and visibly oozed precum. I imagined how nice it would beto do the housework dressed as a woman. Probably as a slave woman, ifMistress decides that’s how she wanted me. Slave collar, corset/seamed nylonsand platform heels would be my ensemble. And of course my gold waist chain.Oh! My cock was getting sooo hard just thinking about it. My mind driftedback to my dream and I wondered when Mistress was going to bury her fat blacksnake into my hole. I already missed my butt toy and hoped that she wouldtake me soon. I was brought back to reality by my Mistress.”Get over here on your knees and service me,” she said loudly. A little toloudly, I thought and hoped the neighbor hadn’t heard. I stepped between herlegs, dropped submissively to my knees and sought out her beautiful uncutcock with my hungry lips. When my moistened lips brushed across her foreskinthey parted and my tongue slithered out and frenched into her sheath. Thetaste was exquisite. Precum, urine. sweat, probably some dried cum and a wildmusky taste. With my lips sealed against her foreskin I sucked greedily untilthe fat head of her cock slipped past the perfect O I had formed with mymouth. I was hungrily frenching her piss slit with my tongue and tryingdesperately to urge her on with my hand tugging her by the waist. Jenniferslipped her fingers into the rings on my collar, holding my head immobile soshe could control the action. She fucked my face slowly, shoving her meatdeep into my throat about every forth stroke. Flexing my throat muscles whenshe was buried deep within in me, I was rewarded with a coating of precum onmy tongue when she withdrew………..Kneeling naked in front of my Mistress with her fat black sausage pumpingin and out of my hungry mouth, I knew that I was where I belonged. Tugging onmy collar, she continued to fuck my face with fierce abandon, all the timewhispering obscenities to me.”Does my little girl like sucking her Mommas big black cock? You are such aslut. I know you enjoyed rimming me and sucking my boyfriends spunk out of myass. Your pathetic little clit got all hard. Vanessa, baby you look sooo sexykneeling naked before your new Mistress and paying homage to her black mambawith your mouth. I’m goin to have so much fun with my new fuck toy. You dowant to be my slave don’t you?”With my mouth and throat full of her hot thrusting meat, all I could do wasnod my head yes and moan my acceptance.”Good girl,” she said as she forced her love pole down into my throat untilher pubic hair was tickling my nose. “Mamma’s giving her little girl one moreload of cum before she leaves. I notice that your neighbor is getting quitean eye full from her upstairs window. The d****s have parted slightly and Ican see that she’s frantically fingering her cunt. I’d love to be around tohear my little girls explanation of why she was naked and gobbling a blackcock on the patio.”Cringing in horror, I redoubled my efforts on the hot man meat plunging inmy mouth. I wanted to end this humiliation and flee to the safety of thehouse as quickly as possible. Jen stopped being so aggressive and allowed meto proceed at my own pace. Gripping the base of her member and stroking whileI licked and sucked, I caressed her smooth nut sack with my other hand, andslid a manicured finger back to her rosette running my long nail over it.Mistress Jennifer moaned and shivered and I knew that I would soon berewarded with her hot cum. Sure enough, after burying my finger in her ass tothe third knuckle and several more sucks, I could feel her seed boiling upthrough the veins in her cock. With my painted lips sealed around the bulboushead I gladly accepted the viscous fluid that my Mistress was giving me.Swallowing greedily, not wanting to loose a drop of her precious seed, Irealized that I was hooked on the taste of her hot cum.Satiated, Jen pushed me away from her now quickly deflating member andsmileing said,”Vanessa darlin you’re a natural born cocksucker. And as my bitch I’m gointo take full advantage of your talented mouth and hot little ass.”Still on my knees with a dribble of cum on my chin, I gazed up at her andbeamed at the compliment.”Come along girl, you can finish cleaning me in our house” she said andturned and went inside.”OUR” house. When did it become “our” house? I suppose when I surrendered toher and allowed myself to become her sex slave and a receptacle for her cumshe automatically assumed owenership of my property as well as my being.Well…..I’ll worry about that latter. Right now my Mistress was waiting andI very much wanted to give her a tongue bath that she would never forget.Walking toward our house, I heard loud clapping and turned to see what thecommotion was all about. Bravo John! Bravo. Jill, my neighbor (and my sistersbest friend) was leaning out her window, clapping and yelling at me. Stunnedat first but quickly regaining my composure I raised my arm, gave her thebird and blew her a kiss. I did a pirouette and with my ass swaying and mynew teats bouncing walked provocatively into the house eager to bath my newowner. Except for the strappy sandals with six inch heels, Jennifer wascompletely naked when I entered the den. Standing at six foot six in herheels she was an Amazon beauty. She was magnificent. Her silky black haircascading down her back, highly arched brows, a touch of blush on her ebonycheeks and a slash of hot pink lipstick made her look like the dominatrixshe clamed to be. In her left hand she carried a whip with several knottedleather strands protruding from a penis shaped handle. Smiling seductively,she stroked her long painted finger nails through the leather cords,pointed to her feet and commanded me to kneel.Taking short mincing steps and jiggling in all the right places, Iclicked across the hardwood floor and dropped to my knees. My trapped cockwas straining to be free of my clenching thighs and I was deeply fearfulthat I was going to have another involuntary orgasm.”Please Mistress, Please! May I have your permission to cum,” I begged?”Not now,” Jen replied. “We have other things to do. Maybe later if youra good girl. Practice your cocksucking on this she ordered” and thrust thedildo like handle of the whip in my face.Obediently I took the proffered phallus like handle in both hands andbegan wetting it with my tongue. This was a most sensual experience. Thethought of sucking on the whip that would be used to punish me if Imisbehaved sent a shiver through me. Jen said that she would be right backand left the den. I began pumping the shaft in and out of my mouth keepingsuction on it at all times. l could feel the veins in this black moldedmonster and it reminded me of my Queen. The insides of my expanding andcontracting thighs were soaked with precum, my straining cock sliding inthe goo. I couldn’t believe it, I, Vanessa, was masturbating like a woman.The feeling was soooooo sexual and I felt soooooo feminine. Only secondsaway from a good cum, I heard the staccato click of Madams heels as sheentered the den. My pee pee shriveled when I realized she was carrying mycamera gear (camcorder and digital camera).”Comeon MS America, it’s photo op time” she said. “Go put on your prettyundies and Mama will take some nice pictures of her little slut. I think alittle insurance policy is in order. Don’t you”?Gazing up at her from the floor I nodded meekly. May I please wear acondom,” I asked? “I don’t want to soil my panties with precum.””Good girl. You’re learnin. Of course you may wear a condom. But, when Icheck it, if it has to much precum in it, I’ll think that my sex kitten hadan orgasm without her owners permission. Then you’ll get a different tasteof that toy your so ardently sucking.” With that said, I reluctantly setaside my new toy and went off to “dress” for the photo shoot.After freshening my makeup and putting on a matching lavender panty andbra set along with a condom I swished back into the den to await furtherinstructions from my new owner. I was getting quite good at getting aroundin those impossibly high heels and thrilled at the weighty feel of my newboobs bouncing and swaying as I moved about.Mistress Jennifer had set up the camcorder on a tripod and directed me tomove in front of it. Shy and hesitant at first I walked over to where sheindicated and awaited further instructions.The camcorder began rolling and J began snapping pictures and directingme.”Nice. Very nice” she said. “You are such a pretty girl. So sexy. Comeon give your mamma a pout over your shoulder and push out that cute ass ofyours. That’s it. Now turn to me and squeeze your breast with one hand andrub your pussy with the other. Very good. You are sooo hot.The cheese cake photos went on for about a half hour. Mistress praisedand complemented me the whole time, telling me what a pretty and sexy girlI was. I was ecstatic at all the loving comments that she was making andcould feel the precum leaking from my trapped cock.”Before this session is over with, as a reward for being such an obedientcunt, I’m going to allow you masturbate for the camera” Mistressannounced.”I beamed at her and struck another pose.”Come on sugar” Mistress cooed. “Let me see your new titties. Take off yourbra.”Click!”That’s it baby. Now squeeze those beautiful breasts together and pinchyour nipples. Don’t you just love the feel of them?”Click!”Oh honey you are sooo hot. Now take off your panties, so Momma can seeyour little dickie.”Click”Oh look at you, all hard and you be drippin cum inta yo rubba. Looka howit be bulgin on the end.”And she was right. My cock was sticking out and up at a forty degree angle.The plum like head of my cock was clearly visible through the translucentsheath tightly encasing my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri engorged member. Pre-cum coated my cum slit and filledthe tip of the rubber. I wanted so badly to touch myself……… To wrap myhot pink talons around my meat and just milk myself dry…….. The thought ofcaressing the underside of my penis with my painted finger nails almost droveme over the edge. My body was in overdrive. Stark ass naked, save for heels,”Vanessa” chain and a bitch collar, I knew then, I wanted Jennifer to fuck me.”Please Momma,” I begged dropping to all fours and proffering my boy pussyto her. “Bitch fuck me”!”My oh my! You are becoming such a slut” she said. “You’re not nearfeminine enough yet sweetness. Perhaps in another week or two when your training iscomplete. In the meantime I’ll fill your cunt with the handle of this whip.Just relax that tight little pussy of yours and Momma will scratch your itch.”Mistress Jennifer then spat on the bulbous head of the phallic like whiphandle, spread it around, and inserted it into my love hole, that was quiveringwith anticipation.”Oh yessssssss” I moaned. “Fuck me. I’m your white slut and I’ll doanything to please you.”I was now on all fours with the whip protruding from my ass like a tail. AsI crawled around, my tits were hanging heavy from my chest and swaying backand forth, further enflaming me.Click, click, click…….. The photo session went on and on. The poseswere no longer risque or cheese cake but were down right raunchy. One of the lastpictures Madame took, was of me sucking her cock. Mistress Jen was sprawledout on the divan with me between her legs gazing doe eyed up at her while Isucked her black meat. Cum was leaking from around the “O” that encircled hermember. Anyone that knew me and saw that photo would recognize me immediately. Ishivered in fear, full knowing the hold that she had over me.As if reading my mind Mistress said, “You be a good girl and do as yourtold and no one that YOU know will ever see these pictures. But if you piss meoff or don’t obey me completely and immediately I’ll send them to every one inyour E-mail address book. For the most part I’m not into physical punishmentbut I wont hesitate to punish you mentally. I’ve found that humiliation anddegradation go a long way keeping sissies like you in line. Am I making myselfperfectly clear?””Mmmmph” I mumbled while nodding my head yes. Jen’s meat was still embeddedin my mouth and I was sucking for all I was worth to get the last of her hotviscous cum. As her cock softened and retracted into her long foreskin, it wasfollowed by my flicking tongue. The restriction of her foreskin on myinvader felt almost like a pussy. Mistress shivered, groaned and pushed me away asI laved her sensitive glans with my hot, wet tongue.”Vanessa sweetie you are absolutely the best cock sucker that I’ve everowned” Mistress whispered to me. “You have my permission to masturbate now butyou must do it like the woman that you are becoming. Trap your little dickiebetween your legs, push your nuts up inside you and rub your mound like its acunt.”I did as ordered and was soon rubbing my pussie frantically. Looking downpast my perky breasts at my manicured fingers stroking up and down on my moundand the friction of my thighs on my trapped cock soon had the desired effect.Just as I was about to have a monumental orgasm, My Mistress straddled mychest and lowered her massive ass on to my face. Locking my lips onto her rose budI sucked hungrily and thrust my tongue into her warm wet core. I could tellby her shaking that she was stroking her meat and when I felt her hot cumspattering on my busy fingers and mound, I could hold back no longer. When I blewmy load it felt like the end of my cock was coming off. Spasm after spasmracked my body as my pent up sexual needs were finally released. When the flood hadsubsided I simply lay there on the floor and whimpered. Mistress pried myprick from between my legs, stripped off the cum filled condom and emptied thecontents on my stomach and bush.”Let that dry on you, cum queen, when you take your bubble bath in themorning it will remind you of what a wanton slut you’ve become.””Ooooh! What a waste,” I thought, as the cum cooled and congealed on mystomach and sparse bush. I wanted so badly to wipe up all the delicious jissimand smear it all over my face and tongue. Maybe then Mistress would see fit tofuck me. Mmmmm yummy……..”Play time is over bitch” Jen said. “Hurry and get dressed, I’ve got asurprise for you. Oh, and you better get rid of your tail for now. It probablywont fit under your cloths to well. Unless of course you want me to shove it inall the way.”Heeding Madam’s orders, I reluctantly pulled the whip from my ass,embarrassed at the wet sounding pop it made, when it was withdrawn from my clutchinghole. I then strutted, ass and tits swaying, off to my boudoir to cloth myselffor what ever was to come. I knew I must be lady like, at all times, to showJennifer that I was feminine if I truly wanted her to mount me.I donned the first things that I found in the box that my wife had leftbehind. Which turned out to be short shorts and a halter top. It felt reallyweird zipping and buttoning them in the back but I thought that it was probablyappropriate because I would be receiving most of my sexual gratification throughmy back door. I had to sit to put on the shorts because of my heels (Myheels? I’ve certainly come along way in my thinking in a relatively short time). Mynipples showed clearly through the stretchy material of my halter top and Icouldn’t resist vamping in front of the full length mirror ; )When I returned to the den, Jen ordered me to unload some boxes that shehad in the back of her SUV. Naturally her truck was parked at the fucking curb.This unloading of the boxes (I’m in short shorts, a tank top and my nippleswere clearly straining the material, A “BITCH” collar and incredibly highheels.) would certainly give my nosy bitch neighbor Jill something to talk about.She was best friends with my sister Andrea. They confided with each othertotally and I had no doubt that she would rat me out to my s*s. Humiliatedagain…..and loving it. I was blushing and all tingly. I was especially tinglybetween my legs. I couldn’t believe myself. I had just had the cum of a life timeand I was hot to go again. I was almost wishing that she would see me.With that thought in mind, I threw back my head and placing one high heeledcovered foot directly in from of the other minced my way down the driveway.Remember the old adage, be careful what you wish for? I was returning tothe house with the first box when I saw Jill’s d****s part and she stoodbrazenly at the window and stared at me. SHIT! I ducked my head behind the carton andscurried to the safety of the house. I was burning with shame but my cockbegan to harden. Was I sexually addicted to the humiliation that I experiencedwhen I appeared in public? My stiffening cock said “yes”On the return trip, I stopped, leaned forward to show her my cleavage andmouthed her a kiss. Her jaw dropped and she took off like a stripped ass ape 😉 ; )……. Thats one for me but I knew it wasn’t over.It was on the last trip (five boxes) when the shit started. I was enteringthe house with the last box. I heard the message machine kick on and theJennifer’s voice saying: ” I’m sorry Vanessa nor John can come to the phone rightnow, but if you leave a brief message, we’ll get back to you soonest.” I wasworried. Jen had reprogramed my answering machine and hadn’t bothered to tellme. What else had she changed?My thoughts were interrupted by the strident voice of Andrea. All thoughtsof some kind of a bullshit excuse were dashed when I heard the following onesided conversation (all of it shouted):JOHN! JOHN, I KNOW YOUR THERE. PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE! (I knew she wasupset because she would never, never say fuck, especially in capital letters 🙂 WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE? JILL SAID YOU WERE DRESSED AS A WOMAN ANDHAVING SEX WITH A BLACK WOMAN ON YOUR PATIO. ARE YOU INSANE? IS HER NAMEVANESSA? Ya da ya da ya da.,,,,,,,,,,,, I wanted to pick up and tell her that I wasVanessa and Jennifer was my owner but better sense prevailed. If she keptpushing, she’d find out soon enough. With a final threat of a visitation Andreahung up.Jennifer grinning at me like a cheshire cat said “I hope I’m here when yoursister comes to visit. That should be a real interesting revelation for ols*s.”All of a sudden the full impact of what was happening hit me and I cringedin abject terror. Wa.. what should I do Mistress? I cant let her see me likethis.””Why not”? Was Jen’s reply. “She’s already found you out and your justgoing to have to face up to it””But what will I tell her”? I whined.”Why not tell her the truth you silly bitch. Tell her that you’ve fallenunder the spell of a black shemale that has started feminizing you and you wantnothing more than to accede to her wishes and suck her black cock. Yourultimate goal is to have her shove her black sausage into your ass and take yourcherry. That is what you want, isn’t it ?”Yes. Yes. That’s exactly what I want, but I can’t tell my sister that. Iadore you and will do anything that you require of me, but Andrea seeing me inthis condition would be the ultimate humiliation. Please, Mistress isn’t theresomething that you can do that will shield me from her?”Sorry, sweetcakes, you gotta work this one out yourself. If I’m here whenshe visits, and I hope I am, I’ll take care of s*s. In fact if she appeals tome I might just add her to my stable. Mmmmm a matched set. sister and brother.Or should I say sister and sister? I’d love to get some pictures of youputting your little bone into Andrea’s puss. Or sister sucking your pathetic littlecock. Tell me sweetums, if I ordered you to fuck your sister in the ass,would you do it?””You know I would Mistress” was my reply.”Look your cock is getting hard again” Jen exclaimed. I think the idea ofyou fucking your sister is turning you on. Maybe we could do a twofer. Youcould lick her pussy while I pump my black meat into her ass. You will of coursesuck my cum out of her asshole when I’m done boinking her. The possibilitiesare unlimited….A new day…….The bright sun was peeping between the blinds when I awoke the nextmorning. I stretched languorously, reveling in the feel of my silk night shirt as itbrushed against my glans. It felt like tiny little fingers were caressing myrapidly expanding member. I lay there squirming trying to enhance the feelingwhile thoughts of the previous evenings events slowly came back to me.After Andrea had called and threatened to come visit, “to get to the bottomof what was going on,” and Mistress had laughingly told me what I should door what she would do if she was present when sister arrived, I panicked andbegan to bawl like a baby. Mistress Jennifer took pity on me, cuddled me to herand whispered hotly in my ear all the obscenities we would heap on Andrea ifshe had a hissy fit. Jen alternated murmuring huskily in my ear and kissing mewetly on the neck while rubbing my silken covered mound as she had taught meto do. Her diligent attentions soon had the desired effect. My tears andtrembling sobs were soon replaced by soft moaning and torrid panting. I was righton the edge of a really good cum when Mistress stopped her petting and left mehanging…. Once again unfulfilled! When I began humping her leg, like thewanton whore that I had become, She pushed me forcefully away and announced thatI had cum enough times for one day. I was to refrain from having orgasms untilshe specifically allowed them. The punishment for disobeying that order wouldbe to wear a chastity belt. She went on to explain that she wanted my cum tobe especially thick and ropey and the only way to achieve that was throughabstinence. The thought of my cock trapped in a chastity device sent a shudderthrough me and I readily agreed to refrain from cumming unless I had herpermission.My black goddess told me that I was a good girl and for sucking her cocklike a professional slut, she would give me a reward. I would be permitted toopen one of the boxes that I had hauled into the house. The choice of which boxwould of course be hers’. At the time I remember, the unspoken thought thatran through my mind was: “Open a box? Big fucking deal”!……..Smiling now andthinking of how wrong I was.We were in the foyer and Mistress slid one of the boxes to my feet,pointed at it and ordered sternly “OPEN IT”! Upon opening the rather largecontainer, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a potpourri of feminine items. Laceybras in various colors and styles with matching panties and garter belts,some of the panties were crotchless. Jen informed me that I was to wear thosebackwards to allow her easy access to my boy pussy when the time was appropriate.There was a Victorian corset (corset training would be starting soon I wastold), that came to just below my breasts. It laced up the back was heavilyboned, and had four garters on each side. Mmmmmmm I couldn’t wait to begin thetraining. Thinking of my body firmly confined in the rigid garment, wearing ittwenty-four seven so that it would shape and mold my frame gave me goose bumps.The added thought of the eight garters pulling snugly on my nylons (Yes, therewere nylons in there to), had my little pee pee stirring again.Slide on high heel pumps with a three inch lift, open toes and covered withfaux fur were also included. The discovery of silken night wear, all kinds ofmakeup, and costume jewelry had me beaming with delight. On a drunken whimone time, I had gone to get a stud put in my ear and not knowing which was theappropriate ear, had both ears pierced. I was dripping to wear the three inchhoop tipobet güvenilir mi earrings or the long rhinestone shoulder sweepers with the wide rhinestonechoker. I figured that the choker would go over my “bitch collar” whenMistress took me out in public. That is if she allowed me to cover the collar. Idiscovered a wig, auburn in color, shoulder length and a mass of unruly curls. Ishook it out, pulled it on, adjusted it and plucked at the curls so that theyframed my face nicely. Madame told me that the hair piece looked cute on meand I didn’t look so butch …………. Progress ; )I was vaguely disturbed to uncover the affore mentioned chastity device. Itconsists of a rather thick curved tubular piece, made from hard moldedrubber, designed to fit tightly over the penis, completely sheathing it. The insidehad a pebbly texture, sure to cause discomfort for the wearer in the event ofan erection. The thickness insured that there would be no motion or frictionsensations transferred to the captured member. Tapering towards the glans endit has a small opening allowing for the wearer to tinkle when need be. There isan eyelet at the tapered end where a plastic covered steel cable goes to atension devise located on the flesh colored belt in the back by the lockingmechanism. Two more cables run from the flared end at the base in a V and areattached to the belt in front with rivets. With the device in place the penis ispulled between the legs and secured in back and locked. The flare at the baseforces the gonads up towards the body cavity and creates a mons not unlike awoman’s pubis. I vowed then and there that I would do nothing to require thewearing of this torture implement.”Wana try it on “? she asked with a devilish smile and a wink. “You wont beable to take my meat up your sweet ass but you’ll still be able to suck meoff. It’ll be definitely messy when you take a dump. But if you squat to piss,as you should, that function shouldn’t be a problem.Shaking my head no, I dropped to my knees at her feet and began to kissingand sucking on her toes. I let Mistress Jennifer know that I was totallydevoted to her and would do absolutely nothing to disobey or break her rules. Ibegged her not to make me wear that terrible belt.The exploration of the container kinda lost its’ luster after thediscovery of the chastity belt. I did find an other set of breast forms much largerthan the set I was wearing. They appeared to be a full D cup and probably wouldlook unnaturally large on my slender frame. I also noted that there were nobras with large enough cups to support those beauties. Mmmm interesting. Another interesting find were five video cassettes. Three of them were “A GUIDE FORTHE EMERGING TRANSVESTITE” in three chapters, the other two were untitled.Mistress Jennifer told me I was forbidden to view the untitled tapes unless shewas present.Having gone through the contents Jen told me that this was just a sample ofthe feminine delights that awaited me in the other boxes. All this hadbelonged to the previous Vanessa but now belonged to me. She went on to say that mypredecessor and I not only looked alike but were the same size as well, “youcould be twin sisters.”Madame then announced that I had had enough excitement and was ordered offto bed. Before going to bed Mistress removed the locks from the platformheels and bitch collar saying that I could now wear any shoes that I liked as longas they had at least a three inch heel. The bitch collar however was to beworn at all times except when I was sleeping or bathing. She said that she hadsome work to do in our office (our office?), and would be gone when I awoke,but would return sometime tomorrow afternoon. Damn I thought, I was hoping she’dbed me. : (Taking off the platforms and slipping into the fur covered pumps, Idonned the silk nightshirt, gave Mistress a hug and a chaste kiss and scamperedhappily off to bed…………………………………………………………………………………………………………I stretched once more, again reviling in the silky feel of the nightshirt as it caressed my body. No more time to lay there getting all worked up. Theconsequences of an unauthorized cum were to sever. Today was going to be aglorious day, spent enfemme doing “girl” things. The first order of business wasa nice soak in the tub with plenty of perfumed bubbles. I needed to get ridof all the dried cum on my stomach and pubis. Padding to the bathroom I wasagain reminded of the silky feel of my nighty as it brushed against my sensitiveglans. Not wanting to get all worked up and distracted, I paused to put on thethong panties I had removed prior to bedie bye. As I pulled up the pantiesthe feel of the thong as it was pulled past my rose bud came close to defeatingthe purpose. After preparing my bath I rolled a joint poured myself a glass ofwine and climbed into the hot bubbly water.As I lay there letting the wine and the weed take its affect, I thoughtback over the last three days, marveling at all that had transpired and how Icame to be a slut to a black shemale enchantress. Even now I flushed withembarrassment as I remembered how Jennifer paraded me through the bar wearing makeupand carrying her purse. Having to go back to the saloon the next day andMelanie catching me jerking off in the rest room. Her forcing me (all right, shereally didn’t use force) to suck her cock and her wiping the cum that I hadn’tswallowed on my face. My neighbor seeing me dressed, (and at least in oneinstance undressed) as a tart sucking Mistresses black tube steak. Mmmm my mouthbegan to water thinking of that fat black cock and how good it tasted when iterupted in my mouth. I think the ultimate humiliation was when Mistress pissedon me to wash away the accumulated jissim. I smiled hoping she would do itagain soon.Getting back to Jill, I remember that one day while up on the roof,adjusting the TV antenna I spied my brother-in-law James and Jill frolicking naked inher pool. Getting out of the pool Jill laid on her tummy on the diving board,legs spread and hanging over on each side. James soon had his face buried inher ass and she was bucking up and down on the board while he tongue fuckedher ass. I wondered if Andrea knew what her hubby and her dearest friend were upto? Not wanting to be seen spying, I ducked down and filed there actions awayfor possible use at another time. I think that time has cum (there’s thatword again). I realized I had leverage over both of them. YESSSSSSSSS! Power!All of a sudden I was having conflicting desires. On the one hand I wantedto be the submissive slut for my ebony queen and on the other I wanted todominate somebody. Well, this conundrum should fuck up my head even more then italready is. Perhaps Mistress Jen would allow me to have a maid. After all ifI’m to start corset training I’ll need someone to lace up my stays. Fasten mynylons to my garters. Kiss my ass and suck my dick. Mmmm which one should it be?Jill or James? I giggled at the thought of James dressed in a frilly maidscostume. I always thought he acted kind of wimpy in a feminine sort of way. Iwondered how big his cock is and if he’s circumcised. Sense sucking Jens uncutcock, I just loooove my meat uncircumcised. Andrea had dominated and brow beathim for years. He must like it or why would he put up with her bullshit allthis time. Yes, I decided James would make a lovely maid, Andrea already hadhim partially trained. I was pretty sure Jen would allow it and she might evenhelp me snag her. I mean him (giggle).I had just finished shaving my legs and the small patch of curls on mypubis when my thoughts were interrupted by the harsh ringing of the phone. Isettled back to let the machine pick up, admiring my perky nipples and painted toespeeking out of the waning suds.”John it’s Andrea.” This was in a much calmer tone then last night.”I got your E-mail inviting James and I over for cocktails tonight. Justletting you know that we’ll be over around sixish. Bye”……..HOLY SHIT! What has Mistress Jennifer done now? I scrambled from the tub,and heeding J’s orders put on my bitch collar and slid my feet into a pair ofspiked heeled sandals before clicking my way to the office. Pulling out thehard backed chair, I was startled to discover that there was a black seven inchdildo firmly bonded to the seat. Business end up. Trying to type standing infront of the computer was awkward but I wasn’t sittin on that black dongwithout some lube……. Although, I was tempted. I saw right away that Jen hadadded her screen name to my AOL account and when I tried to log into my screenname, discovered that she had changed my password.Damn and double damn! If I changed it back she’d catch me, and then therewould be real hell to pay. Well, nothing to do but carry on my day as I hadplanned. Maybe Mistress would call later and give me the password, then I’d be ableto find out what she said in the E-mail to Andrea.Wearing only my wig, Vanessa chain, bitch collar and high heeled slides(this was becoming my normal attire) I began emptying the rest of the boxes ofall the goodies that I had inherited from the other Vanessa. This little projecttook the better part of three hours because I kept holding different articlesup to my bod to see how they might look on me. My stupid prick lookedridiculous when I held up the various outfits, but I decided not to put on pantiesbecause I was enjoying the relative freedom.Please forgive me, dear reader by boring you with all these details of myday doing girl things, but it was so wonderful and sensuous that I just had toshare it with someone.Still naked, I was curled up on the couch in the den watching thetransvestite guide tapes. I had plucked and shaped my eyebrows earlier (I neverrealized how much pain was involved in being pretty) and painted my toe and fingernails and was just killing time when I remembered the alteration that Mistresshad made to the office chair. As if in a dream I got up and went into theoffice, stopping on the way to get the tube of KY out of my purse. Once in theoffice I knelt in front of the altered chair and began to lick and suck the veinedprick, working myself into a heated frenzy imagining it was my Queens cock.When I could wait no longer I squeezed some KY on to the plum like head andsmeared it on lovingly.My legs trembled as I lowered myself to the glistening cock head and Ishuddered as the black phallus kissed my boy cunt. Lowering myself more, mypussie lips parted and when the rubber prick entered my love tunnel I squealed inrapturous delight. Throwing caution to the wind, I sank down until my ballswere resting on the chair. With the dildo buried deep in my bowels, a hairsbreadth from my prostate, I began to wiggle and grind trying for the ultimateorgasm. Oh how I wished that it was Jennifer’s ebony sausage fucking me. I wantedher to ride me bareback so that I could experience her hot seed explodingwithin me and feel the cum running down my legs as it leaked from my cunt. Risingand plunging rhythmically, taking the full seven inches in my burning cunt, Iwas on the verge of my first cum of the day when the phone rang…………….The ringing phone startled me. I went from full fast strokes on theblack rubber phallus to one last downward plunge and remained there. Iwas hyperventilating, drenched in sweat, my nuts ached from being deniedyet another cum and Mistress’s name was on the caller ID.I let it ring several times while I tried to calm my ragged breathingand gather my senses. “Hello” I said in a low breathy voice “This isVanessa speaking.” Silence on the other end for what seemed an eternityand then:”Very good Vanessa” my Nubian goddess cooed. That’s how you are toanswer the phone at all times. You seem to be out of breath. Have youbeen riding Mister Cock” she asked. “If you lie to me and I find out andyou know I’ll find out, you’ll have a butt plug in your pussy 24/7. Theonly time it wont be stuffing your cunt is when I say it’s time for youto shit.””Ye.. Ye…. Yes Mistress” I stuttered. The butt plug didn’t worry meat this moment because she had me scared shitless. What reallyfrightened me was the fact that I had almost cum. In my minds eye I couldsee the chastity device sitting in the center of my bed as a reminder ofthe consequence of an unauthorized ejaculation.”Yes Mistress what?” Jen snarled.”Yes Mistress, I was ridding Mister Cock” I sobbed. “But Ipromise I didn’t cum.””Mmmmmm I’ll know for sure tonight ” she said and then giggled. “Tellme is Monsieur Cock still in your pussy”?”Yes ma’am he’s still inside me.””Does he feel good” Jen asked “and what do you like bestabout him?””Ohhh Mistress” I sighed “Mister Cock makes me feel so full andtingly. He’s touching against my prostate and I’m leakingprecum all down my clitty.” [I couldn’t believe I was referring tothe dildo as if it were an actual person rather than inanimate object.]”He’s big and black and beautiful,” I simpered in my best femme voice, “Ijust wish it was your cock that I was humping up and down on. I’m sohorny for your thick hot meat Mistress, please please use me as your fuckslut when you come home. Shove that big black snake up my sissy ass andmake me squeal like a pig. I want to feel your cock pulsating and fillingmy love tunnel with your jizzim.”What was I saying? This was absolutely insane. I was actually beggingJennifer to have intercourse with me. No, not intercourse, I was beggingher to fuck me like the sissy bitch I had become. A vision came to mindof me down on all fours and Jennifer ramming me from behind. Her deepthrusting prick, powered by her fat ass, her meaty thighs slappingagainst the back of mine had my boobies swaying to and fro, tuggingpainfully on my chest. I suddenly realized that tipobet giriş the pain in my chest wascaused by me pulling on my tits and the exquisite feeling in my ass wasme trying to milk Monsieur Cock with my sphincter. With a groan I stooddisengaging myself from the rubber dick.”What’s goin on there” J demanded.”I..I..I had to leave Mister Cock so I wouldn’t cum” I stammered.Jen snickered and said “your learnin honey. I’m proud of you and as atreat I think I’ll bust your cherry tonight after the company leaves. Orbetter yet perhaps I’ll let your sister and brother in-law watch me bitchfuck you.”I giggled and said “Oh Mistress Jen, your just teasing me.” At least Ihoped she was teasing me. The thought of her mounting me in front ofAndrea and James had me burning with shame and embarrassment. My littlechubby wasn’t embarrassed though, he was coming to full attention.Traitorous prick ; ) I told Jen that Andrea called and said that she andJames would be over about six for cocktails. “May I ask what that’s allabout? I no longer have any of my male clothes and I simply can’t greetthem in my femme clothes. I’d be absolutely mortified.””Well, we can’t have my little honey bunny mortified” J respondedlaughingly. “What are you wearing now?””My stiletto heels, Vanessa chain and my bitch collar. Oh yes also a wigand my new boobs” I responded primly.”I wish I was there to see you, my cock is gettin all hard just picturingyou naked and waiting for me. You’ve become a brazen hussy in such ashort time. I have to think that you were just waiting for me to comealong and show you the way. As to what you should wear for our guests, Ithink that what you have on will be just fine. Except for those beautifultits of yours and the wig, the heels are really minimal. I would suggestthat you swap out your collar for the rhinestone choker and the matchingchandelier earrings, but I’ll leave that up to you.”I was completely devastated and started crying uncontrollably.”Hush, hush please don’t cry little darlin,” Jennifer pleaded. “You knowthat you have to do this for momma.””Yes,” I sobbed, tears streaming down my face. In spite of the upcominghumiliation that I was going to go through, I was ecstatic. My Queen wasactually concerned about me and I positively glowed. “Of course I’lldress as you say my queen. I wish only to please you and make youhappy.”Christ on a crutch, am I fucked up! I’m kissin her fat ass thankfulthat she has spoken a few endearments. AFTER she told me to appear beforemy sister and hubby practically naked. The problem was that the glow Ifelt was centered in my groin. Looking down I saw my pee pee staring upat me with one weepy eye ; ) This is crazy! In a couple hours I’ll beparading in front of my sister absolutely starker and I’m sprouting awoody thinkin about it.”I’m so happy that you see things my way honey. It wont be so bad. Infact I’ll bet your looking forward to being outed. There’s an E-mailwaiting for you that will make you feel so much better. I’ll give youyour new password before I hang up. One other thing. I’m going fishin andI………..””Fishing Mistress” Now, when I’m to be outed?”You silly twit! exclaimed Jen. Be quite and let me finish. I’m goinfishin and your goin to be the bait. Before you start bawling again, I’mfishing for a Jill fish. You know what a Jill fish is dontcha? It’s thatnosey cunt next door to us. After we hang up I want you to go out to thepatio and do a little sun bathing. I think that the way your dressed nowshould do the trick. I also think that it might be nice to add her to ourcircle of friends. Every time you go outside she’s on you like abloodhound. So strut your stuff baby, catch us a Jill fish.I told Jen how I had observed James rimming Jill on her diving board andwondered aloud if that knowledge might be used to coerce him into beingmy maid. I explained that after all I was to start corset training soonand couldn’t possibly tighten the stays properly by myself.Mistress didn’t seem surprised about the little sexcapade next door andsaid she’d give it some thought. “I’ll be home in about an hour and ahalf “J declared. “Right know I’m having an album made up of the picturesfrom your photo shoot also some others that I came across. The album willmake a wonderful coffee table book.”Jen then gave me my new pass word, we traded “I love you’s” and hung up.I immediately positioned my pussy over Monsieur Cock and slid down himuntil my balls were resting on the chair. I had seven inches of puredelight buried in my cunt and I arched my back and ground down trying toreach my G spot. I quickly fired up the computer eager to read the E-mailthat Jen had sent to Andrea and blind copied to me. Squirming on Mistercock I opened the mail………..Dear Andrea:my name is Jennifer, your brother johns new roommate.john asked me to drop you this note so that perhaps youwould better understand what you probably think isbizarre behavior. john has decided that he wants to makea lifestyle change and in fact wants to explore his feminineself. he’s asked me to guide him and as you can see by thephoto he or i should say she is progressing quite nicely.Embedded in the E-mail was a photo that J had taken of me the othernight during the photo shoot. It was a three quarter shot of me perchedon my platform heels wearing my lavender panties and bra, I was lookingover my shoulder, eyes as big as saucers with my painted lips pursed asif I was about to kiss someone. The tops of my tits were bulging out ofmy half cup bra and looked quite real. My bitch collar was visible as wasmy waist chain. Despite the wig and makeup you could recognize me if youlooked closely. All and all I think I looked quite cute but washumiliated nonetheless to know that my sister saw me dressed [orundressed] like this. Well, at least it wasn’t the picture of me goingdown on Jen.The E-mail continued:as you can see your brother john is now your sister and i’venamed her vanessa.on to other matters. your familiar with a road house just overthe city line called lesbos. the reason i know is because theowner is a friend of mine and when i mentioned your sistersboi name the friend told me that she was aquatinted with you.well one thing led to another and before i knew it i was inpossession of several photos of you and two other girls. mymy you ladies were being awfully naughty. you and yourinsignificant other are invited over for cocktails tonight so thatwe can discuss your unseemly behavior as evidenced in thephotos. call your sister and set up a time. if for some reasonyou fail to do so i just don’t know what i’ll do with all thesecompromising pictures. looking forward to meating youtonight……….JenniferWOW! I was dying to see those pictures. The lesbos Inn was a combinationcocktail lounge and motel that is just outside the city limits and has astrictly lesbian clientele. I’d heard rumors of some of the wild thingsthat went on there and now thought that I’d like to go there in drag andsee for myself. Suddenly my situation didn’t seem so bleak. I reluctantlyreleased the black pole from my puss, gathered a women’s magazine, suntan oil, my makeup bag and put on a pair of very feminine sun glasses.Thus prepared I headed to the patio to do a little Jill fishing, myhardened cock leading the way.Once out on the patio I clattered about in my spikes prissily making amajor production of placing the chaise lounge so that Miss Nosey couldget a good view of me as I lay naked in the sun. I still had a woody andit nodded up and down as I weeved my web. It wasn’t long until Jill wasat her window wearing nothing but a bra and panties, staring at meblatantly. I swear that woman either has radar or sensors planted aroundmy property. She made absolutely no attempt to conceal herself so Icontinued with my little charade pretending that I hadn’t seen her.Reclining on the lounge I tucked my peter between my legs and crossedthem. This was no easy task considering my hardon. I made a little showof touching up my makeup and then poured a little oil on my tummy andslowly rubbed it in. My hand gradually drifted down to my now hairlesspubis and began to rub oh so seductively. Meanwhile I was massaging myboobies with my other hand and milking my cock by flexing my legs. I feltsooooooo sensuous. This continued for about fifteen minutes and then Ifaked an orgasm ; ) I’m really gettin good at this girly stuff. I sneakeda peek at Jill while playing with myself and she had her hand stuffeddown her panties frigging her cunt to beat hell. She must have cumshortly after I faked my orgasm because she withdrew her hand from herpanties, licked her fingers and left the window. I settled back to readmy magazine and promptly dozed off.I was awakened by the sound of Jennifer’s’ high heels clicking on theconcrete. She loomed over me and I gazed up at her and smiled. God shewas beautiful. J was wearing a gray women’s business suite and was thesexiest person I’ve ever seen. Her skirt came to just above her knees andbeneath her jacket she had on a white blouse with a ruffled collar. A fewof the top buttons were undone allowing just a peek of her red lacey braand her ample cleavage. The blouse contrasted nicely with her ebony skinand her luscious ruby lips. With her hair done up in a bun she could havebeen the twin of Queen Latifah of Chicago fame.”Scoot” Jen said, looking down at me with a warm smile.I uncrossed my legs and put a sandal covered foot on each side of thelounge, allowing Jen to sit crosswise between my legs.”How did the fishing trip go” J inquired. “I notice she’s spying again.She certainly is dressed comfortably.”I sneaked a peek and sure enough Jill was back still in her bra andpanties. I related what had transpired earlier and concluded with “Jillhasn’t bit yet but she’s sure checking out the bait.”Jen laughed and said “baby doll you just get sexier and sexier eachtime I see you.” She leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips,then said in a husky voice, “I could just eat you up right here and nowand then take you to bed and make slow gentle love to you.””Oh Mistress” I gushed. “That would make me sooo happy. I’m going to bethe best girl you ever had. You can take me however you want and I’ll beyour obedient slut. I’d like to fall asleep tonight cradled in your armsand suckling on your beautiful nipples.””Mmmmm that sounds really nice” J responded “But right now I have asurprise for you.”With that said Jen handed me a large envelope that I opened and withinfound three eight by ten glossy photos. When I looked at them I wasshocked. The first was of Andrea, fully clothed, kissing a naked Jillpassionately on the lips. Her fingers were pinching and stretching bothJills’ nipples cruelly away from her perky breasts. Now my sister is abig girl, possessing what I guess is called a matronly figure. Sheusually wears bulky clothing to hide her gigantic tits, seldom wearsmakeup and has her hair cut in a mannish style. In short she looks like abull dyke. She is definitely the alpha female in this twosome.Jill on the other hand is slim and petite, with perky B cup breasts andan attractive pixy hair style. She has a cute little button nose andsensuous lips. All in all a very nice looking woman. Kind of the girlnext door look ; ) Jill is definitely Andreas’ bottom.The second picture was of Andrea, again fully clothed, with a nakedJill over her knee receiving a spanking. Standing in a corner in thebackground with hands atop his head stood a semi naked James. He waswearing a darling panty and bra set. Well, surprise, surprise now it’s athreesome. This explains the “three” women in the E-mail. He must havebeen dressed enfemme to get into the lesbian hangout.The final picture showed a naked Jill grinning over her shoulder. She wasbent slightly and spreading her reddened ass cheeks so a glassy eyed andpantied James could tongue fuck her nether hole. This just keeps gettinbetter and better.Sighing with relief, I leaned back on the chaise, the photos making myimpending outing more bearable. It would appear that my s*s was just asperverse as I am. What a fucked up family. Andrea is into pussy, mybrother [?] in-law is a sissy ass worshiper and I crave cock. The photoshad another effect on me, my pee pee was standing at attention again.”Oh how cute” Jennifer exclaimed. “Your little chubby is all hard andmy girl has shaved the rest of her pubes making it all smooth for mama.Let me put some lotion on it so you don’t get sun burned.”Mistress then poured lotion on her hand and proceeded to rub it onto myshaved pubis and then up and down my stiffy. All to soon she moved on tomy balls and then back towards my anus. It felt like an electric shockwhen her long red finger nail brushed across the opening to my pussy andthen began to invade me.”Honey, why don’t you pull on your cockette while mama finger fucksyou. I want to watch you cum. Use two fingers only though.”I didn’t have to be told twice. Gripping my penis daintily with mymanicured fore finger and thumb I began to masturbate. MY darlingJennifer looked on with hooded eyes and slowly finger fucked me. I wasmilking her finger and stroking my meat furiously and all to soon I couldfeel the cum getting ready to erupt.”EEEYIIII” I shrieked as the cum exploded from my turgid cock hittingme on my upper lip, chin, between my tits and down my belly onto mypubis. My darling leaned forward and licked the jizzim from my lip andchin.”Girl friend you are absolutely delicious. Your turn now” she saidscooping some of the snot like fluid onto a finger and coating my lipswith it. Licking my lips I repaid the favor only I inserted my talon cumcovered finger into her mouth and felt her suck it off. This was so sexyand sensuous, a shiver went through me and an other spasm of cum oozedfrom my deflated member.”Oh my” Jen exclaimed. “My girl is capable of multiple orgasms. You aredefinitely a keeper.”We continued feeding each other my cum until it was all gone : (Then it was up and into our house. As we click clacked back, arms aroundeach others waists I couldn’t help but wonder where our relationship washeaded.The END

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