Black Bang PT2 Gay


Black Bang PT2 GayAs we entered the club, the dancer was on the edge of the stage taking a long, thick, black cock in her wire-fuzzed pussy, her ample tits bouncing as she was fucked and fucked back onto the cock. The woman at the bar was on her knees between two of the guys sucking one cock, then the other, jacking them. The cunt with the three guys was airtight on top of their table, big, black cock in her mouth, ass and pussy. The other woman was being double-fucked, fore and aft, in her mouth and ass.The bartender was stroking his cock behind the bar. The other five guys solo or in pairs were gathered around the sucking fuckers, stroking their long, thick, slimy poles. A couple of them were stroking each other. One guy was on his knees sucking another. All were buck naked, clothes on tables, chairs, the floor.Ike and I paused just inside the doorway. He took me in his arms and we kissed. The room erupted in cheers as the single guys stopped beating their meat. They came to Ike and me, gathered around us and started asking Ike questions as if I wasn’t even there.”Good white pussy, Ike?””He suck good man?””Got a cock on him or a weinie?” The others laughed.”What does he like most, Ike, big black cock in his mouth or ass?””Ike, we gonna get a chance at him or is he your new bitch?”Ignoring them at first, Ike kissed me again. I kissed him back as we stood our bodies pressed together, arms around each other, my cock growing hard again against his big erection. “Man, I gotta go,” Ike said. “See you again another night?” “Sure, Ike,” I answered. “You have my number. Call me. You can come to my place anytime you like, or I’ll meet you here.””Well you be careful with these horny fuckers. They ain’t got no manners and all their brains are in their smaller heads,” Ike warned me. I turned from Ike, still holding his hand as he moved away and left me with the other men. Ike waved to me at the door. I returned his wave and went to the bar for another beer. The bartender wiped his hands on a towel and handed the bottle to me unopened with the hand he had not been using on his cock. Then he tossed a bottle opener to me. I opened the bottle and took a swallow, tasting both beer and Ike’s cum in my mouth. The guys closed around me as I sat on a stool, my back to the bar, watching the women sucking and getting fucked.The tallest of the men, with the broadest shoulders, a narrow waist, strong looking legs, and muscular arms put a hand on my thigh. “So what about it, whitey, you got all the black cock you want tonight?” he asked.Lowering the bottle from my lips and licking them, I smiled at him. “No,” I said.”Alright,” said the guy to my left, putting his hand on my other thigh, then fondling my package. “He’s hard guys. Guess he does want more.””Yes, I do,” I said.An arm d****d over my shoulder, mouth dropped to my neck nuzzling it, a pink tongue licking my ear. “Ummmh, tasty,” the man said.A big black hand massaged my chest, tweaking my nipples. “Even his titties are hard,” this man said.”Regular little white bitch, ain’t cha,” the fifth man said, unzipping my pants as the tallest guy and the one to my left worked on my thighs – the tops, insides, opening my legs.The fifth man fished out my cock – an easy task since I was not wearing underwear. “Look at this,” the man said, “the little bitch is lubing for us. She’s hot.”Thick lips brushed my cheek, closed on my mouth, kissed me. A warm, wet tongue delved into my mouth. I responded by tonguing back, curling our tongues around and around. I felt a tongue lick the slick pre-cum from my slit, circle my mushroom crown, lips close over it, mouth moving down, sucking, slurping.”Hey!” the bartender said, “Ya’ll take this shit to the back room. He handed a key on a ring with a wooden stick to one of the men. Squeezing my thigh, the big man said, “Let’s go baby. We’ll give this body of yours a real working over, all the black cock you want or can handle, maybe more,” he chuckled.I moved off the barstool, stood, chugged my beer and followed the man with canlı bahis the key to a door beyond the far end of the bar. The other four men were close around me as we waited for the man to unlock and open the door. We walked into a dark room. The key man flicked a wall switch, and a dim light illuminated the room.The door was closed, but not locked. The men started undressing. I followed suit. Once we were all naked, the big man led me to a bed with no headboard, covered by a single sheet over a plastic undersheet that crinkled when I sat on the bed.”Well before we stretch your mouth, fill your gullet with cum, and tear you a new asspussy, sweetheart, let’s get to know you. I’m Elroy,” the key man said.”Will,” I answered.”Lamont,” said one of the men.”Arch,” the big man said.”Bo is good for me,” said another. “Yeah, call me Bo.””Damon,” said the fifth man.Damon sat beside me, took my erect cock in his hand and stroked it. Bo sat on the other side of me, and fondled my balls.Lamont went for my chest, rubbing, then kissing, licking, toying with my nipples.Elroy put the key on the nightstand beside the bed. He knelt on the bed behind me and went to work on my neck, ears and face cheeks with his tongue and mouth.Arch had disappeared for awhile, then he returned with a jar of variously colored condoms, a bottle of my favorite lube – Astroglide ™ – the warming kind, a box containing six bottles of poppers, and another box with a top on it. I learned later, Arch had set up three hidden video cameras while he was away. Also that the covered box contained a medium baggie of coke, and a pile of pre-rolled joints.Elroy pushed on my back, urging me onto a pillow that Lamont tossed on the floor. Bo and Damon released my cock and balls with final squeezes and tugs. Elroy and Lamont sat in the gap I had left between Bo and Damon, and to the right of Bo. Arch lit a fat joint, inhaled, held his breath and passed it to Lamont. Lamont took a hit, passed to Bo, Bo to Elroy, Elroy to Damon, Damon to me. I handed the joint back to Arch. He had left again and returned this time with a couple of bottles of whiskey, a 12-pack of Coca-Cola ™, and six glasses of ice. He sat all that on a folding table near the foot of the bed, but off to one side.”Suck ’em,” Arch ordered me. On command, Lamont, Bo, Elroy, Damon opened their legs wide giving me access to their cocks – hanging half erect, stiff jutting up or sticking straight out under their pendulous weights of length and thickness, and their balls in hairy sacks over the edge of the bed between their thighs. The joint, then another one lit by Arch made the rounds. Arch made sure I got a couple of hits – one before I felt Lamont’s cock and kissed the circumcised head, another as I moved from Lamont to Bo’s long, fat, uncut cock.I stroked Lamont’s thick shaft. Then I leaned in to kiss, lick and suck on his knob, locking the flesh behind his helmet with my lips. Once I had enough of Lamont’s rod in my mouth to slide it over my tongue, press it against the roof of my mouth and concave the insides of my face cheeks along the side of it, I stroked Bo and Elroy, keeping Bo hard and leaking, bringing Elroy to a full hard dripping erection.Then on to Elroy in my mouth. I work Elroy’s black foreskin back until his pointed, pink cockhead oozing slimy pre-cum emerged. Bo in one hand, Damon – another uncut cock in my other hand. Bo stroked Lamont. The pattern continued, slick, hard, long, thick, black cock in my mouth and hands when I could reach two of them. The guys stroking the ones I could not suck or stroke. Three fat doobies done among the six of us by now, I heard snorting. I glanced around, cock in my mouth to see Lamont sniffing white powder up his big nostrils with a rolled $100 bill off a rectangular mirror, then Bo, me, Elroy, Damon, Arch who was preparing and passing the goodies for us to use. Arch smeared up a line on one of his thick fingers. He massaged it into my gums, the inside of my mouth.With the mj and coke, my head was reeling, numbness in my bahis siteleri mouth, my already wild, horny state elevated. I was sure the other guys were feeling much the same as their hard cocks flexed, pulsed and drooled pre-cum into my mouth. Arch had made drinks for them in the glasses, and they drank and snorted more as I sucked, stroked their cocks in turn and fondled, kissed, licked, mouthed their balls. I could see glancing sideways, Arch passing from one to the other of the men, replenishing their supplies and feeding one after another his massive uncut cock. My cock was hard as a steel rod, balls swaying as I rocked sucking, kissing, licking them. My mancunt twitched, even leaked a bit of musk between the cheeks of my ass, down through my cleft over the insides of my buttocks and thighs.Arch knelt behind me. He spread my butt cheeks with both hands, peered at my crinkled hole. He leaned in and kissed, tongued it, tasting me. I shuddered, my cock throbbed, lurching up harder. “Ummnh, oh, yeah,” I moaned with a cock in my mouth, one in each hand. Arch ran a lubed finger up and down my ass cleft. He rubbed the tip against my puckered fleshy ring. “Unh, huh, oh, yessss,” I hummed on the next cock pushing close to the back of my throat. Arch pushed his finger into me. He finger fucked my hole with his one middle digit for awhile. Pulled out and added another with more lube. I kept sucking and stroking cock. Hands felt my shoulders, arms, chest, nipples, neck, face, cock, balls. A tongue and another mouth slobbered on my neck and ears – the outside, inside. Arch added his ring finger with still more lube to his middle and index finger in my pussy, stretching, relaxing, lubing me. I was tingling and shuddering all over, trembling in anticipation of what I knew was coming soon.Arch spread one of my cheeks aside, Lamont the other one, the two of them opening my cleft. Arch eased his big fingers out of me. My hole stayed gaped open. Arch put the Astroglide ™ bottle against, then just a bit inside me. He squeezed the bottle, filling the bottom barrel of my rectum with the lube, smearing it all over my soft before puckered now rounded opening, lubing my harder sphincter good.”She’s ready guys,” Arch pronounced. “Her pussy wants black cock now.”The men got off the bed and arrayed themselves by cock size – length and thickness – all longer and thicker than my 6.5×5″ cut cock. Lamont laid on his back on the bed, his slick, hard cock jutting up – 8×5” I guessed. “Get on him,” Arch told me. “Stick his cock in you and ride it.”I mounted Lamont with my legs outside his. I squatted over him. He opened my cheeks. I grasped his cock and guided it to my hole. The tip touched me. I eased down.”Unnnh uh, unnh,” I grunted. Arch handed me an open bottle of poppers. I took a hit in each nostril. Felt the warmth spread from my chest, through my nipples, down into my stomach, to my groin, thighs. My anus relaxed. Lamont’s cock passed my sphincter. I sat right down on it slowly taking him inside me inch by inch until I was pressed against his wiry-haired pubes, my cock between us, leaking pre-cum onto our bellies. “Oooh, fuck,” I said. “Yes, fuck,” Arch said, “fuck youself on Lamont’s cock. Ride it bitch.” He slapped me hard on the ass. I slammed down driving more of Lamont’s shaft into me, jerked up, sat down, up, down, up, down, I fucked as Lamont thrust up to meet my movements.Bo held my face. I opened my mouth and took his cock – the next in size – as deep as I could until my throat relaxed more. Damon put his cock in my left hand; Elroy his in my right hand as Lamont and Bo held me up so I did not have to support myself on my hands, only on my elbows. Four big black cocks working for their pleasure in and from my slut body.Not to bore any readers of this story with the routine of sucking and being fucked by five big, black cocks one after the other in a merry-go-round of hard slimy dicks using my hands, mouth, asspussy, even my armpits, working their balls, nipples, navels, assholes on my lips, bahis şirketleri tongue and mouth, I will leave off of all that. I will, however, describe in the next segment some of the more unusual, perverted ways these guys used me for their pleasure and mine. —— 7After Lamont, Bo, Damon and Elroy in order of size – length and thickness – had a turn in my hands, mouth and asscunt, Arch got me on my knees, chest down against the now sweaty, pre-cum and cum-stained bedsheet. He worked his 10-11×8″ cock into me going deeper and spreading me wider, of course, than the other four had done. Arch was a slow, gentle lover. He fucked me until I came – for the fourth time, all the while in between cumming, drooling my pre-cum on me, one or more of them, and me shooting off on us. I thought Arch was going to cum as my ass as spread as it was clenched and released on his thick shaft as I shot my load. Arch did not cum though. He turned me over, his cock buried deep in me, laid me on my back and smiled down at me until he brought me to even a fifth cum. Then he unloaded his heavy balls into my twat, filling the condom he was wearing with bolts of cum as his cock throbbed and pulsed in me. He was sucking my nipples, kissing me as he fucked me in the missionary position, and as the others had done, stroked my cock and fondled my balls while deepstroking me with his big, hard, black cock.While I was being fucked by Arch, as had been the case with the others, they kissed, licked, sucked and fucked each other, in pairs, threeways. All of them wore rubbers when fucking my ass, out of some kind of respect I suppose or from not knowing me as well as they knew each other and how safe, disease-free they were despite their so active sex lives. They went bareback with each other. Once as the night went on, Lamont had me mount him again. Well seated up my cockpleasing asscunt, he held still while Bo joined him, slowly sliding his cock alongside Lamont’s in my overstretched whore twat. Arch added to this by fucking my face, and both Elroy and Damon let me use my hands stroking them. Whoo, yeah, five at a time.They laid me on my back on the bed, legs up high, widespread, head d****d over the other side of the bed. Then they took turns fucking my mouth and manhole, moving around, using my hands and armpits as they wished. Arch got his long rod all the way down in my throat in this position, and I did not gag on it. Breathing through my nose, I did drool a lot of his pre-cum and my saliva over my neck, chin and face, but that was okay. I was so pleased, as was he, to take all of his cock in my face, down my throat and receive his cum right into my by then overfilled stomach.The bartender came in and had a go at me, both in my mouth and pussy. So did some of the other guys who had been fucking, had stopped, or finished fucking the women. They all smelled of the perfume, cologne of the woman or women they had been with, and their cocks tasted of pussy cream, man cum, and assmusk.I rimmed lots of ass during the course of the evening as well as mouthing balls and sucking cock, nipples; tonguing navel, armpits; kissing, licking buttcheeks. The little room reeked of sweat, cum, all the odors of hot sex. The sheet was stiffening with dried cum, and glaze, even some oozy drips from the last balls emptied into or on me were covering my body from my head to my toes.These perverted fuckers gave me a tongue bath with all their tongues, getting into every crevice of my body, licking off the glaze and slurping up the juice. Then we went to a big shower and bathed together with particular attention to our cocks, balls and asses. Toweled and dressed we went back into the bar. The sun was coming up. My mouth and ass ached, good aches, well-fucked aches. As we capped off the night and morning with Bloody Marys, the bartender told me anytime I wanted to return for more fun, my drinks were on the house. Even meals he said. I laughed and said, “The protein liquid diet is good enough for me in the food department, but I’ll take you up on the drinks. All of us bidding one another a good night and day I went home to sleep off the buzz and the sucking and fucking. I dreamed of the events, but that was unnecessary, Arch had it all on video.

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