Bitch for Two

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It was Saturday night and I wanted some fun. So I went to this club I liked. I was having a good time, dancing having a few drinks and just having a good time. Then a guy wanted to dance, he wasn’t great looking but he was well built. As we were dancing another guy came up behind me and started dancing with us. He was grabbing my hips and grinding his cock against me. I didn’t mind, the guy who had asked me to dance was doing something similar. I started getting turned on and horny as hell.

The guy who had asked me to dance whispered in my ear, “let’s go to my place and have some real fun.”

I was ready, “sure, tell me where you live and I’ll meet you there.”

“We’ll take my car, I’ll pay for a cab for you to get back.”

That sounded good to me, so I followed him to his car and off we went.

We got to his apartment and went up. When we got inside he turned, grabbed my head and kissed me. I am not really a kisser, but this kiss went to my toes!

We got undressed and fell into canlı bahis şirketleri bed. His cock was large, and I wanted it. I started sucking and licking it. I like the feel of a cock in my mouth, the way it feels on the upper part of my mouth and the full feeling I get in my mouth.

I was really enjoying myself when I realized we weren’t alone. The other guy we were dancing with was there. He was naked, and had a big cock that was rock hard.

He climbed onto the bed and buried his face in my ass.

I stopped sucking and rolled over to the side of the bed and said, “I don’t do multiples.” I started to get up.

I’ll call him A since they never told me their names. A’s cock was still glistening from my saliva. He reached out, grabbed my wrist with what felt like a vice and said, “we don’t care.” He pulled me back, grabbed my head and shoved it down on his cock.

B pulled my hips up and I was kneeling. He got down on his back, put his head between my legs and pulled my cock down canlı kaçak iddaa to his mouth.

I wasn’t sure what felt better, the cock in my mouth or the mouth around my cock. Either way I was in heaven.

As B started sucking harder so did I. I could feel that A was almost ready to cum, I know I was.

I was enjoying myself so much I wasn’t paying attention, and A started blowing his load. I put my lips around the end of his cock, I didn’t want to miss a drop. A few seconds later I started blowing my load. B took everything I had to give.

My arms and legs were shaking so bad I couldn’t hold myself up so I rolled onto my side. B came up and started dripping my cum into A’s mouth.

B then lay down on his back, A grabbed me and pulled me up to a doggie style position with my mouth above B’s cock. B grabbed my head and roughly pulled my head down to his cock. He pushed my head so far down I couldn’t breathe.

Then I felt A’s cock push against my hole. At that point I wasn’t canlı kaçak bahis sure if I wanted this to happen or not, but I didn’t have any options so I just went with it. His cock felt huge, it really started hurting. He put a lot of lube on, but he just kept pushing it slowly.

I couldn’t complain or protest since my mouth was full of cock. When he got his cock all the way in he stopped and let my ass get used to his size. Slowly he started pulling it out, then just as slowly started pushing it in.

With the cock in my mouth and the one in my ass my body went into pure ecstasy. ?Then A started slamming his cock hard into me. I pulled my head off and said, “please not so hard.”

He just chuckled and slammed even harder. Then B grabbed my head and started face fucking me. I realized I was just something to be used for their pleasure. It was then I knew this is what I wanted, I liked it and knew they could use me anyway they wanted and I would like it.

That night was a long one. The used me in ways I didn’t think possible.

At the end of the night my jaw was tired and my ass hurt, but I felt great!

I gave them my phone number, they called a cab and I went home. Now I am sitting waiting for them to call. I liked being their bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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