Birthday Surprise

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Author notes:

This is a fictional story I wrote for a close female friend in the hopes of seducing her into becoming my girlfriend. The story served its purpose well as right after she read it she came online (no pun intended) and we crossed that friend line for the first time with an intense cybersex session. Shortly thereafter we were inseparable and have been together now for almost 2 years.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent, but otherwise this is the identical story that she was given. The story uses MSN and AOL chat sessions liberally in order to make the story feel more real since my friend and I communicated this way all the time.


Part I

Thursday, January 17th

It’s the first day of the semester and you are sitting in Theology class, waiting impatiently for the teacher to arrive. Believe it or not, you were actually early today. As you glance around the room, eyeing each of the other students, you wonder if anyone will be on your side for a change. Unfortunately your experience with people in general, and especially at St. John’s, tells you that it would take a miracle to find someone rational here and your hope is quickly dispelled.

You check your watch and start to wonder, “Where the hell is this teacher?” As your irritation starts to build, you are shocked to see a beautiful girl walk into the class. She surveys the scene and heads for the back of the room, where you happen to be sitting and watching her every move. The first thing you notice is how nicely she is dressed, which is out of the norm for St. John’s. Her long dark flowing hair, with a just a hint of waves, also gets your attention. However, your evaluation from afar quickly comes to an end as you see she is heading your way. As she makes her way to the back of the class, she turns and heads directly for the open seat to your left. She slips effortlessly into her chair as you watch discreetly out of your peripheral vision. Immediately she leans over to you and smiles,

“Hi. My name is Marina.”

You are mildly shocked, but manage to shyly reply, “Hi, I am Elena.”

“Nice to meet you Elena,” the mystery girl replies very enthusiastically, with just a hint of a European accent.

She emphasizes the “Elena” part, and you find it cute the way she pronounces your name slower and more clearly than most people, as if she is reading each letter individually.

She leans back and starts unpacking her book bag and you take the chance to really check her out. You are quite impressed, especially by her flawless dark skin. You wonder to yourself, “Maybe she is Italian?” Your daydreaming is put on hold as the teacher finally arrives. Actually she is a very old, stereotypical Nun, and you sigh to yourself, “Not again.”

After class ends, Marina gets up and smiles brightly at you,

“See you on Tuesday, Elena. Oh will you save me a seat if I am late again?” she asks sincerely.

“Sure,” you reply, then realize that you are usually late and quickly blurt out, “If am late will you save one for me?”

Marina smiles seductively, well at least it seems seductive to you, “Of course I will Elena,” and then heads for the door before you can gather your stuff.

A minute later as you head out of the room, after the long and boring discussion of God and faith you were stuck listening to, a single thought runs through your head, “I think I am going to like this class.”

Friday, January 18th

Elena: Good morning Bob1000: Is that my Favorite? Elena: ? Bob1000: So how was the first day of school? Elena: Great!! Bob1000: Oh really

Bob1000: Let me guess, you found a new crush? Elena: How did you know??? Bob1000: You know my psychic powers Elena: Oh yes I do Bob1000: Or maybe it was just a lucky guess Elena: Well either way you are right

Bob1000: So what happened? Elena: I met a girl in my Theology class Bob1000: Uh oh Elena: I think she might be Italian Bob1000: Oooh, your favorite! Elena: I know!

Bob1000: So? Elena: Nothing really happened Bob1000: Oh Elena: Just that we agreed to save each other a seat for next class Bob1000: Awwwww how cute!!! Bob1000: Were you putting the moves on her? Elena: No!

Elena: She is very outgoing though Bob1000: Ahhh, perfect for Shy Lena Elena: Yep Elena: She is soooo beautiful Bob Bob1000: Damn, she made quite an impression on you Elena: She did Bob1000: So what does she look like? Elena: Well long wavy dark hair, dark skin, thin Bob1000: Nice, how tall is she? Elena: Not sure, probably a little bit shorter than me Bob1000: Perfect, so what is her name? Elena: Marina Bob1000: Elena and Marina? Has a nice ring to it! Bob1000: Shit I have to go now, I have to be at work early today Elena: ? Elena: Leaving Sweet Le-ena? Bob1000: I don’t want to, but I have this big meeting

Elena: Think fishnets there Elena: I am wearing them today Bob1000: Shut up Elena: You’ll see for yourself later when I come Bob1000: So I will see you come later? Elena: Funny Elena: No, but you will canlı bahis see my fishnets Bob1000: ?

Elena: Wait, don’t go yet Elena: Maybe you should think of me on your couch wearing my thigh highs Elena: And making nice poses for you to photograph Bob1000: You just love to torture me don’t you? Elena: ?

Elena: See you at 5:30 then? Bob1000: Sounds good Evil Temptress Bob1000: See you later Elena: Bye bye Bobby Bob1000: Bye bye

Tuesday, January 22nd

As usual you are late today due to some random unforeseen circumstances. Stepping into Theology class you immediately notice Marina near the back smiling and waving you over to an empty seat next to her.

“Hi Elena,” she eagerly greets you.

You shoot back, “Hi. Thanks for saving me a seat.”

Before you can continue socializing the old Nun begins her lecture. Not a shock, but the topic, as well as the teacher, is hopelessly boring. The only thing keeping you awake are the stealing glances you are making Marina’s way. Today she is wearing a medium-length black skirt with what you are very surprised to see are fishnet stockings, almost identical to the ones you frequently wear. Her legs are long and slender, yet muscular, and you make a mental note to yourself, “Nice shoes too. Maybe I should ask her where she got them.” During one of your quick glances Marina smiles back at you, catching you off guard and making you blush and look away.

A few minutes later when you get the nerve to look back over at her, she is holding her notebook in her hand. She silently mouths to you, “Read this,” and points.

In her notebook you see written in a very feminine font, “Hey Elena, is this class boring you too?”

You smile and quickly write back, “It sure is!” flashing her your notebook.

The class gets a whole lot less boring as you and Marina begin a little conversation via covert note passing. After exchanging some introductory pleasantries about each other, Marina opens up your favorite topic with the following note,

“So what is the deal with all these Jesus freaks?”

“I know! They drive me crazy. Are you religious?” you reply.

“No way. I am an atheist,” she writes back.

You can’t believe what you just read and excitedly write down, “Me too!”

“Maybe we will have to team up and take on all these irrational Jesus lovers,”

“Yeah that would be cool. I’ve never had anybody on my side before!” you quickly write back, thrilled to have another atheist in class with you.

“Elena Derevko,” you hear called out in the distance and realize that the teacher is calling on you.

“What do you think about the very important Christian principle of abstinence before marriage?” the old Nun queries you.

Since you haven’t been paying attention at all to the class discussion, you have no idea what anyone else has said so far, so you just go with your gut reaction,

“I think it is ridiculous,” you confidently proclaim.

A hush falls over the room, and you can see the shocked look on people’s faces, especially the old Nun. Before anyone speaks, Marina jumps in and eloquently comes to your defense,

“I agree with Elena. Sex is a perfectly natural human function that can bring the participants immense pleasure, so why should two consenting people have to wait to be married for that wonderful experience? I would have to say that the Christian belief in abstinence before marriage is outdated, irrational, and even evil, as it undermines man’s basic right to enjoyment of his life on Earth. And let’s not forget as Elena put it, that it is just plain ridiculous.”

You stare in awe at your new friend, and think to yourself, “This might turn out to be the best class I have ever taken.”

Wednesday, January 23rd

Lenka says: You there Bobby? Lenka says: You still up? Bobby says: I’m here Lenka says: Got some more news for you Bobby says: ? Bobby says: Let me guess… something about your new crush? Lenka says: Yep Bobby says: Tell me please Lenka says: We started passing notes in class and I found out she is an atheist Bobby says: No way! Lenka says: Yep she is Lenka says: And she is really smart too Bobby says: You sure? Or are you just trying to justify your little crush? Lenka says: No she is Bobby says: Cool, I know you like that Bobby says: But what about the all important sense of humor? Lenka says: Oh yes, she is hilarious. She is outgoing like Yulia, but very very nice Bobby says: Hmmmm… sounds ideal Lenka says: I have to admit I am really attracted to her even though we have only met twice Bobby says: Wow! Bobby says: Never heard you say that about anyone before, even Erica Lenka says: I know Bobby says: Well do you think she likes girls? Lenka says: I don’t know Bobby says: You should feel her out Lenka says: No, even if she does you know that I can’t do anything Bobby says: Yeah I know, but it’s fun to fantasize Lenka says: Sure is Bobby says: We should get to sleep Lenka says: Yeah Bobby says: Have fun with her tomorrow Lenka says: bahis siteleri Thanks, I will Bobby says: ? Lenka says: Goodnight Bobby says: Goodnight

Friday, January 25th

Elena: Good Morning Bob1000: Hey Bob1000: I only have a minute here, what’s up?

Elena: Nothing much except me and Marina passed notes again yesterday Elena: For the entire class!!

Bob1000: So you guys are buddies now? Elena: No, but I learned a lot about her and it was fun Bob1000: Cool Bob1000: Can’t wait to hear what happens during next class ?

Bob1000: OK gotta go Elena: ? Elena: ? Bob1000: Go study GRE’s Elena: Damn, OK Elena: Bye Bob1000: Bye

Wednesday, January 30th

Bob1000: Hey Goddess, you are at work early today Elena: I know, no problems can you believe it? Bob1000: ?

Bob1000: So how is your new best friend? Elena: Great!! Bob1000: Hmmmm…should I be getting jealous? Elena: Of course not, you know how I feel about you

Bob1000: Well, not exactly given your disdain for communication Elena: I’m just shy Bob1000: Yeah I know, but you’ve only known me for 3 years now so… Elena: Do you want me to introduce my boots to your ass?

Bob1000: OK OK, don’t let me interrupt, tell me about your “friend” Elena: Well yesterday we were passing notes again Bob1000: And? Elena: Well in one of her notes, she invited me to lunch with her Bob1000: No way?? Elena: Yep

Bob1000: Nice! Bob1000: So you ate her? Bob1000: Whoops, I mean “So you ate with her?” Bob1000: Freudian slip I guess Elena: Yes

Bob1000: Which? Elena: I ate WITH her

Elena: And you aren’t going to believe what happened there Bob1000: Tell me!! Elena: We were talking about my dancing abilities Bob1000: Yes? Elena: And she invited me out to go dancing this Saturday night Bob1000: Jesus tap dancing Christ Bob1000: Are you going to go? Bob1000: Don’t leave me in suspense here! Elena: I think so

Elena: But just as friends, so don’t get your hopes up Bob1000: Too late Bob1000: Plus more than my hope is up now Elena: I see Elena: Your friend likes the idea of me and Marina? Bob1000: Oh yeah he does

Elena: Well I like the idea too Bob1000: Oh really? Elena: Yeah, last night I thought about her during my play time with Patrick Bob1000: Ooooh, what a bad girl Bob1000: So what did you think about? Elena: I can’t tell you, that is forbidden Bob1000: You suck Elena: Of course I do and very well I might add Bob1000: So that’s what you say Elena: You know I don’t lie Bob1000: True

Bob1000: So tell me, do you think you might show her your formulas on Saturday? Elena: No, I told you it’s just for fun Elena: Plus I only like you to study formulas with me Bob1000: ?

Bob1000: OK let me recap the situation Bob1000: You have a crush on a beautiful woman Bob1000: Then you tell me you fantasized about her Bob1000: And then you tell me that you can’t tell me about it? Bob1000: How thoughtful of you!! Elena: It’s Evil Temptress, I can’t help it Bob1000: So you are just going to leave me and my friend on our own? Elena: I have to ? Elena: I’m a good girl

Elena: Oh wait Elena: Forgot to tell you something else Bob1000: Yes? Elena: I was wearing a skirt and boots, no fishnets though, too cold Bob1000: Trying to turn her on? Elena: Of course

Elena: She passed me a note complimenting my outfit, and especially my boots Bob1000: Nice Elena: And then in the next note she said, “I love your legs too” Bob1000: How nice Bob1000: But you do have sexy legs so I can see where she is coming from Elena: I was blushing from head to toe! Bob1000: Awwwww

Elena: You know what I find strange? Bob1000: What? Elena: It’s like she knows me too well Bob1000: Hmmmm… maybe she is very intuitive or something? Bob1000: That sounds like a good thing to me Elena: I know, it’s just a little weird

Elena: Oh yeah another thing Elena: You won’t believe this Bob1000: Tell me Elena: I saw a picture of Britney on her notebook the other day!! Bob1000: No way! Elena: Yep, I found out she likes her too Bob1000: Two little Britney fans, how sweet

Elena: OK, I have to get back to work Bob1000: Oh wait Bob1000: Forgot to ask you something else Elena: Yes?

Bob1000: Do you think about licking her pussy? Elena: Stop it! Bob1000: What about her licking your pussy? Elena: You can use your good imagination Bob1000: Well I imagine her putting a finger inside you while she passionately kisses you Bob1000: And you moaning as she slowly fucks you Elena: Stop Elena: OK I am going now Bob1000: OK, I’m sorry

Bob1000: Wait one more question Bob1000: Are you going to tell your bf what you are going to be doing on Sat night? Elena: No Bob1000: I see, you are actually bad girl Elena: Damn I know Elena: OK bye bye Bob1000: Bye

Saturday, February 2nd

You are sitting on the subway keeping your black zipper skirt from riding up your fishnet covered legs. Excitement, as well as nervousness creeps up on you. You run through the events of the past two weeks in your head for the hundredth time, “Is bahis şirketleri she attracted to me? Or am I just imagining things?”

The butterflies in your stomach tell you that your feelings are stronger than you thought. For an instant, the image of Marina softly kissing you appears in your mind, quickly followed by a tingling sensation between your legs. You fight the feeling, replacing those thoughts with your boyfriend. You tell yourself that you are not going to let anything happen, “I’m just having a little fun that is all.”

As you wait on the agreed upon corner, you see Marina walking toward you in the distance. As she gets closer you see she is wearing a short, rather tight, black dress. Her tan legs are bare even on this cool February evening. The light breeze you feel running through your fishnets, is blowing her skirt up and down as she walks up to you.

“Hi Elena,” Marina greets you with a smile. “Look at you, you look great, and you are wearing my favorite boots too!”

“Thanks, so do you, but aren’t you cold?”

“Well yes, but I wanted to look good for tonight. I’ve been looking forward to this.”

“Shall we?” Marina happily asks as she points the way up the street to the club.

You walk together for a couple blocks, then arrive at the club. Inside it is dark and loud, but not too crowded. As you descend into the club’s lowest level, Marina moves to your ear and shouts so she can be heard over the music, “I’m going to go get us some drinks.”

Upon her return you both quickly drain your glasses. The alcohol warms your stomach and begins to calm your nervousness, but that will have to wait as Marina suddenly takes your hand and leads you to the dance floor.

Her eyes are on you, expecting you to impress her with your dance moves. You feel yourself blushing as she stares at you, but in the darkness she can’t see that. Or can she? Your natural ability quickly takes over and you begin to move sensually to the music. Her big smile indicates her approval and you return the smile.

She starts to move with you, as she watches your every move. You can’t help but notice her long muscular legs, which look incredible completely bared for you in the dim light, and her breasts encased in the tight black material of her dress, which seem to be straining toward you.

After about three or four songs you are both starting to sweat lightly, you can see her forehead glistening lightly in the dark. Again she abruptly grabs your hand this time leading you off the dance floor.

“I think it’s time for more drinks,” she shouts into your ear.

After downing two more drinks in less than half an hour, your nervousness has given way to excitement and a hint of desire.

A good looking blond girl walks by and Marina casually remarks to you,

“Wow! Isn’t she gorgeous?”

You respond rather awkwardly back into her ear, “Oh yeah.”

“I think blonde hair and light skin is extremely attractive,” Marina quips back in a sultry voice.

You also notice that she has not looked at or commented on any of the guys there. Your doubts about her sexual preferences are quickly fading.

Marina grabs you by the hand again and pulls you back onto the dance floor, leading you toward a rather secluded corner, away from the crowd. With the alcohol affecting you now, you really put on a show for her. You can tell she is loving it. During the next song you see a seductive look appear on her face as she moves closer to you. Slowly she works her way within a few inches of you. You go with it and start to dance close.

Marina reaches out and puts her hands on your shoulders, drawing you even closer. She moves to talk into your ear, “I love the way you dance,” and you blush again.

You have become oblivious to everything, but the hard beat of the music and the sultry movements of your not so secret admirer. Unexpectedly, you sense a change in the music, you notice the pounding beat slowing… slower… slower… as the fast song fades out and a very slow trance beat begins. Your movements instinctively change to follow the new slow and sensual hypnotic beat; you both begin to slowly sway from side to side.

Marina moves right up to you now, putting her hands on your hips, guiding you into her. You feel her soft breasts press into you and your hands willingly move to her slowly gyrating hips. Her hands move lower, squeezing that nice white ass and pulling you into her even tighter. She is grinding up against you now, slowly and methodically, using her whole body to caress you. You can feel every curve through the thin material of her dress. Her breasts gently slide across yours causing your nipples to harden and then tingle. You feel a strong throbbing inside your quickly moistening panties. Her face is an inch away now; she is so close you can feel her breath on your face.

Unconsciously you close your eyes, aware only of the wonderful sensations Marina is causing. You are waiting now, expecting her lips to touch yours, begging to be kissed for the first time. Her hands move up your back and toward your head, slowly running her fingers through your soft hair. Tenderly she takes your head and guides your eager mouth toward her.

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