Birthday Night out. (a different style of writing)


Birthday Night out. (a different style of writing)So we finish at the restaurant and the driver and bodyguard are waiting, The Driver ask you what’s next? You hesitate and look at me, I tell you this is your show and my birthday so you better hook it up! Smiling you tell them to the party! We get comfy inside the massive SUV and your feeling even more horny and have recovered from our public session! You ask me if you can remove the toy and you promised to put it back before we reach our destination. I just smile and you remove the toy and place it in your hand bag. You decide to continue removing items and within seconds it seems your completely naked and I’m smiling like damn, all them curves! Your on your knees in front of me rubbing your already wet pussy. I decide to let you entertain me before I join you! The look on your face as you pleasure your self is pure sexy as fuck and determination! Finger fucking your self so good your just wet as fuck! Juices running over your illegal bahis thighs, your almost about to cum and I tell you to stop you! You look up and keep going, “I said stop, now.” Pouting, you calm your self and remove your fingers! I remove a small wipe from a pack to wipe your juices and your fingers. I then move closer to you, your breathing so hard and fast I get close to your face and tell you to breath and settle your self!“ I can’t, my pussy is about to explode and I want to let her so bad”! I say fine let’s do this. I get undressed and watch you all worked up and can’t contain your self! I sit back and hold my dick in my hand. “Your going to calm down and suck my dick before I let you cum on my dick”. Yes sir you manage to say and right to my dick you go, suckin and squeezing my dick feels amazing! You take me as deep as you can and continue to do this until I put my hand under your chin and lift your head! You remove my dick from your lips and look at me! “You ready illegal bahis siteleri for some dick? I help you up and right on top, I also hold my dick as you slide right on top nice and slow! I ask what’s wrong and you look into my eyes and tell me, “your dick is big and my pussy is really tight.” Before you could get my dick deep inside, I grab your ass and and sink my dick so deep you scream and cum all over my dick! I don’t let up and continue to fuck you as hard and deep as I could. Your trying to tell me to slow down and I refuse, This pussy is mine and always will be. You understand me? Yes, yes I do, yes sir, you tell me and I continue to fuck you harder. I let go of your ass and put your hands up on the back of the seat and grab both your breast and suck your nipples as you take your turn riding my rock hard dick! Your orgasm strong and wet. There is pussy juice all over my thighs. As you ride I wrap my arms around you and slide forward off the seat turn canlı bahis siteleri you around and place you where I was sitting! Legs wide and pussy hungry I remove my dick and I get right down on my knees and start sucking your pussy! I love the smell and look of you hungry pussy and the more I lick ??and suck, the more excited your getting! Your almost there I can tell by the way you breath, almost there. I get excited and I spread your thick thighs to their max and sink my tongue ?deep into your pussy and 2 fingers deep in your hot hungry ass. As my tongue works it’s magic on your pussy, you finally can’t hold it anymore and cum all over my face! Your ass is so hungry she pulsates on my fingers! At the height of your orgasm I remove my fingers and focus my efforts on your ass which you seem to be really enjoying! “fuck my ass please!”“ are you sure I ask?”“ hell yes, now, Fuck my ass!” I remove my face and slide my dick in your ass nice and slow, shallow at first! Letting you get used to having my dick in your ass. Slow and steady then you reach down and grab my waist and pull me forward shoving my dick deep in your ass! “I said fuck my ass, now please” I give you just what you want deep and hard I fuck your ass.

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