BinocularsI couldn’t believe I was going home with Amy. I just met her but our photo session was very hot and I must admit, she excited me. Her animation, her raw desire and willingness, aroused me. She bounced down the street, heading to my car, carefree and full of life. I could sense she loved life, loved exposing herself to the world, not caring, never worrying. She lived for the moment and the devil be damned. Frankly, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her jubilance, her sways, her teases. I prayed my asthma wouldn’t slow me down and I was breathing hard. “Dance with me, Mary!” She took my hands and we twirled around in circles, her laughs carefree and energetic, my feet struggling to keep up but I laughed, trying to keep my breath. I was glad when we reached my car, finally getting Amy to slow down.I was hesitant when Greta asked me to pose with Amy but it was for a Met Art like session, sensuous, tasteful, with just a hint of erotic energy. Amy had a certain air about her. She knew how to display her thin body the way Greta wanted, showing me, no moving me into positions that accented the shot. I felt her warm body dr****g over mine, my nipples protruding into the silk scarf that covered my breasts. She knew I was new and helped me relax as we flowed through the session, our bodies in perfect unison for what Greta needed. In between shots, she would playfully press her hips against me and kiss my neck. I wanted to roll over, take her into my arms and make love to her but that would have spoiled Greta’s shoot. When we were finished and dressing, I asked Amy if she needed a ride home. She did and asked me to join her and a bottle of wine. Amy lived in an efficiency on the f******nth floor of a high-rise near the university. While she was choosing and opening a bottle of Chardonnay, I took off my shoes and sat on the floor by the coffee table. She had very little furniture, a couch, kitchen table and two chairs, a bed and a dresser, but she filled the open spaces with a lot of plants. She sat down next to me and poured two glasses of wine. “You have a lot of plants,” I said. She laughed and slowly sipped her wine. “But your apartment looks wonderful. Better than being surrounded by books.”“Too many,” she giggled. “Takes me an hour watering them but they keep me company. I can’t resist buying plants. Now drink your wine!” I obeyed. “Tell me about yourself, Mary. What do you do besides modeling for Greta?”“I’m a full time student actually. Will be for another two or three more years.” I drank more wine and asked Amy what she did besides modeling.“I model full time, for Greta and a few others. I guess I’m all over the web,” she laughed. “I bet half the men in the world knows what my pussy looks like.” She drained her glass. “Drink! You have to keep up Mare.” I finished my glass and she refilled them. “I love working for Greta but the real money is doing other things. You know, sessions that cater to a select audience.”“Like what?”“You know,” she whispered, “like a little bit kinky?” I knew what she meant but I was afraid to ask, not knowing if I wanted to know. “You ever do anything kinky?”“No.” I was blushing. “I was a virgin until I was twenty-two,” I confessed, “not that long ago.” It was true. Not much chance for someone who grew up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by apple trees and waging a war between my sexuality and my religious upbringing. I became very intimate with my fingers at an early age but suffered the loneliness of not feeling someone’s love or anyone’s touch..“Oh Mare.” Amy leaned over and gave kuşadası escort me a hug, her body pressing against mine. Her warmth fill me and tears flowed from my eyes as I embraced her tighter. “You poor thing,” she whispered. “Now hush.” I gulped down my wine and placed the empty glass on the coffee table. “Drink up. You are falling behind.” She laughed, leaned her head back and drained her glass. Amy stood and walked to the kitchen while I refilled our glasses. She returned carrying a small candle, placed it on the table, and lit it. She gulped down the wine, turned off the light, walked to the dresser and pulled out binoculars. I wasn’t sure what she was doing so I kept quiet.“I want to check on something,” she whispered and walked over to the window. She parted the curtain and peered through the binoculars. She remained silent for the longest time and I wondered what she was doing. “Come on sweetie,” she whispered, “don’t get modest on me tonight.” I then realized what she was doing and I panicked, not sure if I should leave or let Amy spy. I could see Amy shivering with delight when she told me the light just went on, then I heard her gasp. “Come here, Mare.” I stood, walked over and she handed me the binoculars. “One floor down and to the left.” After focusing, I found a window where the light was on and the curtain open. What was I looking for, I thought? What’s Amy getting me into? Then, like a phantasm, she appeared.“Oh my God!” I sharpened the focus and I felt Amy’s arms wrap around me, her breasts pressing hard against my back. This stranger stood in front of the window, wearing an opened robe barely concealing her breasts, and looked around. I couldn’t stop looking. She was older, maybe mid thirties and she knew what she was doing. She placed her hands on her hips and the robe spread revealing her full breasts. Her eyes searched back and forth as she leaned out the window. I swore she looked right at me and I froze, unable to move. “What’s she doing?” Amy was whispering into my ear.“Just standing there with her robe, wide open.” I felt her arms tighten around my waist, her breasts pressing deeper into my back. I watched while she slowly slipped off her robe and moved away from the window. I then realized she wasn’t alone. “I think she has someone with her.” She held out her hand and a man appeared in view. “She’s with a man.”“No way!” Amy grabbed the binoculars and looked. “That slut,” she giggled. “I can’t bear to watch.” She handed back the binoculars and pressed her body harder against me. “Tell me what they’re doing, Mare.”“Oh God! She’s kneeling in front of him.” I watched as she slowly pulled the man’s pants down and reached into his boxers. Amy pressed closer and I felt her hands glide over my breasts, her hips rubbing against my ass. The woman pulled out his cock and began running her fingers up and down his very erect shaft. I trembled as she slowly opened her mouth and began sucking him. “She’s giving him a blow job.” Amy squeezed my boobs and I trembled. I couldn’t stop watching as she slowly worked her mouth up and down his cock, her fingers cupping his balls. He placed his hands on her head and pushed her mouth up and down harder and faster, his head leaning back, a silent moan escaping his lips. Grabbing his ass, she rammed his cock deep into her mouth. I could see she was shaking, Her hand was between her legs and rubbing her pussy while straining to get more of his cock down her throat. The man tensed and I could see her swallowing his cum as his cock worked in and out escort kuşadası in slow spastic jerks. I was stunned but my pussy was very wet.“Well? Did she?” I turned and hugged Amy. I felt her thigh press between my legs. I kissed her and knew I needed more than her leg rubbing my pussy. “To answer your question, yes.” I was trembling so hard and I knew Amy felt it. She continued rubbing my pussy, her lips nibbling my neck, her fingers massaging my lower back. Reaching back, I pulled the string and the curtain opened. I took Amy’s hand and led her the short distance to bed. We sat and she clung to me, our arms wrapped around each other, our mouths pressing harder together, our tongues probing deeper. “Oh God.” I needed to catch my breath and I leaned back, and rested my head on the pillow. I reached up and began touching her breasts. I could feel her nipples straining against her bra. I wanted to free them, to take them between my fingers, then between my lips, my tongue teasing their hardness but it was so dark in the room and I wanted to admire her beauty, her passion and excitement. I wanted to see everything. I reached over and turned on the light, its glare covered us and the bed. I pulled Amy on top of me, my leg splitting her thighs and I rubbed her pussy in long sweet motions.“Mary?” She felt tense. I didn’t stop. I licked under her chin and slowly worked my tongue lower to the top of her tee shirt. Amy moaned and I felt her hair on my face, her fingers digging deeper into my back. “Do we need the light?”“I want to see you.”“But the curtain is open.” I leaned up and kissed her, preventing any more discussion. “I know,” whispering. “I want to make love to you.” I didn’t let her answer. Sliding lower, I opened my mouth and pressed it hard against her left breast, sucking both cotton and flesh into my mouth, my tongue moistening the fabric. I could feel her nipple slip deeper as I opened my mouth wider. My tongue wanted to feel her flesh instead of cloth. I reached down and slowly pulled her tee shirt higher over her tummy. Amy raised herself and I watched as the shirt slipped over her breasts, then over her arms and to the floor. I pressed my lips between her breasts as I reached around and unclasped her bra, pulled the straps off her shoulders and added to the little pile of clothes on the floor. “Oh baby.” She squeezed her legs around my thigh and began unbuttoning my blouse, her fingers trembling as more of my skin was exposed. I reached around, unclasped my bra, pulled it away from my screaming breasts and Amy buried her mouth over them, her tongue sliding over my flesh, exciting me beyond control. “Let’s get undressed.” We broke from our grasp and stripped the rest of our clothes off. I purposely sat apart and reached out to take her hands into mine. “I wanted to roll over today and passionately kiss you and press my pussy against you and taste you and make you cum.” I squeezed her fingers and pulled her to me. “Greta would have been pissed,” she laughed as she fell into my arms and started lickingmy neck. I moaned and bent my head, exposing myself to deeper kisses as I gently caressed her shoulders. She opened her mouth and I felt my skin being sucked into her mouth, her teeth nibbling harder. Then, she bit my neck and I squealed with delight. I fell back and pulled Amy on top of me and, aching for more, offered my neck. “Oh baby,” she whispered. Her mouth opened wider and sucked more of my skin into her mouth, her hot breath teasing the hair on the back of my neck, her arms pulling me kuşadası escort bayan tight against her body. Shifting, I got my thigh between her legs and began caressing her very wet pussy. The more she sucked the harder I rubbed my now very wet thigh against her. I rolled over and Amy’s mouth left my neck and our lips crushed together, our tongues prying deeper into each other’s mouths. Glancing up, I stared at the curtainless window, the light bathing our bodies, and wondered who could be watching us this very moment. My whole body tingled with the thought of strangers peering in and watching us touch each other. Amy arched her hips against me and began a rhythmic motion on my thigh as I reached down and ran my fingers between her breasts. She d****d against me. Our kisses intensified and I moved my hand over her breast and pressed my palm hard on her nipple. My fingers kneaded her soft skin and, pressed her nipple harder into my shaking hand. We both moaned when I reached between her legs and pressed my fingers into her pussy, slipped through her juices and found her clit. Amy shuddered when I spread my fingers and began caressing her throbbing clit, my thumb firmly planted on its tip, my fingers thick in her wetness. “Oh God, Mary. What are you doing to me?” I began to probe her pussy, my fingers slipping deeper, my groans growing louder, my pussy begging to be touched. Somehow I moved and Amy’s fingers pressed against my folds, tickled me and probed into me, her head resting on my breasts, her tongue flicking over my nipple. I kept staring at the window and moved my body again to offer a better view of our trembling bodies to anyone spying on us. I spread my legs wider and raised my knees, exposing myself even more while her fingers slipped in and out, my juices covering my thighs. Amy took the hint and I felt her legs spreading wider, her mouth now sucking my nipple with passion.“Fuck me baby,” I moaned and her fingers worked harder and faster. I tried to imagine what we looked like from afar, our legs spread toward the window, our fingers groping each other, our bodies trembling beyond control. That thought drove me wild and I felt myself slipping closer and closer until I moaned out loud, arched my hips high and lost myself to a very intense orgasm. “Oh baby.” I turned my hand and began rubbing Amy’s pussy with all my fingers, probing deeper and faster. She was shuddering beyond control and I heard her breath in tiny gasps as her body stiffened against my hand.“Oh God! Oh God!” She rammed her hips against my hand, my fingers slipping as deep and they could reach and I began spreading them apart inside her. Her gasps grew louder and I knew she was letting herself go, allowing her passion to swell and overwhelm her. My fingers skipped back to her clit and I rubbed her faster until she shrieked and convulsed into her orgasm.We lay there with our legs still spread for the longest time. Her spasms subsided and we held each other closer, her head on my shoulder. I kept thinking, perhaps hoping, a pair of eyes, maybe more, were watching us this very moment. I stared at the window and quivered, a droplet of cum oozed between my folds and onto my thigh. I noticed, also, that Amy was gazing at the window. I leaned over, kissed her gently and smiled. She nestled closer and returned her gaze toward the window.“Do you think, perhaps,” and her voiced trailed off.“I don’t know, sweetheart. Perhaps we’ll never know.” That thought excited me and Amy felt my body quiver. She was smiling.I untangled myself and climbed off the bed. Amy was gently stroking her mound as I walked over to the window. I stood, fully exposed and looked around, first left, then right. I u*********sly reached down and rubbed myself, a final act before slowly closing the curtain, and climbed back into the bed.

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