Bill masturbates for Susan


Bill masturbates for SusanSusan and I had been out several times. Right from the start I was amazed at how beautiful she is. It made me wonder how I could get so lucky. I knew she was out of my league. I know that I’m not that much to look at, and I’m pretty shy, so usually my dating choices are simply whether I want to do it with my right hand or my left hand.Up to now I had been a perfect gentleman with Susan and she showed no sign that she wanted it any other way.We had been out to dinner and I was dropping her off at her home, but this time she invited me in. “Won”t you come in for a drink?” she said. “I feel like talking”.She brought me a glass of wine. “Now that we’ve gotten to know each other,” she said, “I think you might be just what I’m looking for.” My heart skipped a beat.“I’d better explain. You see women often joke with each other about how they wish they could have two husbands. First of all every woman wants a man who is fun and sexy and great in bed. An alpha male. The problem is those men make lousy husbands and fathers. So every woman also wants a man who can raise a family and provide for them. A beta male. Most women think that in order to have a good husband she must give up her dreams about the exciting alpha male and settle for one who will be a good husband.”“But you see, I believe that a woman who looks like me really can have both. Now it’s obvious that you’re not my alpha male. Actually I’ve already got one of those. Actually more than one. But you could be perfect as my other man. My husband.”“She must have seen the look of shock on my face. “Now before you get all hurt and go running out of here, think hard about this. You’re a really nice guy and you’re smart but we both know you’ve never had a girlfriend, and your chances of ever getting one are nil. You’re a lonely guy who sits at home and masturbates, right? I’m offering you a chance to have the wife and family you have always dreamed of. There won’t be any sex involved (well maybe a little, like for your birthday or something) but otherwise we can be a happy couple with a happy family. Of course it’s unlikely that you will be the biological father of our k**s but no one needs to know that.”“And now here’s the best part.” She come close to me and looked me in the eyes with a big smile (a smirk really) and said, “I won’t be your lover but I WILL be your masturbatrix. You can use my naked body as your live masturbation material, and believe me you are going to like my body. You think you masturbate a lot now, you will be masturbating way more once I become your masturbatrix. I want you to be happy and satisfied so I am going to turn bahis şirketleri you into the biggest jack-off who every lived. Have you ever had the pleasure of beating off while a beautiful woman is whispering in your ear and showing you her body?”“Well maybe you need to go home and think about it. You can go on home and beat off like always, all alone, or you can pull your pants down right now and start your new life as my husband and masturbator.”I thought about it, for about 2 seconds. Then I took off my shoes and reached for my belt buckle.I took off my shoes and unbuckled my belt. Susan got a big smile on her face and exclaimed sweetly but victoriously, “I knew it! I knew I picked the right guy! I knew you were a masturbator, I just knew it! You just have ‘masturbator’ written all over you, it might as be tattooed on your forehead!” She walked over and kissed me and started pulling off my shirt while I was dropping my pants.“Just a minute”, she said, “I’ll be right back. You can go ahead and start without me. I expect you’ll be doing a lot of that!” she said with a laugh.I finished getting undressed, sat down, and started stroking my cock, which was already raging. Moments later she came back into the room and I knew that I was in a masturbator’s dream world. She was wearing nothing but a skimpy little, sheer negligee that I could see right through. She had not lied, her body was magnificent. Full breasts, a D cup I would guess, with large aureolae the size of silver dollars, just the way I like them. A perfect hourglass figure. Shapely, muscular legs. In her right hand was a towel. In her left was a bottle of baby oil. “I think you’re going to need these” she said.I looked at her crotch and noticed it was shaved. She noticed that I noticed. She reached down and touched it. “I keep it shaved because Jake likes it that way.” she said. She pointed to a picture on the coffee table. It was picture of a young man. Tall, handsome, and muscular. Nothing like me. “That’s Jake” she said. “I’m sure you two will meet soon enough”.My hand was on my dick. She walked over to me with the baby oil in hand. “Well it’s not very big but it fits in your hand quite nicely doesn’t it?” She reached out with her own hand and gave it a few strokes. “Now don’t get too used to this” she said, “this dick is going to spend much more time in your hand than in mine.” Then she bent over and gave it a little kiss. I’m sure I would have erupted right there except for the fact that when you beat off as much as I do you don’t tend to have a hair trigger.She untied the negligee, freeing those magnificent tits, and sat down next illegal bahis to me. “Show me your technique” she said. “Show me how you beat off. I want to learn all about your masturbation habits so that I can be a good masturbatrix. You can cum on me if you want, just tell me where you want to cum. You can even cum on my pussy if you want. On it, not in it” she said with a laugh. “Come on jack off baby, show me what a jack-off you are. Fuck your hand baby!”That was all I could take. I sprayed cum everywhere. All over my chest and my hand.“Good boy!” she said. “It’s like we’ve consummated our relationship! Our wedding night is going to be just like this, except I’ll be an even better masturbtrix by then.” She took the towel and wiped off my chest. “This is where a masturbator’s sperm belongs now isn’t it? All over you and your cum towel. You don’t need pussy do you darling? No a masturbator like you doesn’t need pussy.”As I was getting dressed Susan said “now I won’t be seeing you tomorrow because I’ll be spending the night with Jake.” It was impossible for her to hide the dreaminess in her voice when she mentioned this. Jake must be really good in bed, I thought. “But I want you to come over on Sunday so we can do more of this. Plan on spending the night. And try not to beat off too much in the meantime because I plan on wearing you out.”The next day was Saturday, and I knew that Susan had plans to spend the night with Jake. Still, at this point I knew that I was in love and inside I was burning with jealousy. I needed to hear her voice. At 2pm I decided to give her a call to say hi.I dialed the phone. A man answered. I hung up.I told myself I wasn’t going to beat off, I wanted to save it for Sunday with Susan, but I just couldn’t stop. I spent the rest of the day fondling my dick, with visions in my head: Susan underneath Jake. Susan on top of Jake. Susan taking Jake from behind. It took all of my self control to only squirt once.The next morning, Sunday, I could hardly wait to see Susan. I called her about 11am. She replied, “Oh sure, come over whenever you like. Jake will be leaving soon.”I arrived at Susan’s about noon. The front door was standing open. It was almost more than I could take: Susan and Jake locked in a passionate kiss. His hand groping her ass. They both looked over and saw me in the doorway. “Oh hi, hey she’s ready for you sport!” Jake said as he left, and he pointed to the couch where there was a towel, a box of tissues, and a bottle of baby oil.“Come on in!” Susan said. “Oh hey did you call yesterday? Listen it’s OK, you can ask for me, Jake knows all about you. In fact, he loves illegal bahis siteleri the fact that he gets all the milk without having to buy the cow, if you know what I mean!” She said, laughing.“Make yourself comfortable. Take those clothes off. I’ll be right back.” She left the room and I did as she suggested getting totally naked. When she came back she had two glassed of wine, and she was as naked as me. My dick went to immediate attention – in fact, to a raging, throbbing hard-on, the kind where you could have taken my pulse just by watching it throb.“Oh now that’s a very good start” she said. “Wrap you hand around it. Show me how well it fits in your hand.”I began to stroke. “That’s it honey. Show me how much you love to beat off. Beat off for me honey. Beat off.” I sat down on the couch and did exactly that.As I was fucking my hand, I had to ask her a question: “Do you ever watch Jake masturbate?”.She tried to contain herself but she couldn’t. She broke out in laughter. “Oh no, of course not! Did you look at him? Between me and his other girlfriends, Jake probably gets to fuck every day of the week! I’ll bet Jake doesn’t even know how to masturbate!”Then her face turned serious. “You’re jealous aren’t you? Look honey, I’m sorry but you simply have to accept who you are. You can’t be like Jake. You know that right? But it’s OK, honey, I’m going to turn you into the happiest masturbator who ever lived. You’re going to be my little jack-off!”“Couldn’t we just have sex one time?” I pleaded.“Oh you mean a pity fuck” she said. “Listen I’ve been thinking about that and I think it’s a really bad idea. If I let you fuck me once then you’re going to want to do it again, and… I don’t think we should go down that road. I might ruin what we have between us. Remember, you’re going to be my husband, the father of my c***dren (in a non-biological sense of course) – you don’t want to risk ruining that now do you dear? Just to get some stupid pity fuck? No honey, let’s not go there.” Let’s concentrate on how to improve your masturbation. I want you to help you have the best jack-off sessions any masturbator ever had.”I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask another question: “So what did you two do?”“You know what we did” she said. Then a look of understanding came to her face. “Oh you mean you want details! Would that turn you on? Do you want to beat off while I tell you about how Jake and I like to fuck?”I turned beet red with embarrassment, and I could only nod my head. Yes, I wanted to beat off to the sound of her telling me about how much she loves to fuck. To fuck someone else.“Okay honey. Here it looks like you could use some more lube.” She poured some more lube on my dick.”How’s this honey, let me get over you and I’ll hang my tits right down in your face. Go ahead honey, suck on my tits while you masturbate and I’ll tell you all about what Jake and I did last night.”

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