When I was younger and still in the USAF wife Sarah and I often spiced up our SD life with telling about our private fantasies and often had great enjoy,ent acting them out. Ever since Sarah spotted a muscular black sergeant n the commissary one day with an erection tented down to his knees she,d dreamed about what it would be like first to try to take it all in her mouth as she loved to suck cocks and carried on usually in my company, but not always though from the early parts of our marriage we,d tell of any extramarital adventures either of us got up to when we weren,t with each other. My job gave more chances so I had more events to relate though Sarah wasn,t the prude I,d married, far from it now. It wasn,t till we,d been married some years before she got the opportunity to actually taste a large black dong or be fucked by one, but when it happened she loved it! Of course I,d never fucked a black woman myself, but had fantasised it happening many times before a very sexy black woman began working in the office Sarah did secretarial work in. Rhonda was divorced and shy, but had become good friends with my wife and had been invited over a few evenings with her on and off boyfriend Stewart and I lusted after her. bahis siteleri canlı She was very attractive with large breasts she rarely wore a bra with and a magnificent arse. Sarah and I had two c***dren Rick and Christina aged nine and ten so some times Rhonda would look after them while we had a rare night off and Sarah,s parents couldn,t do it so Rhonda got to know our house well. With my fortieth birthday approaching mynwife promised me a special birthday treat, but when I pressed her for what it was she would simply say “It,s something you,ve never ever had before, but you,re going to get it now and I promise you,ll love it!” I just could not figure out what she had planned, but soon my Birthday arrived and once I,d opened my cards and gifts from the family it was time for the k**s to go to their grandparents as Sarah had organised a party for us adults inviting some immediate friends and Rhonda but no Stewart who was apparently in Canada on a business trip so couldn,t come. The booze flowed and after dancing and feels no very mellow there eventually remained only Rhonda. “So what happened to my surprise?” I asked rather mystified. “Rhonda and I will just get it ready for you Luv!” Sarah smiled and they casino siteleri immediately climbed the stairs and headed for the master bedroom. I was bursting with impatience when they eventually returned as Sarah had put on her best dressing gown and Rhonda now wore another of my wife,s dressing gowns. Sarah sat down just across from me in an arm chair as Rhonda walked up tomstand in front of me, then unbuttoned her gown and let it fall to the carpet! She now wore nothing but a large red bow tied roundher waist hiding her fanny, her big titties on full view with nipples standing proud. “Happy Birthday Darling!” Sarah cried. “Happy Birthday Joe!” Rhonda added I’m her sexiest voice. “Sarah tells me you,ve never fucked a black woman before! Well Sweethesrt tonight all that,s gonna change thanks to Mama Rhonda!” She chuckled and moved in front of me. “Unwrap your present big boy!” she urged me so I untied the bow and it fell at her feet revealing her well forested pubic curls above her fleshy lips. “Sarah tells me you also love hairy pussies so here,s my hairy fanny just for you!” Encouraged by my wife,s smile I leaned over to kiss Rhondas clitoris running my tongue over her inner lips. As I laid her over the settee canlı casino Sarah helped remove my clothing as she wore only her skin under her gown and soon I was feasting on my first tastey black quim as my wife proceeded to work on me with her talented mouth and tongue. Rhonda seemed to be even more full of juices than my wife which is a lot and the faster and deeper I kicked the more oozed out as Sarah had moved so I was actually Fuckng her sucking mouth as she slurped at me. After getting my cock so ready mynwife now helped guide me into Rhondas tight slit and then kissed her hotly as I started shafting her snatch frantically making loud sucking sounds with our sex organs. I don,t know, but somehow I managed to hold off a bit longer before finally exploding deep in Rhonda,s belly quickly filling her with thick baby gravy. “Thank You Joe! So what did you think then?” she laughed as Sarah dived down to scoop and lick my cum from Rhondas freshly fucked quim. “Fantastic! Thanks so much for making my dream come true. Very enjoyable!” I thanked her. “My pleasure and yours too I imagine.” shevsmiled mischieviously. “Yes ma’am.even better than I dreamed.” Rhonda could say no more as my wife was now really eating her pussy till the black woman groaned her climax. Then Rhonda rerturned the favour and by now my cock was ready so as my wife began to climax she had my cock back in her mouth and of course she loves to swallow so soon did just that. What a Night and What a Lovely Surprise!

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