Beyond Tempting

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I woke suddenly sitting straight up in bed. My body was still humming from the sensations my mind produced during the long erotic dream I had just encountered. They had been coming quite frequently, not to mention myself included. God they were so hot. My body hadn’t felt so alive before the dreams. The strangest part of about my dreams was that I was dreaming about women. Not just any women, but my best friend and the women she grew up with. My are they an extrodinary group of women. My mind drifted back to the dreams.

It was a party. An all girls weekend away from husbands and kids. We had been drinking I could tell. Liquor bottles lined the counters and cups sat at the tables. The room was fairly dim and we had music playing. I remember stepping out into the balcony for some fresh air to clear my mind of the alcohol induced fog in my brain. I felt her slide up behind me. Her hands at my waist as she rests her chin on my shoulder. It was nothing unusual for us. We tend to get overly comfortable with one another when we’re drunk. We both enjoy the freedom to do so.

“God you look so damn sexy tonight” she said. I felt her begin to nuzzle at my neck. I love that. It’s always one of those things that sends a rush of liquid heat down my spine and straight to my clit.

“Now you’re just drunk and full of shit.” I say laughing and looking over into her eyes. “I’m wearing jogging and pants and a tshirt sweetie. Nothing sexy about that.”

“Oh but it is. Those pants hug that nice cute ass of yours so tightly and that tshirt doesn’t leave much for my imagination you know.”she said.

“Keep talking. I’m almost convinced” I joked. I began to giggle and suddenly I felt her hands drift up under my tshirt. My breath got lodged in my throat. I know she had to hear my heart pounding hard against my chest. I was practically panting. Then she did what I least expected. She jabbed me in the ribs repeatedly. “Oh you hooker!” I yelled as I whipped around. ” Paybacks will be a bitch you know?” I asked trabzon escort as I wrestled to contain her wrists at my sides.

“Is that a threat? Cause I can assure you I’m no where near scared.” she said as she leaned in her nose almost touching mine. For a few seconds our breathing is in sync with one another. Breaths mingling as we just stay frozen millimeters apart.

“I can assure you kitten, that I don’t make threats to anyone. I will make you pay for that, but you’ll never know when or where it’s going to happen.”I said.

The balcony door slips open and T steps out. “You girls gonna stand there and stare at eachother all night or are you going to come back in party?” she says. I can see the wicked grin on her face as I momentarily take my eyes from yours.

“We’ll rejoin you in a few minutes, T, but we need to finish our discussion first okay?” I asked.

“Sure thang, but you don’t know what you’re missing in here!” she replied as she shut the doors.

“She doesn’t know what she’s about to miss out here.” you say as your hand slides up my throat just seconds before you devour my mouth with yours. God those lips are so silky and that tongue stirs the heat in my lower belly in no time. I moan deep in my throat receiving an echoed moan from her. Her hand tightens just a fraction more. She knows what this does to me. It gets me hot and I’m wet within seconds of it. I feel her body close in on me as she slides her thigh between mine. Slowly and gently rocking her hips in a circular motion creating such sweet friction on my throbbing clit. I’m sure by now she can feel the juices soaking through my pants as I ride her leg. She suddenly breaks away from our kiss but keeps her thigh in contact with mound.

“Fuck! I so wanna taste you, baby.” she says. I feel her mouth slide to my ear where she nibbles on my earlobe and sucks my earring into her mouth. I’m so ready to cum at this point. Listening to her talk dirty to me when she gets excited trabzon escort bayan always brings me to the edge. I rock my hips further and thrust them slightly up making sure that she gets enough contact to stimulate her as well. I want nothing more that to look into those beautiful sexy eyes as she cums for me. I hear her sharp intake of breath and I know I’m one step closer to my goal. I reach down and slip my hand beneath the waist band of my pants and run my finger inside my slit. So easy to do since I went commando tonight. I find that I so drenched. I drag my finger back out after circling my clit a few times. I slowly bring it up to my lips and suck it into my mouth. Her eyes are glued to it at this point. I pull my finger out and grab her by the hair on her neck drawing her mouth to mine in a hungry passionate kiss. I hear her growl animalistic like and I know she’s enjoying my flavor. It’s more than I can take.

“Oh god baby! I’m so close. I’m gonna cum kitten. Oh god! Please cum with me baby. I wanna hear you cum with me!” I gasp. Suddenly my orgasm racks through my body. I grab her hips and thrust myself against her with all the force I can muster as my body twitches and shakes from the most extrodinary orgams I’ve ever experienced. It only takes a few seconds for my lust filled brain to register that she’s panting heavily. I open my eyes and continue assaulting her clit with my thighs. Mini tremors are still rocking through me. I want so much to hear her.

“Come on baby. Tell me what you need. I wanna make you feel good to kitten.” I said as I licked my way from the cleft in her chest up her throat. I gently bite down and then soothe it with my tongue.

“just keep touching me baby. Don’t stop touching me!” she growls. I reach down and grab her ass in both of my hands. I slide one around and push her shirt up slightly. Reaching for the button on her jeans. I slide the zipper down and work my finger inside. I gently circle her clit slowly escort trabzon with my finger through the material of her panties. I’m once again so turned on I’m about to go up in flames. “Oh yes. Yes just like that sweetie. Don’t stop! I’m almost there. Yes…so close baby so close!” Without being told I know just what she needs. I roughly bite down on neck just above her collar bone.

“Oh….ahhh….yes baby yes! Oh Im cumming!” I feel her body jerk and twitch against mine. I slowly pull my finger out and rebutton her jeans. I straighten her clothes while she recovers from her orgasm.

“You ready to go back in and party?” I asked her once we both had ourselves composed again.

“I thought we were.” she said with a sly smile and a wicked wink.

Suddenly we hear catcalls and whoops behind us. We turn around to notice the other girls standing there at the door with huge grins on their faces. T opens the door and gives us a mischievious look.”Ladies! I think you got some splaining to do!” she says and follows it up with a laugh as we bury our heads in eachothers shoulders.

“How bout we get us some more to drink first ladies.”says Win. I’m sure these two could really use a drink after all that panting and moaning they did.

“Oh my god! I’m so embarrassed!” I heard you say. I wrap my arms around you and I bust out laughing. You look up at me with one eye brow crooked up. “what do you find so funny you ass?” you ask.

“I told you paybacks can be a bitch!” I said. With that she turns and slaps me in my stomache hard.

That’s when my body jerked me from my dream. Now I lay her incredibly turned on and incredibly dissappointed in the fact that it was all a dream. It took me several years to discover that at 24 I was most definitely bisexual. I had thought I was as a teenager, but it was deeply rooted the moment I laid eyes on her. Slowly I lay back down on my pillows. I reach down and touch my bare pussy and gently coax my body into a wonderful orgasm to relieve some of the tension built back up in from reliving the dream. A smile crosses my face as I feel myself becoming drowsy from my post orgasmic bliss. Why you may ask? Because there’s a good chance once I close my eyes and slip off to sleep that I may drift back into horny dreams. You never know what may happen in the next!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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