Betrayed Pt. 02

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The night he was initiated into his fraternity, Lucas shot his load deep inside his meek roommate’s MILF of a mom. It was the best sex of his life. She worshiped his young body like it was it was her God and savior incarnate. The pleasure her skilled tongue and thighs brought to him that night were unlike anything the cute young college chicks had tried.

But that wasn’t all. Lucas had been fucking his roommate’s girlfriend all semester. Lizzie was a cruel bitch, just like Lucas was. She loved the fact that when they fucked, her boyfriend was locked outside of his own room as she let Lucas defile her body with his thrusting rod of a cock.

Lizzie had been there that night as Lucas plowed his first MILF. The cruel bitch ate the MILF’s pussy while Lucas pounded her face. With Lizzie and Lucas in control, they made Brandon’s mom into their perfect plaything.

Two gorgeous ladies taking care of his prick would be great enough. But Lucas enjoyed the secrecy. He loved lying to Brandon’s face the next day. He loved sitting next to the poor fucker while his own prick was still soaked with the pussy juices of the guy’s girlfriend and mom.

For the rest of freshman year, Lucas fucked Brandon’s mom every chance he got. The slut loved it, and he even managed to convince Brandon there was nothing going on. Meanwhile, every weekend, she was paying for his Uber out to her mansion where he was fucking her on their kitchen floor.

The brothers in the fraternity loved it. They invited the MILF to every party, and got used to having a sexy older woman with big breasts calling them handsome and sucking them off behind the beer pong table.

“Your son is a student here?” asked the fraternity president the first time Brandon’s mom blew him in his top floor bedroom. “Fuck, I wouldn’t want to be that poor fucker.” He shot his load of cum down her throat.

The morning after a party, Lucas would come back to his freshman dorm and find Brandon obliviously studying or sleeping. Lucas would grin mischievously, knowing that the guy’s mom was still topless covered in cum back at the frat house.

It culminated in parents weekend, at the end of the school year. Brandon invited his roommate out to dinner to meet his mom for the first time. The guy somehow still had no idea Lucas was fucking his mom regularly. The three of them sat at a fancy restaurant, and Brandon’s mom paid for both the boys to have big bloody steak dinners.

Lucas was drunk on wine and confidence, and he undid his trousers under the table and flopped his big cock onto the lap of Brandon’s mom next to him.

Without breaking eye contact with her son, the MILF’s dexterous hands wrapped around Brandon’s prick and stroked its full girthy shaft until he was standing at attention.

As Brandon ate his meal, Lucas shot a load of jizz onto the mom’s fingers and wrist.

Casually, as if nothing had happened, Brandon’s mom raised her hand to her face and licked her fingers.

“The food here is delicious,” she said to her son, sucking the jizz off her hand with her pink tongue.

Then, the end of freshman year. Brandon moved into a new dorm and Lucas moved into the frat house. When sophomore year started, Lucas’s phone was still blowing up with sexts from his busty MILF lover, but somehow it was different. Now that Brandon was no longer around every day, fucking his mom silly lost some of its edge.

And since Lizzie and Brandon had broken up, Lucas also was getting bored fucking her. Sure it was great to have two busty sluts on call to suck him off at any time, but there were plenty more busty sluts on campus.

Then, the pledges arrived. Now that Lucas was a full member of the frat, he could order them around like the ants they were.

The first thing he did was demand they each bring him a photo of their moms. He loved watching the look on the pledge class’s face as they realized Lucas’s horny gaze was coming for their mothers. Brandon reviewed the pictures one by one, tossing the old hags into the garbage. For one of the pledges, he kept the picture neatly to the side. Each of the pledges gulped as they questioned which mom he had selected.

“I’m just fucking with you guys,” Lucas lied, and they all breathed a sigh of relief. “Now go clean the frat house.”

Of course, Lucas wasn’t lying. He was ready to fuck the MILF he had picked.

The mom Lucas went after was a pledge named Larry’s. Larry was a tiny guy with rumpled blonde hair, but his mom was a drop-dead natural beauty. He conned his way into her country club by slipping the valet guy a $20. Once inside, he stripped down to a bright green speedo and stepped out confidently by the pool. The place was crowded with young sexy trophy wives, tanning by the pool and drinking while their old rich husbands worked their asses off.

Many of the women tipped down their sunglasses and followed Lucas’s bulge with their gaze. They were sexy appealing women, but Lucas strolled right past them. He had his sights on Larry’s MILF in the corner.

He stood bahis firmaları directly above her chair, momentarily blocking the sun from where she was tanning.

Larry’s mom looked better in person. She didn’t look a day over 21. Her skin was taut and tan, like a college coed’s, and she had modest perky tits that she kept covered in a tiny string bikini. Best of all were her big dick sucking lips. Perfect for slipping his cock into.

“Hey there,” he said as she stirred. Larry’s mom looked up angrily at the man blocking her sun, but her face turned to surprise when she saw his package. A big young cock shoved into your face will do that to you.

“Hey,” she said seductively. Lucas grabbed her slender wrist and led her to the cabana, where he shoved her to her knees.

“You’re beautiful,” she said to him, but he wasn’t looking for compliments. He shoved his hard prick between her lips, shutting her up for the moment.

After draining his balls into her stomach, Larry’s mom begged him to stuff her pussy with his young cock.

“Maybe another time,” Lucas said, pulling back his speedo. He left the MILF on the floor of the cabana was her perky tits exposed and a look of longing on her face.

When he got back to the frat house, he found Larry scrubbing the floor of the living room with a tooth brush.

“Hey fuckface,” he called to Larry, “I got a job for you. Finish up in here later.”

Larry obediently followed Lucas up the stairs to his bedroom.

“See all this laundry? Figure out which is clean and which is dirty and then take care of both.” He pointed to the huge pile of clothes in the corner.

As Larry worked, Lucas lay on his bed staring at the boy and grinning.

“How badly do you want to be a brother here, pledge?”

“More than life itself,” Larry answered. This was the standard answer they were instructed to give when a brother asked this question to them.

“Really?” Lucas said coyly, “And why do you want to be a brother here?” He knew Larry would give the answer they all were ordered to.

“Because the brothers here are all Gods of sex and pleasure who dominate the world of pussy and cunt.”

“You’re damn right,” Lucas said, “I actually just got my prick sucked right before I came here.”

“Really?” Larry asked, “Was she hot?”

“Smoking hot,” Lucas said, grinning even wider, “I showed her my big prick and she could barely contain her excitement. She wanted to suck it right away.”

“That’s incredible,” Larry said.

“Pretty standard for me. All ladies love it when you’re packing a prick as big as mine.”

“So what did you do?” Larry asked.

“I fucked her face like I was ending world hunger,” he started. “She had these great perky tits that I fondled, and her lips were perfect for taking down this dick.”

“She sounds hot,” Larry said, “Tell me more.”

“What’s there to say?” Lucas asked laughing, “I held her by the back of her slut head and fucked her face until every inch of me was clogging her throat.”

“Then what happened?” Larry was clearly enjoying the story, having no idea that it was his own mother Lucas was describing.

“What the fuck do you think happened? I came. I flooded the bitch so deep that she’ll be tasting my cum tomorrow morning for breakfast.”

“Incredible,” Larry said, truly in awe.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Lucas said deviously. “I left that bitch dripping wet with my cum dribbling down her chin. She was begging me to fuck her, but I had already shot my load, so what did I need a slut like her for anymore?”

“She sounds like a real brainless bimbo,” Larry said, making Lucas burst into laughter.

After Larry was done sorting the laundry, Lucas reached into his pocket. He pulled out his speedo, which Larry’s mom had kissed all over when it was stretched to its limits with his hard boner.

“One last thing,” he said, tossing the speedo to Larry. “I want you to wash this one delicately. A true hand wash.”

“Yes sir,” Larry said, taking the speedo between his fingers.

That night, Lucas got Larry’s mom’s phone number from the pledge’s phone. He added it to his contacts, and then texted it a picture of his big throbbing erection.

“Remember this?” he said, and waited for her to respond. She did almost instantly, sending back a row of drooling heart eyed emojis.

“When r u goin to fuk me?” she typed back, “im dripping.” She send back a photo of herself spread wide on her expensive bed sheets, her free hand groping her big tit and twisting its nipple.

“Soon,” Lucas replied, “Enjoy one more dick pic as you take care of yourself tonight.” He snapped a new pic and send it to Larry’s mom confidently.

“im fist deep,” Larry’s mom said as she prodded herself deeper thinking about Lucas’s huge dick.

Over the next month, Lucas traded pics with Larry’s mom. Sometimes he would stop by her country club and let her drink his cum, but he never fucked her. He was waiting for his sick game to come to its end.

“I want you kaçak iddaa to fuck me so bad,” she begged the last time he drained himself inside her throat.

“Soon,” he promised, leaving her to pleasure herself on the floor of her country club.

It was the last night of pledging. As was tradition, each of the pledges drew from a bucket a small slip of paper. On the paper was their mission for the night: fuck whatever you found on the slip and prove it to the fraternity. Some got “blondes”, some got “tatted chick.” Of course, the year before, Lucas had gotten “MILF” which had gotten him started on all this in the first place.

But when Larry reached into the bucket, it was rigged. Lucas had made sure that Larry would draw a specific slip he had planted for him.

Larry unfurled his piece of paper before the crowd. His face contorted in confusion.

“My hand?” he read aloud, and the brothers laughed. Larry wasn’t even going to get to fuck as part of this thing.

“Don’t worry dude,” Lucas said, pretending to be Larry’s friend, “I’ll help you out here. Come up with me.”

He brought Larry away from the other brothers and up to his bedroom.

“I just got to jerk off,” Larry said, “I don’t think I need your help.”

“Nonsense,” Lucas said, “If the other pledges get to have fun with the challenge, you should as well.”

They opened the door to the bedroom. Inside, on the bed, was Lizzie. Lucas had specifically called her for the challenge, and filled her in on the fuck he’d had this semester.

“This is my friend Lizzie,” Lucas said, and Lizzie smiled and shook Larry’s hand.

“Aren’t you cute,” Lizzie said, stroking the pledge’s hairless chest with her dainty finger. Larry looked at the busty girl up and down, gulping as his pants grew a tent in her presence.

“You want me to, uh, do it in front of her?” Larry asked awkwardly.

“Yeah sweetheart, I can help you,” Lizzie said, doing a jerk off motion with her hand and licking her lips. “A young man like you shouldn’t be alone. And we can have some fun with it.”

“Exactly,” Lucas said, “And trust me, we can give you a real thrill.”

He pointed to the solid wooden door in the corner of the room. Opening it, Larry looked into the deep dark closet curiously.

“Here you go man,” Lucas said, putting a chair inside the closet. He grabbed a bottle of Vaseline from the counter and handed it to the pledge.

“You just sit in here with our friend Lizzie,” he ordered the pledge. Larry sat down in the chair, and Lizzie followed and placed her round bottom on the pledge’s lap. She giggled as she felt his little boner start to poke into her.

Lucas closed the door shut. Inside the closet, Larry and Lizzie couldn’t see a thing, but they could hear Lucas clearly as he promised he would be right back.

“Where’s he going?” Larry asked the girl.

“Don’t worry about it,” she told him, her face pressed against his as she whispered in his ear, “Just stay quiet and we can have some real fun in here.”

Larry stayed quiet. He reached for his dick, which was rock hard as he smelled Lizzie’s sweet skin, but she pulled his hand away.

“Wait for the fun, sweetie,” she whispered condescendingly. He held back.

They heard the door open to Lucas’s room. The sound of high heels clicking as two bodies entered the bed room.

“Get down on your knees, now.” Lucas’s loud booming voice echoed throughout the closet.

“Yes sir,” came the voice of his partner. The woman’s voice dripped with desire, and Larry and Lizzie listened for the soft sound her knees pressing against the wooden floor.

The zip of Lucas’s pants. The woman’s voice moaning as she pressed the warm cock against her cheeks. And then, the unmistakable gargling noises of a woman gulping a thick prick down her throat.

Lizzie whispered into Larry’s ear. “Why don’t you take out that prick of yours and enjoy the show? Lucas has that slut stuffed with his big prick and I bet you’re as turned on as I am.”

Larry followed the seductive sound of Lizzie’s voice and grabbed his own dick. His boner grazed Lizzie’s thigh as he touched it, but she didn’t reach to help him. The instructions had been for Larry to fuck his own hand, of course.

“Good boy,” Lizzie instructed, “Hold that dick in your hand and stroke. I bet you love to stroke yourself. Thinking about all the cute girls you see on TV and in class. I bet you’d love to have a slut slobber on your dick the way Lucas has right now.”

Larry gleefully stroked himself as the gargling noises in the room strengthened. Lizzie’s hot body pressed into him gave him waves of sexy sensations.

“Keep going,” Lizzie ordered in a throaty whisper, “Just keep that cock of yours going.”

Meanwhile, in the room, Lucas withdrew his cock from the hot throat of his partner. She let out a gasp as her airwaves unclogged, and he wiped his sticky cock on the cleavage of her big tits poking from her dress.

“I hope you’re ready to be fucked,” he said. The woman stood up kaçak bahis and zipped off her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She wore an elegant pair of hot pink lingerie. Keeping her eyes on his dripping meaty cock, she slipped her panties down her thighs and rubbed her clit for him.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

In the closet, Lizzie moaned into Larry’s ear. “Lucas’s big cock is amazing,” she told him, “I’ve been fucked by it so many times and he always makes me squirm. I bet she’s in for a great time.”

Lucas spread her legs and positioned his cockhead at her entrance. He felt the slippery entrance with his cock and knew she was hot and ready for him.

With a grin, he shoved into her wet cunt. The splash echoed into the closet, where Lizzie moaned deeper into Larry’s ear. Larry’s hand was glued to his prick and stroking as hard and fast as he knew how to.

“Fuck me!” shouted Lucas’s partner as he did just that. With every inch of his large dick, he expanded and prodded the inner cavity with gusto.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” the partner shouted, rolling out an orgasm and squirting all over Lucas’s dick.

“She’s getting fucked so good,” Lizzie whispered, “I bet her cunt is amazing. You just keep stroking there, little partner.”

Lucas watched her big tits jiggle as he fucked her. Knowingly, he grinned thinking about the poor fucker stroking in the closet. Lizzie would be taking care of him.

Larry was lost in his own stroking. The noises of Lucas’s fucking swirled in his head and Lizzie fed him instructions. “Keep pumping sweetheart. Don’t let any thoughts enter that tiny little head unless they keep you stroking harder.”

Larry blissfully kept at it.

“Fuck!” Lucas’s partner shouted as she came again. Lucas wasn’t even close to finishing, and knew that she would be experiencing many more orgasms before he flooded her snatch with his seed.

Lizzie listened to the soft slapping noises of Larry stroking beneath her. Her own cunt was pulsing with activity as she thought about Lucas in the room, fucking the shit out of Larry’s mom while he pumped in the closet unknowingly.

“I want you to touch my breast,” she told Larry, letting him grab at her huge right tit with his free hand. He was lost in a world of pumping his cock, and her big fleshy tit fueled him to keep going further.

Lizzie pressed her clit on top of her shorts, the short bursts of feeling propelling her towards her own orgasm.

“Squeeze that breast,” she ordered Larry, “Doesn’t it feel good? Doesn’t a stroking boy like you enjoy the feeling of my big tit in your hand?”

The room echoed with the moans of Larry’s mom’s orgasm.

Lucas grabbed Larry’s mom’s sweaty body with his hands. She was taking every inch of his cock, and he was starting to feel the tingle that meant he was ready to cum.

“I’m going to fill you with cum,” he promised the slut, “And you’re going to love every moment.”

“Yes yes yes!” she moaned in agreement, building towards her final orgasm.

Lucas buckled his hips. His balls contracted and he kept the pace of thrusting as he began to spew his loads into the well fucked cunt of Larry’s mom.

“Oh my god!” she moaned, her insides exploding with the hot wet splash of young cum inside her.

Inside the closet, Lizzie pulsed herself to her own orgasm, dripping fluids down Larry’s leg as he continued to stroke his rock hard boner.

“Fuck!” the MILF shouted as she came. Lucas hadn’t stopped cumming, and the hot load of fluids began to leak out of her tight cunt.

“Lick me clean,” Lucas ordered, shoving his sticky penis into her lips. She happily traced his shaft with her soft tongue, gulping down the sharp tasting remnants of his load.

Lizzie leaned into Larry’s ear. “She’s tasting every drop he has,” she told him, “Lucas’s big cock and those beautiful cock sucking lips.”

Lucas breathed a sigh of relief. He listened carefully, and could heard the sound of Larry still pumping away in the closet.

He lifted the sticky MILF off his bed and helped her up. She slipped back on her panties and zipped up her dress. Even in the expensive outfit, she still looked like a common whore with sperm coating her big tits and dripping down her thighs.

“That was incredible,” she told Lucas, but he ushered her out of his bedroom with a grin.

“I bet that slut is sleeping well tonight,” Lizzie whispered into Larry’s ear. “Are you ready to make your little mess yet?”

“Yes,” Larry mumbled.

“Okay sweetie, go ahead and shoot that load of yours.”

And he did. Larry pumped out a load of cum which splashed onto Lizzie’s thighs. He kept pumping, shooting load after load of cum onto Lizzie’s thigh.

“What a big boy,” Lizzie said, wiping the cum with her finger and tasting it between her lips, “How was that?”

“Incredible,” Larry said, “Who was that slut Lucas was pounding? She sounded hot.”

“I bet she was,” Lizzie said grinning. “Now let’s get you downstairs, little man, it sounds like you are ready to be initiated as a brother.”

Larry marched down the stairs of the frat house with Lizzie at his side. Even though he had just cum, Lizzie’s big tits jiggling on the staircase was starting to get him hard again.

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