Beth’s Erotic Adventures


Beth’s Erotic Adventures
This Story is fiction and contains adult material. It is intended for adult
readers only and contains b********y, i****t and F/F, M/F subjects.

Chapter one: Italian Restaurant

Beth Donaldson was a slim petite 34 year-old, long dark hair cascaded down
her back and deep green eyes surveyed the world in which she lived. At the
moment that world consisted of a quiet candle lit table tucked away in the
corner of a small Italian restaurant. Her husband Marcus sat across from
her as they drank their wine. Marcus was 38 years old, tall and slim with a
body that told of regular exercise. His piercing blues and shock of blonde
hair had been the first things Beth had noticed when she had first met him
as a shy teenage girl.
The meal was a to celebrate their 18 years of marriage, a time of
love, joy and discovery for both of them. A truly happy marriage that had
blessed them with two fine c***dren, Lisa who was just 16 years-old and an
almost carbon copy of Beth, and 17 year-old David, who at 6 foot 3 towered
over the rest of the family, he was even a good three inches taller than
his father.

“To us” Marcus toasted Beth, raising his glass to tap against hers.

Beth smiled at her husband as their glasses met, before they both drank
deeply. Her left foot was pressing into Marcus’s crotch, rubbing over the
outline of his erect cock, a cock that still amazed Beth with its size and
thickness. She was very aware of her own aroused state, her erect nipples
pressed against the thin material of the short black dress she wore, while
her pants were damp with the moisture from her horny pussy.
As the waitress took their sweet orders, Beth slipped form her
chair and headed towards the bathroom. Squeezing past the young Italian
girl she couldn’t resist brushing against her and had to fight a moan of
need escaping from her lips. Once in the bathroom she slid her panties off
and eased a finger into her aching pussy, rubbing her erect clit with her
thumb. Her body was burning with pleasure, it was as at that moment as she
stood leaning against a basin with a hand buried in her crotch that the
door opened and the young waitress stepped into the bathroom. Beth stopped
her self-pleasure and looked at the full breasted Italian girl in her white
blouse and short black skirt, she made no attempt to drop her dress and
cover her dripping pussy. The thought of the other woman looking at her
added to her already aroused state.

“Your husband asked me to come and make sure you are OK,” said the waitress
as she gazed at Beth’s naked lower region “is there anything I can do”

Beth stepped towards the waitress; standing close to her she raised her
pussy juice coated fingers to the girls lips. She moaned in desire as the
girls warm, moist tongue licked the juices from her hand. Together they
both slid to the carpeted floor next to the wash basins, their mouths met
in a passionate kiss as their bodies pressed together. Beth’s hands slid
over the waitress’s buttocks and under her skirt, she smiled as she
realised the girl was naked under the skirt. Hands pushed and pulled at
dress and blouse until their bodies met naked breasts to naked breasts,
nipples brushing together causing both girls to moan in pleasure.
Pushing the waitress to the floor Beth straddled the younger girls
face, pressing her pussy to the willing and waiting mouth and tongue. The
tongue slipped over her pussy, from her erect clitoris to her arse cheeks
before running back down and slipping between her labia and into her cunt
like a small hard cock. Beth lowered herself forward, she gazed at the
other girls waiting pussy, the hair neatly trimmed seeming to point the way
to waiting cunt. The lips were swollen with sexual arousal and coated in
the clear honey of her desire. Gently Beth lapped at the waiting nectar
savouring the taste and moaning in pleasure.
Together the two women moaned and writhed in pleasure as they
lapped and sucked at each other’s wet and willing cunts. Beth was the first
to orgasm, her already aroused and hot body needing very little stimulation
to drive her into a gut shaking orgasm. She screamed her pleasure as her
body shook to her orgasm flooding the waitress’s mouth with girl cum. As
her body rocked to her pleasure she closed her mouth over the younger girls
erect clit, sucking and lapping at it as she drove her fingers into the hot
wet pussy before her. As the waitress’s pussy started to convulse in
pleasure she removed her fingers and closed her mouth over the girl’s
pussy, sucking at the flowing juices of the girl’s orgasm.
As their orgasms subsided Beth slid round and kissed the other girl
deeply as her pussy rubbed along a naked thigh. Her arousal had only been
fed by the lesbian fun she had enjoyed with the young Italian
waitress. Standing they rearranged their clothes, Beth pulled the girl
close and kissed her once more, her body seeming to burn with need and

“Thank you”

The waitress seemed to glow in post orgasmic pleasure,

“I’d like to…”

“Call me, please” said Beth as she slipped from the bathroom.

When Beth reached the table where her husband sat sipping a glass of
brandy, she kissed him deeply and slid her hand down to his crotch, feeling
his cock jerk and start to grow.

“Mmm hope that’s for me,” she said as she slipped into her seat.

The same waitress approached the table carrying Beth’s sweet, as she set it
down she flashed a brief smile.

“Let me do your napkin madam”

As she placed a napkin on Beth’s lap she slipped a hand up her dress and
teased Beth’s pussy and clit with her fingers. Beth had to fight the urge
to clamp her legs closed around the invading hand. As the waitress
straightened up her fingers slipped free of the hot wet pussy flesh, and
with a flick of her hips she headed towards another table.
Beth watched her move away as she started to eat her sweet, her
foot was once more pressed to her husband’s crotch, rubbing and massaging
his erection.
Finishing their meal, Marcus paid the bill, leaving a large tip for
the very helpful waitress, at the door the waitress waited to bid them
goodnight. Beth couldn’t resist pulling her close and kissing her, as their
tongues met she ran her hands over the girls naked firm buttocks. Pulling
apart she pressed a piece of paper with their phone number into the girls

Leaving the restaurant Beth and Marcus walked slowly along the
street, Marcus slipped his hand around his wife’s waist, moving it under
her dress to cup and fondle her arse cheeks.

“I wish I could have watched you and the young Italian girl”

“Maybe next time you will be able to, and maybe join in”

“O yes baby I’d love that, I bet she’s got a nice tight pussy”

Grabbing her husband’s hand Beth pulled him into the dark opening of an

“But right now I need you to fuck me”

Reaching down she undid Marcus’s trousers freeing his erection to the cool
night air; she slid her hand over the long thick shaft, smearing the head
in the precum that was already leaking from it. Turning around she lent
against the wall, moaning in joy as Marcus’s cock-head pushed between her
swollen labia and sank deep into her fuck-tunnel to nestle against her
cervix. She moaned; grinding her hips as Marcus slowly fucked her in deep
long stokes, every nerve seemed to be centred on her pussy as the cock
moved inside her. She could feel her orgasm beginning to build when Marcus
whispered to her.

“We’ve got an audience”

Beth quickly looked around, in the dim light from the street she saw an old
man, dressed in scruffy dirt old clothes standing a few feet away. His hand
was pumping his erection as he watched them fuck, Beth’s body responded in
wanton lust at the sight as she orgasmed.

“I think you should offer him a hand Beth,” said Marcus as he eased her
from the wall and pushed her to her knees, his cock still securely locked
in her cunt.
The old man didn’t need asking, he stepped forward and pushed his
cock at Beth’s mouth. As the cock-head brushed against her lips Beth
allowed it to slide into her mouth, the first taste almost made her gag, a
mixture of dirt, sweat, piss and dried spunk. The old man was non too
gentle, taking hold of her head he rammed his cock full onto her mouth;
Beth had to fight the urge to gag a second time as the cock pushed into her
throat. Pulling her head back she reached up with one hand and wrapped it
around the strangers shaft. She felt Marcus hold her up, as she sucked,
licked and masturbated the cock in her mouth.
Her body rocked forward and back as Marcus increased his pace, he
was reaming his cock deep into her womb the head pushing through her cervix
as he pounded her. The sensation pushed her over into a second orgasm. As
she moaned around a mouth full of cock she heard Marcus cry in pleasure.

“O fuck yes baby, I’m cuming o yes I’m cuming, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Beth’s body seemed to shake to orgasm after orgasm as Marcus pumped his
seed deep into her hot convulsing pussy. The old man pulled his cock from
her mouth and suddenly hot sticky cum was shooting onto her face and into
her hair. She tried to capture the pulsing cock-head in her mouth, but the
old man wouldn’t let her. Instead he directed his shooting cum onto her
body; finally he wiped the last dribbles over her face as his cock shrank.
As Marcus slid his softening cock from her pussy she stood up, cum
ran down her face and with her hand she wiped it up transferring the salty
cream to her mouth. Her dress and hair were covered in globs of cum from
the old man, while her pussy dripped Marcus’s sperm down her legs. Stepping
back out into the street Marcus and Beth made their way home, Beth amazed
at how horny she still felt.

Chapter two: Pleasure continued

Beth followed her husband into the house carefully closing the door behind

“God you look like a slut” laughed Marcus as he kissed his wife “you need a

“Mmm wash my back”

“Of course I will”

“Why don’t you go upstairs, I need to put this dress to soak or it’ll be

As her husband headed up stairs Beth moved down the hall to the kitchen,
filling the sink with warm soapy water she slipped the dress off and pushed
it into the water. Standing there she looked at her reflection in the
mirror, reaching up she cupped her breasts, brushing her nipples and
feeling them respond instantly as her pussy responded with a desire to be
touched. She slipped a finger into her waiting pussy; lifting it she licked
the sperm and pussy cream from it before sliding it once more into
her. This time when she lifted her cum coated fingers she smeared them over
her breasts, what brought her back to her senses was the feel of a cold wet
nose pressing against her probing hand.
Looking down her gaze locked with the soulful eyes of Troy the
family dog, Troy was a true mongrel, in his ancestry he seemed to have
husky, alsatian and labrador. Crouching down Beth hugged him,

“Hey boy”

Her breath caught as Troy’s tongue flicked over her naked breasts, causing
the nipples to tingle in pleasure. She sat there for a few moments enjoying
the feel of the rough tongue on her body, suddenly she shook her head ‘my
god’ she thought ‘what am I doing’. Standing she quickly headed upstairs.
At the top of the stairs she carefully eased open the door to her son’s
room to check he was asleep. He was lying on his back; the sheet tangled
and twisted around his legs, in a wave of motherly love she entered the
room to straighten the sheet. As she untangled it she found her eyes on the
same level as David’s cock, a cock that stood hard and erect from his
crotch. She was shocked to realise that the sight of her son’s hardon was
increasing her arousal. In a seeming dream she found herself licking the
cock-head before allowing it to slide into her mouth. She moaned at the
feel of the hard fuck-tool as her tongue slid over the smooth hot flesh of
David’s cock-head. David moaned in his sleep his hips rising to push his
cock deeper into Beth’s mouth.

“Ohhh Helen that feels so good”

Beth realised her son was dreaming that it was his girlfriend Helen who was
sucking him off. She new it was wrong and definitely depraved but she
couldn’t wait to taste her son’s cum and so she started to suck and lick
his cock as she moved her mouth up and down his cock shaft. It didn’t seem
to take long before David’s cock jerked in her mouth shooting hot sperm
down her throat. As her son’s cock filled her mouth, her hand worked on
her dripping pussy and clit driving her towards an orgasm of her own.
David stirred again and opened his eyes, quickly Beth stood,
releasing his cock,

“Who who’s there?”

“It’s OK baby its just mommy, you were dreaming and I came to see if you’re
OK,” she said as she covered him with the sheet. “Go back to sleep and I’ll
see you in the morning.”

Bending down she kissed David lightly on the forehead and headed out of the
room. She was both shocked and aroused by what she had just done, her pussy
was burning with a need for release. Moving down towards the master bedroom
she stopped at Lisa’s room, she was just about to open the door, when it
was opened from inside. Lisa stood before her as naked at Beth herself.

“Mom, you’re home”

“Yes honey, what are you doing up?”

“Thought I heard a noise”

“O well get back to bed OK”

“Mmm OK,” Lisa moved closer to kiss her mom goodnight, Beth was flustered
as she realised her sixteen year old daughter’s nudity was turning her
on. Unable to resist she slipped an arm around Lisa’s body pulling their
bodies together, as their breasts pressed together Beth brushed Lisa’s lips
with her own. She was amazed when rather than pulling away Lisa returned
the embrace; she felt Lisa’s lips part and her tongue brush against her
lips. She opened her lips welcoming her daughter’s probing tongue into her
mouth, very aware that Lisa would be able to taste her son’s cum. Fighting
the urge to sink into the arms of this teenage vixen who although her
daughter offered pleasure and passion she pulled away breaking their

“No Lisa we mustn’t”

“Please momma, I need you”


Beth’s protests where stooped by her daughter’s mouth as she kissed her mom
in a truly undaughterly way. Unaware of how it happened Beth found herself
falling backwards onto Lisa’s bed. She tried to stand, to resist her
daughter’s touch and embrace, to fight the lust that burnt like a furnace
within her. Lisa however held her mother in place, holding her weakly
struggling mother still as she licked kissed her firm breasts, tasting the
dried juices that coated her nipples. The pushing of Beth’s hands turned to
pulling as she held her hot young daughter against her, feeding her breasts
to the probing mouth. Beth moaned as she felt her daughter’s thigh press
against her hot swollen pussy, rubbing against her engorged clit. She moved
her own thigh between her daughter’s spread legs, pressing it tight against
Lisa’s hot dripping pussy. Suddenly Lisa sat up; she moved her legs until
they sat facing each other, her pussy pressed against Beth’s. Beth moaned
in pleasure as she felt her clit rub against Lisa’s pussy lips and the soft
downy hair that coated the younger girls cunt. Together they moved their
hips, driving their cunts together, the room filled with the sounds of wet
pussy against wet pussy and the moans and cries of their pleasure and
passion. They continued to make love in this way as their desire and need
for release built, hips moving faster and faster, pussy pressed tight
against pussy, until with moans and screams of pleasure they both orgasmed

“O god mummy, I’m cuming, I’m cuming”

“O fuck yes baby so am I, so am I”

Their bodies were drenched in sweat, their thighs and cunts soaked in girl
cum as they orgasmed together. After their bodies recovered the two women
kissed, Beth held her daughter cradled in her arms as they recovered from
their orgasms. Finally Beth climbed from the bed, covering her daughter
with a sheet she kissed her deeply.

“Sleep tight my love,” whispered Beth

“Momma I.”

“Sshhh it’s OK Lisa honey”

“Can we do this again?”

“We’ll talk about it in the morning”

With that Beth slipped from her daughter’s room and walked straight into
her husband. Marcus was standing in the hall; the wall and carpet were wet
with his cum as his hand slid from his dripping cock.

“God Beth that was so fucking hot”

Beth smiled at her husband; taking his hand she led him to their bedroom,
she kissed him tasting the fresh mint taste of toothpaste.

“I’m just gonna take a shower, don’t go away and see if you can get this up
again” she said as she cupped his soft cock.

Beth stood under the hot shower, washing the sweat and cum from her body,
stepping from it she quickly towelled herself dry and head back into the
master bedroom. Marcus was lying on the bed, his cock semi hard as he
looked at his amazing hot wife.

“Sorry babe, not quite there yet”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Fuck, your horny tonight Beth”


“Lets see, there’s something I’d quite like to try”

“What’s that?”

“OK honey, lie on the edge of the bed”

Beth looked at her husband, wondering what he planned, she realised she
didn’t care as long as she got some hot cock in her pussy. She did as her
husband had asked; her bottom on the edge of the bed and legs hanging down.

“Good, now you’ve got to close your eyes, if you think you may peek then
I’ll blindfold you”

“Mmmm kinky, what ever your planning has you hot” Beth said as she looked
at her husband’s fully erect cock, “I’ll keep my eyes closed, honest”

Closing her eye’s Beth listened to her husband moving around, he left the
room and Beth had to fight the urge not to peek. Moments later she heard
the bedroom door close,

“OK Beth, just relax and enjoy, don’t freak out OK”

“What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry, just enjoy”

Beth relaxed; she felt Marcus’s hands on her thighs, easing them apart,
then he was kissing them. A finger slid over her labia causing her to moan
in pleasure, then suddenly they were gone. She felt something brush
against her thighs, then suddenly a long, wet, rough tongue swiped over her
pussy and clit. She started to close her legs, but Marcus held them open,

“Relax baby I know you’re gonna enjoy this”

“No Marcus stop him, please I don’t want.. O fuck that feels sooo gooooood”

Beth couldn’t help but moan in pleasure, as Troy’s tongue seemed to drill
deep into her pussy as his nose pressed into her labia. Even though she was
shocked by what her husband had organised she found herself responding to
the deeply probing tongue. She opened her eyes and looked at her husband,
he was sitting beside her slowly masturbating.

“Bet your ready for a nice hard cock aren’t you”

“O fuck ahhhh, yes baby, fuck me please fuck me”

Marcus smiled, his eye’s burning with desire, “I’m not going to fuck you,
at least not yet, I think it’s only fair that Troy get to fuck the hot
bitch he’s licking”


“It’s only right babe, he got you this hot, so why not. After all so far
tonight you’ve fucked Lisa and sucked Dave off, Troy’s the only member of
the family not to have been pleasured by you”

Beth tried to fight the waves of pleasure that rocked through her body as
Troy’s tongue lapped at her dripping cunt.

“You saw me in Dave’s room”

“Of course, I must admit I can’t wait to see him fuck you, I’m also looking
forward to trying Lisa’s tight young pussy”

The thought of fucking her son sent waves of desire coursing through her
body, she was amazed at how hot she found the thought of watching Marcus
make love to their daughter. Marcus climbing off the bed brought her back
to the present, she watched as he gently pulled Troy from between her
thighs. Marcus lifted Troy’s front legs onto the bed and Beth caught her
first sight of the dog’s erect cock. She was surprised at the size of it;
it had to be at least eight inches long, the tapered head was dripping
precum as Marcus moved Troy closer to her pussy. As the cock-head brushed
against her crotch, Troy started jabbing his hips forward looking for her
opening. She cried in pleasure as the cock jabbed against her engorged
clitoris, then Marcus was guiding the doggy cock to her pussy. As the
cock-head slipped between her labia Troy jerked forward and buried the
entire length in her cunt. When he withdrew he pulled too far back and his
cock slipped from Beth’s cunt, she moaned in frustration, but Marcus once
more guided the dog to her willing fuck-hole. Beth slid lowered down the
bed and wrapped her legs around the dog’s haunches pulling him deep into
Beth couldn’t believe how good Troy’s cock felt as it plunged in
and out of her cunt in quick sharp jabs. Pulling the dog’s head down she
felt the rough, wet tongue swipe over her breasts, before moving up to her
face. She opened her mouth to moan in pleasure and suddenly found it filled
with Troy’s tongue. Rather than being repulsed by it she found herself
enjoying the sensation, she sucked on the tongue as her hips lifted to
drive the canine cock deep into her womb. Then she felt Troy’s knot push
into her, the sensation pushed her over into an orgasm and she cried in joy
and pleasure. A second and then third orgasm quickly followed as she felt
Troy’s hot dog sperm shoot into her womb. Her legs relaxed and she lay
still as the dog continued to shoot sperm into her willing body. Finally
Troy’s orgasm had finished, she held him close kissing his face and snout
until his cock slid from her dripping pussy.
She lay their in post orgasmic bliss, thoughts of sleep were pushed
from her mind when Marcus moved between her thighs and pushed his cock into
her doggy cum dripping pussy. He was that aroused from the sight of his
wife fucking the family dog that it wasn’t long before he was pumping his
seed into her womb, to mix with the dog cum already there.
Finally they both climbed into bed, as she closed her eyes Beth
glanced at the clock, 3am, then she fell asleep.

Chapter three: Doggy fun

It was late morning when Beth awoke, as she took a shower she
thought of the events of the previous night. She was shocked at how she’d
let her lust drive away any common sense, however the sexual side of her
mind pointed out that she’d happily do it all again and even more. In the
bedroom she quickly made the bed before pulling on a short silk robe and
heading downstairs. On her way down she checked her son and daughter’s
rooms to see if they were about.
There was a note from her husband on the kitchen table.

I’ve been called into the office, should be back this evening, k**s
are going out, so the house is all yours. See you later



Going shopping, back this afternoon.

Love you lots

Spending the day with Helen, we’re going to the beach. Back


Beth looked into the back garden, the hot sun glinted on the sparkling
water of the pool, quickly she fixed herself a snack, grabbed the sun
lotion and headed outside. The back garden and pool were private, tall
hedges and a fence kept the eyes of prying neighbours away, especially near
the house.
Sitting on the patio Beth ate her snack, when Troy wandered out she
shared it with him, sitting in the sun she slipped her robe off and started
to run lotion into her naked body. As her hands moved over her breasts she
tweaked her nipples feeling them respond to her touch. By the time she had
covered herself in sun lotion her nipples were like bullets and her pussy
was wet with her arousal. She lay back allowing the sun to bathe her body
in its hot rays.
Sitting beside his mistress Troy became aware of the smell of her
aroused pussy, as his own body responded to the sent he moved closer.
At the touch of Troy’s nose Beth allowed her legs to fall apart,
the first swipe of his tongue sent shivers through her body, the second
made her groan in pleasure.

“Ooh that’s it lick mommy’s pussy with your long wet tongue”

Beth slowly played with her breasts as Troy’s tongue lapped and drilled at
her now dripping crotch. Reaching down she held the dog’s snout against her
pussy as her hips jerked with every swipe and thrust of it’s tongue. In no
time at all the probing tongue had driven her pussy to shattering orgasm,
her body shook with pleasure Beth pulled the dog from her pussy.

“Oooo what a good boy you are Troy, but mommy want’s Troy’s doggy cock now”

Beth sat there for a moment, before quickly grabbing some towels, she
dropped a pile on the floor, before kneeling on them and presenting her
backside to the horny dog. She quickly d****d another towel over herself as
Troy mounted her. Reaching back she guided the doggy cock to her waiting
pussy. As it slid into her she pushed back until she felt Troy’s fury
haunches press against her arse. As Troy fucked her in quick energetic
strokes she savoured the feel of a pussy filled with cock. Once again she
felt the base of Troy’s cock swell, as the ball pushed into her cunt she
orgasmed, the world seeming to fade as her body shook to its
release. Moments later she came again as Troy pumped her full of doggy cum.
Leaning forward she waited for Troy’s cock to slide free, as it did
she was stopped from moving by al low growl. Looking behind her she saw a
Great Dane moving towards her, the strange dog evidently thought it was his
turn at the bitch in heat. Thoughts of trying to get away from the strange
dog evaporated when she caught site of the erect cock between it’s legs. It
had to be at least 12 inches long, as it quivered and dripped with precum.
As the Great Dane mounted her Beth grabbed the large phallus and
moved to her willing pussy. Beth fought a scream as the cock pushed deep
into her in one quick thrust, stretching her pussy wide. The pain rapidly
subsided to be replaced by pleasure, soon she was moving back and forth to
meet the dog’s thrusts. The pain returned when the dog’s knot pushed into
her pussy, stretching her wide. Soon even that turned to pleasure as she
orgasmed on the dog cock buried in her cunt.

“O fuck yes, cuming cuming cuuummmmmiiiinnnnnnggg”

Beth cried in pleasure of release,

“O yes fuck me, fuck me hard, cum for me boy fill my cunt with your hot
doggy spunk, o fuck yes yes yes yeeeeessssssssss”

A second orgasm followed, as the dog cock in her pussy seemed to swell even
more before scalding cum flooded into her womb.
She crouched there under the strange dog as she waited for his knot
to shrink so he could pull free. Unbeknown to Beth she’d had an audience
for her dog fuck session, Lisa stood in the kitchen just inside the door,
she’d arrived home in time to watch her mother being fucked by first Troy
and now the strange dog. She slid her fingers from her still palpitating
pussy, feeling her girl cum running down her thighs. Licking her fingers
clean she quickly stripped the remainder of her clothes off and headed
outside towards her mother, who was still tied with the Great Dane.

“Hi Mom”

Beth raised her head to find her daughter standing naked before her; Lisa’s
body was flushed with sexual arousal, her pussy literally dripping with
juices. The Great Dane seemed to be in no hurry to withdraw from her cunt,
in fact when she moved the dog cock seemed to swell inside her. She watched
in silence as Lisa crouched down beside her to look at the cock buried in
her pussy. As she turned her head she felt the Great Dane start to thrust
into her again, the sensation firing her own sexual arousal.
Lisa wanted to watch her mom get fucked by the dog, but her pussy
was crying out for some attention of its own. She slipped under her mom’s
kneeling body, stopping to kiss her hanging breasts before moving
lower. Looking up at her mom’s cunt she could now watch the large dog cock
fuck deep into her mom’s pussy. The position also offered her mom the
delightful chance of sucking Lisa’s pussy. She slowly licked the juices
that were dripping from her mom’s pussy tasting the salty dog cum mixed
with pussy juice. She moaned in pleasure as she felt Beth’s tongue lap at
her own dripping cunt, before sticking her tongue out and running it along
the dog cock as it appeared coated in jism and cum.
Beth lapped at her daughter’s pussy, savouring the clean taste of
her nectar. She pulled apart the girl’s pussy lips, spearing her tongue
into her daughter’s cunt like a tiny cock. Suddenly her tongue was joined
by that of Troy’s, who smelling another pussy had come to investigate.
Pulling up she offered full access to the dog, watching Troy lap and lick
her daughter’s cunt she slid her hand over the dog’s body. Slipping it
under him she fondled his swelling cock, feeling it push free of its
Lifting her head Beth moaned in pleasure as she felt the dog cock
swell inside her,

“I’m cuming, mommy’s cuming O fuck yes aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Beth orgasmed as she felt the cock pump a second load of hot cum into her
womb, while beneath her Lisa thrashed and moaned to her own orgasm as
Troy’s tongue lapped at her spasming cunt.
It took a few minutes for the Great Dane’s cock to shrink enough to
allow him to pull free of Beth’s pussy. When he did it released a vast
amount of cum that ran down her thighs and onto Lisa’s face below. Turning
round Beth looked at her daughter, bending down she kissed her and licked
the splashed cum from her.

“I love you baby”

“I love you too mummy”

Sitting up Lisa pushed Troy’s mouth from her pussy,

“Do you think he’ll fuck me?” asked Lisa

“Do you want him to”

“Ooo yes please”

“Let’s go inside then,” standing she helped her daughter to her feet, “come
on Troy”

As mother and daughter headed for the house with Troy following the Great
Dane lay by the pool licking at his well fucked cock.

Beth led her daughter into the house and up to her bedroom.

“OK baby, before we go any further I need to know if you’re a virgin”


“Are you sure you want Troy to take it”

“I just want to be fucked mom”

“OK, it might hurt at first”

Lisa lay down on the edge of the bed, then Beth moved Troy between her
daughter’s parted legs, as he caught the sent of her aroused pussy he moved
his head to smell it, soon he was once more licking at the teenager’s honey
pot. Beth knelt beside the dog; slowly she slid her hand underneath him and
wrapped her fingers around his rapidly growing cock.
The taste of Lisa’s pussy and Beth’s hand job soon had Troy’s cock
fully erect, Beth pulled Troy from her daughter and lifted him so his front
paws were on the bed. Then she guided his erect cock to her daughter’s wet
and willing pussy.

“OK baby, here it comes, just relax”

Lisa moaned in anticipation as Troy stood over her, she felt his cock-head
brush against her labia, before her mom guided it to her waiting cunt. She
looked up and watched her mom trying to control Troy, but when his
cock-head sank into the velvety opening of her pussy he thrust quickly
forward burying the entire length in her cunt. She screamed in pain as the
doggy cock ripped away her virginity in one quick thrust. As Troy pounded
into her the pain slowly faded and changed as her body responding to the
rutting dog. As her pleasure increased she wrapped her legs around the
dog’s back drawing him deep into her. Her hips were now thrusting up to
meet each of Troy’s forward jabs, her breath panting in her lungs.

“O mummy I’m cuming mommy I’m cuming”

Beth watched her daughter writhe beneath the dog as she orgasmed, her
screams of pleasure filling the bedroom. Scream’s and moans that increased
as Troy’s knot pushed into her and moments later he flooded her pussy with
his cum. Lisa lay cradled in her mom’s arms as they waited for Troy to pull
free, finally after a few minutes he did, leaving Lisa with a strange empty
Beth quickly moved between her daughter’s thighs licking and
sucking the liquid that ran freely from her pussy. The salty taste of doggy
cum filled her mouth, she felt Lisa pull at her legs and lifted one to
allow her to slip beneath her and gain access to her pussy.
Mother and daughter licked and sucked at each other’s cunt’s, both
enjoying the flavour of each other’s pussy juice, the situation seeming to
be enhanced by the fact that both of them were drinking dog cum. They drove
each other to orgasm before pulling apart to fall asleep in each other’s

Chapter four: Playing with the k**s

Lisa awoke to the feel of lips kissing her inner thigh, opening her eyes
she looked down at her father who knelt naked beside the bed.

“I think your daddy would like to make love to you,” said Beth from her
position beside Lisa “that’s if you would like him to”

“Ooo yes please daddy, will you” asked Lisa as she gazed at his erect cock.

Marcus smiled at his wife and daughter,

“If you really want me to baby”

Marcus smiled at the two most beautiful women he had ever seen, he was
looking forward to making love to his daughter. He’d been fantasising about
this very possibility since Lisa’s thirteenth birthday and now he was going
to fulfil that dream. Climbing onto the bed he kissed his wife and
daughter, then he started to explore the young teenage girl who lay
willingly before him. He kissed and licked his way over her face and neck
before moving down to her pert young breasts. She shuddered in pleasure, as
he tasted her nipples, before sinking lower across her belly. Teasingly he
slipped past her waiting pussy to kiss her feet and ankles before moving up
one leg and then the other. Lisa was moaning in pleasure, pulling at his
head to bring it to her crotch. Looking up he saw his wife paying homage to
the young girl’s breasts as he lowered his mouth to her pussy.
He slid his tongue over her pussy slit from her pink rosebud anus
to her erect clit. As he teased her clit with his tongue he pushed kaçak bahis a finger
into her pussy. The muscles gripped his finger drawing it deeper into her
body as he sucked at her clit like a baby at its mother’s breast.

“O god daddy, fuck me, fuck me now pleeeeaaaassssseeeee”

Marcus didn’t need asking a second time, lifting his face he moved up his
daughter’s body until his cock was nudging at her pussy. Beth’s hand closed
around his cock squeezing it as she guided it to Lisa’s pussy opening.
Lisa lifted her hips to meet her father’s downward plunge as his
cock slid into her womb. She moaned in pleasure, it felt so good, Troy had
been good but her dad’s cock felt so much better. She was just beginning to
enjoy herself when her brother’s voiced drifted up from downstairs.

“Anybody home”

Beth was enjoying the sight of her husband and daughter fucking when David
called out.

“I’ll take care of it,” she said as she climbed from the bed and slipped
her silk robe on.

David was standing at the bottom of the stairs when Beth reached the top,
allowing the robe to fall open she looked down at her son. She watched his
face flush as he looked up at her, she was very aware that he would be able
to see her pussy from where he stood.

“Hi David” she said as she seductively walked down the stairs, her robe
swinging open with each step.

“M M Mom, hi”

David was now blushing deeply; Beth unashamedly looked at his crotch,
licking her lips as she saw the outline of his quickly expanding cock.

“Did you have a good day”

“Not really, Helen and I broke up,” David said in a hurt voice “She’s been
seeing someone else”

“O I’m sorry baby”

Reaching the bottom of the stairs Beth hugged her son, her motherly
instincts fighting with her desire. She had to fight back a moan of need as
she felt David’s erection press against her stomach. Holding his hand Beth
led David into the living room, sitting on the settee beside him she turned
to look at him.

“Do you want to talk about it David?”

“I don’t know mom,” David said.

Beth’s robe was hanging fully open, allowing David a full view of her naked
body, his eyes seemed to burn into her flesh. Gently she placed a hand on
his thigh before sliding it up to his erect cock.

“I’m here to help you love, if you need anything just ask”

As Beth spoke her hand squeezed her son’s cock through his jeans bring a
moan from his parted lips.

“Mom what’s..”

“Shhh baby it’s OK”

David’s head was in turmoil, all thoughts of his former girlfriend were
pushed from his mind as he gazed at his mom’s amazing body. The hand that
was squeezing his cock through his jeans seemed to destroy all rational
thought. In a seeming dream he reached up and brushed one of his mom’s
naked breasts, she moaned in pleasure as his hand touched her erect
nipple. He felt her hands unfastening his jeans and when she asked he stood
up, allowing her to push his trousers and underwear down. His cock sprang
free to slap against his stomach as he pulled his shirt off.
Beth allowed her robe to fall from her shoulders as her naked son
stood before her, reaching out she licked his swollen cock-head before
allowing it to slip between her lips. She licked the velvet cock-head as it
slid into her mouth before allowing it to slip free. Tilting her head she
licked and kissed the shaft of her son’s cock before closing her mouth over
his swollen, cum filled balls. She sucked them while moving a hand up and
down the hot hard shaft. Her ears were filled with David’s moans of
pleasure, moans that increased as she once more allowed the cock-head to
slip between her lips. Beth could taste the precum that was flowing freely
from her son’s piss hole, she was torn between continuing with the blowjob
and allowing him to fuck her. She decided on continuing, she found she
couldn’t wait to taste his cum once more and after all she thought, he was
young so should recuperate quickly.
David was in heaven, he’d dreamed making love to his mom and now
here she was giving him head. He new he wouldn’t be able to last much
longer as he felt his orgasm fast approaching under his mom’s expert
touch. As he pushed his fingers through her hair the feel of her mouth
brought to mind a dream he’d had the night before, he now wondered if it
had been just a dream.

“O god mom, I’m cuming o fuck yes, I’m cuming cuming ahhhhhhhhh”

David’s hips jerked as his hands closed around his mom’s head and he
started to fuck her mouth as he felt his hot sperm pump from his cock.
Beth relaxed as David’s cock-head pushed into her throat, moments
later she felt his hot cum hit her throat, her mouth filled with jism as
she swallowed it down. By the time David’s cock had finished pumping his
seed her mouth was filled with cum, it dribbled down her chin and onto her
breasts. Releasing David’s cock she wiped the spilt cum from her chin and
rubbed it into her stomach and breasts. She was pleased to see David’s cock
was still fully erect, the head glistening with her saliva, easing backward
she lay on the floor and looked at her son.

“Fuck me David, fuck me now, ram your beautiful hard cock in mommy’s hot
wet pussy”

David moved between his mom’s spread legs, lying above her he guided his
cock to her waiting pussy. He slid the crimson head over her pussy lips
coating it in her juices, he brushed it over her clit making her body jerk
and her moan beneath him. He pushed his cock-head between her labia and
felt it slide into her fuck-hole, deeper and deeper his slid until their
crotches met. He lay still for a moment enjoying the sensation of his cock
enclosed in the hot embrace of his mom’s pussy.
Beth lay beneath her son, savouring the feel of his young cock,
wrapping her legs around his back she started to move her hips, lifting and
circling them as David started to slowly fuck her. As their passion
increased they moved faster and faster, the room filled to their moans and
cries of pleasure, and the slap of flesh against flesh.
David was reaming his cock into his willing mom when he felt a cold
nose push against his balls.

“What the fuck”

Looking around he saw Troy standing behind him, moments later he felt a
rough tongue swipe over his balls and arse.

“Fuck off Troy, go on get out of here”

Beth lifted her head and saw Troy standing behind her son,

“Troy come here boy” she called

As Troy moved around them she noticed his erection, it glistened with
lubricant, the head dripping with precum. Reaching out she pulled the dog
towards her, before wrapping a hand around the canine phallus.
David watched in amazement, here he was fucking his gorgeous mom
while she masturbated the family dog.

“Why don’t you suck it”

Beth looked at her son in surprise, suck the dog, the thought made her hot,
it evidently did the same to David as he was now pounding into her pussy
like a sledgehammer. Pulling Troy over her Beth looked at the dripping dog
cock above her, sticking out her tongue she licked the head. The taste was
different to a mans but wasn’t bad, lifting her head she allowed the cock
to enter her mouth, bathing it with her tongue. Her hips were lifting to
meet her son’s thrusts as she bobbed her head sliding her mouth up and down
Troy’s cock.
The sight of his mom giving the dog a blowjob was too much for
David and he felt his balls tighten and his cock jerk as he rammed his cock
deep into her womb as his jism flooded into her.
At the feel of her son’s hot spunk flooding into her cunt Beth
orgasmed, her body shook with pleasure, her cunt milking her son’s
squirting cock. Her moans and cries were muffled by the dog cock that
filled her mouth, a cock which even as she orgasmed started to flood her
mouth with jism. Dog cum flooded down her throat and spilled from the
corners of her mouth to run down her cheeks. Finally she released the
dripping cock, the last spurt hitting her face before Troy moved away and
flopped down to wash himself. She reached up to wipe her face, licking her
hand clean before pulling David’s face down and kissing him deeply, feeling
his tongue explore her cum tasting mouth.
David was still locked within her pussy, his cock throbbing with
his heartbeat was still hard and as they lay together he started to move
his hips once more. Beth moaned in appreciation at her young lover’s
stamina as she moved her hips to meet his.

“O god baby that feels soooo good, oohh that’s it honey fuck mommy”

“O mom you’re so fucking hot, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I love you”

“Mmmm baby I love you too”

Locked together they rolled over until Beth sat up straddling her son’s
hips, his cock buried deep within her cunt. She moved upon his fuck-rod,
plunging it deep into her willing body. Leaning forward she offered her
swinging breasts to her son’s mouth, he suckled at them like a baby as she
ground her pussy on his cock. Reaching between their bodies she rubbed and
pulled at her erect clitoris sending sparks of pleasure through her
body. As her pleasure increased her movements became faster, until she
pulled her breasts free of her son’s mouth and sitting up started to pound
her pussy on his cock.

“O baby so deep, so fucking hard, o god yes baby yes, fuck mommy’s slut
pussy, o fuck yes yes yeeeeeessssssssssssssss” she screamed as she

Beth’s pussy gripped David’s cock like a vice, the muscles seeming to milk
the shaft as though sucking the sperm from his balls. As his mom screamed
and cried in pleasure above him, David felt his cum rise and start its
journey from his balls to his mom’s womb.

“O shit here it comes mom, I’m cuming I’m cuming fuck yes o fuck o

Grabbing Beth’s hips David pulled her tight against his groin feeling his
jism pump deep into her convulsing womb.
As their orgasms subsided they fell into each other’s arms, their
bodies coated in the sweat of their passion. They held each other close
muttering words of love and passion to each other as their breathing and
heart rates returned to normal.
As Beth felt David’s softening cock slip from her well fucked pussy
she climbed off him and stood. Holding his hand as he stood she led him
from the living room and up the stairs to her bedroom, where Lisa and
Marcus lay together in post orgasmic pleasure.

“Dad and Lisa?” David said in shock as he looked at his teenage sister and
their father.

Climbing on the bed Beth kissed her husband and daughter.

“How was it honey” Beth asked Lisa

“Amazing mom, how was Davie”


Lisa pulled her brother close as he joined them on the bed and kissed him
in a very unsisterly way, rubbing her hand over his soft cum coated cock.

“My turn next big brother”

Beth smiled as she saw her son’s cock jerk and begin to swell as Lisa
fondled it.

“Looks like your turn might be now” she said smiling

Lisa smiled back “Oooo goody”

Beth watched as Lisa pulled her brother on top of her and guided his cock
to her waiting pussy. As her son pushed into Lisa, Beth felt her husbands
cock stir against her, moments later Marcus pushed his erect cock into her
pussy from behind. Beth kissed her daughter as Marcus and David fucked them
in slow steady movements. Slowly the pace increased, father and son trying
to match each others movements and pace until with mingled cries they each
unloaded their cocks in the hot wet pussys that held them, their cries of
pleasure were joined by the women’s as they orgasmed together.
Finally they all relaxed, a tangle of arms and legs as they fell
into a deep post orgasmic sleep.

Chapter five: The shopping trip

Over the next few weeks Beth seemed to be in a state of constant
sexual arousal as she was pleasured by her c***dren, husband and Troy. It
came as a let down when a couple of weeks later when Marcus announced he
had to go away on a business trip. David had left the previous day on a
camping trip with some of his friends and Lisa was due to leave the
following day for a holiday with one of her friends and her family.
After a couple of days without sex Beth was burning with need,
masturbating only seemed to increase her arousal and desire. What didn’t
help was that Troy wasn’t even available to satisfy her needs because David
had taken him along. She thought of contacting the young Italian girl from
the restaurant, but the problem was that what she really needed was a good
hard cock.
After a couple of days of wondering around in a horny state she
decided to try and take her mind of her sexual frustration by going clothes
shopping. So the following morning after a quick shower she dressed in a
thin summer dress that hugged her slim figure and headed into town.
She wondered around the main shopping mall before heading down a
side street where the more exclusive shops were to be found. She wondered
down the street window shopping until she came to a lingerie shop. Stepping
inside she browsed through the racks of silk and lace garments picking
those out that caught her eye.

“If you would like to try them on there are some changing rooms at the

Beth turned and found herself looking at the sales woman, she looked as
though she was in her mid forties, she was wearing a blouse and skirt, the
blouse pushed out by her ample breasts, shoulder length hair and black
eyes, she stood about 3 inches taller than Beth with a friendly smile on
her face.


The sales woman smiled at her “That’s OK honey, if you need anything just
call me”

Beth returned the smile before heading to the curtained cubicles at the
rear of the shop. She’d just slipped out of her dress when she heard a low
moan of what was definitely pleasure come from the next cubicle. Unable to
risk a peak she stepped from her cubicle looking around to make sure no one
was watching and then eased the curtain of the other cubicle slightly open.
A naked woman stood in the cubicle, her belly swollen with
pregnancy as Beth watched she lifted one of her swollen breasts to her
mouth and licked and sucked the nipple. Her other hand was between her legs
and she plunged it into her pussy. The sight had Beth’s pants wet with
arousal in moments, looking quickly around she stepped into the cubicle.

“Are you OK”

The pregnant woman stopped what she was doing and looked at Beth in

“I I I..”

“It’s OK” said Beth as she stepped closer to the other woman and pushed a
hand between her thighs. The woman moaned in pleasure at Beth’s touch,
clasping her thighs together and trapping Beth’s hand.

“why don’t you lie down”

The other woman looked nervous,

“I’ve never done this before”

“That’s OK”

As the woman lay down Beth skimmed her own panties off before lying next to

“Just relax and enjoy it” said Beth as she gently kissed the other
woman. At first the pregnant woman lay unresponsive, however as Beth’s
hands moved over her naked body she started to moan in pleasure. Soon she
was returning Beth’s kisses and caresses with her own, Beth moved down the
other woman’s body, licking and suckling at her swollen breasts like the
c***d that waited to be born. Moving lower she kissed and licked the
ponderous swollen belly of the other woman, rubbing it with her hands and
her head dipped between the widespread thighs.
She gazed with pleasure at the other woman’s pussy, it was covered
in a thick dark bush of hair, the lips swollen with passion and the
clitoris protruding like a small cock. Lowering her head she lapped at the
nectar that coated the lips, bringing a moan of pleasure to the other
woman’s lips. Easing the pussy lips apart she pushed her tongue deep into
the other woman’s cuntal passage like a small hard cock. Pussy juice ran
down her tongue to be sucked into her mouth as she tongue fucked the other
woman. Moving upwards she brushed the erect clitoris with her tongue,
causing the other pregnant woman’s body to jerk and convulse in
pleasure. As she lapped and sucked the erect clitoris she pushed first two
then three fingers into the woman’s vaginal opening. The cubical was filled
with the moans and slurps of Beth and the strange woman, the stranger was
thrusting her hips upwards forcing Beth’s fingers deep into her cunt.

“O god that’s so good, I’m cuming o yes I’m cuming”

With a scream that she tried to muffle in her hands the stranger orgasmed,
as Beth felt her body shake she removed her fingers and clamped her mouth
over the pregnant woman’s cuntal opening sucking the flowing pussy cream
into her mouth. Beth continued to lap and suck at the other woman’s pussy,
pushing her from orgasm after orgasm until finally hands pulled her up.

“That that was amazing, thankyou”

Beth smiled and kissed the flushed woman, she turned her head at a sound
and just quick enough to catch sight of the curtain falling shut.
Finally the pregnant woman stirred,

“What time is it?”

Beth glanced at her watch,


“O god I’m supposed to meet my husband at twelve”

Beth helped the woman dress, running her hands over the woman’s swollen
breasts and belly; as she gathered up her things Beth slipped back into her
own cubicle. She stood there for a moment her body crying out for
release. She brushed her breasts, the nipples instantly hardening, one hand
slid over her stomach to her dripping pussy, as her finger brushed her clit
she stifled a moan of pleasure.

“You look as though you need a hand”

Looking up Beth saw the sales woman standing by the open curtain of the

“My names Sarah”


Without closing the curtain Sarah walked up to Beth and slipping a hand
around her waist, pulled her close and they kissed. Stepping backward Sarah
quickly undressed; Beth devoured the other woman’s body with her eyes as it
was revealed to her.
Sarah’s large breasts hung down as she removed her bra, undressing
she revealed a rounded figure, with much to Beth’s surprise a shaven
pussy. As she embraced the older woman she looked more like a c***d than a
thirty something woman. Together they fell to the floor, their bodies
entwining as their tongues danced a dance of passion. Beth marvelled at
the feel of the fuller figure of the older woman as it moulded to her
own. Their breasts rubbed together, legs entwined as pussy pressed to
thigh. A breast was pressed to Beth’s lips and she opened her mouth to
suckle at it, lightly nibbling at the nipples that capped it.

“Ooh that’s it Beth suck my tits”

Beth moaned around a mouthful of tit flesh as a finger pushed into her
cunt, suddenly Sarah stood up.

“Wait here I’ll be right back”

Beth watched her disappear into the shop, when Sarah returned she was
carrying a large double- headed dildo. Beth looked at it in amazement; it
had to be at least twenty inches long with a four-inch diameter.

“Where did you get that from?”

Sarah laughed “I keep it handy for my special customers”

Sarah licked one end of the dildo before pushing the head against Beth’s
cuntal opening, she moaned in pleasure as it pushed into her, stretching
her pussy wide. Once it was in about six inches Sarah interlocked her legs
with Beth’s and pushed the free end into herself. Sarah held the middle of
the dildo as they pushed together filling their fuck-tubes with the thick
rubber cock, until finally her hand was gone and their pussys met.
Beth sat still allowing her pussy to become accustomed to the large
invader, slowly her pussy started to spasm around the plastic cock and she
started to move her hips, rubbing her clit against the smooth shaven cunt
of Sarah. Together the two women worked the plastic phallus in their
fuck-tubes; their moans and pants of pleasure increasing as their movements
became more agitated.

“Fuck me, god that’s it fuck that plastic cock in me,” cried Beth “O god
that feels so good, fuck harder…harder..fuck..fuck”

Sarah was moaning and grunting along with Beth “O fuck yes bitch, take it
take it all, that’s it push it deep in me yes yes”

Beth could feel her much needed orgasm fast approaching as she ground her
pussy down on the dildo her clit brushing against the other woman’s. Her
hips jerked and she screamed allowed as her orgasm washed over her,

“Cuming o fuck yes I’m cuming cuuuummmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg”

Beth’s body jerked and shook to her orgasm as the dildo continued to push
back and forth in her spasming cuntal passage. The continued movement
seemed to push her straight into a second and then third orgasm as moments
later her pants and cries were joined by Sarah’s. The world seemed to fade
as her body shook and rocked, pinned upon the large pallus.
Beth slowly came back to her senses; she was cradled in the older
woman’s arms.

“Welcome back, how do you feel?”

“Well and truly fucked”

“Mmm it’s a great little toy isn’t it”

Beth smiled “I wouldn’t call it little”

“Do you feel up to getting dressed”

“I guess, why?”

“I should really open the shop back up, lunch breaks just about over, I’ll
help you dress”

The two women dressed, Beth decided against pulling underwear on, feeling
the cool air might do her stretched pussy more good. She followed Sarah to
the checkout at the front of the shop placing her purchases down.

“Special customers get a discount,” said Sarah as she rang up Beth’s

“Thanks, I think I should bring my daughter here when she gets back from
her holiday”

Sarah raised one eyebrow,

“She’d love to become a special customer,” said Beth as she lifted her bag
of shopping and headed out the door.

Chapter six: Stable frolics

The following day after a restless night Beth headed out to a
riding stable located about fifteen miles away. It had been a few months
since she’d last ridden and she was looking forward to it when she pulled
up in front of the stable block. She was greeted by the owners a couple in
there sixties, who had run the stables as long as Beth could remember.

“Hello Beth, long time no see,” said Charles Granville

“Hi Charlie, Meg, how’s it going”


“Real good thanks”

Beth embraced them both and smiled as they took her hands and led her
towards the stalls.

“Reckon you should probably take Spirit out, what do you say mother?”

Megan nodded in agreement with her husband,
Beth entered Spirit’s stall; he was a five-year-old stallion,
standing tall and black at the door. Beth stroked his nose in greeting
before saddling him and heading out across the adjacent field.
Beth spent a pleasant couple of hours riding through the local
countryside before heading back to the stable. As she dismounted in the
yard she was aware of the ache in her thighs and arse from the unaccustomed
exercise. Leading Spirit into his stall she unsaddled him and brushed him
down, as she brushed his flanks she couldn’t stop herself from running her
hand over his cock and balls. A cough made her turn round a guilty flush
creeping over her face.

“Good ride” asked Meg who stood in the doorway a knowing smile playing
across her face.

Beth blushed even more “Yes, yes thanks”

“Glad your back, we’ve a mare in heat and want to mate her with spirit”

Meg brushed against Beth as she took the horses bridle to lead him from the

“Would you like to watch?”

“I’d love to”

Beth followed Meg as she led the stallion round the back of the stable
block and across a field to a large barn. Meg led Spirit and Beth into the
sweet smelling interior of the barn; Charlie was standing beside a second
horse, the mare Beth summarised.

“Are there you are, she’s all ready for him” said Charlie

Meg led Spirit over to the quivering Mare, as Spirit ‘s nose caught the
sent of the female horse his cock slid out from its sheath. Beth gasped at
the sight of the aroused horse amazed at the length of his erect cock, as
she watched the stallion mounted the mare and Meg reached out to guide the
erect cock to the mare’s pussy. Her own pussy quivered with need as she
watched the large horse cock push into the waiting mare. As the stallion
started to fuck the mare Meg stepped back to stand just behind Beth.
Beth had to fight the urge to play with herself as Spirit fucked
the willing female horse’s pussy. Suddenly arms slid around her waist and
warm breath brushed her cheek.

“Does it make you hot?”


“Does the sight of Spirit servicing the mare make you hot?” as she spoke
Meg brushed a hand over Beth’s breasts, at the same time the other hand
pressed between her thighs.

“Meg what the fuck”


Beth’s body burned with desire as the older woman pulled her jumper up
freeing her breasts to the warm air. Charlie walked towards them, he was
naked, Beth was surprised at how firm and muscular his body looked.
Beth lifted her arms allowing her top to be removed; Meg’s hands
undid her jodhpurs as Charlie knelt before her and eased off her boots. In
moments she was naked before the older couple, as Charlie eased her to the
straw covered floor she saw Meg undressing.

“You’re a hot little vixen,” said Charlie as he kissed Beth’s face

Beth lay back moaning in pleasure as Charlie’s lips explored her body, she
cried in pleasure as Meg’s lips and tongue joined Charlie’s. Turning her
head she looked at the older woman, Meg’s breasts were large swaying orbs
as she licked Beth’s nipples. Beth reached out to fondle the globes as
Charlie’s tongue slid over her swollen labia. Looking over she watched as
Spirit seemed to shake and she realised he was pumping his seed into the
mare’s womb. The sight pushed her over into an orgasm of her own.

“O fuck o shit yes lick me lick me, o god I’m cuming cuming

As Beth shook to her orgasm she felt Charlie move up her body, moments
later his cock-head pushed into her dripping fuck-tunnel. Meg sat back
masturbating as she watched her husband fuck the hot, horny younger woman.
Beth moaned in pleasure as Charlie’s erection pushed deep into her
willing pussy, her legs locked behind Charlie’s arse pulling him deep into
her body.

“O fuck yes Charlie, ram your cock into me fuck me fuck me hard”

Charlie didn’t need further encouragement; he quickly started to plunge his
cock into the willing woman. Savouring the feel of her tight pussy wrapped
around his rapidly fucking cock.

“How is she?” asked Meg as her fingers plunged into her dripping pussy.

“O fuck she’s tight, god it feels so gooood”

“Ooo that’s it honey fuck her tight little slut cunt, get her nice and wet
and then we’ll introduce her to Spirit”

The words sank into Beth’s mind sending sparks of lust to her pussy as she
thought of the horse Spirit. Reaching out with one hand she pushed it
between Meg’s thighs adding her fingers to the other woman’s.

“That’s it slut finger my pussy”

Meg moved over to straddle Beth’s face, lowering her pussy to the younger
woman’s mouth.

“Lick me bitch, suck my pussy”

Beth watched the hairy pussy with its lust swollen lips lower onto her
face, she licked at the juice that ran freely from between the swollen
labia, before pushing her tongue deep into the other woman.
Her hips jerked to meet each of Charlie’s thrust as he deeply
ploughed her cunt, all the while licking and sucking at Meg’s pussy and
Soon the barn was filled with their moans of pleasure as first
Charlie pumped his hot jism into Beth’s womb. Moments later Beth’s muffled
cries joined his, soon followed by Meg’s as she flooded Beth’s mouth with
pussy cum. Falling apart they lay together on the straw covered floor as
they recovered from their orgasms. Finally Meg stood and reaching down she
pulled Beth to her feet, she kissed her before licking the cum from Beth’s

“Time for you to really get to know Spirit” said Meg as she led Beth over
to the horse.

Meg led the stallion over to a wide stall; she fastened the bridle to the
wall and beckoned Beth over. As Beth walked over Meg dropped to her knees
beneath the horse’s hindquarters; Beth joined Meg and watched as the older
woman fondled the stallion’s genitals. As she looked on the stallion’s cock
slid from its sheath, expanding as Meg fondled it. She watched as Meg
lifted the rapidly swelling cock to her mouth, licking the shaft and head.
Soon Spirit’s cock was fully erect as Meg lapped at the head and

“Like to try it,” asked Meg

Beth nodded and with no further urging lowered her mouth to the swollen
horse cock, she licked the cock-head her tongue brushing Meg’s as they both
tasted the horse’s precum. The action of the two women soon had the
stallion snorting in pleasure as they licked and sucked its cock. Suddenly
Meg stood and pulled Beth to her feet, she watched as the older woman
slipped a cloth contraption around the horse. It hung loosely below the
horse looking like hammock, at Meg’s direction Beth carefully slipped into
it so she was lying with her breasts brushing against the stallion’s
stomach. She cried out part in pain and part in pleasure as she felt
Spirit’s cock push between her pussy lips and into her fuck-tunnel. It
stretched her wide as it sank deep into her, looking down she watched as
more and more cock disappeared into her cunt, until with a cry of pain she
felt it push through her cervix.

“O shit o god that hurts, fuck that’s enough, o fuck yes Spirit”

Lifting her legs Beth gripped the horse’s sides as the Spirit pushed his
cock into her pussy, holding his sides with her hands she moaned in
pleasure as her nipples brushed against the stallion’s hair. The pain had
completely turned to pleasure as Spirit fucked her pussy in steady rocking

“Yes o yes o fuck cuming o fuck cuming yeeessssssssssssssss”

Beth’s words of pleasure drifted into incoherent moans and gasps as she
orgasmed on the large horse cock, her body shaking to orgasm after orgasm
until with a scream her body bucked as Spirit’s hot cum flooded into her
pussy. The cum filled her to overflowing, it gushed from her cock filled
cunt to spill over her thighs and arse, her screams trailing off as she
floated away on a tidal wave of pleasure.
When Beth returned to her senses she was lying on the floor,
looking around she saw Charlie standing behind the recently serviced mare,
his cock buried in her cunt as he fucked her. Meg had brought another
horse into the barn and as Beth watched was sliding the horse’s cock into
her pussy. She lay still watching the older couple for a while before
standing and pulling her clothes back on, her body was sticky with sweat
and horse jism, while her pussy felt stretched and sore. Leaving Meg and
Charlie to their pleasure she slipped from the barn and headed to her car
and then home.

Chapter seven: Memories

Later that night as she lay in bed she thought over the day’s
events, the memory of the feel of her pussy stretched around the stallion’s
cock filled her with burning need. Sliding her hands over her naked body
she cupped her breasts lifting the engorged nipples to her mouth, allowing
her tongue to run over them. She continued to play with her breasts as she
lowered one hand down over her stomach, feeling the muscles tense with
arousal as she slid her fingers down between her parted thighs. Her fingers
moved over her moist pussy lips, smearing the juices of her arousal, before
running back up to tease her erect clit. She moaned in pleasure as she
pushed a finger into her waiting cuntal opening, it was quickly joined by a
second and then third finger. Her hips jerked as she finger fucked her hot
steamy pussy, while rubbing and pressing her thumb over the hard nubbin of
her clitoris. Her mind filled with the image of hot hard cocks and sweet
dripping pussies, her body screamed for release as her fingers pounded her
cunt. Faster and faster her fingers churned as the room filled with her
moans of pleasure and need, her hips gyrated on the bed lifting to meet her
delving fingers until with a scream of pleasure she came. Her cum flooded
over her hand and thighs to soak into the bed beneath her as her body shook
to her orgasm. As her body relaxed in post orgasmic bliss she lifted her
hand to lick her fingers clean before curling up beneath the sheet and
drifting to sleep. Beth awoke to the ring of the telephone, glancing at
the clock on the bedside table she saw it was 9 am as she lifted the


“Hi honey how are you this morning?” asked her husband

“Marcus, I’m fine. Are you coming home soon?”

“It’ll be another two or three weeks I’m afraid baby, the office here’s in
a worse state than we expected”

“I miss you”

“I miss you too honey, are Lisa and David there?”

“No, there still away”

“O, when will they be back?”

“I think David’s due back in about a week or so, I’m not sure when Lisa
gets back”

“I’ve gotta go honey, take care and I love you”

“I love you too”


“Bye bye”

As Beth replaced the receiver she felt suddenly very alone, she missed
Marcus, they had a very erotic marriage, both willing to try new things and
different partners, but always gaining the most pleasure together.
As she showered her mind drifted through the many erotic adventures
Marcus and she had enjoyed since their first fumbling as teenagers to their
seduction of their c***dren. Her mind filled with the memory of her first
lesbian encounter; she’d been nineteen, married and with two young c***dren
to care for. The early days of their marriage hadn’t been easy, money had
been tight, and Marcus worked long hard hours to make ends meet. Then
suddenly things had changed; a promotion for Marcus along with a small
inheritance had drastically changed their lives. Money became less of a
problem and the future had suddenly seemed brighter.
It had been a Friday and they were going out for a romantic
candlelight meal, Beth had arranged a babysitter. The meal had been superb
and they’d had plenty to drink, walking home through the park they’d
stopped to make-out. Kisses had turned to caresses and they’d soon found
themselves making love in the shadow of the bandstand, afterwards they had
headed home. The cool night air casino oyna sending shivers down Beth’s spin as it had
caressed her naked cum filled pussy. Once home they sat in the living room
talking to the babysitter, Carol was 30-years-old, a mother of three and
lived two doors down. As Beth and Carol talked they were interrupted by a
load snore from Marcus. Beth shook her husband,


He didn’t stir,

“I think he had too much to drink,” said Beth

“Do you want a hand getting him upstairs,” asked Carol

“No that’s OK I’ll get a blanket and he can sleep on the settee”

Beth hurried upstairs to grab a blanket and pillow, with Carol’s help she
removed Marcus’s jacket, shoes and tie before covering him with the
blanket. She didn’t realise that as she bent over Marcus her dress rode up
offering Carol a view of her spunk filled pussy. The first she knew of it
was when a slim warm hand brushed over her swollen pussy lips. She stood
there frozen in a bent position as Carol’s hand brushed her cunt, a finger
pushed into her vagina while another one rubbed her clitoris. She was
shocked at what the older woman was doing, but also surprisingly turned on
by the other woman’s touch. She had to stifle a moan of pleasure as Carol
explored her aroused pussy with her fingers.

“No stop please we mustn’t” said Beth quickly standing

She turned to face the older woman and watched as Carol licked the fingers
that had moments before been exploring her cunt. As she looked into Carol’s
eyes she saw lust and desire burning in them; Carol took a step towards
Beth and slipped her hands onto the younger woman’s hips, drawing their
bodies together.

“You’re a beautiful woman Beth”

“Please Carol we mustn’t, it’s not right”

Beth stood frozen in place as Carol’s mouth closed over her own stopping
her protests, Carol’s lips parted her tongue brushing Beth’s closed
mouth. As Carol’s hands moved down Beth’s body to caress her naked arse she
relaxed, her lips parting to allow Carol’s tongue to slip into her mouth.
They kissed deeply before Carol pulled away,

“Come on love, let’s go upstairs,” she said taking Beth’s hand she led her
from the room.

Once in the bedroom Carol quickly undid Beth’s dress, as it slid to the
floor Beth felt herself blush.

“Carol, I’m not sure about this I’ve never..”

“Shhh it’s OK baby,” said Carol as she quickly slipped out of her clothes
before laying Beth on the bed.
For the first time Beth felt another woman’s naked body pressed to
hers, hard nipples pressed into her breasts as soft hands caressed her and
warm smooth lips kissed her. She lay back as the older woman moved over her
body; moaning in pleasure as Carol licked and sucked her breasts before
moving down across her stomach. Her moans turned into cries of pleasure as
Carol’s mouth dipped down to her hot pussy, her head rocked from side to
side as Carols’ lips and tongue explored her cum filled vagina. Fingers
spread her pussy open as Carol’s tongue pushed into her like a small hard

“O fuck O yes Carol suck me please suck my pussy”

She writhed in pleasure as the older woman sucked her cunt, fingers
explored her body, rubbing and nipping her lust engorged clitoris. A finger
pressed against her puckered anus and she cried out in surprise as Carol
pushed it into her back passage. Carol’s mouth and fingers were driving her
wild; she moaned and twisted on the bed in pleasure her hands pulling at
her nipples. As her orgasm approached she moved a hand down to Carol’s
head, pushing it tight into her cunt.

“Cuming o fuck I’m cuming o fuck yes yes yeeeessssssssssssss”

Her body shook and jerked as she orgasmed, flooding Carol’s mouth with her
cum. As her orgasm subsided she lay back on the bed relaxing as Carol
continued to lick and tongue her pussy. The feel of the other woman’s mouth
quickly started the fires burning once more in her dripping cunt. Reaching
down she lifted Carol’s cum coated face,

“I could happily let you do that all night, but I think it’s your turn”

Carol smiled as she moved up Beth’s body, their mouths met and Carol tasted
her pussy juices on the other woman’s lips and tongue. They held each other
close before rolling over, Beth sat up and looked at the other woman, her
eyes moved over Carol’s full breasts capped by engorged nipples, moving
lower she looked at Carol’s pussy the lips red and moist between her parted
Bending forward Beth licked Carol’s nipples and breasts before
sucking an engorged nipple into her mouth. She suckled at the other woman’s
breasts while sliding her hands over the naked body that lay before
her. One hand massaged and pulled at the other breasts as she gently bit
the rubbery nipple trapped between her lips. Carol’s moans and cries filled
her ears, releasing the nipple she kissed her way down Carol’s body until
she crouched between her parted thighs.
She kissed Carol’s inner thighs before moving higher and nervously
licking Carol’s moist and swollen labia. For the first time she tasted
another woman’s juices, happily she lapped at Carol’s pussy lips drinking
the flowing nectar before moving up to flick her tongue over Carol’s
engorged clitoris. Lying down she burrowed her tongue into the other
woman’s cuntal passage, while teasing her clit with a finger. Her ears
filled with Carol’s moans of pleasure, a hand rested on the back of her
head guiding her mouth and probing tongue.

“O god that’s it baby, oh yeas suck my pussy, drive your tongue deep into
me. O fuck yes I’m getting close o yes. Fuck my arse with a finger, o
please do it to me baby”

Beth moved a finger to Carol’s dripping fuck-hole; she coated it in juices
before rubbing it over carol’s puckered arse hole. She repeated the
operation until Carol’s anus glistened with pussy juice, then she slowly
pushed the finger against the tight hole. Her finger slowly pushed into
Carol’s arse: returning her mouth to Carol’s pussy and clit she continued
to push her finger deeper into the other woman’s rear.
Carol moaned in pleasure as Beth’s finger sank deep into her
gyrating arse, the feel of Beth’s tongue and the finger fucking into her
arse pushed her towards an orgasm.

“O baby that’s it fuck my arse, suck my cunt O fuck yes I’m cuming, cuming
o yes cuuummmmmmiiiiinnnnngggg”

Beth’s mouth was flooded with girl cum, her finger gripped tight by Carol’s
contracting anus as she orgasmed. Beth locked her mouth over Carol’s pussy,
sucking the cum from the convulsing fuck-channel as her finger ploughed
into Carol’s arse.
Finally the flow of cum subsided, Beth pulled her finger from
Carol’s anus and lifting her head crawled up the relaxing body. They kissed
passionately their tongues entwining as they held each other close. Beth
looked around in surprise as she heard applause from the doorway, turning
her head she saw Marcus standing naked his cock rearing from his crotch.

“Marcus, I I ..”

Marcus smiled and walked towards the bed his cock waving from side to side,
climbing beside the two women he kissed Beth and then Carol his tongue
exploring their mouths.

“I told you my wife was hot,” said Marcus as he fondled Carol’s full

“She’s hot alright and beautiful,” said Carol “Now if Beth doesn’t mind I’d
quite like to have you fuck me with your gorgeous cock”

Beth looked on amazed as Carol knelt on the bed and Marcus with a lust
filled smile moved behind her and with a sharp thrust buried his cock into
the dripping cunt offered to him. The sight of her husband fucking another
woman sent mixed feelings through Beth’s body. She was shocked and jealous,
and also very turned on, without really thinking she slid under Carol’s
kneeling body until she found herself looking up at the sight of Marcus’s
thick cock ploughing into Carol’s pussy. She watched as the pussy lips
stretched as his cock withdrew, clinging to the rod of fuck flesh as though
loath to release it. She jerked as she felt Carol’s mouth close over her
pussy and moaned in pleasure as first one then two fingers pushed into her
cuntal opening. Raising her head Beth allowed her tongue to run over
Marcus’s cock as it plunged in and out of Carol’s pussy. She moved her head
to suck Marcus’s cum filled balls into her mouth bringing a cry of pleasure
from his lips.
The three of them moved towards their orgasms, Carol’s plunging
fingers matching time with Marcus’s deep fucking cock. Faster and faster
fingers and cock moved as Beth lapped at the juices flowing from around
Marcus’s cock. Finally with a moan of pleasure Marcus pushed deep into
Carol’s womb and held still as his hot sperm fired deep into her.
As Marcus’s softening cock slipped from Carol’s pussy Beth pulled
her cum filled cunt down and locked her mouth over the dripping
opening. She moaned in pleasure as she tasted Marcus’s and Carol’s mixed
juices, her hips jerked as her own orgasm started and Carol’s mouth closed
on her pussy. As her cum flooded into the other woman’s willing mouth her
own was filled with spunk and pussy juice as Carol orgasmed.
The two women finally pulled apart as their orgasms subsided; they
kissed before Carol slowly stood up.

“I’d better get going before my husband starts wondering where I am”

Beth snuggled up to Marcus as Carol vanished into the bathroom, they heard
water flowing and then moments later Carol returned and started dressing.

“Thought I’d better wash, Paul might wonder why I had pussy juice on my
face and cum in my pussy”

Once she was dressed she kissed Beth and Marcus goodbye.

“I’ll show you out,” said Beth and naked followed Carol from the bedroom
and downstairs.

By the front door she kissed Carol again

“Thank you, can we..”

“Do this again” finished Carol


“Of course, how about Monday afternoon”

With those final words Carol slipped out the front door and home.

Lying alone in bed Beth allowed her mind to flick over the many
times she and Carol had made love, while her c***dren had slept in the next
room. Then her mind locked on a particular episode that had occurred, they
had been lovers for about two months, it had been early summer and Beth had
put the c***dren to bed and was sunbathing in the back garden.
Lying in the hot sun she was contemplating whether to remove her
bikini when the front doorbell had rung. Answering it she’d found Carol
standing on the doorstep.

“Hi Carol”

“Hi Beth, I haven’t disturbed you have I?”

“No I was just relaxing, the k**s are asleep, come in”

“Thanks, you know my daughter Jill”

“Hi Jill,” said Beth feeling a little disappointed that Carol wasn’t alone.

They all headed through to the back garden; Carol looked at the secluded
garden and the warm sun.

“I think I’ll join you,” she said as she looked at Beth’s bikini clad body
“I haven’t brought a costume so if you don’t mind I’ll go without”

Beth blushed “Of course not, I was thinking of taking mine off anyway”

Feeling slightly embarrassed at undressing in front of Jill; Beth peeled
off her bikini as Carol stripped.

“Come on Jill,” said Carol “Some sunshine will do you good”

“But mom”

“Don’t be shy, we’re all women together”

Beth watched as Carol helped her f******n year-old daughter strip, she was
shocked to find that the sight of the naked teenage girl’s body was
arousing her. She gazed with desire at the young girls pert little breasts
topped with large brown nipples; her eye’s travelled over Jill’s slim
almost boyish figure to her young pussy covered in a sparse growth of pubic

“There now stand still and I’ll rub some sun cream on you”

Beth watched as Carol started to rub lotion into Jill’s back, she glanced
at Carol and saw a knowing smile flash across her face. ‘My god’ she
thought ‘ does Carol know what I’m thinking’.

“Would you take over Beth, I need to nip inside for a sec, why don’t you
lie down honey and Beth will finish you off”

Beth wondered whether Carol was aware of the double entendre of that

“Mommy’s already done my back,” said Jill as she lay down

Beth looked at the teenage girl and trying to ignore her desires coated her
hands in lotion, she rubbed it into the girl’s arms and legs. She stopped
halfway up the girl’s thighs,

“Do you want to do the rest”

“Mommy said you’d do it”

Fighting her urge to dive onto the teenager she poured lotion onto the
girls taught stomach and started to rub in circular motions. As her hands
slipped over the girl’s budding breasts she heard Jill moan and felt her
nipples push into her hands as they hardened. As her hand slipped back down
over Jill’s stomach the teenager moaned. Moving lower Beth rubbed the
teenage girl’s thighs smearing lotion into them, her hands moved higher
until her knuckles brushed over the teenager’s pussy. She was surprise but
happy to find it was wet with arousal, without thinking about it Beth
turned her hand and probed at the girl’s pussy while rubbing a thumb over
her clitoris.
Jill responded with lust filled moans and a jerk of her hips, Beth
couldn’t stop herself as she lowered her face to the pouting pussy lips;
she ran her tongue over them. The clean fresh taste of Jill’s pussy was
mixed with the coconut taste of the sun lotion at first, but as Beth licked
and lapped at Jill’s cunt the flavour changed to that of the teenagers
Jill was in heaven; the feelings that burnt through her body made
her cry in pleasure. Never before had she been touched like this, she
couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have another person touch her
pussy, to have a tongue exploring her where only her fingers had been
before. Her pleasure seemed to be increasing, her body burning with desire
and need, her hips thrust upwards at the probing tongue as it burrowed into
her body. She moaned as Beth reached up to cup her young breasts and
moments later Jill had her first orgasm as Beth tongued her hot steaming
Beth lapped greedily at the teenage girl’s pussy drinking the
flowing cum down and emitting muffled moans of pleasure as her free hand
plunged into her own pussy; driving her towards an orgasm. When she came
she lifted her cum covered face and screamed her joy at the release as her
fingers were washed in pussy juices.
Shaking in post orgasmic pleasure Beth crawled up the young girl’s
body and kissed her before offering her cum slick fingers to Jill’s
mouth. She watched as the youngster tentatively licked them, tasting
another girl’s cum for the first time; her first lick was followed by a
second then Jill sucked at Beth’s fingers.
They lay together kissing and stroking each other; until finally
Beth stood up, holding out her hand she pulled Jill to her feet.

“We’d better go and find your mom”

Hand in hand they entered the house and headed up to the master bedroom;
Carol was lying on the bed her face flushed. Jill looked at her naked mom,
she moved quickly over to the bed and threw herself onto Carol.

“Mommy that was amazing”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it love” said Carol before giving her daughter a very
unmotherly kiss.

“I wish you could have shared it”

“It’s OK baby I did, I watched from the window”

“Ooo did it make you hot mom?” asked Jill as she pushed a hand between her
mom’s naked thighs “It did, didn’t it”

Carol once more kissed her daughter,

“Yes baby”

She disengaged herself from Jill’s probing hands and climbed off the bed,
opening her bag she withdrew a strap on dildo. As Jill and Beth watched she
fastened it to herself, the dildo was a large pink plastic replica of a
man’s cock, even down to a pair of balls, it was long and thick standing
about 9 inches in length rising obscenely from Carol’s crotch.
Taking a tube of lubricant Carol returned to the bed, beckoning
Beth with her.

“Wh what’s that mom?”

“It’s a dildo honey and with it mommy’s gonna take your virginity”

“Mommy please no, I’m scared”

“It’s OK baby, it’ll be fine, I tell you what shall I fuck Beth first and
then you can see how much fun it is”


Beth smiled at Carol as they pressed their naked bodies together and kissed
deeply, Beth lifted her legs as she felt the plastic cock nudge against her
cuntal opening. She cried out a mixture of pain and pleasure as Carol
rammed the full length into her in one quick lunge. Beth lifted her hips
matching each of Carol’s lunges as the plastic cock reamed deep into her
womb. The feeling of the cock in her pussy seemed at odds with the soft
breasts pressed to hers and the smooth face that kissed her. She wrapped
her legs around Carol’s back drawing her deep into her body, from the
corner of her eye she could see Jill masturbating as she watched them.
As they moved together Beth could feel her orgasm fast approaching
under the influence of the deep pounding dildo.

“O fuck Carol I’m cuming o fuck yes cumin cuming cuuuummmmiiiinnnnnggggggg”

As her body shook to her orgasm she saw Carol reach between her thighs and
squeeze the fake balls of the dildo. Instantly she felt warm liquid squirt
into her pussy, the sensation seemed to increase her orgasm and she moaned
As her orgasm passed she relaxed her legs and Carol pulled the
dildo from her pussy in a gush of liquid. Without waiting Carol moved to
Jill, the dildo was slick with pussy juice, as Carol rubbed lubricant into
Jill’s cuntal opening and onto the dildo.
Then before Jill could say a word she pushed the dildo slowly and
steadily into her daughter’s cunt.

“O god mommy that hurts”

Carol ignored her daughter’s cries of pain as she continued to push
forward, the dildo stopped at Jill’s maidenhead and with one sharp thrust
Carol burst through and buried the dildo fully in the virgin pussy.
Jill screamed as the pain shot through her body from her virginal
cunt, the world went grey as her hymen was broken and she lay still pinned
beneath her mother’s fucking body as tears ran down her face. As the dildo
continued to thrust in and out of her tortured pussy the pain of her
violation slowly altered and changed to pleasure. As her arousal increased
she started to lift her hips to meet her mom’s down thrusts. Faster and
faster they moved together until with mixed cries of pleasure they orgasmed
together, bodies locked in passion and joy.

Chapter eight: The picnic

Beth was brought back to the present by the phone once more ringing
on the table beside her,


“Hi mom”

“David, how are you? Are you having a good time?”

“I’m fine mom and yes a great time”

“That’s great honey, how’s everyone else?”

“There all fine, I just rang to tell you I miss you”

“I miss you too David, do you know when you’ll be coming home”

“Yeah, another few days I think, is that OK”

“Of course it is, enjoy yourself”

“I will, love you mom”

“I love you too David”



Placing the phone down Beth looked at the clock, 10:30, climbing from the
bed she headed for the bathroom and a hot shower, her thoughts returning to
Jill and Carol.
After that first time Jill had become a regular visitor and lover
to Beth, while Carol had drifted away, she’d seemed to change after Jill’s
introduction to the group. She’d become more domineering seeming to enjoy
inflicting pain on Jill and Beth, when she’d realised that they didn’t find
pleasure in it she’d left them to each other and moved on to other
As she showered Beth thought of the good times she and Jill had
enjoyed, of the pleasure Jill had experienced when Marcus had joined their
lovemaking. The relationship had continued for about three years until her
family had moved away.
Climbing from the shower Beth towelled herself dry ignoring the
ache that the feel of the cotton caused in her breasts. Returning to the
bedroom she quickly dressed and tided up before heading downstairs and into
the kitchen.
She was just sitting down to her breakfast when the doorbell rang,
heading down the hall she opened the door and stopped in surprise. Standing
on the doorstep was the waitress from the Italian restaurant.

“Hi, I know you said call and I decided to come in person, you probably
don’t want to see me, but it’s a warm day and I’ve got a picnic and
wondered if you wanted to come with me”

Beth laughed as the words tumbled from the nervous girl standing before

“I’d love to, why don’t you come in while I grab some shoes”

They stood beside each other in hallway; Beth looked at the attractive
nervous young woman who stood before her.

“I’m Beth by the way”

“O god yes sorry, Marie”

“Relax Marie, I don’t bite, well not unless you want me to,” said Beth with
a laugh

Marie just looked even more nervous,

“I’m joking”

Beth brushed her fingers over Marie’s cheek before cupping and lifting her
chin, leaning forward she kissed the young woman’s mouth. Marie stood like
stone as Beth’s tongue slipped between her parted lips, as their tongues
caressed Marie’s body relaxed into Beth’s. Bodies pressed together the kiss
deepened as their hands moved over each other.

“I’d better get some shoes,” said Beth pulling away from Marie’s body.

Leaving Marie by the front door Beth ran upstairs, she quickly slipped her
jeans and blouse off before pulling a short summer dress on and stepping
into a pair of white pumps. Grabbing her bag Beth headed down to Marie and
followed her out to the open top jeep parked at the curb. In no time at all
the jeep was heading out of town into the countryside, as they drove the
two women talked lightly of their lives and family. Marie was the daughter
of the restaurant’s owners, an only c***d her parent’s hoped that one day
she would take over and run the restaurant. She didn’t have a boyfriend at
the moment; it wasn’t that she didn’t like boys just that she didn’t feel a
need for one just now. They parked the jeep near some woods and Beth
helped Marie carry the picnic as they followed a path deep amongst the
trees. Marie took Beth’s hand and led her deep into the woods, leaving the
path they headed through the trees. Suddenly Beth saw a glint of sunlight
on water and moments later they stood by a deep secluded pool, a waterfall
fell into it and a stream cascaded amongst the trees.

“It’s beautiful,” said Beth

“I used to come here as a c***d, I don’t think many people realise it’s

Putting the basket down Marie spread a blanket on the ground and started to
unpack the picnic, as Beth sat down beside her Marie passed her a glass of

“To happiness,” toasted Marie


They sat in silence sipping the wine and nibbling at the food Marie had
brought, Beth suddenly found herself feeling nervous. She looked at Marie
and saw her own feelings mirrored in her eyes.

“You said this place is secluded?”

“Yes, why”

Beth stood and kicking off her shoes she started to undress.

“Because that water looks inviting”

Marie laughed and standing started to undress, with a laugh they ran into
the water squealing at the coldness as the water enveloped them. They
played together in the water splashing and chasing each other, as they
played their touches lasted longer and longer before turning in to caresses
as they finally kissed. Hand in hand they climbed from the water to fall
onto the blanket.
Beth looked down upon Marie’s naked body; they kissed, tongues
entwining as they explored each other’s mouths. Lifting her glass Beth
dribbled wine over Marie’s breasts before licking it off, she sucked at the
nipples as they became erect and lightly nibbled them. More wine was poured
into Marie’s navel, to be lapped at by Beth’s warm tongue before she moved
lower to gaze at Marie’s sex.
The lips were moist and swollen with her arousal the clitoris
standing erect and swollen from its folds. She brushed it with her tongue
before licking Marie’s wet swollen labia. She suddenly had an idea and
reaching across she pulled a bowl of strawberries over. With a smile she
gently pushed first one then another into Marie’s cuntal opening, bring a
gasp of pleasure to the other woman’s lips. After pushing four strawberries
in she closed her mouth over Marie’s pussy and slowly sucked them out to
chew and swallow them. Lifting more fruit from the container she crushed it
into Marie’s labia and pussy before licking her clean.
Marie’s was in heaven, the feel of Beth’s tongue and hands were
driving her wild, her hips jerked as her moans filled the clearing and she
orgasmed flooding Beth’s mouth with a mixture of fruit juice and cum.
Beth lapped at Marie’s spasming cunt drinking the flowing nectar
down, finally as Marie’s orgasm subsided she moved back up her body. She
lapped at the moisture that coated Marie’s breasts, a mixture of wine,
water and sweat, before moving higher to kiss her. Marie returned the kiss
before licking the cum from Beth’s face, they rolled over and now Beth was
lying on the floor while Marie explored her body. She moaned in pleasure as
Marie’s mouth suckled at her breasts, looking down she watched Marie’s
hands smear her body with fruit before sensually licking it off. Her body
jerked as Marie moved lower, over her stomach before dipping between her
parted thighs to her dripping pussy.
Beth moaned in pleasure as Marie’s tongue explored her cuntal
opening, fingers spread her wide as Marie’s tongue pushed into her. The
tongue burrowed into her pussy as fingers massaged her clitoris sending
waves of pleasure through her body, reaching down she held Marie’s mouth to
her cunt as her hips jerked and her cries filled the clearing.

“O fuck yes that’s it fuck me with your tongue, O god yes lick me lick me
yes yes yeeeeesssssssssssss”

Her body shook locked to Marie’s sucking mouth and probing tongue as she
orgasmed, screaming allowed her pleasure.
As she relaxed her hands and thighs Marie slipped up her body and
they kissed deeply, laughing Marie spilled the rest of the fruit between
their bodies and Beth felt it squash and coat their breasts. They drank
from the wine bottle, kissing and sharing the wine, passing it from mouth
to mouth. They now sat facing each other, legs entwined, bodies coated in
squashed fruit, while the last of the wine ran over their breasts to drip
off their nipples and run down to coat their matted pussy hair.
Grabbing her bag Beth lifted out a double headed dildo, it was a
long and curved with bulbous heads at each end, made of ivory it shone in
the sunlight.

“Where did you get that from,” asked Marie a glint of pleasure in her eyes.

“Marcus, my husband brought it back from a business trip”

Beth rubbed it between Marie’s thighs coating one end in pussy juices
before gently pushing it into her. Marie cried in pleasure as the bulbous
head pushed into her, stretching her cuntal passage wide. Looking down she
watched as the other end slowly sank into Beth’s pussy opening, it
continued to sink into her until finally their pussy mounds were pressed
together. As they slowly gyrated their hips the ivory cock moved inside
their cunts, causing them to groan and cry in pleasure. They moved their
hips together driving the dildo in and out of each other’s hungry cuntal
Faster and faster they moved, driving the ivory dildo into each
other’s passion filled bodies, their moans and grunts of pleasure filling
the clearing. Faster and faster they moved driving the ivory cock harder
and harder into each other until with mingled cries and moans they orgasmed
together drenching the dildo in pussy juice. Still they continued to move
together pushing their bodies from one orgasmic peak to another until the
world seemed to spin and fade and their bodies collapsed with weariness.
They lay together the dildo buried in their well fucked cunts;
slowly Beth eased herself off the ivory cock before easing it from Marie’s
pussy. Weary from the sexual games they fell into each other’s arms as
sleep carried them away.
It was evening when they awoke, a cool breeze brushed their naked
skin, they kissed before standing and looking around.

“What time is it?”

Beth picked up her watch, “seven thirty”

Hand in hand they returned to the pool to wash the dried fruit and sweat
from their bodies before dressing once more. Packing up they walked hand in
hand back to the jeep and headed back to town. As they pulled up outside
Beth’s house she turned to look at Marie,

“Would you like to stay tonight,” she asked Marie

Marie seemed to blush in the evening light “O, I’d love to, if you want me

“I… I need you to please, I don’t want to be alone”

Together they walked into the house,

“Is it OK if I phone my folks and tell them I’m staying with a friend”

“Sure the phones over there”

While Marie used the phone Beth fixed them a snack; they sat at the kitchen
table talking quietly while they ate it. Marie looked out onto the back

“You’ve got a Jacuzzi”

“Yes, do you want to try it”

“Mmm that would be heaven”

While Marie tided the kitchen Beth went outside and started the Jacuzzi
filling with hot water, once it was full she headed back into the house for
Marie. They undressed upstairs and Beth grabbed a couple of towels and
naked they headed out to the hot bubbling water. As they sat beside each
other they talked about their lives, as they relaxed Beth started to tell
Marie about the night when they had first met. She expected her to be
shocked when she told her of making love to her daughter, but she wasn’t,
if anything she seemed to find it arousing.
Marie was masturbating freely by the time Beth told of her sexual
coupling with Troy and of her seduction of David. She went on to tell of
her adventures over the past few days, of Spirit and Meg and Charlie. By
the time she had finished they were both masturbating, the story finished
with them cuming together.

“I wish I could meet your family”

“You will my love, I promise”

“Do you think Troy would..”

“Would you like him to?”

“I guess, I’ve seen sites and read stories on the Internet. Can we go
riding tomorrow?”

“Riding or RIDING”

“The thought of a horse, it scares me, but also makes me so hot”

“Let’s see what the morning brings”

The stayed in the Jacuzzi for another ten minutes before climbing out and
heading to bed, they talked for a while before falling asleep in each
other’s arms.

Chapter nine: Marie meets Spirit

They awoke early the following day, Beth couldn’t help but laugh as Marie
sat cross legged beside her and asked, “Can we go riding today”

“OK but how about a morning kiss”

They kissed for a while before Marie sat back up, “When can we go”

“Why don’t you go and start the shower, I’ll ring Meg and arrange
everything and join you in a second”

As Marie headed for the bathroom Beth lifted the phone and dialled the


“Hi Meg it’s Beth, Beth Donaldson”

“Beth hi, what’s got you up so early”

“I shit sorry I didn’t wake you did I?”

“No, Charlie and I have been up hours”

“I’ve got a friend, she’d like to meet Spirit”

“Meet or MEET”


“I’m guessing she’d like to try today”

“If possible”

“OK look Charlie and I have to go out, so I’ll have him put Spirit in the
barn, drive up to the house and leave your car here rather than at the
stables. If we get back in time we may join you, and bring a couple of
other friends with us”

“That’d be great thanks Meg”

“I might see you later then, bye honey”

“Bye Meg”

Marie hardly touched her breakfast and it wasn’t long before she was
dragging Beth out to the jeep. They were both naked beneath the light
summer dresses they were wearing. An hour later they pulled up outside the
large farmhouse of Meg and Charlie’s, leaving the jeep they crossed the
field to the barn. Opening the door they stepped into the sunlit interior
where they were greeted by the warm sweet smell of hay and horses. Two of
the large stalls were occupied; one by the tall black stallion spirit, the
other by a brown stallion, pinned to a post near the door was a note.

Dear Beth
Thought you might like to meet Warrior as well as Spirit
Looks like Charlie and I will not be home until this evening.
So have a pleasant day and enjoy yourselves.

Happy fucking

Having read the note Beth made sure the door was closed before taking
Marie’s hand and leading her into the centre of the barn.

“Are you OK?”

“A bit nervous,” said Marie

“It’s OK lover, you’ll enjoy this”

Reaching up Beth undid Marie’s dress and stepping back watched it fall to
the floor, she gazed with lust at the other woman’s beautiful naked
body. With shock she realised that she loved Marie, loved her with passion
and need, loved her in a way she’d never loved anyone before apart from her
family. As Marie kicked of her shoes and placed her dress on a bale of hay
Beth undressed, naked she moved to Marie and they kissed, their bodies
pressing together.

“O god, I love you,” whispered Beth

Marie blushed; a warm glow seemed to infuse her body at the other woman’s

“I love you too Beth”

Kissing, their hands roamed freely over each other’s naked bodies, slipping
down naked backs to cup and squeeze firm buttocks.

“I could stand here all day,” moaned Beth into Marie’s mouth “But we came
here to introduce you to Spirit”

Pulling apart Beth led a nervous Marie to the waiting Stallion, they stood
beside him, stroking his large muscular body. Beth moved round to stroke
his head, she moaned in surprise and pleasure as his large lips brushed her

“Ooo Spirit that feels so good”

She pulled Marie beside her and watched with pleasure as the stallion moved
his lips to the other woman’s firm breasts. They stood together for a few
moments enjoy the horse’s oral stimulation of their breasts before moving
back round the stallion. Crouching down beside Spirit Beth slid her hand
over his belly and down to his cock, as she gently rubbed it she felt it
begin to swell and expand. As it grew longer and longer she was joined by
Marie and soon two pairs of hands were rubbing the erect horse cock.
Beth lifted the head of the cock to her canlı casino siteleri mouth and licked the precum
from it, savouring the salty taste. Pulling back she offered the dripping
cock-head to Marie who looked at it nervously before lowering her mouth to
lap at the piss-hole. Beth watched as Marie stretched her mouth wide and
pushed the cock-head between her lips. Both women were now crouched beneath
Spirits body as they sucked and masturbated his large swollen cock, taking
it turns to suck the cock-head.
As they worked on Spirit’s cock they each had a hand buried in
their own cunts; Spirit snorted in pleasure as his body rocked driving his
swollen cock into the willing hands and mouths. With a jerk Beth’s mouth
was flooded with horse cum as Spirit’s cock shot forth it’s load of hot
salty sperm. The next blast splattered over her face as she moved to allow
Marie’s mouth to close over the shooting cock, which blasted a load into
her mouth. She released it as her mouth filled to overflowing, horse cum
was splattering over their bodies as they both orgasmed together. They
moaned and writhed beneath the stallion’s cum firing cock as they shook to
their release, finally as the last squirt of cum dribbled onto their bodies
they moved away from Spirit. Rolling on the straw they kissed and licked
each other’s faces while rubbing the cum into their breasts and pussies,
the sensation driving them onto a second orgasm.
As they recovered they continued to stroke each other’s bodies.

“That was amazing,” said Marie “Will he really be able to fuck me though,
he seems a bit large”

“Well you won’t be able to take the full length, but a fair amount,” said
Beth “Let’s leave him to recover a bit though first, I think Warrior could
do with some help”

As she spoke Beth pointed at the second stall where Warrior stood, the
smell of sex had already aroused him, his cock jutted down from his hind
legs, swollen and hard. Quickly Beth and Marie moved into the stall and
with no preamble they moved beneath the stallion. Hands and mouths quickly
brought a snort of pleasure to Warrior’s lips as the two women worked on
his erection. Under their hands and mouths it didn’t take long before
Warrior’s cock shot forth his copious amounts of cum to flood their mouths
and cover their faces and bodies. By the time the rolled from beneath him
they had both orgasmed again, horse spunk covered their bodies and stuck to
their hair.
They rested in the centre of the barn as they recovered from their
orgasms; talking quietly and holding each other close as the sticky cum
dried upon them. Glancing at her watch, which lay beside her dress Beth
realised they had been in the barn for two hours. As Marie recovered she
started to look towards Spirit’s stall, her face filled with eager

“Ready for Spirit to fuck you?” asked Beth

“O yes, just the thought of it is making me hot”

Standing the two women returned to Spirit’s stall, it didn’t take them long
to coax his cock to a proud state of erection. Then with a gentle hand Beth
led him into the centre of the barn where a number of straw bales had been
strategically arranged, one covered with a soft blanket.

“Lie on the blanket and prepare to be well and truly fucked,” said Beth

As Marie lay back on the blanket, Beth led Spirit over to her; very well
aware of what was required of him Spirit mounted the bales with his front
legs. Reaching under him Beth moved him forward while guiding his cock to
Marie’s waiting pussy. As the cock-head pushed against her cuntal opening
Marie moaned in pleasure, the moan turning into a slight groan of pain as
the cock- head stretched her cunt wide. As the cock pushed into her, her
cries were a mixture of pain and pleasure, as it sank deeper they became
moans of pleasure.
Beth watched in awe as over twelve inches of cock disappeared into
the other woman’s body.
Marie couldn’t believe how full she felt as the amazingly long cock
pushed deeper and deeper into her cunt, she felt a sharp pain as the head
pushed through her cervix and deeper into her body until she dare not take
anymore. She felt the hot fuck meat withdraw before plunging once more deep
into her, the sensation pushed her into an orgasm and she moaned in
pleasure as she came around the large cock. Beth had crawled up beside her
and was kissing her face and breasts as she came.

“That’s it baby, take that horse cock, fuck you look so hot baby, so
fucking hot”

Marie couldn’t speak to answer only grunt and groan in pleasure as her
pussy was filled like never before with pulsing cock-meat. Her hips lifted
to meet each of Spirit’s forward thrusts as his cock drove her from orgasm
to orgasm. Then with a groan of pleasure she felt the cock swell even more
in her stretched cunt and the next instant what felt like gallons of cum
were flooding deep into her womb. She felt cum leaking from her pussy as
Spirit continued to drive his pulsing cock into her, her body shaking to an
orgasm of her own. As she came in a powerful orgasm she felt the world
drift and turn grey.
When she finally recovered she felt empty as cool air caressed her
stretched cuntal opening, slowly raising her head she saw Spirit standing
by a water trough drinking deeply. Turning her head she watched Beth
leading Warrior over to the bails, his cock once more standing hard beneath
him, she moved to one side as Beth had Warrior mount the straw bales.
Beth’s pussy was burning with her own need to be fucked; her body
flushed with arousal, as she lay down she smiled at the recumbent
Marie. Reaching down she pulled the cock to her dripping pussy, moaning in
pleasure as she felt it push into her cuntal opening. Deeper and deeper it
sank, stretching her cunt wide as it moved into her. She couldn’t help but
cry out as she felt the cock push through her cervix, pulling herself up
she looked down at the cock buried deep into her, she brushed her nipples
against Warrior’s rough hair moaning and grunting in pleasure as they
started to move together. She felt Marie move behind her, helping support
her so they could both watch Warrior’s cock push deep into her
womb. Lifting her hips Beth pushed more and more cock into her until she
felt filled beyond belief. The pounding cock was causing her pussy to
convulse in orgasmic pleasure, her body rocking to orgasm after orgasm,
each stronger and more pleasurable than the last. The final orgasm seemed
to cause the world to shake as she felt Warrior’s cock swell in her pussy
and moments later his cum was flooding into her womb. She convulsed beneath
him her screams of release echoing around the barn, as every nerve seemed
to cry aloud its joy at her orgasm. She moaned in writhed held in Marie’s
arms as she came in abandoned pleasure; finally she felt Warrior’s
softening cock slip from her soaking cunt in a flood of sperm and pussy
As Warrior moved over to join Spirit at the water trough Beth and
Marie lay together in post orgasmic bliss, their bodies recovering from the
horse’s attentions.
It was mid afternoon before either of them felt like moving again,
standing they looked at each other and laughed. Their bodies were covered
in dried cum; it stuck to their faces and hair and was entangled in their
pussy hair. Without saying a word they walked over to the two stallions and
led them back to the straw bales. Spreading the blanket wide they then
knelt and worked on the horse’s cocks. Beth had Spirit this time and Marie
Warrior, in a surprising short time they had coaxed the eager horses to an
erect state and leading them to mount the bales they slid beneath them and
in one easy movement they guided the cocks to their waiting pussies.
Their moans of pleasure joined as their cunts were filled by
stallion cock, deeper and deeper they sank. Then as Spirit and Warrior
thrust they lifted their hips to meet them, groaning in pleasure and
lust. The rest seemed to have invigorated the two horses; they reamed their
large cocks deeper and deeper into the two willing women, until they would
go no further. Both women felt stretched and filled beyond belief, each
thrust sent sharp stabs of pain into their cunts, this however seemed only
to increase their arousal and they joyfully lifted their hips to meet the
forward thrusts. Soon they felt the cocks swell once more and then cum was
pumping into them to flood deep into their wombs. Beth felt full beyond
belief, reaching down she drew the pulsing cock from her pussy and
masturbating it she directed the jets of spunk over her orgasming
body. Turning her head she saw Marie copying her, when the jets of sperm
reduced to a dribble they wiped the cocks over their bodies before rubbing
the hot salty spunk into themselves.
Standing on shaky legs they lead Warrior and Spirit back to their
stalls and then pulled their dresses on. As the walked wearily back to the
jeep their dresses stuck to their cum soaked bodies. Climbing into the jeep
they felt the bottom of their dresses become wet with the horse cum that
ran freely from their stretched pussy.

Chapter ten: Beth meets Marie’s parents

They were feeling recovered when they arrived at Beth’s house,
although their cunts still felt stretched and sore.

“I guess I should go home,” said Marie

“Don’t, please stay”

“If your sure?”

“I am, I don’t want to ever loose you”

“What about your husband and k**s?”

“They will all love you”

“I need to go home and get some clothes and stuff, will you come with me”

“I think we’d better take a shower first, in fact looking at the state of
us I suggest we leave it until tomorrow”

“I must admit I’m shattered and starving”

Later on after a hot meal and long soak in the bath they lay beside each
other in bed and Beth asked Marie about her parents. She felt slightly
worried about what their reaction would be to Marie and her relationship.

“I’m not sure how they will react, I know they love me and are willing to
accept what I do, but I’m not sure what they will say. I think in their
younger days they were sexually adventurous, they may still be, however if
they are they have kept it from me. I know they are sexually active because
I’ve heard them on a night, to tell you the truth ever since I was a
teenager I’ve masturbated along with their cries of pleasure. I guess the
best way is to play it by ear”

“What are they like your parents”

“Papa’s about 56-years-old, very handsome and fit, he’s also got a large
cock,” she said with a smile “although I’ve not seen him naked for a few
years and never seen it hard. Mama is seven years younger she’s beautiful,
she has a full figure with large breasts and long black hair”

Beth stroked Marie’s face and kissed her

“You talk as though you’re attracted to them”

“Well everyone has dreams about making love to their parents don’t they? I
guess I’ve had them since I was a teenager lying in bed masturbating as I
listened to them make fucking or when I’m frustrated or have been reading
too many stories on the Internet. I’d be lying if I said part of me hasn’t
always wanted to watch them make love and I guess maybe join them. But you
know it’s not as if I’d act on them”

“I’m not against it, after all I’ve made love to my c***dren. If the
opportunity came up would you want to?”

Marie shivered “The truth, yes. I’d love for papa to fuck me and the
thought of sucking mama’s breasts makes me hot. God I can’t believe I
admitted that, but it will never happen”

“We could make it happen”


“I’m not sure, lets see if we can’t nudge things along tomorrow”

“I’d like that”

Beth kissed Marie and they snuggled down beneath the sheets.

They were up early the following day, taking a quick shower before pulling
on a couple of short dresses; as the previous day they did without
underwear. As they inspected each other Marie smiled,

“You certainly put the idea firmly in my head, I spent all last night
dreaming of making love to mama and papa”

“Well then lets have breakfast and then go see if we can fulfil your

Heading down to the kitchen they had a quick breakfast before driving over
to Marie’s home.
Marie’s parents lived about a mile away in a big redbrick house set
in a large well kept garden on a quiet street. Marie opened the front door
and called out,

“Hello, anyone home?”

A handsome grey haired man in his fifties stepped from an open door to
their left.

“Ciao Marie”

“Buon Giorno papa,” Marie said hugging the older man, Beth couldn’t stop
from smiling as she saw Marie’s dress ride up to reveal her naked
buttocks. She watched as Marie’s father’s hand slid down her back, it
jumped as it touched the naked flesh. She smiled as she saw Marie press
against her father, her hips pressing against his groin. As she pressed
against him his hand returned to her naked buttock lightly caressing it the
fingers sliding between the firm cheeks. The hand slid lower and Beth was
sure that he had pressed a finger against Marie’s pussy slit, before he
stepped back with a cough.

“Papa this is Beth”

“Buon Giorno Beth”

“Good morning Mr Valentina”

“Where’s mama?”

“She’s still in bed, it was a late night and I thought I’d let her have a
lie in”

“I’ll go and say good morning to her, come on Beth”

Beth smiled at Mr Valentina as she turned and followed Marie towards the
stairs; she couldn’t help noticing that Marie’s father had a barely hidden
erection. As they climbed the stairs she glanced back and saw Mr Valentina
watching them, she realised from his position he would be able to see their
naked pussies.

“Your papa seemed to enjoy his morning hug”

“I know, when he touched my arse I almost jumped in surprise, he even
touched my pussy and his cock certainly enjoyed it, it was pressing into me
like a steel rod and fuck it certainly made me hot”

At the top of the stairs Marie took Beth’s hand and led her down a long

“My rooms there,” she said pointing at a closed door.

A little way further down the corridor she stopped at an almost identical
closed door,

“This is mama and papa’s room”

Marie gently eased it open and still holding Beth’s hand stepped into the
darkened room, a large king size bed stood against one wall; a figure lay
on it covered by a sheet.

“Mama,” said Marie as she walked over to the bed

The figure stirred turning onto its back and the eyes opened,


“Yes mama,” answered Marie as she sat on the bed to kiss her mother

Again Beth noticed that the way she had sat had lifted her dress offering
her mother a view of her aroused pussy.

“Who is that with you?”

“Mama this is Beth”

“Open the curtains so I can see her better”

As the curtains were opened Beth found herself looking at Marie’s mother
for the first time, as Marie had stated she had long black hair, the sheet
clung to her body showing her full figure and large breasts.

“Hi Mrs Valentina”

“Hello Beth”

Beth watched as Marie spoke to her mom only half listening as she told her
she was going to stay with Beth for a few days. As Marie stood and headed
for the door Beth was stopped by Mrs Valentina

“Beth could you please stay a moment”

“Of course Mrs Valentina”

“Call me Sophia”


Marie looked back at Beth as she left the room.

“Sit down dear,” said Sophia as she patted the bed beside her “Tell me are
you married Beth?”

“Yes Mrs Val.. I mean Sophia, 18 happy years, I’ve two c***dren Lisa 16 and
David 17”

“Are they at home now?”

“No David and Lisa are on holiday with their friends and my husband,
Marcus, is on a business trip”

“Are you sleeping with my daughter?”

“Shouldn’t you ask her that?”

Beth jumped as she felt Sophia’s hand rub her thigh as it slipped under her

“Sophia, you mustn’t”

“Shh,” said Sophia as her finger’s rubbed over Beth’s pussy lips

“What does your husband think of you fucking my daughter?”

“He he please stop Sophia, he doesn’t know, but if he did he wouldn’t mind”

Beth sat frozen as Sophia’s fingers explored her pussy, she seemed locked
in place as the older woman sat up, the sheet falling to her waist and
revealing her large breasts to Beth’s eyes.

“Do you like my breasts? Would you like to suck them?”

Beth could only stare as one of her hands was lifted to the pliant flesh
that was exposed to her. The opening of the bedroom door brought her back
to her senses and she stood quickly, her pussy crying out for the fingers
were removed.

“I should go and find Marie”

Quickly she headed for the door squeezing past Mr Valentina who stood
there, as she moved past him she felt his erection press against her and
his hand quickly stroked over her breasts.
Marie was waiting in her room; clothes piled on her bed as she
sorted through them.

“What did mama want?”

“To ask if we were sleeping together”

“What did you say?”

“I told her she should ask you. That’s not all that happened though, she
felt me up”

“What! Are you sure? I mean my mother felt you up”

“Yes and so did your dad when he came in”

“Fuck, I guess they do fool around”

Suddenly from Marie’s parent’s bedroom they heard a loud cry of pleasure.

“They aren’t being subtle are they” said Marie with a smile and grabbing
Beth’s hand she led her to her parent’s bedroom door. They stood outside
the room at the partly open door listening to the moans of pleasure;
suddenly Sophia’s voice came clearly to them.

“O god that’s it fuck me, ram your cock deep into my pussy. Pretend I’m
your little girl and fuck your little Marie. Ooo that’s it daddy fuck my
tight little pussy, fuck your Marie”

Beth and Marie looked at each other in pleasure as they listened at the

“That’s it baby take daddy’s cock he’s going to fill you with his hot cum”

Outside the bedroom Beth and Marie kissed before quickly slipping their
shoes and dresses off.

“Well, shall we go in?” asked Beth as she played with Marie’s firm breasts
“it sounds as though your papa wants to fuck you”

With a lust filled smile Marie kissed Beth, pressing her body tight against
the other woman’s before taking her hand and dragging her into her parent’s
They were greeted by the sight of Sophia lying on her back, her
legs wrapped around her husband” back as he drove his hard cock into her
dripping pussy. They were both so engrossed in their pleasure that it
wasn’t until Marie and Beth climbed onto the bed that they realised they
weren’t alone. Mr and Mrs Valentina stared at the two women; Beth saw lust
and desire burning in their eyes as they gazed at the younger women’s naked

“Kiss your parents hello,” said Beth

Marie lent forward and pressed her lips to her mother’s, kissing her in a
very undaughterly way, pulling away she did the same to her father.

“Well daddy if you want you can fuck the real thing,” said Marie as she
pushed a hand between her parted thighs.
Marie’s father looked at her in lust filled wonder,

“Baby I’m not sure I should”

“Please papa, I need you”

As she spoke Marie guided one of her father’s hands to her already dripping
pussy, as the fingers explored her cuntal opening she lay down beside her

“Fuck me papa, fuck me now”

Without looking at his wife Mr Valentina pulled his cock from her pussy and
in one deep thrust buried it in his daughter’s waiting cunt. Marie cried in
pleasure as her father’s cock pushed deep into her, lifting her legs she
d****d them over his shoulders allowing him deeper penetration to her
willing cunt.

“O god yes papa fuck me fuck me hard, ram your cock in me I want you to
pump me full of your papa cum”

Beth watched as Marie’s father reamed his cock deep into his daughter’s
pussy, she watched as he lowered his head to kiss her passionately before
moving his mouth to her firm breasts. Beth turned from the happily fucking
father and daughter and looked at Sophia, she was still lying on her back,
legs parted as she watched her husband and daughter making love. Moving
over to her Beth kissed the older woman as she slipped round to lie on her
recumbent form.

“I hoped I’d get to make love to you Beth, I didn’t expect my daughter to
be so willing to fuck her father though”

“You wanted her to didn’t you”

“Yes, Gianni and I have fantasised about it since we watched her masturbate
when she was f******n. Do you think we are sick wanting to fuck our own

“No I don’t, sex is just another way of expressing your love for each
other. If it’s not hurting anyone or being forced upon someone then I don’t
see anything wrong. Besides I can’t judge because I’ve made love to both my
c***dren and I’m sure it hasn’t harmed them. In fact my daughter set out to
seduce me”

“You must tell me about it sometime, but for now…”

Sophia broke off as she kissed Beth, Beth returned the kiss and then slowly
moved down the other woman’s body kissing her way over Sophia’s neck to her
breasts. Sophia’s breasts were large and soft Beth enjoyed the feel as they
moved in her hands as she licked and kissed them. She suckled at the large
swollen nipples before slipping lower, kissing her way down Sophia’s wide
hips before dipping between her parted thighs to her mons. She gently
kissed the swollen wet labia before pushing her tongue into the cuntal
opening. Lifting her head she quickly turned round so that her legs
straddled Sophia’s head, then she lowered her mouth once more to the
dripping pleasure hole. Tongue fucking Sophia’s pussy she moaned in
pleasure as Sophia returned the favour, kissing and licking her pussy.
Marie was in heaven, her body burning in lust filled pleasure as
her father fucked her deeply. She was lifting her hips to meet his thrusts
their bodies slapping together in lust filled passion. The sensation and
joy of feeling her father’s cock deep in her womb was causing her to buck
and moan in pleasure as she felt her orgasm approaching.

“Fuck me papa, fuck me hard. O yes I’m cuming papa, your little girl’s
cuming on your beautiful cock, I’m cuming papa cuuummmmiiinnnngggggg

Marie shook and bucked as her body exploded in orgasmic pleasure a second
orgasm rocked her as moments later she felt her father’s cock swell and
jerk inside her as hot sperm flooded into her womb.
Beth and Sophia’s ears filled to the grunts and cries of pleasure
as Marie and Gianni orgasmed beside them. Sophia’s expert tongue was
sending sparks to Beth’s pleasure centre’s as her body approached its own
orgasm. She attacked the other woman’s pussy driving her towards an orgasm
of her own, as she fingered and sucked Sophia’s pussy and clitoris she felt
a finger push against her anus. She relaxed the muscles of her rosebud
opening as it pushed into her bowels, realising that Sophia probably wanted
this done to her she coated a finger in cunt juice before slipping it into
her arse. Sophia’s hips bucked and jerked as Beth finger fucked her arse
and sucked her pussy, seconds later Beth’s mouth was flooded with cum as
Sophia orgasmed. Moments later Beth’s body rocked to her own orgasm as she
was fingered in her arse and tongue fucked in her pussy.
Rolling apart Beth looked over at Marie and Gianni, Marie was lying
beside her father a dreamy look of pleasure on her face. Gianni was
cradling her in his arms as he suckled at her breasts and rubbed his hands
over her firm body. Beth moved over to the relaxing couple, bending forward
she closed her mouth over Gianni’s soft cum coated cock. She used her
tongue to lick the juices from it before easing back the foreskin to lick
and suck the sensitive head.
As Beth worked on Gianni’s cock Sophia had pulled Marie towards her
and was now sucking the leaking spunk from her daughter’s pussy.
Gianni lay back watching the beautiful strange woman suck and lick
his cock, under her well practised action he felt it jerk and begin to
swell. It wasn’t long before Beth’s mouth was filled with hard cock, she
moved her mouth up and down the shaft allowing the head to push against her
throat before sliding it back out. She contemplated sucking the cock to
orgasm, but her pussy was yearning to feel the cock inside it and so she
released it and straddling Gianni’s hips she guided the cock to her waiting
pussy. Moaning in pleasure she felt the head push into her cuntal opening
before it slid into her pussy as she lowered herself down.

“O fuck your cock feels sooooo good inside me”

Leaning forward she kissed Gianni as her hips rotated on the pillar of hard
flesh that pierced deep into her body. Gianni sat up allowing Beth to wrap
her legs around his back, lowering his mouth he licked the sweat from her
firm breasts, licking and gently biting the nipples.
With each downward movement Beth twisted her hips in a circular
motion as she held Gianni’s mouth against her aching breasts.

“O yes that’s it fuck me you Italian stud, suck my tit’s o fuck yes”

Beth moved upon the fuck-tool buried in her cuntal passage, the double
stimulation of mouth and cock were driving her wild, she could feel the
warm pleasure of her approaching orgasm as she moaned and jerked upon the
hard cock. Gianni’s hands roamed down her back and over her arse, she felt
fingers run over her anus and then one pushed firmly in.

“That’s it baby, take my cock and finger, I’m gonna flood your tight pussy
with cum just like my daughter’s. Take it slut here I come I’m cuming
cuming fuck yessssssssss”

Gianni’s cock and finger pushed deep into Beth’s body, his free hand held
her still as his cock fired load after load of hot creamy cum into her
womb. The sensation pushed Beth over into her own orgasm, throwing back her
head she screamed her pleasure aloud.
They stayed locked together as their orgasms subsided, finally Beth
felt Gianni’s finger slip from her arse and moments later his shrinking
cock slid from her pussy. She fell to the bed beside Marie and her mother
who had just brought each other to orgasm. The four of them lay together as
they recovered from their pleasurable fucks.
Later they showered and dressed once again before heading
downstairs, as they sat in the kitchen to eat a large dinner Beth found
herself watching the Valentina family.

“Marie, if you’d rather stay at home I’ll understand”

Marie looked from her parent’s to Beth

“Mama, papa I love you and hope we can do this again, but if you don’t mind
and Beth will have me I’ll go with her”

“Of course you can go with Beth”

“Well Beth?”

Beth felt tears of joy come to her eyes as she looked with pleasure at the
younger woman.

“I’d love you to come with me”

“That’s settled,” said Sophia “But don’t be strangers OK”

“OK,” said Beth and Marie together

“Maybe I could bring Lisa and David when they get back”

“We’d like that wouldn’t we love,” said Sophia smiling at husband “Bring
your husband as well”

“Of course”

Chapter eleven: Good Morning

Beth awoke the next morning to the feel of warm lips kissing her
inner thigh and a finger gently playing with her aroused pussy. Suddenly
the lips and fingers left and then a long, rough, wet tongue licked from
her anus to her clitoris, she opened her eyes in surprise and found herself
looking at a large black dog its muzzle buried between her thighs. Lisa
stood naked beside the strange dog; a hand underneath it as she slowly
worked on its cock, teasing it from its fur covered sheath.
Turning her head Beth saw David lying between Marie’s parted
thighs, as she watched he slowly eased his cock into her dripping pussy, a
moan of pleasure escaped from Marie’s lips as David’s cock pushed into her.

“Scoot down the bed mom,” said Lisa as she pulled the black dog off her.

Beth did as she was told until she was lying on the bed with her legs
hanging over the edge. Lisa guided the dog onto his hind legs so that his
hard cock was pointed at Beth’s swollen pussy lips. Beth looked with
appreciation at the dog’s cock, it was long and thick with a tapered head,
she groaned in desire as Lisa guided it to her cuntal opening. As the head
pushed into her pussy instinct took over and the dog thrust forward to bury
the entire length in her. Lifting her legs she wrapped them around the
dog’s back drawing him deeper into her body as he started to fuck her in
short thrusts.
Lisa had joined the fucking couples on the bed, lying beside her
moaning mother she opened her thighs and arms and welcomed Troy as he
climbed up and with a little help pushed his cock into her.
The room filled with moans and cries of pleasure as man and dogs
pleasured the willing women. Beth lifted her hips to meet the thrust of the
canine cock as it sank deep into her, opening her mouth she moaned in
pleasure. As she did so a long wet tongue licked her face and then the next
instant it was in her mouth, she sucked at the dog’s tongue as it slid in
her mouth rubbing over her lips and tongue. Her body was burning with
pleasure as her orgasm approached, she could feel the doggy cock expanding
and as the knot was forced into her cuntal opening she screamed in pleasure
as she came. Moments later she orgasmed again as the canine cock locked
deep in her womb jerked and flooded her with hot jism.
As she lay back joined with the black dog she turned her head to
look at Marie and her c***dren. David was grunting in pleasure as he reamed
his cock deep into Marie’s willing pussy; Marie had her arms and legs
locked around his pounding body as she kissed him passionately. Lisa was
jerking and moaning in pleasure as Troy pumped his dog jism into her cunt
and she orgasmed.
Marie screamed in pleasure as David pounded her hot pussy,

“Fuck me, yes o yes fuck me, O god I’m cuming baby I’m cuming

Marie’s body jerked and heaved as she shook to her orgasm, the feel of her
pulsing fuck-tube gripping his pounding cock caused David to moan as he
felt his balls start to fire his thick sperm up his shaft and deep into
Marie’s womb.
Beth watched the others as her body continued to shake in pleasure,
each time the strange dog tried to climb off her it sent a wave of orgasmic
pleasure through her. As her pussy gripped the dog cock in her she felt
it’s slow subsiding stop and it started to swell once more. As the pleasure
reached the dog he started once more to thrust into her, opening her arms
she welcomed his furry body as they made love. Her engorged nipples brushed
against his furry chest as he lick her face and mouth, while his haunches
pushed his cock in and out of her cunt. Faster and faster they moved, fur
covered belly slapping against pink flesh in a dance of pleasure until with
a growl her pussy was once more flooded with dog sperm. Her own orgasm very
close Beth reached between their locked bodies to rub her engorged clit and
bring her own orgasm crashing upon her.
She lay still, locked with the dog until finally his cock fell free
in a flood of cum and pussy juice. She watched her lover flop to the floor
where he started to lick his well used cock.
Looking around she saw Lisa and Marie locked in a cunt sucking 69,
David sat watching as he rubbed his erect cock.

“Why don’t you bring that over here and let mummy take care of it,” Beth
said with a lust filled smile.

David moved over to his mom, pushing him onto his back he watched as she
crouched above him and lowered her mouth to his engorged manhood. She
licked the head, tasting the mixture of spunk and pussy juice that coated
it, she allowed the shaft to sink into her mouth, her teeth gently
scrapping over the head. David’s hands sank into her hair as he started to
fuck her mouth with his hard cock, however Beth had better plans for his
next load of cum and so raised her head. Getting up she moved to sit
astride his hips, lifting his cock she sank her cum filled pussy down onto
his fuck rod.

“O god baby that feels so good, mummy’s missed your beautiful cock baby”

Slowly she moved upon the hard shaft buried in her womb, leaning forward
she offered her hanging breasts to David’s willing mouth and tongue. Harder
and faster she moved upon David’s cock driving them both towards the full
expression of their love when cock would flood pussy with its seed. Faster
and faster they moved flesh slapping against flesh as cum and pussy juice
ran over David’s cock and balls, until the cries of release David’s cock
pumped his jism into Beth’s pussy as Beth’s pussy milked the cock in
orgasmic pleasure.
Afterwards as they all four lay in a tangled embrace Beth
introduced Marie to her c***dren and then asked about the strange dog.

“He was a stray at the campsite, he took to Troy and me and well I new how
much you like dogs” said David with a smile “So I decided to bring him
home, so I gave him a bath and cleaned him up and here we are”

“Does he have a name?”

“He answers to Buster”

“Hello Buster and hello to you too Troy,” said Beth as the dogs jumped onto
the bed their tails wagging, “When did you get back” she asked looking at
her daughter

“I met David this morning as I came home, we’d planned to surprise you,”
said Lisa “We undressed downstairs” blushing she smiled “That took longer
than we’d planned as we had a little play together before coming up here”

Beth laughed at her daughter’s blushes

“I’m not sure who got the biggest surprise when we saw you and another
woman in bed. We walked in planning to surprise you both, but Marie was
awake already as we walked over to the bed she pushed the covers off you
both and the rest you know”

“Does dad know about Marie,” asked David

“Sort of”

They spent most of the rest of the day making love together, by the time
they headed for the shower both the humans and the dogs had been well and
truly fucked. After takeaway pizzas and wine they relaxed in the Jacuzzi.

“I think tomorrow we should all go and visit Marie’s parents and then later
in the week we’ll see about introducing Lisa to Spirit”

“Who’s Spirit?”

“Wait and see”

Sitting back Beth allowed the hot water to relax her as she played with
Lisa and Marie’s pussies, while Marie stroked David’s swelling cock and
Lisa fingered her clit. She knew that the fun was only just beginning,
Marcus would soon be home and then her family would be complete.

The End
By Hidden Friend(c)

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