Best Friends Grandma 3


Best Friends Grandma 3I recieved a long distance phone call from my bestfriend Chris and he was really concerned about his Grandfather Fred. Fred had been sick for a while and had just gotten home after being in the hospital with Pnuemonia. Apparently the old man was bedridden and on oxygen. Chris said his Grandmother Norma needed help in a terriable way and since I live in the same small town, he thought I could help out. Norma had really taken a shine to me ever since Chris and I were Seniors in High School. I told Chris I’d help out; Heck what are best friends for? and even though it was late, I called Norma. ‘Hi Norma’ Oh, well, hello you sexy handsome young man you’ We chatted for a bit.Norma said that Fred was on medication and almost asleep and that I should come on over. I had the night off from work so I hurried myself out to thier small farm. When I walked in Norma was wearing a black short silk robe, black fish net stockings and plenty of newly applied makeup. We hadn’t seen each other in over two weeks and she put a lip locking smooch on my lips.We kissed on the lips for several minutes and instinctively my dick was hard as a bar of steel. The stupid thing knowing good and well what it was in for. I undid her robe and she was wearing a white lacy bra and her fish net stocking went up to her waist. I grabbed her huge tits and started feeling her up. She sighed in approval as I forcefully sqweezed her huge mammeries. Norma just loves getting her tits sqweezed. I blurted out ‘damn you are so fucking hot’ she replied back, ‘oh you’re the only one that thinks so, Freds never showed me the attention that you do’ Then she grabbed the back of my head and we kissed for a bit more. Then broke apart and she asked me if I could carry canlı kaçak iddaa some oxygen bottles up stairs to thier bedroom. When I walked in poor old Fred was pasty pale, very thin and with a oxygen tube around his ears and clipped into his nose. Freds hard of hearing with out his hearing aids so I talked kind of load. ‘Hi Fred, How are you? ‘Oh I’m ok Timmy’ with even a loader voice said ‘i talked with your grandson Chris and he said that you were sick and he wanted me to help you guys out’ ‘Oh oh Ok’ He gasped and said ‘You are nicer than our own c***dren, I don’t know what we would do with out you’I replied back ‘Well your wife and I will nurse you back to health’ I glanced over at Norma, her robe was open and she leaned over fred fixing his oxygen tube. I got an eye full of those huge 50 JJ boobs stuffed into that white lace bra, showing plenty of boob fat and cleavage, and wow what a sight. As she rubbed her huge boobs over her sickly husbands body. When she looked up and caught my stare she gave me a naughty wink. Old man Fred never cared about his wifes lack of cloths and flirty nature. The dumb ass thought that nobody in there right mind would wanna fuck his horny huge titted fat wife. When we were done, Norma kept his tv on, turned the main light off and walked around and turned on the small bed lamp. We walked out and into the next bedroom,locked and closed the door and turned on the small tv. She then got up onto the bed and took off her robe and tossed it onto the floor. The red small Tiffany lamp was on and patted the bed for me to join her. I took my cloths off as she watched with knowing approval. My long dick bobbed up in excitement, then I climbed onto the bed as I was kneeling there Norma leaned over güvenilir casino and grabbed the base of my dick and started suck pumping my hard dick. I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head onto my dick. Fucking the old womans mouth with obusive force. Man, Norma loves sucking dick and it makes us both hornier than hell. With demented determination she suck-pumped for about five minutes. While she was sucking my dick all I could think of was, her cockold-oldman was in the next bedroom which made my dick bigger and harder than it’s ever been. She stopped and said in a low voice as she looked at my dick’I can’t wait for you to pound me from behind with this big young horse cock of yours’ With that she turned around and I got behind her. She had worn this outfit before and I literaly fucked her brains out so I figured it was going to be a repeat performance.Since the bikini underwear was tight between her ass cheeks, I forcefully pulled it out and moved it onto her right ass cheek. Grabbed my dick and guided the tip of my circumcized dick head into my best friends huge titted grandmother hotter than hell pussy. In a low voice she said ‘Oh fucking ya’I pushed pumped deeper and deeper into her. She started screaming with wild joy. ‘ughaa, ughaa’ Words could never discribe what Normas pussy feels like as I grabbed her bra strap like I was riding a horse. Then fucked her deep and hard, with the tip of my dick hitting something deep inside her womb. She screamed and said ‘fuck, fuck’ over and over. Norma totally gets off on deep penetration and likes rough sex and I wasn’t going to disappoint the old cow. At first I wanted to be quiet and we kind of were but soon it was a knock out fuckfest with grunting, screaming and dirty güvenilir casino talking. Hell, her old man couldn’t hear worth a beans with both tv’s on, him on medication and oxygen and a locked door. We were on course for some nast-a all night sex. I then grabbed the back of her hair and pulled with force. In response she cried out ‘oh fuck timmy, ughaa fuck’ I pumped her deep and hard with my long dick. Man, Chris’s grandmother is one hot fuck. I looked in the mirror above the head board and her eyes were stuck in the top of her head and her mouth was ajar. I knew from past experiences she was going to have a orgasum. She clutched the bedsheets with both of her small hands and said ‘oh fuck, I’m gunna ughaa,ughaa,fuck’,the old cow was having a orgasum but like always I kept fucking her from behind like my life depended on it, not letting up on that nympho pussy of hers. Unlike her it’s very hard for me to have a orgsum. I doggie fucked deep dicked her thru four more orgasums and she was having the time of life. Her pussy was soaking wet so I pulled out and unhooked the four snaps on her bra and got her old of the thing and tossed it to the side. She layed on the bed on her side and I straddeled her right leg and lifted her left leg over my left leg. Then stuck my dick back into her hot pussy. I looked at her tits and said ‘god damn you got some huge ass tits’ then started deep dicking her, she just gasped, screamed and looked up at me with a look that said ‘damn k**, you have a long ass dick’ Norma loved what she was getting and she wasn’t going to tell the members of her church, her k**s, grandk**s and any one for that matter. I’m not sure how many times she climaxed that night, I’m thinking about fifteen times? I left about seven the next morning totally exhausted and sexually drained. Sure it’s a relationship that’s totally messed up and wrong on so many levels. But when I think about those huge ass titty’s and hot quick trigger pussy of hers. I really can’t help myself.

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