Best Friend ? part 6


Best Friend ? part 6As we drove off sam asked me if i had any idea about what was happening ? i said i didnt, well let me explain i have now taken you and linda over, she loves my big cock and enjoys the way i treat her rough, as such i intend to keep her as my own fuck toy, you are now a plaything i know all about you going to the toilets etc and as you give a good blow job i will be useing you for that, but i will be sharing you with some of my special friends, i have shown people your photos and you are popular ! but wait till they see ones of you dressed as you are now,today we are going to peter and annes house and another friend steve will be there anne wants to cane you and probably other things peter wants a blow job and we all get to watch steve fuck you, and the best bit is i intend to film most of it to show what a slut i have, also anne has a idea that she wants to borrow you and have you as their maid for the weekend, but thats for a future outing for you, as sam was telling me all this i started to realise that there wasnt any escape both linda and me were stuck in sams trap, we pulled up to the house and sam made me get out i had to walk across the street in my schoolgirls outfit, as we got to the house the door opened and large blond woman opened the door, she smiled at sam and gave me a look of contempt we went inside and she told me to go in the room to my left which i did she closed the door and i heard them talking as they walked off, the room had a large couch a couple of chairs and a wardrobe, and as i looked around i saw the camera at that moment they all walked into the room, steve and peter had me walk around then started to feel me up running there hands over my stockings and my boobs steve grabbed a boob and yanked it hard that made me jump i realized that linda had really used superglue and i gave a real yelp they all smiled , peter the took hold of me and kissed me forcing his tongue into my mouth as he did this i felt his hands on me , all of a sudden i felt a slap to my face and anne hissed what casino siteleri the fuck do you think your doing kissing my husband peter pulled away smirking anne pushed me to the couch and forced me to bend she is a big lady probably a size twenty about 5,10 and about 40, she had a short skirt white blouse and heels , anne then lifted my skirt and i felt the first sting of the cane this was followed by at least ten more blows i was now in some distress as the blows were delivered with force ! i cried out and anne said gag the bitch ! peter walked in front of me and put his cock in my mouth pushing a good 8”into my throat , anne continued to cane me then peter started to fuck my mouth, the pain from the caneing was intense and as he fucked my mouth peter said anne’s getting excited i can see her all flushed that means in a minute she will be useing this end he pulled his cock out and pushed me to the floor as he did this anne straddled my head looking up i could see her takeing her panties off and she put a finger through her tights and ripped the crutch as she lowered her self onto my mouth i could taste her pussy it was running wet , lick and suck me hard and dont waste any off my juices she ordered i did as i was told and did the best i could i felt her orgasm starting and when she started cumming she gushed into my mouth i swallowed it all then as anne recovered she lifted her skirt so she could look down at me and with her other hand pulled my mouth into here pussy she then smiled at me and said open wide and dont miss any she then let her piss flow into my mouth i swallowed as quick as i could, when she finished she said now lick it clean then as i did she stood up looked at me and said your a mess come with me,i followed her it the next room anne said sit there as i did she wiped my face clean and told me she had enjoyed that and that on my next visit i would be her maid, but now as she started to redo my make up she said its time for more fun and laughed, she led me back into the room where the men were all naked canlı casino sam then came over to me and told me to parade for the camera and to let the other two start feeling me, as i did this peter started kissing me again i was worried after last time but anne sat in one of the chairs watching with her hand up her skirt this went on for a while and i felt my self being led over to the couch i was the pushed over it and saw peter comeing in front of me he placed his cock onto my lipsticked lips and said suck it as i took it in my mouth i could feel my skirt being lifted and hands on my arse then i felt my panties and tights being lowered and a hand smoothing my cheeks that were still sore ! i then felt my cheeks being parted and some form of lube being put on my tight hole as this was going on peter was forceing his cock further and further into my mouth and throat i then felt a couple of fingers go into me and move around and in and out in a effort to loosen me up i then heard steve say bloody hell he’s tight and said to sam are you sure you want him fucked ? i heard sam say oh yes then i heard anne say i want to see the bitch fucked hard he comes here all dressed up like a slutty schoolgirl of course he’s getting fucked i want to see your cock split him and peters choke him when he comes, i was now worried again as there was a cruel sound to annes voice i then heard her say in a low evil purr let him see whats going to fuck him i could just see her smileing as peters cock pushed into my mouth then steve stood in front of me with a rock hard cock that must have been more than 12′ inches i then started to struggle and get up but was quickly overpowered i tried to speak but peters cock was a effective gag the i felt anne put what i now know to be poopers to my nose as breathed in the vapours i felt the strength go out of me how ever she held them there sending me high i could then feel steve starting to force his cock into me the pain as the head went past my sphincter was terrible then i felt the relentless force as kaçak casino he pushed in i thought i would pass out all this time i am being face fucked and i can hear annes voice now thick with lust and excitement telling them both to fuck and hurt me she is still holding the poppers to my nose and askes steve how deep is he i just hear about half way she then says ok now ram it home i fell him pull back and as i take a deep breath i feel the full force of his going up into my bowels as he does this the pain worse and i feel something inside give way or tear i then feel him start fucking me to annes encouragement i am now being fucked at both end and i feel peters cock growing as he pus hes hard into my mouth his cock goes deep in my throat as he lets go a torrent of spunk i dont even taste it as it goes straight down into me he pulls out and sam takes his place telling me to suck hard as he wants to spunk on my face, i still have the pain of steves cock deep in my bowels and i feel a strange wetness as he fucks me he is now getting faster and more vocal and he feels my boobs and pulls hard causing pain on my chest then with a hard push he spunks into me, steve stays in me as sam starts to spunk in my face and tells me to smile for the camera i then feel steve start to pull out it feels as though i am being turned inside out as his cock first comes out of my bowels the slowly out of my arse, steve walks away and says he is haveing a shower, anne is panting from cumming again and says what do you want to do with him sam looks at me and says i want to take him back to his wife just as he is so she can see how he’s been used , anne smiles at me and says you did fine next time as my maid things will be a little different as i stand up i try to pull my tights and panties up and see the spunk and blood on my legs and stockings and i feel strange inside steve comes in and say you will be shitting blood for a while but you’ll be fine till next time, sam then said lets get you home as he said to anne that he would be back for the camera etc, i limped out to the car looking a mess and still in a daze as sam laughed at me saying i hope you enjoyed that, now i am going to give linda a serious fucking as i tell her what a slut she’s married to !part 7 to follow

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