Best Friend Black Bred Wife Part 1


Best Friend Black Bred Wife Part 1The phone rang and when Hakeem picked it up he could hear Bob’s excited voice on the other end telling him that he did an awesome job and he(Bob) and Becky are finally going to be parents. Bob told Hakeem that Becky is six weeks pregnant and she is just starting to develop a little baby belly. Before ending the phone call Bob suggested to Hakeem that the next time he was in town, they should all get together to celebrate. Hakeem said he would be right over. As he hung up the phone Hakeem’s mind raced back to six weeks prior when he had spend an enjoyable evening hanging out with his old college roomate and his georgeos wife celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. Hakeem a successful sales person for an internationl surgical tool manufacturing company has known Bob since their freshman year at a major university where they both attended on football scholarships. Hakeem was a handsome black 6’4″ 225lb defensive lineman while Bob a white slightly smaller male at 5’11’200lb was a linebacker. It was there at the university that Bob met Becky who was a beautiful 5’4″ blue eyed natural blonde cheerleader. Immediately upon seeing her Bob asked her out on a date and continued dating her until they got married a year after Bob’s and Hakeem’s graduation. As expected Hakeem was Bob’s best man at their wedding.In addition to being the best man at Bob and Becky’s wedding, Hakeem had been their best friend all through college. The three of them were always hanging out together and Bob always suspected that Hakeem had the hots for Becky but never said anything at the time to either Becky or Hakeem. As a matter of fact he rather enjoyed the fact that his best friend was very attracted to his girlfriend. There were even times where Bob fantasize about what it would be like to see his girlfriend trying to take Hakeem’s massive 12″ cock.Bob knew exactly how large Hakeem’s cock was because being on the football team when the team showered after games and pratice, they did so communally. There Bob got to see Hakeem’s massive bahis siteleri canlı 12″ cock and likewise Hakeem got to see Bob’s much smaller 5″ cock. Well after graduation and Bob and Becky’s wedding Hakeem accepted the the sales job offer and moved from Texas to New York city. Two years passed before he got the chance to see his best friends. Then one day he was ask to go to Texas to help close the sale on a multi million dollar deal. Once He made his travel arrangements, Hakeem called Bob and Becky to let them know that he was finally coming back on business but was planning to atay the weekend at the close of business that Friday. Extremely excited Bob suggested that when he was done his business for the week he come and stay at their house for the weekend and definitely do dinner and drinks Friday evening.On Friday morning Hakeem checked out of his hotel and went straigfht to the final part of his sales meeting. As soon as the deal was closed, the contracts were signed, handshakes were completed Hakeem politely excused himself straight to Bob and Becky house. When he rang their doorbell Bob answered the door and upon seeing his best friend for the first time in 2 years gave him an big manly bear hug while yelling up to Becky that Hakeem had arrived. Becky yelled her hello back down to Hakeem who recipricated with hello to her as well. Bob then they had too just goteen in from their respective jobs and were getting ready for their dinner date with hakeen. Hakeem said that the one thing really wanted to do before going out was take an shower. Bod told him to go ahead on up to the guest bedroom. After placing his bags in the room, Hakeem knocked on Bob and Becky’s bedroom door and said there were no bath towels in his bathroom and did they have some he could use. When the door open there stood Becky in all her georgeous blonde beauty wearing only a red lace push up bra and red almost see througn red bikini panties. Immediately Hakeem’s massive black cock started to stiffen and Becky’s eyes went right to the massive bulge casino siteleri forming in the front of his pants Hakeems pants. With her eyes locked on the massive bulge in Hakeems pants, without thinking Becky said it truly is as large as Bob said it is. Unsure of what Becky just said Hakeem ask “what did did you just say.” Coming to her sense and realizing what she just said, Becky replied “I will send some towels to you.” Still excited by Becky’s appearence and the comment she made, Hakeem went back into his bedroom, stripped dowm and then climb into the shower. A few seconds later he heard a knock at the bathroom door followed by Bod telling him that he was placing the towels on the vanity. Hakeem said thanks but never hear the bathroom door close. A few seconds later he was startled to hear his shower door being open and was eqaully stunned when beacky stepped into the shower in all her beautiful glory. Instanly Hakeem’s cock stood up in a very rigid 12 inches. But even as aroused as he was and as badly as he wanted to fuck this beautiful blond goddess that stood before him he realized that this was his best buddy’s wife and started to protest thay she should not be in there with him. But just as he started to tell her that she should be doing this hakeem heard his best friend telling him to go ahead and enjoy this because this is something that he and Becky had been planning to do ever since he first told her about his size. As the hot water from the shower sprayed down upon them Hakeem took Becky into his arms and press his lips against hers snaking his massive tongue deep into her small mouth. In turn Becky suck on Hakeems tongue and let it explore the recesses of her mouth. As Hakeem was using his tongue to explore Becky’s mouth, his hand were busy exploring the softness and wetness of her clean shaven pussy. Finding her slit he rubbed his massive middle finger up and down her slit pressing it into the folds of her labia then sliding it back up to tease her clit. At this point becky was so crazy with lust from Hakeem’s canlı casino kissing and the number his finger was doing on her pussy, she started begging him to take her right there. Hakeem egually heated from the shear beauty of Becky’s awesome body and looks could wait no longer. He had to have her and desparately wanted to feel the the beauty of her flesh wrapped tightly around his cock. With both of their lust for one another controlling them, Hakeem had Becky bend over and place her hands on the shower bench they he placed the head of his 12″ black spear at the entrance of her hairless pussy and slowly started pushing it in. Even though Becky’s pussy was incredibly tight the fact that she was being impaled by Hakeem’s giant black snake made her juices flow so much that he esily slid into her until he had all 12 inches deeply buried inside her. The feeling that Hakeem was getting from her pussy was so intense that he knew it would be only a matter of minuutes or maybe even just seconds before he would be sending a river of cun deep into her womb. Each time Hakeem would pull out and then slide back in Becky would push back against him to get the head of his cock buried as deep as she could into her womb. All of a sudden as Hakeem felt the walls of Beckey’s pussy gripping him tightly, then her entire body began shaking in the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. With tightness of her pussy, the power of her orgasm traveling through her pussy and into his body cause his cook to errupt into her womd spraying it with massive rivers of cum.Although, he wished that he could stay inside this beautiful woman forever, Hakeem slowly withdrew his massive black snake from deep within Becky belly and a small stream of cum dripped from its head as it broke free of the folds of folds of her pussy. Becky, turned to face Hakeem wrapped her arms around his neck and then planted a deep passionate kiss on his lips. Then she stepped out of the shower grab one of the towels from the vanity and dried herseld as she walked to Hakeems bed. Laying back on her back with her legs spread while telling him thank you and I hope this works. When Hakeem asked her what she meant by this working she said getting her pregnant since Bob is basically sterile. If not after dinner we have the whole weekend to work on it.

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