Best conquest


Best conquestI admit that I’m a predator. Women are my prey, especially eighteen or nineteen year old virgins or inexperienced sweet young things. After fucking a new twat a couple of times, I normally dump them despite the fact that most have become emotionally involved with me. Three, Betsy Smith, Cheryl Thompson, and Rebecca Simpson, took it particularly hard and dropped out of the college that we mutually attended. I heard through the g****vine that Betsy may have attempted suicide. I thought that maybe I was incapable of emotional attachment because I didn’t really feel too bad for any of them – I was just using their pussies.How do I get away with it? Because I won the gene lottery (I’m good looking and have a significantly longer and thicker dick than average) and also because I am really nice to all females – except when I toss them aside after I’m through fucking them, although even then I’m never nasty about it. Also my parents have a fair amount of money and lavish it upon me as their only c***d.During new student week my senior year in college, with my friend Jim Yates, I was perusing the new booty; mostly freshmen, and a few transfer students. Jim sometimes got sick of my treatment of women, but other times seemed to get a perverse thrill from my shenanigans. I think that was one of the times. Anyway, one girl really got my attention. “Who the hell is that walking wet-dream?” I drooled.”I thought that you’d focus on her Horndog Harry,” he shot back, using my well-earned nickname, although women use my real name of Henry. “From what I’ve been able to find out she’s a sophomore transfer student by the name of Melissa Smith and despite being on campus for only a week has become head of the local born-again Christian organization.”Jim worked part-time in the admissions office as a clerk as part of his scholarship package, and was very well connected, curious, and clever. I envisioned him becoming the head of corporate security at a large corporation within just a few years after graduation.”She looks like a project,” I chortled. “Can you get me all the information possible about her before I start my quest?””It will cost you dude,” Jim chuckled, holding out his hand with an open palm.Even though I consider Jim my best bud, he is also a shrewd business man, and I knew that he would be putting in significant time finding out what I needed to know, and would probably have some expenses too.”How much, shyster?” I grumbled.”Three hundred bucks should do it,” he wickedly smiled.”That’s the most you’ve ever charged me – what about our friendship,” I moaned.”That’s with the ‘friendship’ discount; plus your dick trying to burst your zipper from just one look at her told me that she’s the one who’s most intrigued you ever.”I couldn’t argue with him, so I took three C-notes out of my wallet and grudgingly handed them to him. “I won’t be able to eat this week, now,” I grumbled.Jim laughed as he stuck the bills in his pocket.Just then Melissa walked nearby again and I forgot all about trying to pretend that I’d now be poor. “What an angelic face; what a perky rack; what a perfect wide bottom; what long shapely legs,” were a few of the things caroming through my brain as I ogled her. She did appear to be more sophisticated than a sophomore and didn’t truly look like a “sweet young thing,” but she was a total goddess, so I didn’t focus on those “omissions.”While Jim was doing his investigation, I played things differently than I ever had before. She was maybe the first woman that I’d seen that I wanted to be sure that I didn’t fail with, therefore I was willing to wait to be sure that I didn’t do something that would screw things up. I took care of my needs by spending more time with Jasmine, a married thirty year old waitress who worked at a restaurant near campus and who wasn’t interested in a relationship with me that didn’t involve me sticking my tongue, fingers, or cock into one of her orifices. I didn’t get near the joy out of fucking Jasmine that I did a sweet young innocent piece of ass, but Jasmine was always willing and a super-aggressive fuck so she satisfied my biological needs if not my emotional ones.Despite my constant pestering, it took Jim a full three weeks to get all of the information that I needed. When we discussed it I was really glad that I had waited, however, since I would have been sure to have blown it. This was going to be my most challenging conquest ever, but every time that I drooled over Melissa when I saw her on campus I knew that it would be worth it.”Okay, Horndog; here’s the skinny. Melissa is a religious zealot. Her big Christianity issue is homosexuality. She believes that homosexuals are sinners, that homosexuality is a question of choice, and that gays can be reformed. She considers it her duty to help in that regard by counseling and saving gays, and has preliminarily set up her on-campus aliağa escort Christian organization to do that,” Jim related with a slight look of exasperation.”Holy shit; that’s really hard for me to work with,” I exclaimed.”By all accounts, she also isn’t sexually active. As far as I know, she has turned down a number of good-looking guys for dates, and the only dates she has gone out on are with nerdy guys in her Christian club. That’s the bad news,” he glumly continued.”Hell, you mean that there is some good news?” I inquired.”Two bits of very good news, one relating to her appearance, and one relating to a plan that I have that I’m sure will work if you have the balls to pull it off,” Jim challenged.”Hit me with it dude,” I chortled.”The first bit of good news is that I saw her in a bathing suit at a Christian club pool party. She’s got the best body that I’ve ever seen in my life, including on the Internet. The second bit of good news is that you can pretend to be gay, get close to her, and then have her reform you by fucking you,” Jim related with an enormous wicked grin.I liked the first bit of good news. As far as the second was concerned, I have to admit that I always have been at least slightly homophobic, and that I always tried to act macho, so pulling off “gay” was not something that I was super confident that I could do. “How in the hell am I going to be a convincing gay dude?” I asked.”You’ve met my cousin Bruce, haven’t you? You probably could tell that he’s gay, and he’s willing to give you lessons,” Jim chuckled.I thought for a second. I had met Bruce, and was convinced that he was gay after talking to him for a few minutes, although he certainly wasn’t flamboyant. “Okay, dude, as long as he doesn’t try and put the moves on me,” I said with a stone face.”He knows what the plan is, dude, so don’t worry about it. You may have to take him to dinner or lunch a few times, though.”Actually, Bruce turned out to be a very intelligent, perceptive, and definitely helpful, guy. He had no romantic or sexual interest in me since he knew that I was straight and what the plan was, but he did seem to get a thrill out of teaching a straight guy about “gaydom.” After five meetings with Bruce over a week’s time I thought that I was ready to approach Melissa.Melissa’s Christian organization had actually placed ads, including in the student newspaper, about “praying the gay away.” They had even listed times when one could meet with a counselor. Jim was able to find out when Melissa would be the counselor, and I went to see her at the appointed time that night.”Hi, my name is Henry Saxton,” I nervously said. I was actually really nervous, not just acting, so I think that I came across okay. “I, I, I, don’t like certain feelings that I have. Um, I don’t really know if you can help but I’m at my wits end and I need to try something,” I stuttered, only occasionally making eye contact with Melissa. Up close she was as ravishing as I thought that she would be.”Don’t be embarrassed, or shy,” she said with a big smile, walking over to me and holding one of my hands between hers. Her touch was soft and electric. It was all I could do to suppress a boner, but I had to since that obviously would have given me away. The bullshit was really rolling off of my tongue as I explained to her that I had a deep attraction for males, and that although I had not acted on it yet, I was sure that I would in the near future unless I could do something about it. I inquired of her whether being gay really was a choice rather than a matter of biology, and she assured me that it was. Of course I knew that that was complete and utter bullshit, but I was willing to agree to anything that she said in order to get into her pants.I was very pleased indeed when, at the end of our discussion, she assured me that she would take me on as her own special personal project. I’m quite sure that using all of the information that Bruce had imparted to me that I did successfully come across as gay.My next few meetings with Melissa I acted tentatively. She was slightly tentative herself, although not nearly to the extent that I was trying to portray. About the fourth meeting, as part of my “therapy” to complement a great deal of praying that we were doing, she started showing me female pornography. It was hard not to react to it, but I didn’t. I did start saying things, like, “I wonder what it would be like to see or touch a real woman rather than just looking at photographs?”As part of my therapy, Melissa and I started doing things together. Either alone, or with some of her Christian friends, we would go to concerts (mostly Christian music, which isn’t bad if you don’t listen to the words), meals, or even walks in the park. A strange thing started to happen. I started to really enjoy Melissa’s company. Don’t get me wrong, my main goal was still to get into her pants, but escort aliağa aside from with my mother, my relationship with Melissa was the most long-lasting and enjoyable relationship with a female of my life.It was already the start of the second semester before things really started coming together for me. I had expertly, although subtly, convinced Melissa that I needed some real “hands-on” experience with the female body in order to complete my transition from gay to straight. At first it was only some petting, then combined with thigh stroking, then combined with some kisses on the lips. Each time I exercised remarkable restraint and didn’t “go for it.” After investing so much time in Melissa, and with only one or two nights a week with Jasmine to polish my knob, I didn’t want to blow it.The epiphany came most unexpectedly. Someone brought wine coolers to a Christian club picnic, and even though most of the people there did not drink, and I’d never seen Melissa drink before, she really got into the wine coolers. I encouraged it. That night when we went back to her single room in a co-ed dormitory she invited me in. “Henry, I think I may be able to put you over the hump, and cure you, if I show you my naked body. Are you ready for that?” she said, in a slurred voice.”Does the Pope poop in the woods?” I said to myself, obviously mixing my metaphors but still trying to rein in the raging hard-on occasioned by her words alone. “Uh, I think so,” I meekly responded.With that Melissa did a slow strip. I could not fucking believe how awesome her body was. She had the most perky tits that I had ever seen in my life, perfectly proportioned hips and thighs, a snatch to die for, and what appeared to be an inch long clitoris. I could not suppress my hard-on. Of course she noticed, and probably under the influence of the wine coolers walked up to me and pulled down my pants and boxers, not something easy to do since my dick was the most engorged that it ever had been in my life.”Oh my,” she cried.”Jesus help me,” I inexplicably exclaimed as I went toward her. Hormones took over. I laid her down on her bed, buried my nose and tongue in her snatch, fondled a nipple with one hand and pinched her clit with the other, and soon had her screaming in orgasm. As soon as she came down from her high I buried my cock in her pussy in one stroke, hard to do considering how engorged my cock was and how tight her pussy was, but possible because she was soaking wet.I’m not sure exactly why, but I had never felt better in my life than when my cock entered her pussy. It may have been because I had to work harder for this than anything else in my life, because she was an absolute goddess, because it was the snuggest yet most velvety cunt in my experience, or because I really had come to love Melissa’s company almost as much as the idea of fucking her; it probably was all four. When she wrapped her creamy thighs around me and started pulsating her pussy muscles I came faster than at any other time in my life. Caring about her enjoyment at least as much is my own, even after I flooded her pussy I continued to fuck her until she had another colossal orgasm. How much later it was that I rolled off of her and we separated I don’t know because time ceased to have any meaning for me at that point. I do know that I was more serene than at any other time in my life.I fucked Melissa again, doggy style, in the middle of the night. My plan was to try and keep from her how experienced I was, but once my cock started reciprocating in its favorite place on earth, and I heard the consummate melons on her chest slapping together as I banged away, all thoughts of ratcheting down my intensity quickly disappeared.When I woke up with her in my arms the next morning I wanted to scream that those were the two best fucks of my life, but I didn’t dare. I needed her to believe that she had converted me, and play it cool so that I could continue fucking her in the name of confirming my transformation.Over the course of the next three weeks Melissa and I were almost inseparable, although I could only get her to have sex with me two more times. Both times it was no longer just fucking for me, but making love. It wasn’t long before I had to admit to myself that my relationship with her was different than with any other woman in my life; all the colors seemed to be brighter, all the sounds seemed to be cheerier, all the days seemed to be sunnier. There was no doubt that I was in love.When Melissa and I met in the student union on a Thursday, soon after I had proclaimed my love for her which she responded to it by vigorously kissing me – although she did not say “I love you too” – she said that she had a special surprise for me that Saturday night. “Henry, I can’t see you tomorrow, but I’m planning a special surprise for Saturday night. Here’s the address of an apartment of a friend aliağa escort bayan of mine. Show up there ready for the experience of your life.”That was really intriguing to me, and the fact that she had planned a surprise for me made me love her all the more.I could hardly contain my excitement when I showed up at 7 o’clock that Saturday at the apartment building that Melissa had given me the address for. I gingerly knocked on the second floor apartment door and after a few seconds smiling Melissa, dressed only in négligée, opened it. “Hi Henry dear,” she growled in the most seductive voice that I had ever heard. “I hope that you’re anxious for your surprise.” The big smile on my face, and my cock trying to burst my zipper, indicated that I was. As she led me, smiling, into the main room, the door slammed shut behind me and four large strong hands grabbed me.Before I had time to react – although I probably couldn’t have done anything about it even if I had been prepared – I was tied to a chair by two enormous guys, and a ball gag was shoved into my mouth. I was trying to mumble out “what the hell is happening?” but I’m sure that nothing intelligible went past the ball gag.The two brutes lifted up the chair and carried it into the apartment’s bedroom, the same room that Melissa had disappeared into as I was being tied up. They placed the chair in clear view of the bed. Melissa was lying on the bed stark naked, next to a guy who I recognized as one of the starting offensive linemen on the college football team. Giving me a big smile, Melissa rolled over, stuck the lineman’s very large cock into her mouth and started sucking while fondling his balls. Apparently when she got the cock to her liking she mounted him and rode him reverse cowgirl while he fingered her ass. There was no doubt that they had massive earth-shattering simultaneous orgasms.No sooner had the guy in the bed withdrawn his cock from Melissa’s pussy when the two guys that had tied me up approached her, both stark naked with their impressive dongs sticking straight out. Although bleary-eyed, Melissa rolled into a position on her hands and knees, and started sucking on one guy’s cock while the other guy entered her pussy from behind. As Melissa sucked, the guy behind her fucked, and it wasn’t long before both her mouth and pussy were flooded with cum.By now, my cock which had been so proud and rock-hard when I entered the apartment, was more like a shriveled miniature carrot. The woman that I had fallen in love with had just been fucked by three different guys. She seemed to relish it, and had occasionally looked over at me and smiled as she was getting reamed out. My mind was overloaded.After the four of them joked and played around, with a good deal of ball-squeezing and tit-sucking, they were ready for round two. The offensive lineman fucked Melissa up against the wall (seemingly almost knocking it over), then the evening was concluded when the other two brutes simultaneously fucked her ass and pussy.When they were all done, Melissa actually thanked the three guys for “helping me put this asshole in his place,”, and all three of them gushed “any time – it was the best sex of my life!”Melissa walked up to me with the most diabolical look that I’ve ever seen on anyone. With her middle finger she wiped some cum from her pussy and smeared it on my cheeks. “Do you remember Betsy Smith asshole? Maybe not, she was just one of your many conquests who you fucked and then threw away. Well she is my sister, and you left her emotionally ruined. I hope that I’ve hurt you at least half as much as you hurt her.” She started to walk away then turned around. “By the way, you really are a stupid shit to think that I thought that homosexuality was a matter of choice rather than genetics. I couldn’t fucking believe it that you went with the plan that Jim and I came up with. Seems like he was disgusted with your treatment of Betsy too and was only too eager to help me, you dipshit.”With that she kicked me in the balls then turned to her enormous friends and said “please untie him once I’ve been gone for 30 minutes; and thanks again.” With that she slapped her ass then disappeared.I never saw Melissa again. I wondered whether she really was a student or whether she had just been working in the area and was investing her energy in screwing my mind over. I couldn’t get Jim to even talk to me, let alone give me any information. I had a hard time concentrating, and my confidence was destroyed. This also affected my sexual performance. I found that out in spades when after an unsuccessful attempt at copulation with Jasmine she stormed out of my room while none too quietly uttering “When did you become such a limp dick? Don’t call me again!”I was able to pull it together enough to graduate. Now underemployed because I didn’t come off too well in the interviews that I had for positions that I really wanted, I’ve been working for three months now, and have yet to get back in the saddle, or even regain any confidence whatsoever in my sexual abilities.I wonder if this is what Betsy Smith felt like when I dumped her?

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