Bengali villages chachi


Bengali villages chachiBengali villages wife husband in London this is a story from Bangladesh. we currently live in the UK. in Bangladeshi tradition and Culture sex is very very discreet not talked about .but sex is very common outside the marriage .my dad used to work abroad in the UK. and me and mom lived in bangladesh in a village. my dad only used to visit once every 3 to 4 year for about 4 weeks at a time. my mom and I lived with her parents. my mom is a very very sexy women she is really very tall and stocky build not sure of the size but very busty she was a bit dark brown skin. most mens looked at her big round butt and her big melon .her shoulders and biceps was much bigger than most mens. my mom was naturally physically very strong looking. living in a village we was struggling with money most of the time and the houses in Bangladeshis villages are are so much different than here and it is a very hot country very beautiful country in some ways .most bengali woman dressed in sarees or salwar kameez .my mom normally would wear a shree and she would wearing head scarf if she was going out to visit someone or if we have visitors in the house.because her husband works abroad she must of been very horny .( so I don’t think she’s a sult ) to the story . So many miles from the village younger and older and a lot of relatives regularly tried to flirt with her. one of my cousin who lived in the UK visited Bangladesh and stayed next door to my grandparents house he was mom’s nephew from a quite a long distant cousin of hers. he was married and his wife must of been in the UK at the time. mom was very nice to him spending a lot of time in their house and talking to him a lot and she used to cook a lot of food for him and take it over .he was a nice men he like me a lot and got me lots of gifts and mom to. I remember him talking about him trying to arrange edremit escort the application for the visa for me and mom to come over to the London my mom really wanted him to try to get the application .I remember him talking to mom he was asking about her to come to the city with him for a few Days. I could do she was very reluctant to speak to him about it and was a little bit showing especially because I was just sitting there .he was drinking tea this was in kitchen mom was sitting on a small wooden stool she got up told him she’s checking if anyone is there and walk through the front bedroom and living room and came back set on the wooden stool she told him how is the tea does it taste nice and she told him people will start talking if she went to the city with them .and he said to her in this house he never it’s a good scheme to talk or get the chance to be really nice to her .mom told him your wife is London and you are on your way for a few weeks.he said to her for a very very long time he all ways want to do it with her. she told him people can understand meaning me. And they carried on chatting awayAfter a little bit i left. And from front of the Courtyard I just see him leaving and going to their house . It was just a short time so I’m very short nothing happened .after a few minutes I came back to the house for some reason .mom was sitting on the kitchen floor with her legs open with her shree up to her hips very vigorously rubbing pussy with one hands and with her other hand pushing something in and out very very rapidly she had her eyes closed and she Sword of biting her lips . After a few seconds I realised that it was a Bangladeshi aubergine .she must of been very horny. The also she didn’t look too big I was amazed looking at her. .And looking at her pussy it was a lot of pubic hair .she was doing it so hard she was morning escort edremit a lot bit. and she stops and open her eyes and she saw me standing there she was little bit shocked and quality pulled her shree down I got to see the aubergine it was a good decent size purple colour about 7 or 8 inch. she must come a lot she was sweating .after a few minutes she got up didn’t say much just went through the washing area.About two days laterEverything was normal we were talking and he came into our house it was maybe about 9 o’clock in the morning. mom was very happy to see him told him to stay for a cups of tea and he asked mom to come over to hair house for a bit he said to her everybody has gone out just Grandad in the house . thar Grandad was a very old and bed bath. she told him ok so he left from the front of the house you could always access to house from the rear garden as well.after about 5 minutes mom went to the kitchen and grabbed a part of something she told me that she was going to one of the other relatives house. I didn’t think much of it but I did have a slight idea where she was going.I didn’t say much. She walk through the garden on to his house . I stayed behind the door and watched she entered the house for the kitchen door she didn’t realised that I had look where she was going .after same time I just wanted to see what they were up to after about 15 minutes i just walked to their house the kitchen door was locked didn’t know what to do so I went round the side of the building . Most Bangladeshi houses do not have glass windows is just wooden frame windows that you open completely .as I walking near one of their bedrooms I can hear some noises coming from thar didn’t sound like somebody talking it’s a bit more like somebody trying to talk with her mouth closed making a sound like( ooooo oooo rrrrnnnnaaa rrrrrnnnnaaa aammm kombol edremit escort bayan fattee jojoba) . Loosely translated .no don’t push too much slower ooo my asshole is going to rip or Bust i look for the window he was fucking her ass form behind and he was tell her you not get pregnant just a few minutes and relax .she was monning and he was fucking her ass so hard his hips was really going up and down he was skinny but it was going so fast and hard mom was trying to get him off by moving but he was holding on to her like he was hugging her both hands around her. After a few minutes she was not monning so much. She was just lay there and breathing very heavily .he was talking to amma saying relax and take it he was doing it much more slowly at this point .he asked amma has it been a long time since you had ( kombol sudsudi. ) anal sex. Mom replied to him yes a long time. He kept on asking how said 10 or 12 years. And she said she didn’t like it but his dick was only little bit bigger than a finger.he told her chachi if you was my wife I would have covered you with gold and expensive sarees you are so beautiful .she said that take me to England. I will do whatever you asking .he said get on your knees and he rolled on his side . .That was when I was really shocked to see his dick it was really big 3 times bigger than what my one is now believe it or not it was more longer than air freshener can maybe 10 or 11 inches. .she got up and fixed her saree up and got on her knees and told her to relax and she told him ok he was squeezing and playing with her bum cheeks and he got his face much closer to her ass and started to push his fingers in mom was monning and she told not to many where I was standing like to see his elbows moving really fast and after a few minutes her got behind her and started fucking her look for to know maybe 6 or 7 minutes and he says he just cum. He got off and lay down she just slowly lean forward and laid on the bed and said I never knew that anal sex is that bad it is so painful he said don’t worry you will get used to it she say I have hade it so hard

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