Bending my girlfriend over the Bannister while her

Angela White

Bending my girlfriend over the Bannister while herOk so first off. to set the scene. I at the time was 18 and my girlfriend was also 18, younger by one month. We had been together since we where 16. She was 5”4 skinny with a naturally toned body and defined abs. Long chestnut brown hair blue eyes and delicate small hands.A common occurrence at her parents house was a Friday night family movie. Her mum had called us down asking if we wanted to watch and we agreed. The living room was quite large but was full of things ranging from furniture to piles of books and paper work, as her dad worked from home. As you came down the stairs which were built into the wall on the left side, the right side overlooked the living room. The sofa was against the wall in which the stairs where above and an arm chair sat on the side of the room underneath a window.Her parent’s sat on the sofa and her sister sat on the arm chair. We decided with the lack of room to sit above her parents on the stairs. It was her dads choice of film and he picked an old war film, I can’t remember what. So while I found it someone enjoyable my girlfriend, and her sister for that matter where visibly bored.I sat back against the wall and my girlfriend sat between my legs. My hands started to explore her body, sneaking under her shirt to feel her soft firm breasts. I explored further south. She was wearing loose fitting pj shorts and thin lacy underwear. I started to rub her over her clothes and to my surprise she did not object, grabbing my arm with both hands as to enjoy the pleasure. She let out a slight moan, and we both froze. But to our luck no one noticed. I lowered my hand underneath her short and her underwear and slide a finger into her pussy which was now dripping wet. After a little while of fingering her she started to squirm. Grabbing my hand taking a deep breath and whispering”Ok that’s enough, I might cum and I’m gonna make to much noise””Let’s go upstairs” I whispered”We can’t they will notice, and you know what my dads like””Fine, let’s just leave you on the edge shall we” again whispering”Ugh, fine hold on. Ok mum dad where gonna go to bed I’m tired” she said raising her voice”Shhh there asleep” said her sister with a loud whisper. “and don’t go up stairs they’ll hear the floor creek”We where both standing at this point. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri My gf leaning against the Bannister’s and I behind her with my arms around her but out to the side right above her parents. The film continued and I noticed that it appeared her sister had succumbed to sleep as well.”You know, if your quiet we could do it hear” I suggested”Are you crazy, no”Reaching back and firmly gripping her ass I said “are you sure about that”I began kissing her neck, slowly pulling her hair over to the side knowing full well it was a big turn on for her, I felt her acceptance. I slid my hands down her body and pulled her underwear down just below her small but round bouncy ass. I pulled down my pj bottoms revealing my hard on. I pressed it against her back pulling her into me and wiping the few drops of pre cum on her ass cheek. With my hand I pushed her forward and lent her over the Bannister. Lubing up my member with her juices I slide my cock deep into her pussy. She immediately let out a way to loud moan and immediately covered her own mouth. I went slowly so as to not make any sound. The only audible sound was the wet sound of her pussy as it gripped my cockSome stirring came from her sister who also had long brown hair, brown eyes and had a skinny body with small boobs, but thick thighs and a large round ass. She was in a similar attire to my girlfriend and was leaning away from us resting on the arm of the chair, her pj bottoms loose enough that her ass cheek and underwear was visible. She rose up and we both froze. She looked over at us then looked at her parents. To my surprise she through up the “ok” sign.We didn’t know what to do, didn’t think we could move, but then her sister suggested we kept going by rolling her hand and mouthing the words.”Should we” I whispered”Mmm yeah ok” my girlfriend respondedWe continued, it becoming increasingly difficult for my girlfriend to hold in her moans and the wet sound of her pussy continuing, now feeling her pussy juice running down my leg. Her sister was watching us, I couldn’t believe it. Her sister took another look at her parents then grabbed a cushion and placed it between her and the view of her parents. She put her leg up over the arm of the chair and the other leg tucked under her ass. She güvenilir bahis şirketleri pu ther hand under her shorts and started to rub, her clothing often loose enough that I could sometimes see her pussy lips. I got so exited I had to take a second to compose myself. Just then she signals my girlfriend to pull her breast out, as she takes her own breasts and begins pinching and twisting her nipple.My girlfriend complies and pulls the straps of her vest top down and without a bra on reveals her gorgeous breasts resting them over the banister. She began to moan more and more, you know the kind where a girls trying to be quiet so they come out as short little “ah” sounds, This all happening while we are maybe 2-3 feet above her parents who where still in deep sleep.Her sister signals to my girlfriend to rub herself. And again she complies. Time went by and her sister began to squirm and then let out a similar “ah” sound multiple times arched her back up from the chair then slumped back down.” aww I think my sister just cummed” my girlfriend whispered between her moans”oh wow Yeah, how did that make you feel” I asked”It’s not the first tine I’ve seen it” she answered.I couldn’t hold it any longer”Where do you want it””Hold on” she said and signed with a jerking motion and mouthed the words “he’s gonna cum” to her sister.Her sister still watching poked her tongue out and pointed down her mouth.As she did my girlfriend slowly dropped to her knees we turned to the side so her sister could see and she started sucking me. She focused her sucking on my head and jerked my shaft with a twisting motion.My hand gripped the Bannister and I started to cum, she took a few shots in her mouth before letting the rest cover her chin and breasts, and let what was in her mouth dribble out onto her breasts. My sister with an absolute look of desire on her face as she watched intently. My girlfriend stood up and crawled up the stairs to go clean up. Her sister got up and walked past me also going up the stairs to her room.”Did you like that” I whispered”Oh my god yes” she responded back to me “that was crazy”I to went upstairs to go to my girlfriends room. Now in her room my girlfriend re entered all clean and freshened up walked over climbed up onto the bed and on top of me. We kissed and started canlı bahis şirketleri to heavily make out.Her sister entered the room”What again” she joked”No no, where just kissing” my girlfriend responded”Ok, can I talk to you guys” her sister askedWe agreed and she came in and sat at the foot of the bed. She asked us if we and she should feel weird.”I don’t think so, not if we all enjoyed ourselves” I said.”Ok that’s good I didn’t want it to be weird” the room fell silent for a little while, my girlfriend now lent against the wall with her legs over mine.”You know…well I…never mind” her sister mumbled.”What’s up” my girlfriend asked”Well, I’ve seen you naked, sister, but it’s just I never really got a good look at your…you know” she shyly said pointing at my crotch.”You wanna see it?” My gf asked excitedly”Can I”My girlfriend turned to me and said “do you think you can get hard again””That all depends on you babe” I chuckled.So she planted a big kiss and shoved her tongue down my throat and started to rub my cock through my cloths. A rock hard erection soon followed.”Oh my god guys” her sister said in shockShe pulled my cock out and grasped it with one hand.Girlfriend:- “Here ya go”Girlfriend sister:- “whoa it looks like a giant finger”Me and my girlfriend chuckledGirlfriend:- “Do you want to touch it””Girlfriends sister:- “can I”Girlfriend:- “sure but don’t start wanking him off that’s my job””Oh go on let her do it, oh you can both do it” I chuckled”Ok shut up” she chuckled while hitting me on the armHer sister reached out and grabbed it with one hand,Girlfriend sister:- “oh weird it’s so warm, like its hot”She shuffled herself over closer and pulled my foreskin back to complete reveal my head”Whoa is so smooth, can I touch that part” she said with excitement”Alright that’s enough don’t get yourself to exited” my girlfriend chuckled”You know I can always hear you guys fucking through the wall””Have you masturbating to us having sex” my girlfriend said with shock but a smile as well”What do you think” her sister repliedWe said our good nights and her sister went to bed.”So what are we gonna do, I’m hard now” I said with my girlfriend still holding my cock”Wait till the morning selfish” she giggled giving me a good night kiss “besides I never cummed you know.I reached around and said “we can change that, call you sister back it haha”Brushing my hand away she said “stop it you, I’m tired now besides wait till the morning””Alright fine, so that was pretty crazy right, are you alright with what happened” I askedMy girlfriend sighed and sat up. “Yes I loved it now stop asking and go to bed”

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