Belinda and her naughty way.


Belinda and her naughty way.Here is a story about a married woman I met thru her friend. I had moved to a new state and was going thru a dry spell so I turned to the internet and started cruising thru the sites known for hooking up. Soon I met a woman, we started chatting and about a month or so she suggested we meet up for drinks but she was gonna bring a friends, for safety reasons. It was all good, the 3 of us chatting away and having a good time. Slowly the conversations turns more of an adult nature and soon the woman’s friend, Belinda, say: Marie tells me you like to wear cockrings, really? Tells us about that. So I go thru how they work and why I like wearing them. Marie even says; I bet he’s wearing one now. I was, i wasn’t sure what to expect, meeting today so I had trimmed up down below, shaved the shaft, my balls and wore a shiny chrome cockring. I told them I was and feeling bold, asked it they wanted to see. We paid our tab and heading out to Marie’s car. I sat in the back with the two woman look back from the front. I wasted no time, pulled my pants down revealing my hard cock. Marie was beside herself couldn’t believe this was happening. Belinda started telling to stroke it. That I did, Marie didn’t know if she should watch or not, Belinda couldn’t look away. Before I knew it Belinda laid the seat back and got a closer look. Marie is blown away, not sure what to do, looking around nervous. Suddenly Belinda pulls my hand away and swallow my cock. Marie is freak’n out, saying over and over; OMG Belinda, OMG I can’t believe you are doing this, Belinda you are married!I didnt care what Belinda was, she gave great head. Before I could cum, Belinda strokes my cock tell me she wants to see me shot my load. That I did, landing all over her hand. Marie is silent shooting Belinda the evil eye. While I was zipping up, Belinda grabs my phone and calls her own phone and tells me; now you have my number, use it. That I did we would talk often but with her being married it was difficult to meet up. Then one day, Belinda leaves me a message, saying her husband was going kaçak iddaa out of town and invited me out for drinks. We meet at the same bar, had a few drink, getting a buzz, we were feeling each other up and made out. Then she suggested we head out and drive around, she needed some air. In the car we made out several time at stop lights and our hands are all over each other. We pass by an adult store and Belinda ask me to turn around, so we could check out the adult store. Once at the adult store, Belinda and I strolled around the store looking at the toys and videos. That’s when she asked me about the video booth area near the back. That’s when I explained to her how the booths work.Belinda pulls me close and says,I’m horny as hell, get some tokens and let’s fuck in one of those booths. I quickly get $5 worth of tokens and lead Belinda into the video booth area. I noticed a few guys roaming about and lead Belinda into a booth. Before I could put any tokens in Belinda started making out with me pulling open my pants and stroking my cock. Pushing me back on the bench in the room, Belinda hikes up her skirt, revealing her bare, freshly shaven pussy and sits back on my cock. Taking the tokens, she inserts them. Porn starts play and she changes the channel to a porn that excites her and slowly starts riding my cock. My head was spinning with lust. Belinda was focused on the screen watching porn as she rocked her hips. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a hole and knew that could only be one thing, a gloryhole. I could see porn playing on the other side so I knew someone was watching porn or maybe even watching us fuck. I pulled Belinda back to me, kissing her neck and shoulders, I whisper to her,See that hole over there,She knobs yes,That’s a gloryhole and on the side is a guy in there watching us fuck. Belinda gets excited and started grinding down on me hard and rubs her clit. Leaning back on me she whispers,If I look thru the hole, think I could watch him stroke his cock. I tell her yes but be careful that might give him the signal to slip his cock thru the bahis siteleri hole. She lean close and pops back telling me the guy is stroking his cock. She lean close again and rubs her clit quickly as she watches the guy jerk off. Leaning back again, she whispers,Would you mind if I motion him to the hole, I want to suck his cock. All I could say was, please do. Then I tell her to run her finger around the hole and the guy will slip his cock thru. Belinda gives me a dirty look and says, You bad boy, you’ve done this before. Running her finger around the hole, the guy quickly slips his cock thru. Belinda slides off my cock, squats down and quickly slips her mouth over his cock and starts sucking like a porn star. I couldn’t believe it, as I watching this soccer-mom sucking a strangers cock.In no time we could hear the guy grunting he was close. Belinda pulls up her shirt, aiming the guys cock at her tits as she jerks him off, cumming all over her 38C tits. The guy pulls his cock back and Belinda turns and takes my cock in her mouth sucking me to the edge. Before I cum she pops her head up and says,After you cum, can I suck an other cock. All I could say was, Yes, as she takes my cock again, making me cum in her mouth. Sitting on my lap she rubs her pussy saying,I’ve had this fantasy of sucking off several guys off, one right after the other. Looks like I’m gonna satisfy that fantasy today. My cock got rock hard hearing her say that and Belinda notices because she repositioned herself and started riding my cock again. We hear the door shut next to our booth and video starting up. Belinda quickly ran her finger around the hole again and quickly a cock pop thru, this one was small but she quickly took it in her mouth. This guy didn’t take long and came rather quickly. Even left the booth just as quickly. But it was occupied quickly by an other guy. He didn’t wait and slipped his cock thru the hole. Belinda was on her knees working this guys cock, sucking it, jerking it off, rubbing the head around her nipples. Belinda leaned in close and wrapped her titties around güvenilir bahis the guy cock. Bouncing her titties up and down the guys cock, suddenly cum started rocketing from his cock. Belinda took the head in her mouth and finish the guy off. Once his cock got soft, he pulls out and left. I look down at Belinda and she is rubbing her clit madly and I could see a puddle of cum on the floor and more dripping from her pussy. I couldn’t take it any more, I stand Belinda up, bend her over and drive my cock deep in her pussy. I’m fucking her with long deep stroke, she is balancing herself on the wall with the gloryhole. I noticed a cock slide thru the hole and Belinda takes a hold of it, spits all over it and jerks the guy off. The booth is filled with her moans and porn playing on the monitor. I tell her to suck that cock but she tells me she is to close to cumming. I grab her hips, with powerful thrust I pump my hips and pushing my cock deep. I can feel Belinda’s fingers rubbing her clit fast. Suddenly she starts bucking back to me moaning she is cumming. Her pussy is gripping down on my cock forcing it out. I pull back and as soon as my cock pops out she squirts all over the place. OH GOD she moans out, I hardly never squirted. As she slowly stops bucking. I sit back down on the bench in the booth and she turns to me and says me, I seldom squirt, that felt so good. Taking a hold of my cock, she squats down saying let me please this cock that made me squirt. But I tell her, please me by sucking more strangers cocks thru the glory hole. The guy whom was on the other side earlier had pulled his cock back and was jerking off watching us. He must of heard me telling her to suck more cocks because his cock was coming thru the hole. Belinda grabs his cock, with a naughty smile on her face she says, I’m gonna suck as many as it take till you can’t take it and have to fuck me again. And that she did, she sucked off 3 more guys before I pulled her up and dragged her out to my SUV and fucked her hard and rough. After that night she and I would visited the adult store often where she would suck several guys off before we would head out to the parking lot and fuck in my SUV. That went on for a while till she discovered adult theaters. Well more like I introduced her to them. But that’s an other story.

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