being young


being youngA true storyLike most men from an early age I was fascinated by women and sex, even before I knew anything about it I would have dreams of women in their underwear locked in a big cage. I suppose I did not know what was underneath so they always kept them on. I have also had a mild fascination with cocks having two brothers I always got to see more than my own both nevşehir escort erect and flaccid. I use to on occasion suck my brother off, we would share a bedroom and I could here him wanking in the dark, he would come over and pay me a pound to suck him. I always did although he never came in my mouth, I would moan that I didn’t want it but secretly I was soo escort nevşehir turned on my little cock would be leaking. As we got older his cock grew to mammoth proportions and he started fucking girls he would still occasionally ask me to suck him I would lick it and open my mouth and let him in I love the feel the taste, it would always hurt my jaw as it was nevşehir escort bayan so big and fat, after a while he would go back to his bed and I would grab my cock and rub, I would cum so hard and fast it was the best all my cum in my face and chest. I would have let him fuck me but he never asked and I didn’t want him to think I was gay. I don’t class myself even now as gay as although I have been with a couple of men I am not necessarily attracted to them only their cocks which is why when I found out that tvs really existed it blew my mind as well as my load. I have had a few adventures that I will share …to be continued

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