Being Neighborly Pt. 06

The story of two neighbors and their friendship. There are scenes of one-on-one romantic sex (MF), group sex and bisexual sex (MM and FF). If this is not your thing, move on. Otherwise, enjoy, comment and vote.

This story took a while. It has a lot of exposition leading to the next chapter. Hang in.

The next few stories could take some time as we had a covid scare. We’re better now.

Several days passed since we attended Ruby’s party. Sam could not stop talking about it. All sorts of images rolled through my head, too, and I intended to get those ideas on paper. We discussed what went on and how we felt about it. Sam was curious about how anal sex feels however; we did not act upon it. Yet.

A few days later, Ella called and asked if we would meet them for dinner at The Uptown Diner, now serving under Covid rules. We met them at seven.

“Are you two like us, still talking about the party?”

“I seem to talk about it a lot but good old Ray, he listens.”

“I can’t believe how free it was. No games, no attitudes…I thought it was amazing.”

“Me neither,” said Lou, “I sucked a cock! In public! I never ever thought that would happen.”

“I give Ruby credit for creating such an open atmosphere. I’ve been to group sex parties and they were never as uninhibited as this was,” I said.

“And Ray has even started to write about it, right, Ray?”

“I don’t like to talk about a work-in-progress. Right now, I’m conveying those surrealistic scenes that were playing in my head. And they were very, very vivid.”

“I can’t wait to read it.”

We came to dessert and they were still talking about the party. “But, you know,” said Lou, “I agree with what you said, Ray. Smaller groups are better. More manageable. It is as if some people like to go to DisneyWorld all the time. I’m like, once, every twenty years.”

“I hear that. We will have time for all that but right now, we’re preoccupied. We have other things to do. We have much on our minds these days, like buying condos.”

Sam explained where the condo was located and Ella said, “Oh, I know right where that is. That place is one of the best. Did you know that a lot of famous artists and creative people live there? It’s very exclusive. Buy it. I want to come visit!” This made one hell of an impression on me.

“I’m going to change the subject,” said Sam. “Have you ever been to a resort where nudity was permitted?”

Ella said, “You mean, like Sandals? A Caribbean resort? No, but we’d like to go sometime.”

I answered, “Are you talking Mykonos or Santorini, Makena Beach on Maui? Smith Point, Fire Island, Haulover and Casperson? Been to ’em all. I’ve even been to Caliente.”

Sam didn’t like my sass but then thought about what I’d said and remarked, “A-ha, Mr. World Traveler, I bet they are all memorable, aren’t they, braggart?”

“Some, more than others. Why, want to go somewhere?”

“It popped into my head. I’m thinking on it. I’ve never been to any of those places. I’ve never been on a nude beach. Hell, I’ve never skinny-dipped!”

“I promise you, Sam, that I will bust your cherry. I’ll start thinking on it, too.”

I don’t think I ever saw her smile so wide. “Ooooh, I’m dreaming already!”

As we were finishing our coffee, Ella said, “So when are we going to play again?”

Sam said, “How about Saturday night at our place. Say sevenish. I’ll order in Chinese.”

“You know a good Chinese place?”

“Ray showed it to me. You just have to tell them how to cook it!” We laughed.

“Seriously,” said Lou, “I like boneless spare-rips, pork lo-mein and egg foo yung.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of everything. You two just bring your next fantasy, okay?”

With that remark, we left the diner. That night, in bed, we snuggled. I didn’t know how to bring up the subject so I just went for it. In soft cooing words, I said, “Sammy, I made my decision. I’m going to buy the attached unit.” The words weren’t even out of my mouth when she started to whoop and shout.

“Oh my God, that is so great. I am so happy, I can’t even verbalize it.”

“Yes. My idea is that we live in the big one and rent out the other. We pick the renters and we can maintain our privacy. When the prices start to skyrocket again, we sell and end up living in the big one for pennies. We’re getting them below market already. How’s that for a plan?”

“I like it. I like it a lot. I can’t wait to tell Jane that we’re going to pull the trigger. She’ll be thrilled.”

“I’ll tell my accountant to get in touch with her and give her all the information she needs.”

“You just don’t know how happy I am.”

We snuggled and made out until our mouths were sore. When we fell asleep, it was so peaceful and calm. I felt that I had taken a major step and I hoped that it would work. For once, my head felt clear.

We spent the next day doing all the things we needed to do. Also, I got some work done that took me several hours to complete. I didn’t see Sam until close Ankara bayan escort to dinnertime.

“I spoke to Jane and she went to work. We might even get the price down because we’re buying both and because Jane drives a hard bargain. She’s something else, I tell you. It could be wrapped up quickly and so we might be able to move in by October or November. We’re going to have to do some furniture shopping…” She was thinking, “…maybe a bigger bed!”

“A California King? A Dux?”

“Yeah, a very, very good one. Oh, and I spoke to Merrilee today. Get this. She passed all her tests, got her license and immediately got hired and has to move away. She’s leaving tomorrow for Atlanta, Emory University Hospital. She’s got an Assistant Residency and she’s thrilled. With the covid, she will go right to work. She promised that when she gets back here to visit her parents, she’ll come and see us.”

“That’s great. Good for her. I hope she hooks up there.”

“She sounded different. She was very confident and assured. She said that she feels different, too. I’m so glad that we helped her.”

“Maybe we should put out a sign, “Sex Therapy – Free”.

“Good idea!”

“I think I’ll dream about our new house now.” She burrowed into me and peacefully, we drifted off. Except for bathroom visits, we slept through the night and slept late into the morning. I saw that the time was nine fifteen and Sam was still in Slumberland. I knew that she wanted to visit the condo again so I slowly moved down the bed and began to snack on her labia. I gently slid my tongue up her slit burrowing into the lips. I did this a few times until she stretched. Then, I went deeper and pressed my tongue into her canal to drink her arousal. She was awake now and rolled onto her back. I took the opportunity to lightly rim her clit, now filling with blood and rising up under the hood. “Ummmm” was her reaction. I rimmed her clit again and she arched her butt up. I placed my hands under her tush and began to caress it. I was becoming a bit more forceful in my circuit from her vagina to her clit and she was becoming more responsive. She placed her hands on my head and held me there at her slit. She was starting to cum; I could feel her swell up, her labia pushing against my mouth. I continued to lick up and around her little swollen pearl. She groaned and then began to press hard on my head. I began to suck her clit, taking the entire head between my lips. That did it. She stretched her body out and arched up. I felt the flow of her juices bathing my chin as she mewled, cooed and sighed. At the moment right after she peaked, she jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom where I heard a forceful stream of urine into the bowl. “Ohhhhhh,” she said as she expelled.

She walked back into the room with a huge smile. “What a way to welcome the new day. That was a wonderful treat, my dear. Thank you.”

“My pleasure. Any time.”

She mentioned it several times that day. In fact, she beamed most of the day. As we drove to the condo, she even described the sensation of waking to an orgasm. In between these pleasurable memories, she talked about what we would do and say with the condo management.

“Now, we’re looking at both units but we can’t let on that we want to buy both.”

“Why not?”

“Jane says there is something hinky going on with the second unit. We’re looking to verify that.”

“Hmm. Interesting.”

We pulled into the Management spot and went to find Marie. Among the things that Sam wanted to do was to discretely measure the walls and get dimensions. Instead, Marie gave her a floor plan. As we walked to the unit, I noticed a car and a Class A motorhome in the driveway of the second unit. The van had muddy tires and looked as though it had recently pulled in.

“Who lives there?” asked Sam.

“Oh, that’s a temporary rental. They are here for just a few months.” Marie waved it off. We said nothing.

The tour lasted only about an hour. When Sam had finished her inspection, we headed out. Immediately, she called Jane.

“Yes, Jane. The manager, Marie, said that it was temporarily rented. Yeah, there’s a motorhome in the driveway. Hmmm… That’s interesting. Okay, talk later.”

“Jane says that the second unit can’t be rented out. Management has no permission to do that. A rental form with the owners was never signed.”

“What does that mean?”

“That means that the Management has a big problem. Just leave it to Jane.”

We were just about at the supermarket when Ruby called. I listened and mostly responded with “uh, huhs” and “okays.”

“Ruby says that she took possession of her four-slide-outs Newell RV and gave it back to the dealer to fix it up, add some options and redo the interior to her specs. The dealer must love her, or perhaps, already has. She must be spending one hell of a bundle. It won’t be ready for a few months.”

“Wow. I wonder what she’s doing to it.”

“Probably adding a pool, a hot tub, a Escort bayan Ankara sauna, an observatory and a petting zoo. Just leave it to Ruby.”

We did our food shopping and headed back to our apartments. On the way, I asked Sam if she wanted to go to the beach.

“A nude one?”

“No, there are none around here. You’ll have to wait for that.” In my mind, I was thinking of places to take her. After getting our suits, we headed over to a quieter spot I knew and settled in for some reading and relaxation under our umbrella. A couple of hours later, Jane called and Sam was deep in conversation as she walked on the shore.

“Okay, Jane did some research and says that the Management has a big problem. A real big problem. They could lose their license. It seems that they’ve been renting out the unit without permission from the owners and they haven’t reported it. They are stealing money and property from the owners. Jane says that she going to do some arm wrestling.”

“What does this mean?”

“This means that we’re going to get a better deal. It’s all good.” We baked for a little while longer and then headed home. A nap was in our future.

I roused from a sweet dream by a pair of lips sliding up stiff pole. She was siding about halfway down when I fired off several spurts hitting the back of her throat. She slid up quickly and caught several more cc’s of my sperm. I was surprised that I came so quickly and told Sam.

“Well, gee, Ray. I’ve been sucking you for about twenty minutes! You were having such a good dream, smiling and moaning while I sucked. You woke cumming!” She slid up my chest and planted a sperm-washed French kiss on my lips. You know, my cum is rather tasty, I must say.

“It’s good to wake up this way, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but orgasms are good anytime, day or night.”

“You have my vote on that.”

“Still, I don’t recall ever waking up like that. That was something else.”

“Can you remember what you were dreaming?”

“Oh, yeah. We were on a beach and you were sucking me. That’s why when I awoke, it was seamless.” We both laughed.

Two days passed by the time Jane called Sam. Sam put the Facebook call on full screen so Jane could speak to both of us. “Okay, you two fuckbirds – I’ve heard all about it. Here’s the deal. Both units for seven hundred grand. Now you know that each of these units could go for a half million or more, so this is the deal of deals.”

“Yes, it does sound unbelievable,” said Sam.

“It gets better. I called the manager out for rental without contract, for which they could lose their license. She said she would call me right back. The President of the corporation that owns the condominium, called me back. He doesn’t want any trouble, especially with me. He agreed to cover the common charges for each unit for two years, I pushed for three years and he bought it. That’s $10,200.00 for each per year or $61,200.00 in total. That’s probably a little less than he made on it. And so, that’s it. That’s the deal. I like it.”

“I like it, too,” I said. “And I think that we should buy both together and make things easy.”

“The best way to do that is to let me set you up as a real estate holding company, a limited-liability. It’s good for taxes as well as headaches.”

“I like that idea,” said Sam.

“I will call Bernie, my accountant, to get in touch with you.”

“I’ve already spoken to Bernie. I did my research, you know. He’s waiting for you to get back to him. Listen, you guys, go talk and start the paperwork. I’ll call you on Monday. And Ray, take care of my sister, okay?” She hung up.

“Your sister?”

“Yes, Jane is my younger sister. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“It’s okay. I respect you for being smart. Never show all your cards.” I laughed. “Let me introduce you to me older brother, Bill Gates.”

“Wise ass!” She punched me. I grabbed her and pulled her against me.

“We’re going to do this. I’m thinking that maybe we just move into the bigger one and rent out the second one. What do you think?”

“I think I’m in love.” We kissed. This led to us making out like wild, hormonic teenagers. It was thrilling and I forgave myself for giving up my freedom. I mean, what good did freedom do me except give me plenty of lonely nights. Here, I still had my lifestyle only with a beautiful, sexy curly-haired woman. Everything was fine. I could make a habit of this.

Saturday was even better. It started with Sam riding my morning wood. What a way to welcome the day. We showered and went our ways; me to run and she, to make a dozen calls over coffee. When I got back, there was half a bagel waiting for me.

“I called the Chinese place you told me about. I ordered all the appetizers, some subgum lo main and six egg foo yung patties. I remember to tell them how to cook everything like you like it. The woman on the phone asked me if I knew “Mr. Ray” and I admitted I did. She laughed and said that everything will be delivered at Bayan escort Ankara six-thirty.”

“Ya’ done good. All the appetizers?”

“Uh-huh. Why not? I love Chinese leftovers.” She took a long look at me. “You know, you could use a haircut. Although, that pony-tail is cute.”

“When it safe, I’ll go. Meanwhile, my freak flag will fly. So who else did you call?”

“I went online and looked at furniture, lots of furniture. And other things. However, I think I have to go out now. I’m antsy.”

“Go buy something.”

“That’s why I’m crazy about you. You just keep thinking. That’s what you’re good at! See you in a little while.”

Suddenly, I was alone with my bagel. I kinda liked that. I took my coffee over to my computer and fired it up. I remembered that there was something I wanted to look up. I pulled up Google and entered “Resorts with Nude Beaches.” I immediately read a dozen travel reviews and I jotted down several highly rated deluxe resorts between Florida, The Caribbean and Mexico.

I then called up an old friend of mine from back home. She used to do travel arrangements for my wife and myself. And let me tell you, we went on some extravagant vacations at some of the best hotels in the world. I would guess that this friend still loves me for all the business I gave her. And yet, I didn’t even know if she was still in business or even alive, for that matter.

Fortunately, she answered. After a few minutes of catching up, I told her what I was looking for. She told me that very big deals were out there due to the covid crisis. Deals on the planes, on the hotels, on the transfers and basically, on every aspect of the vacation. Resorts were hungry, she said. I gave her the list of resorts I had compiled and she told me that she would work on it and get back to me in a few days.

Sam returned as I was finishing up. She had a bounce in her step. “What’d you buy?”

“I bought nothing, zero, nada! I went down to the condo to look at it again. The office wasn’t open so I just walked around. I bumped into a neighbor, an artist who was working on a painting of the shoreline. He told me that he knew the couple who lived in our condo for many years. Apparently, the were annual snowbirds who lived quite a lifestyle. Fabulous wealth and fabulous parties. Sex parties!” She broke up laughing. “That cracks me up every time I think of that!”

“So what you’re saying is that the house is broken in. It calls to us. It welcomes us.”

“Holy shit, what a world we live in. I swear.” She sat down and started to giggle again. “I’m sorry. I can’t help it.”

“It’s okay. It is funny.”

She went into her place and returned a few hours later. “My back hurts. Would you give me a back rub, please? I think I pulled something.”

“Absolutely. Go take a shower and then hop on the bed.”

I warmed up some oil and found her on her stomach with her legs spread. I dropped my shorts and sat down on her butt, my soft cock between the cheeks. She moaned. “I’m doing your back, remember?” She giggled. I poured some oil onto her back and let it drip down her spine. I proceeded to rub her back and knead her muscles. She moaned again. After completely massaging her, I noticed that she fell asleep so I covered her and sneaked out to take a shower.

I was at my computer when she strolled out of the bedroom. “I fell asleep! I can’t believe it. But it felt soooo good. And I feel so refreshed now. Thanks, Ray, that was great.”

“My extreme pleasure, m’dear. Anytime.”

“It’s almost six. I’m going to get ready for our company.”

“Gee, I forgot about them.” I raced in to the bathroom to take a shower. When I was dressed, I walked into the living room and welcomed Ella and Louis and marvelled at all the little take-out containers that were delivered.

“Here he is! Come on, let’s chow down!” We sat on the floor on a large blanket. All the little containers and sauces were spread out. There were chopsticks, forks and spoons. I plucked a dim sum out of a box and started the feast.

We small-talked about our new place. She didn’t provide a whole lot of detail. Ella and Lou told us about their journey down here.

“We toured for a few months in a small rented RV and when we got down here, it looked like a good place to settle. We turned in the RV and took an apartment. Right now, we’re building a house on the island. It will be ready in about eight months…with a pool, a hot tub and maximum privacy because the house is surrounded by heavy landscaping. It will be a great place to settle in and make babies.”

“That sounds so nice! Good luck on the house and spend many happy years there.”

“We having some trouble with our current landlord. He intends to raise the rent in a couple of months and he’s not providing maintanence. He lowballed us to sign the lease.”

“Fuck him!” I said.

“No way, Jose. He’s a creep. I’d rather fuck you.” She picked up an egg roll and dipped it into the duck sauce. “Mmmm. This is great, Sam.”

“So what to you crazy kids have in mind tonight,” Sam asked.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to sit on Ray’s cock and rock for a while,” said Ella.

“That works. And you, Lou?”

“I’d like to do that, too, but I also want you to sit on my cock, as well.”

“That also works! And how about you, Ray?”

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