Being a Dad.


Being a Dad.I was a very shy adult, my cock was unused apart from the very rare wank when I would dream of fucking a black lady called Elsie.She lived 2 houses away from my house, she was probably in her 40’s, her husband had fucked off years ago, he was your typical nigger, smoked Ganga, didn’t wash much, didn’t know the meaning of work, basically he was a black twat.Elsie lived on her own, she never had k**s but she was a hard working woman and clever. She had a masters degree in biology and taught at the local tech college. She is a tall lady maybe 6 ft 2ins, she is as black as you can get but wow, totally beautiful, no typical black features like a huge squashed nose and big rubbery lips. She was European in a dark skin.She doesn’t have massive tits or a huge arse, nor like a lot of tall black women her feet aren’t size 10’s, her hair is long and kink free and the best part about Elsie was she washed properly unlike a lot of blacks so she didn’t carry that honk of unwashed twat.I like Elsie a lot and I was always available if she needed a hand with things like heavy lifting stuff. She was shy like me when she first moved into the house she lived in, she would smile and say hello eventual she relaxed and called me by my name. The more that I saw her the more I thought about her being the one to take my cherry, well I was nearly 25 and I thought Elsie was about as good as I was going to get. But how do I get Elsie to even consider me?One morning there was a knock on my door and there was Elsie, her car wouldn’t start, would canlı kaçak iddaa I please have look at it. How the fuck me looking at it was going to make it start I do not know. But women expect men to fix things. The bonnet was open and Elsie leaned into the engine compartment and asked me if it looked normal, she was wearing a business suit with a very short skirt, I could see her white thong which contrasted very well with her jet black thighs. I looked into the engine thingy and hummed and arred and moved round to the side of the car so I could look down Elsie’s white blouse at her cleavage which was superb. I hadn’t a clue what the fucking hell I was supposed to be looking for apart from her tits and cunt.I said ‘Elsie let me drive you to your tech college and I can try to fix the thing today’. ‘Ok’ she said, pulling down her skirt, she nearly made me cum in my pants.She got into my car and her skirt rode up her thighs, I had a brief glimpse of her thong again Wow. I dropped her off and said that it would pick her up at 5.Driving back to her house I was hard but I didn’t touch the fucker, I just thought about her fucking car problem, then out of the blue the answer came. Phone the fucking AA. They came within 2 hours did what they are paid for, charged me £65 and that was it. I still had most of the day before it was time to pick up Elsie so I investigated her house, her keys were on the key ring for the car. Her house was clean and neat, her bedroom had no toys and her DVD drawer had no porn the laundry basket canlı kaçak bahis was full of used underwear and other things. I stripped off and sat on the bog pan with the laundry basket in front of me. First I sorted out her knickers into one pile, then her bras, then her tops etc into another pile. I started with the tops pile to torment myself, her perfume was everywhere a mix of Chanel and body oder but not a hint of nigger. Her bras had no smell at all, the label said 34d.Her knickers were something else, each pair had a stained gusset which was either shit brown where her arse had been and yellow or beige where her pussy lived.It took a few minutes to find the fresh ones, beautiful, no smell of fish which you get with an unwashed cunt. I just had to have a wank but not into her knickers in the laundry basket. I got a clean pair out of her dressing table drawer, filled them with man cream and put them back In the drawer it had been so long since I had had a wank my sponk was squinting everywhere, it went over the dressing table, on the wall, on the floor and all over my feet.Time to go and get Elsie, I drove her car to the tech college and waited outside the back gate. When Elsie came out and saw her car she gave a typical black woman shreach and ran over nearly falling off her 5inch heels. She was so happy she kissed me, first on the cheek, then the lips, then the lips again, then more lips this time with tongue, then more lips and tongue but with a hand on my cock. We finally got into her car and I drove bahis siteleri canlı her home very, very quick. As soon as we got through her front door we were at it. She took off her heels so our eyes were now level. I grabbed her tits hard, she scolded me and said take it easy, I stripped off fast and she took one look at my cock and started to laugh.My gast was flabberd, I always thought my weenie was ok, well 7inch isn’t too bad is it. The trouble is my cock is very thick, super thick even. It’s about the same thickness as a coke can so it looks a little stubby. I asked Elsie what was so funny she said although she had been married her nigger husband had the smallest dick she had ever seen and the reason she laugh at mine was pure nerves, she said there is no way that thing is going to fit in me.Well I am always up for a challenge and this was as close as I had ever got to a fuck so I reminded Elsie that babies come out of cunts and they are much bigger than my cock. We decided to have a drink or 3 while she got used to the idea of fucking a fat cock white man who was very fast falling in love with her. After 4 vodkas and tonic Elsie took another look at my cock and shrugged her shoulders and said let’s give it a go.In her bedroom she stripped off naked as I stood and watch her, I swear to god I never touched my cock but it squirted a string of cum onto her belly, another onto her thighs and the last one onto her feet. I was so embarrassed but she just kissed me and pulled me onto her bed. I did wipe my cum off her first. She lowered her head onto my cock and tried to get the bell end into her mouth but it wouldn’t fit so she turned her head away and believe it or not took out her false teeth and tried again, no problem this time, I fainted…………more later.

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