Before We Work Out

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Another day walking to class I think about how I convinced my wife to wear my tight black boxers last night while we masturbated together. I also am thinking about another grad student who sits next to me in the class I am about to attend. I know he is gay or at least bi because of the way he looks at me, the way he makes me feel. My cock always grows when he sets those dark eyes into mine and smiles. He is handsome as I am told that I am, about 5’10” good shape not real thin or real muscular. I am 5’8″ dark hair and eyes with a nice chest muscles that I love to look at in the mirror.

I reach class and take my usual seat next to Sean, look over and my heart races as I see him in red gym shorts and a t-shirt. It appears that he is ready for a work out. We exchange greetings and I can’t help but look at his crotch, where I see a nice bulge. After a long boring class I get the courage to ask Sean if he wants to go to the gym. “Sure, I was planning on going. Do you have anything to work out in?”

“I brought my sweat pants.”

“Great let’s go!” Sean replies with that smile that makes me want to get on my knees right there, tear down his shorts and suck my first cock.

Well, I restrain the urge and we begin our trek to the school gym. “I’ve been trying to work on my belly, it is a little out of shape” I say.

He denizli escort pats me on my stomach “Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much, it doesn’t really show.” This makes me feel great and I open up a little.

“I like to feel good about my body it makes me more confident” I confide to Sean.

“You have nothing to worry about” he sai


We talk sum more before arriving at the gym where I have to go to the locker room to change into my sweats and t-shirt. Sean surprisingly follows me in though he is already dressed. I hesitantly take off my shirt, there seems to be no one else around. “Are you sure my body is ok Sean?” I was now standing before him with my shirt off.


I look down at his crotch again and there is no question that his cock is growing. My mouth begins to water as I think my fantasy may be close to reality. I now need to take off my pants and Sean is still standing directly in front of me looking at my chest as I stare at his cock in his shorts.

“Show me sum more.” he says.


“You heard, follow me”

He took me to a corner of the room where it was unlikely we would be seen. My dick is now rock hard.

“Take off your pants, please.” I want to see the rest of you.

I slowly unbutton my pants denizli escort bayan and slide them down. So now I’m standing in my tight grey boxers, dick straining to break free. “I want you” I finally confess. Sean takes off his shirt and we rub each other’s chests. His hand goes down to my ass and he squeezes it tight. We both moan, I let out a sigh that has been there for about 13 years. We kiss and I squeeze his ass, feels wonderful, having a guy’s mouth on mine, his strong hands squeezing my ass as I feel his. We kiss and feel each other up for awhile. He then breaks our embrace steps back and takes down his shorts. “Oh fuck” I say. His cock is very long about 8 inches though not as thick as mine. He grabs his cock and strokes it for me. I can’t help myself I pull my underwear down and show him mine, rubbing it against my leg as I like to do. I see stars in my head. I am watching a wonderful man jack off and he is watching me, I have wanted this for so long.

“Your dick is so thick” he says.

“Cum here” I say.

He walks to me now rubbing his balls, I reach out and grasp his cock, so soft, so hard and jerk it a few times. “Let’s 69” he says. “Lay down.”

I lay down on the hard floor still stroking my cock. Sean kneels above me then leans down over my cock. His dick escort denizli and balls are hanging in my face. At last I fondle his balls and lick his cock. This is so erotic, he smells lightly and wonderfully. He is now sucking me like I have never been sucked; no girl has done me like this.

“Suck it all the way” he tells me. I take his long cock half way in, relax my throat as I a have always heard to do and take him the rest of the way. Squeezing his nice ass and muscular thighs, he feels so good. Sucking up and down on him as hard as I can I taste his pre-cum. better than I imagined. Sean is squirming and moaning as he continues to work me. I slap his ass and can feel his cock throb, at the same time I feel his finger go up my tight whole. This feeling of his cock throbbing and his finger in my ass sends chills through my whole body and I let loose at exactly the same time he does. I feel his cock spasm hard and his cum slam the back of my throat. I am cumming harder than I have in my life and he is taking it all thrusting his hips in and out of my mouth. I did not imagine he could cum so much and I gag a little. His cock plops out of my mouth and the rest of his cum goes all over my face and chest.

Lying here with his cum in my throat, on my chest and face, basking in the glory of the most tremendous orgasm of my life I ponder the pureness of the moment. The shear beauty and pleasure that I had been denying myself.

Sean turns around lays on top of me and we kiss, I rub his cum in my chest. Sean then licks his cum from my face.

“Thank you so much” I say.

“Thank you” says Sean. “Now let’s go work out!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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