Bed and Breakfast


Bed and BreakfastBed and BreakfastBy Wonder_Dad Story #09I finally arranged to visit my client’s private country club farm; I got a late start driving and was falling asleep at the wheel forcing me to make a stopover for the night. I happened to see a tiny almost invisible sign for a bed and breakfast just past a small town merely miles from the farm.It was a quaint two-story farmhouse, and as I drove up, I was met in the yard by a lovely woman in her early fifties. Her breasts rippled underneath the loose fitting tee shirt under her bib overalls, as she appeared on the driveway in front of me. I stepped from my car and said I had seen the sign for bed and breakfast and wondered if it was still available. She nodded and told me that she and her daughter would be eating dinner in about an hour, if I wished to join them, and that breakfast would be served after 6:00 am in the morning. She led me into the house and I paid for a week’s stay. She led me up the stairs to and showed me a spacious room, complete with its own bathroom including a glassed in shower. Noting how worn and weathered I looked, she told me that I had plenty of time to shower and clean up before dinner. I unpacked my bag, and undressed. I had been sitting in the car so long; my dick sprang up when my tight pants were pulled off. I stroked its length, pulling to get the blood flowing while sitting on the bed. As I stepped into the shower, the warm water flowed freely and I decided I would relieve the pressure by jacking off while showering. As the shower streamed, I soaped my engorged member and got a good lather up on it, allowing my hands to slip easily up and down the shaft. As I was stroking, I noticed that the sun was going down basking the room with shadows. There was a light in the hallway and thru the old-time keyhole; its outline was framed on the floor in front of the shower. I smiled thinking of the quaint locks on the doors, when suddenly, the shadow disappeared and I noted that the keyhole was darkened out; there was pair of shadows visible under the bottom of the door. Being somewhat of a voyeur, I began to pump quickly on my dick, positive that every action in the shower was visible through the keyhole and obviously, someone was peering thru it from the hallways looking in at me in the shower. Making quite a show of it, I turned the water off, and stepped out of the shower, still jacking myself rapidly. Moving very quickly, I stepped to the door and pulled it open. Moving so quickly, a young lady, in her late teens, fairly well tumbled into the room, her face at my pricks’ level and her hair brushing the insides alsancak escort of my thighs. “Oh!” she exclaimed, “I…I dropped my key, and was looking for it.” Her face reddened as she stared directly at my swollen dick clutched in my hand. I grabbed her arm, and pulled her into the room, closing the door behind her. “Is that right? I saw you peeping in the keyhole for quite some time young lady. I’m going to call your mother and tell her I’ve caught a peeping tom so to speak,” I said, not attempting to cover my manhood, and in fact using it like a finger, waggled in her face, as she was still on the floor, almost sitting in front of me.“No, please don’t tell mom that I was looking in your keyhole. I do not want any trouble, and didn’t mean any harm by looking in to see what you looked like” she shivered as she spoke. “Please, don’t tell, I’ll do anything if you don’t tell,” she pleaded with him.“Well, Ok, suck on it, since you were so interested in seeing it, now you can taste it as well.” I roughly grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled on her hair until her lips touched my cocks’ head. I heard her murmur a low moan, as she opened her lips and enveloped my tool with her mouth. I could feel her tongue swishing the underside of it as she gobbled my dick into her throat. She hummed as she deep throated me; it was as if her mouth was a vibrator. Given I had been jacking off, I was already quite aroused before discovering her, and now with her lips firmly clamped around my dick, with her humming quicker and louder, I quickly dumped my load deep down her throat. She kept on humming as she tried to swallow it. Semen dripped from the sides of her mouth, and dropped onto her blouse and dribbled between her breasts. She took her hands and rubbed it into skin like lotion, and sucked harder and harder, trying to get every drop of cum from me.I kept on pumping into her throat harder and harder, till I was completed spent. Falling back on the bed, I eventually went semi-limp as she sat there looking completely docile, licking her lips, and staring eagerly at my cock.“You promise you won’t tell my mom, right?” she asked as she stood up and wiped the cum from her face.“Yes, I won’t tell, as long as you do whatever I say for the rest of my stay here.” I replied with a sly look on my face, as I thought of the different things I was going to do to this young girl over the next few days.“I promise, sir, just don’t tell my mom.” She quickly left the room, and ran down the hallway to her room.Realizing it was almost time for dinner; I quickly cleaned my dew from my cock, dried escort alsancak myself off and pulled on a pair of shorts, without bothering with underwear, and a polo shirt, and headed downstairs for dinner.The woman of the house had also changed into shorts and a cut-off blouse. She was also wearing an apron and busily preparing the dinner. I could see her breasts clearly now, as the bottoms of those shapely tits were visible from behind each time she would reach for something from the counter. Her daughter now appeared in the kitchen, wearing a short sundress and proceeded to help her mother complete the dinner preparations with frequent glances at me. I stood watching and caught a glimpse of the mother’s nipples, as she reached for a glass from a high shelf above the sink. My imagination kept running back to the earlier encounter with the daughter, and now seeing the shapely woman preparing the dinner, made my dick harden in my shorts.I did not notice but the head of my cock was barely visible below my shorts and as I continue to watch the two women, it slowly crept further into view. They carried on polite talk while finishing the last items, and transported them to the table. “Please sit down Sir, I do hope you will enjoy dinner,” the mother spoke and I am sure she noticed my cock head protruding from below my shorts. She merely smiled and offered me a seat between her and her daughter.”Oh, thank you, it looks and smells so good,” I replied smiling at them both. As I spoke, I inadvertently dropped my napkin on the floor next to my chair.”Here, let me get that for you,” the mother picked up the cloth napkin and gingerly put it on my lap, her hand brushing against his manhood momentarily. She smiled coyly.“Let me adjust that for you”, she proceeded to adjust the napkin with her hand brushed my dick under the napkin as she laid it in my lap. Dinner was something of an unusual event. Unable to control myself as both women slyly kept reaching over and stroking my cock under the small table, unaware they were both doing the same thing. Needless to say, I was soon spurting cum on the chair, napkin and floor while eating my dinner. Once dinner was over, the mother looked at the clock and told her daughter it was her bedtime and she should be going to bed after such a long day. Leading her guest into the parlor, she closed the door behind her. On the side table, was a steaming pot of coffee, which she offered to him.“Cream or Sugar?” she asked, and I answered, “Cream Please”. As she turned from the table, I saw that her breasts were completely exposed, and she walked alsancak escort bayan over to me, plopped her head between my legs, and reached her hand up tugged at the still visible tip of my cock. She proceeded to envelop my prick like a baby Billy goat at the zoo sucks on the feeding bottles provided to visitors. It was heaven. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts as she continue to deep throat the now swelling cock. “Pull on my nipples hard, I love it when I give head. Pull hard, pinch them,” she murmured between strokes. I obliged her, reaching down and grabbing and pulling on her breasts and nipples as instructed. I went even further, and pulled her shorts down, using my feet to finish the job of getting them down. I noticed that on the far wall was a well-positioned mirror, where i could see her ass in the air and her pussy as well, she was busy working her fingers in and out of her cunt as she went down on me. Having already cum twice in the last few hours, my cock was hard as a rock, and I was not inclined to come again very quickly. I pushed her back turning her sideways, spread her legs and stuffed my dick into her wet pussy as she continued to play with her own clit.She gasped loudly as I pumped my cock into her, “Fuck me, and fuck me, Fuck ME HARD!” She was getting quite loud with each pump stroke he made, until soon, she was so loud that the daughter came down to see what was going on. As she entered the room, she could hardly believe her eyes, as there was her mother, ass high in the air, and me there fucking her with my huge dick for all I was worth.“Mother, how could you?” she exclaimed in amazement. I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the earlier event; I quickly said, “Why don’t you join us, take your clothes off and come over here.” Starting to protest, I told her to do what she was told or there would be dire consequences.She did, as she was told, and undressed. “Come over here and spread your pussy lips for me, I want to see them, as I fuck your mother.”The daughter nodded ‘yes’ and now her labia lips hung down like leaves around a rose’s flower petal below her lovely blond bush.“Finger yourself for me “ She did as she was told and put her finger against her clit and began rubbing on it, moving her hand up and down along her clit, and down into her pussy hole. Her juices were almost immediately visible, after the first few touches. Feeling the mother shudder as she came under me, I quickly stuck my dick in the daughter’s cunt, fucked her for the next 10 minutes, until I finally came again, and fell spent on the floor between the two women.The next morning, as he I drove out to the farm, it was all I could do to remember I was there to visit the farm and settle the purchase details, while thinking of the mother and daughter that had a most memorable night. I looked forward to repeating it again that night as well.

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