Becoming a Naughty Girl


Becoming a Naughty GirlI’ve always been curious about sex. I’ve always explored and touched my body or was always willing to let someone else do some exploring on me, starting from a young age. When a was a little girl my best friend was a boy and of course we played house, pretending to be married, and looked at eachothers private parts and some times even touched eachother. Later, a boy cousin my age came to live with us for a summer. We were 7-8 and he taught me how to give him a blow job. I didn’t ever do it enough to make him cum. Later that year, I was still only 8, my brother’s friend who was 14, and I started “playing” together. My brother wasn’t home but he decided to still hang out at my house in my room with me. My mom was at work and my dad was sleeping. We started playing the card game war, but then it became boring. So, he came up with an idea, another game. He took things further that only grew my curiosity about sex that day. I didn’t know that he was horny and trying to fuck me. He got me to take off my clothes to show him what I look like naked and then he got naked. His penis was so big. I played with it as he instructed me too. To me this was like the times I played house. Then he asked me to pay on my bed. I did. He kissed me and then moved down and started licking my pussy. I didn’t understand what he was doing or why I liked it. Suddenly, he stopped, and in seconds he was on top of me trying to penetrate me. It hurt so bad and made me cry. I was way too tight and young for him to fuck me. He tried one more time and the pain was more than I could handle and wouldn’t let him try and more. He consoled my cries and we got dressed. A couple years later, hormones began to kick in. I was 10 when I started masterbating. Trying to fit different objects into my pussy. Starting with my tooth brush handle. My nipple became illegal bahis very sensitive and didn’t need much to make me horny. I had a girl best friend, at 11 and again, we came up with a game. I would pretend to be a guy and she was the girl. We would make out and suck eachothers developing tits. One time we Aqgot another girl involved and we would group kiss but the more further sexual things only happened between my best friend and I. We began to touch eachother outside our underwear. To be honest, I really enjoyed making her horny, but I didn’t really understand what I was doing. On our sleepovers, sleeping next to eachother things eventually it moved on to touching her pussy with no panties in the way to then fingering her. I really liked making her horny cause it showed I was doing a good job and she liked it. Every weekend we played with eachother. She never really did stuff to me. It was always me fingering her or trying objects into her pussy. On school nights, I would often masterbate myself. Laying in my bed with my dog pinching my nipples and touching myself. One night after fingering myself, I reached down at the end of the bed near my feet, to pet my pup to pet him. He licked my fingers that were in my pussy. I never horny again, imagining the time my brother’s friend licked my pussy and how good it felt, I wanted to know how I tasted. So I stuck a finger in my pussy and tasted it. It was a little salty. I dipped a ginger again in my pussy, and let my pup have another taste. He really liked it. So, I scootched my bum down positioning my pussy near his nose. He sniffed a little and started to lick right away. I remember making my first moan out load. Petting his soft head and tugging his ears lightly as I enjoyed it I masterbated many times but never truly became aroused and wet until this happened. I realised illegal bahis siteleri he was wanting to lick a specific spot. Lapping his tongue over my vaginal entrance. The more aroused I became the more deeper he tried to get it his tongue. I realised the hole that was causing the wetness was what he wanted . I would spread my legs wide while he would try to dig his tong deep in me. His tongue was way larger than my tooth brush handle and would hurt just like when my brothers friends tried to put his dick in me. But I it wasn’t as bad and felt good at the same time so every night this became routine. On a weekend I was laying in bed with my best friend and my pup. Her and I just played. I fucked her with a hair brush handle. She was some what asleep when the dog started licking up my leg and trying to get his nightly treat. I was already half naked. We would lay together with no pants quite often after playing. We kept our shirts incase anyone came in my room. I was wanting my lovely licks so I let my dog lick. My friend realised it and at first said nothing but then decided to look under the blanket we shared to my dog licking me. She asked me how it felt and she wanted to be kicked too so we made my dog lay where she could feed him his treat. He licked her pussy and she loved it just as much as I do. But, oddly enough my pup enjoyed the taste of me more. He didn’t lick her long. That was the only time she had him lick her. She enjoyed me fucking her with objects more like the mouth end of a glass beer bottle and even one time with a vacuum handle used to push the vacuum around. Sometime later, my best friend moved. What happened the following year? My curiosity increased and so did my 12 yr old hormones. My tits were getting bigger and I was becoming curvy. I still hadn’t started my first period though. My parents canlı bahis siteleri were going through a divorce and I seemed to not be daddy’s little girl anymore. He just didn’t give me attention like he used to. There was a family friend who was my dad’s age, 48, who did give me attention. Let me sit on him lap and sat on the couch real close with me when he was over. Sometimes when I was wearing shorts he would gentlly rub my inner thigh . I thought nothing of it because i like the slight tickle it was giving me. Later, He told my parents he wanted to take me somewhere fun. But because of the distance to the place we were going to go, i would have to spend the night at his place. My parents allowed it. I went over after dinner to his place. We were watching a movie in appropriate for my age. There was a few sex scenes but I was so intrigued by the story because they were teens having sex and drama. We laid in bed while we watched the movie. Half way in, he wanted me to turn the lights off next to me. I did and he fell asleep and when the movie was over I fell asleep too. Sometime later something shook me awake. I opened my eyes and there he was naked stroking his hard cock next to me. The street light out side shined directly onto his cock, allowing me to see everything. I couldn’t stop looking. It was such a long time since I seen a big hard cock that I was amazed by it and this wasnt a young teen boys cock but someone my daddy’s age. I never seen someone stroking their cock before. He gripped it moving up and down, occassionally using his index finger to rub his tip. I laid on my back watching and becoming slightly aroused. I wanted to touch myself too or to be touched but I was also very nervous. So I pretended to have a itch under my little 12yr old boob. I was itching it more, slowly raising my shirt. I didn’t know if he could see me bacause it was dark and his face was beside a pillow. I learned though that he was away and was looking at me while he stroked. Must’ve been teasing him because I stopped lift my shirt before he could see my nipple. Stroking his cock with

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