Becoming a cuckold part5


Becoming a cuckold part5Part5Things went back to normal the cumming only once a day rule was still in effect but i didn’t need to worry about it Tish was fucking me every day some days twice we talked about everything but the cuckolding. Then I got a surprise “you know I’ve been thinking a lot about letting you take Me analy more than your finger or tongue that is”“wow are you sure about that…. i mean….”Tish cut me off “Well if you don’t want to then How about I do you?”“No that’s not what i meant”Note to self: answer the fucking questions quickly “Are you sure I mean there is a whole file of women wearing strap-on’s well that and a file of cocks I seem to remember”“Yes but”“Yes your butt remember what you agreed to just a month ago six months of who what where and when or did you forget?”“No it’s just…. Ahh fuck “I knew this wasn’t going to stop Tish was having too much fun teasing me keeping me off my guard and horny as hell. In return Tish was getting more sensual attention more oral and sex whenever She wanted it and for a much as i knew hadn’t yet cuckold me. “Ok OK i give up”“Good now get on the bed”I maltepe escort climb up and laid face down thinking this was how Tish would want me “No No flip over I have to show you something first”Tish climbed up on the bed her knee length skirt hiding the strap on She was wearing until she was standing above my head“You want this don’t you cuckie”With that statement i went from limp to rock hard i knew i was Hers no matter what Tish had planned for me“Well do you or should we just go back to the way it was but with a lot less sex?”“No please no anything i will do anything You want Tish”“call Me Ma’am Mistress or Goddess your choice and all will be acceptable”“Yes Ma’am”“Oh I like how that sound coming from you so obedient and compliant. So you never answered the question do you like it? It’s OK you can be all you want to be with Me. You can be a cock sucking cum eating cuckold for Me”I swallowed hard and took a deep breath “Yes Ma’am I like your strap-on”“Good boy”With that Tish lifted her skirt and lowered her pussy to my mouth“Eat My Pussy”i dove into my work eating Tish’s pussy i noticed a escort maltepe few things one Tish talking about Her fucking me in the ass had Her dripping so much so that Her lips were engorged ( the month or so since this all started our laundry hamper was filled with twice the amount of Tish’s panties and a switch from plain cotton ones to more sexy ones and quite a few crotchless ones preparing for the inevitable Maybe) two She had started trimming Her Bush She was still fully covered except around her lips but trimmed Tish must have used my bread trimmer. Looked wonderful. i kept working my tongue up down side to side it was if my tongue was everywhere all the time sucking Her lips inside my mouth thane Her clit would get a little nibble. i was possessed. Tish came and ground her Pussy on my face almost suffocating me (what a way to go) She rolled off Me “Yes I am certainly getting used to you making Me cum like that My little cuckold” when Tish caught Her breath she pulled up Her skirt pointed at the Strap-on “I figure this is about the size of Cock I’d start fucking so should you well you better maltepe escort bayan get used to it cause I think once I start I’m gonna keep going and going just like the Energiser Bunny”Tish has gotten so go at teasing me to the point where all she has to do is talk about cuckolding Me and i get hard“you know I don’t like sucking cock so much and Guys Love it I figure it would be fair trade you suck Their cocks in hopes We’ll let you watch US fuck. So cuckie I want you to wrap your lips around this cock and start practicing”And practise i did again i was put back into the whole cuckolding regime the teasing got worse or better as you may seem fit Tish stopped having Sex with me again but continued to have her way with me orally every morning before I went to work and every night. More pictures came of Guys she thought were cute enough to think about having sex with. And then there were the short vids Tish started to send me of herself playing with Her pussy all the while saying that She was almost ready to cuck me. i was almost at my breaking point almost ready to just tell Her to do it. Go on cuckold me please. i didn’t though this was her game now. After about ten days Tish had me begging to suck Her strap-on after the same time I must have cum a dozen times and never touched myself at all Tish was getting that good at stringing me along.

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