Beautiful Betty, Naughty Natalie, Mighty Max


Beautiful Betty, Naughty Natalie, Mighty MaxSlender Sexy French Female Friends Ring The Secret Code For A Private SessionThree times the door bell rings at my sex shop for ladies only. Ha, unexpected special guests!Only best friends know my secret code for those who are welcome upstairs to our private rooms.Such a nice naughty sexy surprise to recognise the face of beautiful Betty, foxy French friend.I bet she’s with Nathalie, who is her boss both at work as at home. Wonder whether Max as well?I went downstairs to open up myself. All my remaining sexy secretaries took their Spring break.Good luck my granddod Petra came back from her short sexy visit at the Brasilian cute beauties.She just arrived and was still deep in Morpheus arms in her tasty teen red velvet big boudoir.Bonjour, ma chèrie Betty! Et Nathalie, n’est pas? Bienvenue chez moi! Entrez, s’íl vous plait.Ah, et c’est Max, je croix? Il est mon premier visiteur sans vetements. Il n’a pas besoin, hein?Vous deux parlez l’Anglais, s’íl vous plait? C’est pour mes canlı bahis siteleri lecteurs, les plusparts Anglophones.Pas de probleme … Ehh, no problem Peter. Can Max come upstairs as well. We read all, we know.We like to capture some sexy sessions on camera you know. Reading you turned us both on so much!Welcome in my private studio, my foxy French friends. Let me show you the way and serve you here.Sparkling white wine I propose to celebrate our first meeting. Max might prefer just clean water.I will see if Petra can be with us. I am sure this will something new for her to see, my dears!Betty On All Fours For a Foxy Doggy Style Fabulous Fuck and Long LickingPetra, I present you Betty, you know her from secretly reading my messages with her, and Nathalie.Betty loves to do it doggy style, as you do like to ride your girls. You’ll get your chance here.First I need your assistance to operate our cameras, my dear. Our guests want us to record them.Luckily you don’t read French, so you have no idea what will tipobet be up here. I do, I can read her mind.You do camera three and four, I’ll the other two. Nathalie will direct, I propose. Another bottle?”After another glass everyone felt that it is high time for some sexy action. “Nathalie, direct us!”Betty, on all fours on the floor right in front of the biggest mirror. Max do your duty and lick.Both obediently serve their Mistress, as she orders them. At a finger click Max climbs on top.Betty bend a bit deeper, dear. Spread wider. Invite Max in. Two finger clicks more and Max starts.Betty likes it. Look at her face and how hard her nipples got. Three clicks and Max doubles speed.Betty comes first time. Nathalie smiles some satisfaction, she knows this only the start of take 1.Betty comes three times more by the relentless poking of mighty Max, before Nath pulls him back.Betty is wet. Lick her clean, Max. Needless to explain that Betty kept wet, coming from licking!Petras Eyes Almost Pop From Her Head tipobet giriş Seeing Max Perform At Beautiful BettyAt an internal closed circuit I see with a smile how the eyes of Petra almost pop from her face.That is why I gave her the easiest cameras, the best view from close through one-way big mirror.Highest time for a break babies. Petra please come and join us. Some more Champagne now first.Peter, you are right. Betty is beautiful and very hot as a sexy sub, I will love to ride her also.She seems sexually exhausted by Max. He really is much better than most men I’ve seen doing this!Tell me please, Nathalie. How did you train him? Will Max serve me as well in doggy style please?We will stay in Amsterdam all weekend, pretty Petra. I welcome you to use all his sexy services.In fact I am very curious how well he will perform at a big bush like yours. He is used to bald.Max looks from one to the other and licks his lips. Ears raised, eagerly awaiting next finger snap.Get some more water for Max, dear dod. He seems thirsty after all that sexy sweet salty licking.Max must be polyglot. He follows Petra to the kitchen for some fresh tap water. Take him for a walk!Petra sneaks out with Max, so I can talk to the two lovely looking ladies about their private plans.

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