Beach Buddies

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Going to the beach is what they did that summer. Rockaway beach had water warm enough for swimming and a boardwalk ideal or walking along or having sex underneath. Food, places to play games, and bumper cars provided entertainment along the boardwalk. So did lots of people in bathing suits.

There were so many hot bodies on the beach and the three of them very much enjoyed the view. They also were aware of nearby couples under blankets moving rhythmically as if no one would suspect what was going on.

Tom and Peter were there that day with Tom’s girlfriend Patti. She had been Peter’s girlfriend two years ago but back then they never went beyond mutual masturbation. Tom and Patti moved well beyond that and fucked every day after school and all summer long. Peter on the other hand, had no girlfriend at the time.

All in their early 20’s, they attended different colleges but spent much of their free time together. Today they shared a blanket on Beach 35th Street near the stairs to the boardwalk.

Peter, face down on the blanket, nearly slept. Suddenly he felt Patti’s hand reaching under his hips heading straight for his cock. His got hard instantly as her fingers inched closer and closer to his nearly erect dick. He raised his hips to give Patti easier access. That is when Patti and Tom erupted into laughter. Tom had told her what to do and predicted that Peter would cooperate. They laughed at Peter’s reaction. Peter felt embarrassed and more than a little frustrated.

They went into the water, swam out to the ropes and took off their suits like they usually did. They all loved the feel of the water on their naked skin. Peter had done this several times before with Marian, his most recent girlfriend before they split up.

To say that Peter was horny did not come close to how he felt. canlı bahis Patti and Tom’s tease just fueled the flames.

After several hours at the beach Tom and Peter dropped Patti off at home and headed for Tom’s apartment. They both needed showers to rinse off the sunscreen, sand, and salt.

Tom showered first and came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. Tom’s tan Italian skin and dark hair contrasted with Peter’s red hair, pale white skin and freckles. Tom’s well-muscled, medium build made him look more buff than Peter’s long, lean, runner’s body.

Peter got into the shower and paid extra attention to his cock but decided not to orgasm in the shower. Entering Tom’s bedroom, he too had a towel around his waist but an obvious bulge gave away his aroused state.

Tom sat cross legged on the floor and Peter sat down facing him. They listened to “Angie” by the Rolling Stones till the song ended. Tom kept singing, “Angie, Angie…” hypnotically. Peter’s cock still made a bulge in his towel. He knew Tom must have noticed but did not care. He needed relief.

After a few minutes Peter noticed a bulge under Tom’s towel as well. That made Peter even harder.

They both decided to lose the towels since it was “too warm” in the hot, east coast apartment. They sat cross legged facing each other with their hard cocks pointed at each other. Tom kept singing the same line from the song, “Angie, Angie…..” and Peter felt hypnotized.

Tom’s erect cock curved upward. At about 6 inches it was similar in size to Peter’s straight cock. They looked different. Peter’s pale cock and red hair contrasted with Tom’s tan cock and dark hair. But, they also looked alike. Both were circumcised and both trimmed their hair to about half inch or less. They both sat there erect and wondering what bahis siteleri to do next when Tom took the lead. He reached over and grasped Peter’s turgid cock and asked, “Is this alright?” Peter said, “Yeah” and reached for Tom’s dick. They sat for quite a while slowly jerking each other off.

Again Tom took the lead and spread out onto the floor. “Peter, come here next to me.” Peter complied and put his arm around Tom as their bodies began to intertwine. “Ummm, feels good.” Said Peter as Tom kissed his neck and shoulder. Spread out on their sides they kept hands on each other’s cocks while rubbing their bodies together.

Peter told Tom, “Flip around.” When Tom obeyed, Peter and Tom were both facing each other’s dicks. Tom took Peter into his mouth and began to lick and suck gently.

Peter had never felt a man’s mouth on his cock and could not believe how good it felt. He opened his mouth and holding his mouth in the shape of an “O” he wrapped his moist lips around Tom’s hot cock. Peter felt the ridge of Tom’s head with his tongue and explored this new territory with enthusiasm. He looked at the slit at the tip of Tom’s dick and noticed liquid oozing out. Peter tasted and recognized the flavor since he had tasted his own pre-cum many times.

They both licked and explored each other from navel to balls with their tongues. Tom seemed more experienced than Peter but Peter learned by imitating what his friend did to him. When Tom licked his shaft, Peter mirrored his friend. When Tom wet his finger and stuck it into Peter’s ass, Peter did the same, moving it to increase their arousal. They were fully enjoying each other’s cocks. As they grew more and more aroused they both began bobbing their heads in an increasingly rapid rhythm.

They both came at nearly the same time in each other’s mouths, bahis şirketleri drinking the fluid like they needed some thirst satisfied. Tom eventually got up and got into his bed. Peter curled up behind him.

They slept for a couple of hours. Tom awoke to Peter stroking his cock. Now that the ice was broken they both felt ready to explore the possibilities. Peter asked Tom to get onto his hands and knees on the bed. He stood behind Tom, spread some lube onto Tom’s ass and pushed his lean cock to the entrance to Tom’s opening. Giving a little push he entered and just stood there enjoying the tightness. Tom started moving and soon Peter started to slide in and out. He shoved his cock deep into Tom’s ass while holding Tom’s hips like handles. He did not last long and came deep inside Tom in a series of powerful spurts.

They traded places but Tom asked Peter to get onto his back on the bed and put his knees up to his shoulders. Face-to face, Tom lubed and then entered Peter’s tight ass and began to kiss his face at the same time. The curved angle of Tom’s cock massaged Peter’s prostate and put Peter over the edge again. This time Tom and Peter both came with Tom flooding his friend’s inside while Peter shot cum all over his chest. By this time they were pretty spent. They rinsed off in the shower and curled up in bed once again.

After exchanging blowjobs again Peter reluctantly went home. He came later recalling his hot encounter with Tom.

During the following years they got together too many times to count. During their last sexual encounter, Peter masturbated in his sleeping bag outside the house while watching through the window as Tom and his girlfriend fucked with the lights on. Tom asked Peter to sleep in the yard that night since his girlfriend planned to spend the night. After that night Tom spent less and less time with Peter and more and more time with his girlfriend. Tom and his girlfriend eventually married. Still Peter always had a soft spot in his heart and a hard-on in his pants when he thought of Tom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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