Be patient and it all works out….


Be patient and it all works out….Several years after I graduated from Indiana University and was working my first real job, I was invited up to an old school mates lake house in Canada for a big festival and my friend Laura promised me a “good time”. I quickly accepted the invitation and I went to the Canadian lake beach house and when I arrived I noticed that the house was very close to the local small college campus. When I got out of the car I was a little surprised that Laura didn’t come out to my car and meet me especially since she knew I was almost at her house. I walked up to the back porch and knocked on the door. Laura came to the door and opened it. She looked just like I had remembered from college, she was blonde with short hair, not a thin girl but more of a smaller BBW with a nice set of 38D’s a big smile and stunning blue eyes. Laura was welcoming but certainly not exactly the way I expected. She invited me in and I entered the house and saw that there was a guy sitting in the great room overlooking the lake. He didn’t get up or move at all but just merely waved. I stepped in and hugged Laura and received a very indifferent hug from her. I didn’t understand so I shot her a “what’s going on?” look. She walked me into the great room and introduced me to her boyfriend Jeff. Come to find out, they had broken up which is what prompted Laura to invite me up from Michigan but of course as luck would have it, they got back together and now I’m on the couch. Jeff of course isn’t happy to see me and he isn’t going to be very friendly at all. I decide that I’m not going to let it bother me and I recommend that we all have a drink which we do. After several drinks I suggest we go out and hit one of the local bars so we walk around the corner towards the college campus. It’s only a few blocks and the bar is pretty busy but we find a table in the corner….After we order a couple of drinks a very young approximately 26 year old graduate student comes over to our table and starts talking to Laura and Jeff. They introduce me to her and her name is Patti and tell me that she lives with Laura. She is short ~ 5’4” and a little on the thin side ~110 lbs with perky 32C titties, with straight medium brown hair and a very pretty smile and very innocent look. She’s nice and works at the college and seems to be interested in me. She ends up sitting next to me and we are getting along very well. Then after about an hour a young guy comes over to our table and starts talking to Patti. His name is Drew and he is a couple of years younger than Patti and he plays on the college baseball team. He’s very well built and although it seems that Patti doesn’t know him well she definitely knows him and after a while they end up leaving together. I hang out with Laura and Jeff for another couple of hours at the bar and Jeff seems to be willing to hang out with me because I was buying and he’s a tool. We leave the bar and I tell Laura and Jeff that I’m going to go for a walk before hitting the couch back at Laura’s house. After wandering around for a half hour I arrive at Laura’s house and settle into the couch with the TV on softly. As I get tired I turn the TV off and ready myself for some sleep but I can’t seem to concentrate on sleep because I hear something….it’s a soft kind of whimpering or maybe even crying coming from what must be Patti’s room. I get up and move myself over to Patti’s bedroom door and lean in to hear better adana escort and it’s obvious that someone is in there crying…I very quietly and gently open the door to get a look inside and I see in the candlelight Patti lying on the bed spread eagle naked tied up with restraints from the four corners of the bed. I step in and notice that Drew isn’t here and she’s been left here like this….I sit down on the bed and ask her what happened? She says through her crying that Drew tied her up like this and then fucked her for a couple of minutes and then came on her stomach and immediately got dressed and left….leaving her to be found this way. I quickly undid the restraints and sat her up on the bed next to me….I put my arm around her and held her….She was embarrassed and felt like she had been used. She went on to explain that she thought he liked her but only to find out he was just an arrogant jock and she felt stupid. I consoled her and told her that she shouldn’t blame herself because some tool took advantage of her….I stepped out of the room quickly and brought her a towel, a glass of water and a robe….she used the towel to wipe up the mess Drew had made, took a sip of water and slipped the robe on….I asked her if there was anything else I could do for her and she wanted me to stay and to just talk to her and hold her….I of course did that….we talked and found ourselves discussing Laura’s invitation that brought me there and Patti said that she didn’t like the whole idea because she knew that Jeff and Laura would get back together because that seems to be what typically happens with them…she said that Laura really had some great things to say about me and that Laura really does like me and have some fond memories of me….I told her that was nice but I didn’t really know what all she could say about me because we were just friends back in high school…Patti began telling me that some of the girls that I had dated told Laura about my “gifts and talents” and that Laura thought about it when her and Jeff broke up so she called me and invited me here….I told Patti that was a great story and I appreciated it and I smiled at her….she smiled at me and let the robe fall open and looked up at me and put her right hand behind my left ear and pulled me into kiss her….we kissed and made out for a while and then I finally asked her….what “gifts and talents”? She said, “the rumor is that you are big where it counts and that you have certain “oral” abilities too”….She smiled and said, if you’re okay with it I’m about to find out if it’s all true. I smiled back at her and told her that I’d be disappointed if we didn’t, given everything that has happened so far….we kissed and I took her robe off of her and she quickly unfastened my belt and took my pants off of me as I took off my shirt….she kissed me all over my tanned, hairless chest and I played with her perky tits and nipples….her nipples got rock hard immediately to my touch and putting them in my mouth really got her excited…her breath quickened and she really started to writhe and squirm there on the bed….she quickly went to her knees there alongside of the bed and fumbled for my cock to see if the rumors were true….as she took hold of my cock and held it up in the candlelight you could see the look on her face that the rumors were true and that this was possibly more than she could handle…but the smile on her face led me to believe that she had every intention adana escort bayan of doing her best to take it all…she started stroking me and kissing the large bulbous head and then attempting to take as much of it as she could handle but she could only get about half of it in her silky, smooth, warm and wet mouth….she even did her level best to deep throat me but she just didn’t have the skill yet and after all she’s pretty petite….i could tell that she truly loved sucking cock but at her age hadn’t done a ton of it and it showed….one thing that truly excited me and helped was her effort and I could tell she was getting crazy wet and I needed to see just how wet…I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her off of my cock and told her to come up on the bed with me….we kissed as I positioned us and she was getting VERY hot and bothered….I positioned her over me into a 69 and OMG did that ever make her smile…..she was going to see if I had great oral talents or not and she couldn’t wait, she QUICKLY maneuvered herself, placing her pussy and hips right above my face and took a very firm grasp of my cock….she immediately went down on my cock and resumed her cocksucking of me….i chose to tease her a little bit and not dive in immediately….i began kissing along her smooth soft supple young thighs, licking and sucking all the way….i kissed all around her magnificently soft and supple groin and massaged and caressed her ass cheeks and licked and kissed all around her pussy lips….all along the outside until finally I slide my warm, wet hungry tongue across her clit and licked her all the way up to her taint and then spend some time kissing and licking her clit and sucking it into my mouth…she immediately gives out a huge deep gasp and moans in pleasure as I start to lick her from clit to taint with long slow strokes…. I used my entire tongue and I taste her young, soft supple pussy juices….her slit is small and her pussy lips are small as well…..she has a very small and wispy landing strip of pubic hair and it’s hard to tell if that’s natural or if she trims it like that but she’s magnificent….her pussy tastes great and smells great too….she does her best to continue sucking my cock but you can tell she just can’t continue to do that because she’s VERY close to cumming because of my slow and gentle method of eating her pussy….she is loving it and is GRINDING her hips and pussy down on my face hard….she’s sitting up more now and not even attempting to suck my cock anymore because she’s overcome by my cunt licking….as I continue to lick and lap at her pussy I slide my hands up and massage and caress her ass cheeks as she gets closer and closer to cumming for me and on my face….as she cums she loudly moans and groans and eventually cries out “OMG, I’m fucking cumming, I’m fucking cumming!!”…as she cums on my face I feel goosebumps completely cover her ass cheeks all the while as she cums….It’s a magnificent sensation….she wiggles and writhes her pussy lips all over my face….grinding on me and I taste her cum juice as it flows out of her and all over my mouth and face…as her orgasm subsides she climbs off of my face and turns to me to see what is next in store for her….i tell her to get on top of me and fuck me…she straddles my cock and takes it by the shaft and attempts to guide it up into her….as she does this she realizes that it’s not going to fit as is and this is going to take some doing….she escort adana rims her pussy with my cockhead and inches it up into her a ½” at a time…as it slides halfway up into her and she starts to pump up and down on me and humps her hips to and fro on it…she almost immediately starts to cover my cock with a white creamy cum all over my cock and shaft ….i reach down and grab her ass cheeks and hips with my hands and I start to press her down on my cock and try to get more of it up inside of her….she cries out in pleasure and in pain as I press more of my massive meat sword up inside of her….i then suggest that she gets on her back and lets me help get this inside of her….she agrees with a look on her face that tells me she wants that to happen and is also a little bit scared of it too but she definitely wants it….i position her on her back and I rim her pussylips with my cockhead and she writhes and squirms there below me….i’m surprised that she was able to get as much of it inside of her that she did….i start to gently pump ¾ of my cock in and out of her applying just a little bit more pressure down on top of her with every other stroke…..after 15-20 minutes of this I finally feel the entire thing deep inside of her and I continue to thrust it slowly but purposefully in and out of her using nice long strokes shoving it deep down inside of her….i grind it deep inside of her and hold it there….i feel her pussy start to pulsate and grip my cock hard and I begin thrusting in and out of her again and she cums loud again…. this time screaming and throwing her arms around and gripping the sheets with her small manicured hands with red fingernails, she starts to scream, “Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming again!!” as goose bumps again cover her ass cheeks….I pound her pussy relentlessly with my massive cock and with my hands on her ass cheeks I pull her ass cheeks and hips up toward me as I SLAM my cock deep inside of her pussy….her pussy clamps down on my cock, pulsating and gripping it as she continues to cum on my huge cock and as her pussy milks my cock I feel my milky white seed come gushing through my body headed from my balls and through my cock I tell her I’m cumming and she screams “Oh god cum inside of me, please fucking cum inside of me!!” I oblige her and I pump my wonderful white liquid deep inside of her soft, young supple pussy….my orgasm lasts for what seems like minutes and I collapse there on top of this sweet little nubile thing….we both lie there with me on top of her and my cock seemingly “stuck” inside of her…we lie there kissing and catching our breath….all she seems to be able to say is “oh my God”, “oh my God”….intermingled with “that was wonderful!!”….I smile at her and tell her that she was great and asked if I can sleep there with her or does she want me to go to the couch….she tells me that I’m not going anywhere and that she hopes I stay awhile…. I tell her that I’m hers to do with me what she wants until Sunday night, it’s now Friday night around 2:00am….you can see her thinking about the time we’re going to spend together until Sunday night….she smiles….One of the best non-sexual things that Patti and I experience the next day are the looks that Laura and Jeff give us over breakfast….Jeff is short and pissed at everyone and still very grumpy, Laura certainly seems like a woman who might regret the decision she made as there’s no doubt they both heard Patti cumming loudly last night but the thing that might make them both most upset is the constant smiles that Patti and I share….we just can’t seem to stop smiling….after breakfast we grab our coffee and go into her bedroom to start all over again….

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