BBC Training part 2


BBC Training part 2Again not me but as told to me by a friend as a true storyMe and Henry, the young dominant black college student I had met at an ABS and gone to have sex in his dorm room, had settled down to me meeting him in his dorm room frequently two times a week. It was weird me being almost 30 going up to his dorm room and passing other younger students and their odd expressions seeing me enter Henry’s room. He lived alone, but the walls in the dorm were paper thin and my moans and his groans must have been heard by his suitemates! Our sex was long and sweaty with him climaxing 3 to 4 times a session. My rear was getting more and more accustomed to his big 9” dick. I also got more and more in rhythm with him and he occasionally had one or more of his black friends join us for a group thing with me being shared. One of his friends was actually his older 50 year old cousin who had a 12” huge monster of a penis. It even dwarfed Henry’s 9incher! The other friend was about the same size as Henry. He seemed to enjoy sharing his friends with me as it gave him a chance to rest. Taking on three big dicks was quite challenging and I seemed to be able to make them all happy. Taking his cousin’s huge 12” member brought the most enjoyment to me. His shaft was long and it pounded against my prostate the most causing me to have constant orgasms as he fucked me.Once as the four of us were having a heavy fuck fest with me as the fuckee and them as the fuckers, Henry’s maid walked in on us! She was somewhat surprised, but not completely shocked! She was an older Hispanic woman in her 40’s. I understand she never said anything because Henry was fucking her too! She took her time leaving and looked envious güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at me sucking a big cock with another up my ass.They fucked me for months and it was all good. They even told me that I was just part of a huge network across America of millions of other white guys who had been converted by big black cock! There was even a book with a great deal of the names of these white willing sissy bottoms listing name and address phone number, email address and statistics age physical stats. I was listed as a lot of other white sissy slaves to black cock. Each one had a black spade symbol stamped beside it. As computers came around, soon it was available to everyone at the touch of a button. Unfortunately I was now even more in demand. Henry had access to the network as well and began to share me! Then Henry graduated from SMU with his Masters in Music. I didn’t see him for almost a year. Henry was actually bisexual. He married a nice black girl who was an MD. They lived in a nice gated community and unfortunately I couldn’t see him at home anymore. Then I had received a pager call. Later the pager was replaced with a cell phone. Henry had me call him and he told me that if I wanted sex with him, which was silly for I still lusted for his big dick and would do anything to get it, that I needed to meet him at this old adult movie theater. It was in a grungy old industrial part of town. The theater only cost $4 and it was open 24/7. The guy who managed it was a friend of Henry’s. After my first visit there, he never charged me again for he knew why I was there and he never bothered us while we were inside the theater. It was also an ABS with a video arcade perabet in the very back. Henry had certain demands when I went to the theater to meet him. I was to also be clean as a whistle, lubed and have no underwear or belt on. I was to sit on the back row and wait. He would always come in and now he would spot me unzip his fly, roll a condom on and nod for me to come around and bend over the back of the seat and he would move up insert his big hard cock and began fucking me. He didn’t care if anyone came into the theater or was already in there he would just continue to fuck me. I think it was exciting to him gave him power showing off how submissive that he had me a white guy for his big cock! Our rendezvous continued for ten more years. Once or twice a week, he would come in there roll on a condom, sometimes having me kneel down in front of him and suck him until he was hard. Then after about a year of the same routine, he had me go around and kneel down with my pants down in one of the chairs. I had to put my head down in the crack of the back of the chair and the seat of the chair with my bare ass sticking up facing him. Now that he was married he would wear a condom. He got off forcing me into a very submissive position and him fucking me driving my head down in the chair so he could show off his dominance over me and meant to humiliate me as beneath his mastering over me.Usually there were other patrons in the theater and most were awestruck as he pounded my bottom with my head down low in the chair and my bare ass sticking at just the right angle for him to drive his big cock deep into me. I would still moan and make grunting noises as he pummeled me. On occasion, perabet giriş he would invite any other interested men in there if they wanted a piece of my ass. He would take turns and let them fuck me until they came, spewing their semen in my hole. He liked that power over me and liked to show off! Sometimes there could be as many as 6-8 men lined up beside him, fucking me silly. It was humiliating, but I liked it as crazy as that sounds. I don’t understand, but I liked being dominated and being submissive. Soon I was known as the loose slut of the theater.I never had to wait for a sex partner, even Max the theater manager and friend of Henry’s fucked me and had me suck his cock every time I came there. It was always the busiest night when I was there. I was good for business. Unfortunately Henry couldn’t come anymore. His wife caught him with another white guy, a young college student in their bed! She divorced him and he moved to North Carolina. I miss his big cock, but I still get all that I can handle at the theater. Max is a big dicked Albanian guy and he likes to fuck my ass and share it with the others. It helps his revenue at the theater, but keeps him sexually satisfied as well. He has fuck night Friday and it is the busiest night. I have on Friday night had to fuck everyone in the theater, sometimes as many as forty guys, and most not wearing condoms. I know that this story is hard to believe, but about 90% of it is absolutely true. I never took on forty guys; however I have taken on 15-20! Max was always our early warning system. If the police vice squad came, which they did every once in a while, he would blink the lights inside the theater that they were inside the ABS. When the police came into the theater, we were all dressed and sitting watching the movies. They never caught us.I still am still a slave to big black cock or any big cock. I am never satisfied. Being fucked in the ass is my favorite pastime or having one down my throat!

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