Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 43

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The last several visits have been extraordinary, so it is not really a surprise when such peaks are not reached every time. Over the years spent visiting the baths, having sex with easily a couple of hundred men over that time, my perspectives have changed. What would have been often considered extraordinary in those first visits has now become fairly commonplace.

Such as getting a blow job from a stranger 5 minutes after quickly finishing a fresh poured beer, and less than a half hour after smoking a bowl. A definitely late 70s style of visiting the baths, perfectly suited to cruising. Such direct contact is irresistible, though the way he was going down on me made it difficult to play with him to any extent.

Not that I cared, watching the 3some gay porn, really getting into it as the beer added its own lovely buzz. Both of us arrived at opening time, wanting to have sex with other men, a desire that took little time to satisfy. Sinking into his mouth, already moaning like a slut about how good it felt to have a man suck my willing cock.

He was an excellent cock sucker, particularly how he let me pull out just a bit before cumming, playing with my cock head around his soft lips before giving in to temptation, cock going deeper into a waiting mouth. He was in control, but as time went on, I was able to start playing with a nipple, or reach his sexy cock before he would move away. I enjoy sharing, but since he was clearly most interested in blowing a stranger, it was easy to let him have his way at first.

But after the fourth or fifth time pulling back, lusciously stroking a cock covered in his slippery spit, I bent down while caressing his head, making it obvious that I wanted to kiss him. It took a bit longer, kissing and biting his neck and ear, but he finally lifted his head to mine as I began stroking his hard cock.

The first open kiss was fantastic, my hands caressing his head as our tongues played. The simple idea of kissing cock suckers turns me on, separate from the reality that a good cock sucker is invariably a good kisser. Just like now, where we played and kissed in mutual horniness, two men intimately familiar with what other men love. The rhythm of his blow job changed to include periods of wonderful kissing, generally with me forcing him upwards to be kissed until he was moaning against my lips, helpless to stop me from using his mouth. However, I never could quite find the right opportunity to do a hit and go down on his sexy cock.

A minor frustration that grew irrelevant as we continued playing. It did become possible to start feeling his ass, something that he clearly enjoyed by the way his cock sucking felt, especially after starting to touch his inviting hole. Soon, the emphasis began to shift, using wettened fingers to slide over his soft ring, feeling his mouth on my cock as I began to push in. It feels fantastically dirty to play like this with another man, just like the first descriptions I ever read of men canlı bahis having sex.

He returned to greedily kissing me as we jacked off, but he soon started to shift position in a way that my mind simply paid no attention to as my cock grew ever more eager to enjoy another, more recent, bathhouse pleasure. I was able to jack off his erect rod, fully aware that we were both really horny. A thought reinforced by how he licked his finger before putting it between his legs, sighing as he reached his goal.

I was jacking off two cocks, and having my cock head begin to move against his wet skin was incredible, beginning to rub it against his tempting tunnel. Moaning “No fucking .. just playing” over and over, becoming overwhelmed when his licked fingers returned to add more slippery joy to our shared contact. The rush and condoms were somewhere out of mind, totally lost in playing with my cock, feeling the exquisite delight of his yielding hole, an amazing feeling.

His cock was coated in pre-cum as my left hand pumped his quivering shaft, my cock head surrounded by warm seductive pleasure, having a bit of anal sex with a stranger, both of us loving the sensations as my other hand moved my cock around, the sensitive ridge feeling his powerful pulses right inside the ring, letting my fingers touch where we were joined, sometimes meeting his.

In a distant way, I knew we were not exactly playing at fucking and my cock was perfectly naked but it felt far too good to stop right then, riding waves of near orgasm. This was the sort of heavenly male sex that can be found here, that I continue to willingly expose myself more and more to. Increasingly wanting to intentionally experience it, in the same fashion that led me to never using a condom when getting sucked.

When he moved away, it was impossible to know how long had passed, realizing I had just given in to long held temptation, barely in control, and both of us loving getting off with a stranger like this. We were both sweating, and as he sat up, said he needed to take a shower. He moved away even as I tried to touch his cock and guide it to my mouth.

I followed shortly, seeing a half hour had passed since entering the porn theater, and never succeeding in sucking his cock. The reality is that sucking cock is as hot as being sucked, a fact that explains why so many bathhouse visitors become regulars. After wandering the empty top floor, I left to shower, along with putting my black bag away in the locker.

Back upstairs, towel off before reaching the top of the spiral staircase, I returned to the dark room to find a man sitting on the edge of the platform. Standing in front of him, enjoying his exploring touch as my left hand went out to stroke his head, and feeling wet hair as he began to go down on me. The sensations were glorious, and familiar, as I slowly realized it was the same man as before. Making it even easier to just face fuck him, holding his head while pumping his mouth bahis siteleri with hard cock.

Rigid and slippery after almost cumming in a talented man’s mouth, I bent down and kissed him greedily, full on the mouth as we began to stroke each other again. Sitting down next to him, his cock available as we pleasured each other, fondling and caressing and kissing.

Finally, his cock was enticingly near my mouth as I opened the bottle, which caused him to immediately leave. Freedom at the baths has many aspects, and there are men who have no interest in poppers at all. Though it is also true that there are men who are far too interested in them in turn, trying to use them whenever possible.

The wonderful intensity overrode my disappointment after breathing out, cock stiff, like how I used to do poppers here long in the past, talking really dirty in the empty space while jacking off – “Cock sucking – sex with men.” After the high point of the popper’s effect passed, another man came in.

These poppers have the truly amazing property of creating a mood of sluttiness that only slowly recedes, and it took very little time before I had my lips moving down a growing shaft, a stranger standing in front of my face, an utterly willing slave to my no longer frustrated desires.

We soon stretched out, starting to 69. And again, my actual intent did not work out, though in this case the goal was to rim him after he rimmed me. Even though I almost opened the poppers a couple of times, much like earlier, things never came together. Or they worked out too well, our mutual cock sucking desires meshing into a growing temptation to just cum, which poppers would definitely cause.

As time went on, the bristly sensations grew a bit unpleasant. Smooth or bearded is fine, but bristly is no simply not my taste, particularly the way it seems to feel after time, even when getting blown. This is not generally a major problem, but I rarely go down to the baths without being freshly shaved.

After another extended stretch of oral delight, he left, leaving me to just lay luxuriously in the quiet darkness. Only interrupted when someone basically sat on my foot, without bothering to see if anyone was there. Though my foot quickly began to run over his thigh, he left promptly. After that jolt, it seemed best to wander again.

Downstairs turned out to be simply boring, with nobody doing anything in the steam bath apart from hanging around, without any sign of any interest. This happens, and when it does, there is little point in seeing if anything develops, as nothing ever does in such situations.

Back in the porn room, I returned to the top row, with a man in the middle of the center row jerking off. He left before I was more than half hard. However, that was quite enough to tempt the next man to enter the space after glancing up. He sat on the other side of the top row, starting to touch himself, attracting my obvious attention.

It took little bahis şirketleri time before he moved closer and bent down to take my cock into his mouth. As time went on, he did not seem to want me hard. This was was a bit unusual, just part of this visit’s string of unusual occurrences. It was not a problem in the least, allowing me plenty of time to get him erect, obviously turned on by having his mouth filled by a stranger’s available cock.

As he continued, I did a hit, lifting his head from my dick, then went down on his sexy waiting cock, mouth engulfing the flared cock head. Almost immediately, I was deep throating his gorgeous length even before finally breathing out, turning him into a total slut. Sucking and getting sucked is irresistible, as it is impossible to tell the difference between using a stranger and getting used by a stranger, every sensation merging into pure satisfaction.

His cock felt gigantic in my mouth, wanting nothing more than to surround its immense size. And wanting to make him my dirty slut, fingers straying over his balls then pressing against his crack, feeling him shift and moan to have my finger touch his sweet anus, pulsing with anticipation at what a stranger could do with him, helpless to resist desire.

My sucking grew faster as my finger began to sink past his tight ring, lost in the rush, acting like a total slut as he began moving his hips, getting lost in paradise, knowing he was just as horny as I. The intensity receded, and we continued to enjoy each other until a man came near us. He was the first man to approach, though a couple of other men had entered, and were stroking while watching.

My mouth was full of cock as he knelt on the middle row, towel off, making it easy to reach his tempting cock and make it grow stiff. I kept greedily devouring a now thrusting cock, getting the poppers ready to become truly decadent, and share a cock with another man. Using both hands to open the bottle, I did a hit with my lips at the base of a stranger’s hot cock, then slowly taking it from my mouth, offering it to another man to go down on.

However, he seemed to hesitate, and my desire to suck cock increased as the rush filled me, so I returned to cock sucking. After making the offer explicit a couple of times, by sucking a stranger off right in front of him, then offering the glistening rod towards his mouth. Finally, he understood that I wanted to share a sexy hard cock, looking at a man going down on a glistening wet cock.

The sucked man became more insistent, to the point that leaving was the best option to stretch out my muscles.

This visit was only two hours long, showing how jaded I have become, since at least an hour of that time was spent with my cock in several men’s mouths. However, for all the undeniable pleasure, this visit never quite aligned with someone, even that promising first encounter.

I have become surprisingly demanding in the last few years, particularly since my younger self could never have imagined such pleasures. Nor imagine finding such experiences as somehow less than paradise – which it remains, though with more understanding of the truly extraordinary compared to the excellent.

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