Barnes and Noble Girl Part III


Barnes and Noble Girl Part IIIThis part is rather a side story but it’s meant to set everything for future parts——————————————————————–It was near closing time and Sandra standing behind the customer service counter in the middle of the store, looking over her employees getting ready for closing. Jenny was closing the cash registers and baristas were cleaning up the café. She was day dreaming about all that had happened and couldn’t help but to have a smile on her face. She still couldn’t believe she had done all the things she had, many people would scream at her if they knew she trusted an email sent by someone who could be a sick twisted man or even worse, a murderer. She was still completely in her own world when Jenny frightened her with a sudden question. “So how was last night?” she stood there staring at her with a big smile on her face. Sandra was caught off guard and frankly did not know what was she talking about. “What date?” she asked but before her friend answered she realized why Jenny was asking that question. “O it wasn’t a date; it was just two guys I knew. They were old friends from high school. They were back in town so they wanted to get together and catch up.” She stopped herself from giving more details. The excessive amount of untrue information she was giving out was making her cheeks red but Jenny didn’t seem to notice. “O yeah? What did you guys do?” she asked as she started searching on one of the computers.“Nothing just went to their place and let them have their way with me.” She said looking at the distance.“What?!” Jenny seemed shocked but smiling. “Just k**ding!” she stopped her before she got any louder. She couldn’t believe she had made a joke like that. She wanted to share her experience with someone but it was impossible not to be judged by even the most open minded people. “It was alright I guess, we just grabbed a beer and caught up.” She nervously continued. Before they knew it, it was closing time. Jenny grabbed the keys and looked around to see if there were any more customers in store. “I tell you what, how about we grab a bottle of wine and we can go to my place and you can tell me all about your threesome.” She winked. “It was a joke” she replied as she accepted Jenny’s invitation. She drove through the gates of her friends apartment and parked next to her. She was unlocking the door when Sandra arrived. “Oh hey, come in, it’s nice and warm.” She said as she opened the door. Sandra had been to her apartment before. It was a nice little apartment mostly decorated with Jenny’s family pictures; Pictures with her parents, her older brother’s graduation and her younger siblings mike and Sarah. Her entire family seemed to look very much alike. Men of the family looked big and chunky. In a family picture all three men were wearing some kind of a baseball cap and all three women looked curvy and on the large size with pale skins. This was another thing Sandra was jealous of Jenny other than her shape and size and that was her big family. She didn’t have a big family, her parents were divorced and her only sibling was her sister who had moved out of town. “Do you want anything to eat?” Jenny yelled out as she was looking into the refrigerator. “No I’m good” she mumbled as she scanned over the pictures. After opening the wine bottle they sat down and talked. Sandra wanted to know more about Jenny. It was almost as if she wanted to know if she could share her secret with her. At first they talked about their everyday life and work, then conversation was changed to relationships. Sandra didn’t know much about Jenny’s love life. She was a beautiful girl, surely there were a lot of guys wanting to be with her Sandra thought to herself. Jenny had dated a guy from high school and into college but she would not get into details to why they broke up. Sandra asked her why and she explained that she felt as if she was tied down by her ex boyfriend and she was always a good girl. She had good grades throughout high school, didn’t drink any alcohol until her ex and she decided to buy a bottle of wine when they were in college, and that was not how she had imagined herself to be. She wanted to leave home to be able to do everything she couldn’t do or had no idea she wanted to do. “Like what?” Sandra questioned her. “Like any time I imagined traveling around the world I never imagined doing it with my boyfriend.” She explained. “so when you’re dating someone and it’s serious, the drama and the burden of having to deal with someone else’ emotions keeps you from being able to enjoy your experiences or even dare to try something new in fear of making the other person feel left out.” She clarified as she poured herself another glass of wine. She made a lot of since, Sandra couldn’t even imagine doing the same things she had done if she was dating someone or was emotionally involved in a relationship. Jenny took another sip of her glass and continued, “so I broke up with him and decided to do all the things I wanted to do, I traveled to California and took some classes abroad in France for a semester and had all the wild experiences I wanted to have and some.” She chuckled, looking at her as if Sandra bahis firmaları knew what she was talking about. “Oh what kind of experiences?” Sandra asked with big smile on her face, trying to tease her. Jenny looked at her glass and it was empty and so was the bottle. “Well I’ll need more than two glasses of wine to tell you my secrets” she winked back. Sandra quickly got up and walked to her pantry to see if she had more wine. “haha someone wants to get me drunk.” Jenny yelled from the living room. Sandra was glad to see another bottle of Merlot on the top shelf. She knew if she could get Jenny to share some of her secrets with her, then she could maybe share some of hers or at least that was what she was hoping for. If her “wild experiences” were even close to what Sandra had done in the past few nights. She opened the bottle in the kitchen and walked back to the couches where they were sitting and poured her another glass and made sure she topped her glass to the rim before pouring some for herself too. Jenny grabbed her glass and took a big gulp of her wine. Whatever this was, it was something Jenny was having a hard time telling her. “Well when I was in Paris studying, my roommate and I would smoke all the time” she said while thumb and index finger together indicating smoking marijuana. “I mean we smoked a lot, our dealer was this guy named Patrick and every time he had something good he would just give us a call. He was like 6’ 1” or taller and had dirty blond hair. He was skinny but had some muscles on him. One day when I came back from a philosophy class I walked passed my roommates room, her name was Cassie, I heard noises coming out and looked through the crack just to see her on her knees and our d**g dealer Patrick standing next to her as she blew him off!” Sandra stretched her eyes open as if she was shocked but she was hoping for a more shocking story but before she needed to respond Jenny continued. “so I was standing there watching them and thinking to myself ‘all this time I could be blowing him for weed instead of wasting all my money’ but I was also enjoying the scenery. I mean Cassie was really good at oral sex I guess. Patrick had a large penis, I mean very large and she was forcing it down her throat, swallowing the whole thing, and Patrick was loving it. Cassie had the perfect body, she was skinny but had C cup breasts and she had a big butt. She was sitting on her knees grabbing her butt cheeks and spreading them as she would deep throat him. I doubt Patrick could see her do that, he had her hair in the palm of his hand and would just shove his cock in her throat so deep I could hear his balls smack against her chin.”Sandra couldn’t deny Jenny’s story was interesting and all the detail she was giving was making it even better. She noticed her glass of wine was empty so she poured another glass for herself without getting her eyes off of Jenny as she continued her story “It was the hottest sight and I’m gonna be honest I hadn’t been sexual at all since I had broken up with my ex. Just seeing him with his big manhood being pleased by her, kinda made me hot” she laughed in embarrassment “ He was saying some stuff in French but my French wasn’t that good, he was saying things like ‘good girl’ but I didn’t understand the rest. No matter how hard and fast he started going she would not stop him and all she did was spreading her cheeks wider, I could um see everything, I think she liked it rough. He went pretty fast till he arched his back and started to breath and moan, he was cumming but he was not letting her go. She gagged and coughed till she swallowed most of it but she never let go of her butt.” Jenny went for another glass of wine. She was starting to slur and only meant she was going to spill more of her story. Sandra realized how she was breathing. The story was getting to her. “Was that all?” she asked trying not to sound out of breath. Jenny took another sip of her new glass of wine and continued. “It was weird but hot. I can’t lie; I did masturbate thinking about it a lot. I was not as good as her when it came to bjs, and my ex certainly didn’t have that big of um thing but I loved thinking about it so I decided to find out what was going on between Cassie and Patrick. I didn’t know how to bring it up to her, I mean she could get mad at me for looking into her room but I couldn’t take it anymore, I could not get the image out of my head so I casually sat next to Cassie and told her that I was passing by her room and saw her doing what she was doing. She didn’t seem shocked at all and asked me what I thought about it. I told her I thought it was hot and she was very talented for being to deep throat such a big penis. She smiled and said ‘don’t worry you’ll be able to do that one day.’ She told me she was never paying for any weed and it wasn’t like he was bad looking and asked me if I wanted to um do it too. I agreed but we didn’t really discuss the details. One day when Patrick was over we all started to smoke, a lot, and suddenly Cassie said ‘let’s play truth or dare’ I knew she was up to something by her secretive smiles at me. We got a bottle of beer and on the first spin it stopped on me. I wasn’t a little high kaçak iddaa school girl so I said dare on the first turn. I was expecting her to say ‘you and Patrick kiss’ or something like that but she said ‘Ok Jenny I want you to strip tease for Patrick and I and Patrick has to choose the song.’ I was a little shocked but I didn’t care much, it was just I didn’t know how to do it right and was kinda embarrassed. Patrick got up and put on a song, it was slow beat French song and after looking at them confused for a few seconds I decided to just do the best I could. I hadn’t started to dance for long when Patrick yelled ‘take it off’ followed by Cassie’s laughter. I took my top off and both of them were cheering me, I felt light headed and careless. I turned around and slowly took my jeans off. After throwing my jeans to the side I could see Patrick’s mouth was just open in awe. I maybe not be skinny but I’m still sexy.” She said winking at Sandra. “I found a little more courage and got close to Patrick and started to dance in front of him. He opened his legs to let me get closer, I turned around and were slowly moving my butt as I took off my bra. He surprised me by slowly pulling my underwear down. There I was fully naked. I bent over and touched my toes as I shook my butt in his face giving him a full view. ‘wow’ he was amazed and I could feel his breath against my body. But I wanted to tease him so I got away from him and started to dance for Cassie. She spanked me a few times and I didn’t think much of it. I did the same thing I did to Patrick. Stood with my back towards her, bent down and held my toes and started to move my butt. Cassie grabbed my cheeks and spread them, hard, I was surprised I looked back and she looked mesmerized by me. I mean I had never thought of a girl liking me but I liked how I was making her feel. Next thing she did really surprised me. She um showed her head in my crack and started licking me um down there.” She paused and waited for Sandra’s reaction. Sandra’s eyes were wide open. She didn’t know how to react. The fact that a girl had done such a thing wasn’t really sexually arousing to her but at the same time she didn’t want to make Jenny feel awkward or discouraged and stop finishing the story. So she quickly thought of something to say “ wow, and?” was all she could think of and that was enough feedback for Jenny to continue. “I was shocked and jumped but she was pushing her face into me and licking me all over, I tried to stand straight but she was pushing into me hard and I held on to the coffee table in front of me to support myself. I was still in a state of shock and could feel her tongue licking me, and it felt good but I was too shocked to react. She would spread my cheeks as wide as she could and lick me um entirely.” She looked embarrassed. “oh like…” Sandra paused. She couldn’t get herself to say it.“Yes like my butthole and all.” She paused for a few seconds waiting for her reaction but didn’t wait for a response and continued, “It felt weird at first but so good after a bit, I mean no one had ever done that to me before but now I was loving what she was doing. I remembered about Patrick and looked up to my left to see what he was up to. He was already rubbing himself over his shorts and staring at us. I closed my eyes and just let Cassie do what she was doing. I liked how rough and desperate she was acting. She would push her face in between my cheeks and squeeze my cheeks together, almost suffocating herself. I noticed Patrick get up and walk up to us. He took his shirt off and dropped his shorts and underwear. He was huge and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Cassie stopped eating me and got up, holding my hand walking me to the edge of the couch. Her face was covered in my juices. I was following her not knowing what she wanted. She bend me over the side of the couch, I was in standing position and bending over the cushion handles. She got on her knees and started to do the same thing. Squeezing, spreading my butt cheeks. Patrick sat in front of me and slowly slid himself under my face. His cock was pointing up and I still couldn’t believe how big he was. His penis had a small mushroom head and it would get ticker and wide in the middle before it was lightly back to normal again by his testicles. It almost had an oval shape, a big, thick oval penis. I held his cock with one hand and noticed my fingers couldn’t really reach around his shaft, I licked his tip a few times but Cassie was doing a great job and made me moan. I gave up and started sucking Patrick. His cock tasted great and was warm. I licked him a few times and when right back at sucking and beating him with my hand. I could feel his hand collection my hair and grabbing it in a pony tail. He was slowly pushing me down his cock further every time I was taking him inside but I could barely fit one third of his penis inside my mouth. I heard Cassie mumble “ah I love your ass.” Before she started to lick it and bite it all over. It felt good, I mean the way she was grabbing my cheeks, I always liked my butt being kissed and squeezed. Patrick was pushing harder and I was taking half of him at best before starting to gag. ‘She is not as good as me when kaçak bahis it comes to deep throat but we should teach her’ Cassie said walking up next to us. She moved the coffee table and told me to get up and sit on my knees next to her as she took her clothes off. I did as she said. Patrick got up and started to softly hit his cock against my lips. Cassie got close next to me and started to kiss and lick his furry balls. Patrick let out a moan and dropped his head back. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood still as he hit my lips with cock.” Jenny was starting to slur and her excessive amount of detail showed she was drunk.“Patrick’s cock was so big I could barely see Cassie. After a while he grabbed my hair and made me suck his cock again. But I could hardly do it. I heard Cassie starting to give me instructions. ‘Relax, just close your eyes and breathe from your nose. Go slow on her Patrick.’ With every push Patrick was going deeper and I was gaging. ‘Ok just hold it in her throat Patrick’ Cassie ordered. ‘Now breathe from your nose and try to swallow it. My gag reflexes were less frequent but I still couldn’t do it. Tears were running down my face and I was only swallowing half of it, I felt like my lips were about to rip open. ‘Come on just hold it there, good girl.’ I felt Cassie’s hand run over my back and grab onto my ass. Her hand slowly moved from behind and started to rub my um thing from behind, it felt so good that I started moaning even though it was hard to do so. Patrick’s hand started to slowly push me down his cock. I could also feel Cassie’s other hand feeling my breasts and squeezing them. ‘Oh my god, how big are these? Double Ds?’ she whispered in awe. I had my eyes closed, enjoying her hands over my body and trying to swallow as much as I could. I could feel his cock move down my throat and to be honest it was easier now, I was not gagging anymore and had to just concentrate on my breathing. Cassie’s fingers had found their way in me and she was being a little rough and fast. She had two fingers in and was going back and forth fast.She reached from between my legs and started to rub my clit, it felt amazing, I decided to take Patrick out and try again, it felts so amazing having to lean back so much so I could take him out, I suckled on his head and moaned as Cassie rubbed and fingered me fast. Patrick gathered all my hair in a ponytail and I took his cock into my throat again, it took me a few tries but I had two thirds of his cock in my mouth and I was enjoying every inch of it. I couldn’t help but drool all over myself. With his cock down my throat I couldn’t really swallow my saliva. ‘Ok I think she is ready’ Cassie told Patrick. “Jenny, grab your butt cheeks and spread them and don’t let go.’ I could imagine how I looked doing that and it turned me on a lot. He put both hands on my head and forced me down his cock, at the same time Cassie started to put three fingers in me, I gagged but took all of it, till his balls were against my chin. I looked up to him proudly as tears were running down my face. It was an amazing moment, I felt like I had achieved something important. Cassie was fingering me too good and I was almost having orgasms, I decided to try my new talent and give Patrick my best blowjob. I took his cock out and started sucking it, it was completely covered in my saliva and this time I easily took half of his cock in while sucking and going back and forth.” Sandra almost interrupted Jenny’s day dreaming as she poured the last few ounces of wine in her glass. Jenny didn’t seem distracted and continued her story. “I never thought I would be this good at oral sex. I mean I never even liked it that much but now I was loving it, I could have had an orgasm just giving Patrick a blowjob. I would take him deep, take him out, start sucking him and go back and forth half a way down his cock, he was moaning and I was getting closer and closer, I could feel Cassie’s finger in me and she was rubbing my clit so good. I started to feel light headed and my knees almost gave up as my orgasm hit me, my eyes rolled to the back of my head and just held Patrick deep in me. He was moaning and grabbed my head and showed his cock all the way and started cumming. I didn’t know what to do. It was so hard to swallow because I was breathing hard from my orgasm. I did the best I could but I pulled back, he was still coming in my mouth and it was running down my chin and on to my breast. I licked his head and he squeezed that last few drops on my lips and tongue. I had never felt like that before. Patrick just dropped back on the couch and I just fell forward and held on to his knees, his cock now looked softer but still huge and as I breathed heavily I gave it a few licks, teasing it and making it jump. Cassie got up and walked to the kitchen and asked if anyone was hungry. Patrick and I were so tired that we couldn’t even respond.” Jenny gave Sandra a look as to indicate the end of her story. Sandra took a few seconds before she could react but she finally did. “Wow that was the hottest story I have ever heard.” She said in amazement. Jenny smiled and tried to get up. She left to go to restroom. Sandra was still thinking about her story and trying to picture every detail. She was very excited because with Jenny sharing this story with her she knew she could trust her with hers. She hoped Jenny wasn’t too drunk to hear hers. She sat there, awaiting her return.To be continued…

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