Barefoot Men Only – The Sauna

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It was raining hard – as it normally does in Scotland – and I felt cold and damp. I glanced at my watch; it was five minutes past noon. I smiled to myself, knowing the sauna opens at 12 sharp and I wouldn’t have to hang around waiting for someone to open the door.

I turned the corner and walked up to the large, dark red doors of the sauna. The late-October rain dripped annoyingly inside the collar of my shirt, causing me to shiver.

I pressed the buzzer and waited. I loved that you couldn’t just walk in off the street; someone had to approve your entrance to the sauna, which was, of course, for men only.

The door unlocked and I heard a voice from the panel saying ‘c’mon in’. Quickly, I pulled the heavy door towards me, opening it and stepping inside.

The lobby always felt warm and, especially today, dry. I wiped rain from my shaved head, flicking my wet hand into the air. I called the elevator. It whirred and hummed, the door sliding open.

I stepped inside and pressed the “1” button to take me upstairs. The door closed and I felt myself being pulled upwards.

The elevator was always dimly lit with a soothing blue light, and I already felt warmer and dryer. My coat, shirt and pants were all wet, and I tutted to myself as I ran my already-wet hand over my soggy clothes. I could even feel from inside my black leather boots that my socks were wet! I scrunched my toes against the wet material, and groaned at the thought of having to put wet socks back on my dry, bare feet after the sauna.

The elevator stopped and the door slid open. I stepped onto the first floor and was greeted by the sauna attendant at the pay desk. His name was Mike. I had seen him several times before but had never actually spoken to him. He was a tall, very muscular man, bearded, shaved head, very good-looking. He was wearing his white vest with the sauna’s logo, showing off his very impressive, tattooed arms.

“Afternoon!” he greeted me.

“Hi!” I replied, suddenly aware that I was staring at the shapes of his erect nipples inside his vest. He had very defined pectorals. His nipples were either pierced and stretched to accommodate much heavier jewellery than normal or he had mini cocks where his nipples should be.

“Is it cold in here?” I remarked, motioning to the protuberances on his chest.

He laughed, placing a white towel and locker key onto the counter.

“They’re just bigger now that I’ve put thicker bars in them,” he explained, nonchalantly raising his vest to expose his beautiful, rugged torso.

I loved that he referred to his nipples as “them”. I unconsciously licked my lips, feeling my cock throb inside my damp underwear as my eyes drifted from his rock-hard abdomen, blanketed underneath a fine layer of dark, masculine hair, upwards to his engorged, erect nipples which proudly displayed on each side a shiny, thick bar of titanium or stainless steel.

“Wow,” I gasped. I quickly wiped the drool which had escaped onto my chin. “Hot! Did it hurt to get them to that size?” I placed my money and membership card onto the counter as I spoke.

“It was worth it,” he replied. “They feel incredible, not to mention they LOOK fantastic. Don’t they?”

I could only nod, swallowing hard. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t fantasising about wrapping my mouth around each of his wonderfully large nipples in turn, sucking each one until we both came.

He let his vest fall downwards again, ending my view of his body.

“I might see you in the steam room later,” he said, swiping my card and depositing my money into the till. “I’ll show you another piercing you might like!”

I felt a huge pang of arousal. Was he talking about his cock?! Did he have his cock pierced too?!

He just grinned and unlocked the door to the locker room for me.


I nodded and returned the grin, taking a deep breath to counter my elevated pulse.

The locker room was empty apart from one other guy undressing in the corner. I glanced at my key; it was number 38, one of the tall, deep lockers in the back right corner of the room. I put my kit bag on the wooden bench and opened locker 38.

It felt so good to take off my wet coat, my wet shirt and my wet pants. I pulled them from my body and sat them next to me while I reached for my boots. I unlaced each boot and pulled them from my feet. Sure enough, my light blue socks were soaked”

“Goddamn it!” I muttered to myself. My sturdy black leather army boots must’ve been past their best; I inspected the heavy, rubber soles of each and, sure enough, bahis firmaları a large, horizontal crack adorned the sole of each boot. I tossed them angrily into the locker; they thudded against the aluminium walls of the locker, causing the now-naked male to momentarily pay attention to my commotion.

I crossed my legs, peeling the wet sock from first my right foot, then my left. I bundled them together and likewise tossed them inside my locker.

The feel of the changing room floor against my bare feet always felt wonderful. The floor was always clean and bone dry. Plus, this particular flooring was textured which felt incredible against the naked soles of my size 12 feet. I rubbed my toes back and forth against the textured floor; it felt like a mini massage as I savoured each bump and ridge with my toes, soles and heels.

I pulled my underwear down my hairy thighs; my semi-erect cock greeting me. The combination of the sensation of the floor against my bare feet and the images in my head of Mike the desk guy were really turning me on. He had a fabulous body; ultra-masculine and ripped without getting to that overly-inflated bodybuilder look. I had never seen his feet before, but I can always accurately predict what a man’s feet will look like by his overall appearance. And I could tell that his were large, masculine, smooth and shapely.

“Hi,” a voice from behind me suddenly said as I was locking away the last of my clothes.

I turned around. The man who had been undressing was now stood in front of me, displaying the most impressive hard-on I had ever had the pleasure to behold.

“Hello,” I replied, smiling. He, like me, was uncircumcised. His beautiful, erect cock stood proudly at somewhere in the region of seven-and-a-half to eight inches, his foreskin just barely managing to cling onto its purplish-pink, bulbous glans. He was shaved smooth; not a wisp of hair on his body, which, granted, was nowhere near as appealing as that of Mike, but he was toned and athletic with definition in his chest, arms and legs. I guessed he was twenty four, maybe twenty five years old.

My dick now stood at full mast. The young man inspected it with lusty gusto, grinning as he bit his bottom lip.

“Mmmm,” he sighed, “that’s a beautiful, big cock you have there!”

“I was just going to say the same to you,” I replied. I let my eyes move down his legs to inspect his feet. He had big, beautiful bare feet – exactly the kind of feet I find most attractive. He was easily a size 12 also; his delicious, smooth toes were medium length, very well groomed and, again, hairless. His ankles were strong and sculpted.

He reached out his right hand, closing his thumb and forefinger around the base of my hard cock. Slowly, he began to stroke me.

“Mmmm.. Fuck!” I sighed. His hand was warm and firm, and felt exquisite on my erect penis. I watched as he squeezed my hard shaft, angling my penis upwards so that the remainder of his fingers had full access to my balls, which he gently kneaded and caressed.

“Wow,” he said, almost in a whisper, “these big, hairy balls feel really full and heavy!”

I was now also savouring the heat from the twenty-something boy’s large, thick prick. I caressed his magnificent erection between my fingers, gently squeezing his shaved testicles against the base of his fine meat. He sighed, likewise squeezing my balls appreciatively. At my touch, his pliable foreskin flopped backwards from around his beautiful glans. The sheer force of my erection had caused my own foreskin to retract fully.

“Let’s take this into the showers, shall we?” he sighed, letting go of my cock and balls.

Before I could answer, he turned and headed for the showers. I followed, towel in hand, my aching erection bobbing left to right as I walked.

He was already soaking wet as I was hanging up my towel. I watched as he soaped his smooth body in the shower; lathering his depilated torso from neck to groin, soaping his beautiful, large dick from base to tip. He teasingly slipped his foreskin back and forth, back and forth. The lather, like cum, collected around the base of his fat cock-head every time he slid his foreskin forward.

The hot water was now cascading off my body. I slowly soaped myself, stroking and teasing my hard dick, enjoying the sight of the naked young man next to me in the showers. I took another handful of gel from the dispenser and stepped forward, arching my back slightly so that my erection slid against his. He gasped as I soaped our hard cocks together, my hand struggling to fit kaçak iddaa around both of our thick shafts. I held us together, base to base, cock to cock as I felt his tongue penetrate my lips.

Light moans escaped our occupied mouths as we slowly thrust our soapy, hard-ons together. I felt his fingers searching for my right nipple, which he began to squeeze and knead, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. He took a small step towards me, allowing me an even firmer grip of his hard meat. I felt the tips of his toes against mine; the toes of his right foot were actually ON TOP OF the toes on my left foot. The sensation, combined with our slow, sensual, soapy frottage, took me to the brink of orgasm. I quickly released our dicks, only just preventing my climax.

We both looked down at our wet, soapy cocks as they collided. My eyes went even further down to the young man’s fine feet, his toes dominating mine.

I dropped to my knees, lifting his toned thigh so that his bare foot now rested on my chest.

I heard him moan as I took his fat glans in my mouth. His cock tasted incredible; clean yet dripping with his sweet pre-cum. I took more and more of him in my mouth, working my fingers down over his calf muscle, down his strong, shapely heel and, finally, to his toes.

“Uuuuhh!” he groaned, my fingers now massaging the sole of his bare foot. I watched as he steadied himself against the wall, his hard cock slowly vanishing in and out of my eager mouth.

Goddamn, he had a smooth sole! I soaped and massaged and caressed the young man’s bare foot while I continued to suck him, my probing fingers slipping between each of his fine toes, fanning and spreading them wide.

To my utter delight, the young man then said the words for which I live:

“Mmmm.. suck my toes!”

He withdrew his delicious shaft from my lips, replacing it with his beautifully masculine toes.

To say I sucked his wonderful toes gladly is a gross understatement. I sucked with aplomb and undiluted lust! My tongue darted between his toes – from his big toe to his second toe, between his second and third toes, between that and the fourth and, finally and most sweetly, between and around the little toe on his right foot.

I had been masturbating wildly as I knelt, passionately sucking the young man’s toes. As such, I realised that I was again about to ejaculate onto the tiled floor of the shower room.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. “Quick! Let me cum all over your toes.”

He withdrew his foot. Not wanting to waste my cum, I quickly slammed on the brakes of my ejaculation.

“Not yet,” he replied, releasing his own cock (which also looked like it was ready to explode!) “Let’s get into the Jacuzzi. I want you to keep sucking my toes while I suck yours.”

The idea sounded so fucking hot.

“We can cum on each other’s toes!” he added.

I stood and followed him through the archway which leads to the Jacuzzi. Our cocks were rock-hard, and we passed two older men who were coming into the showers from the Jacuzzi, one of whom couldn’t resist grabbing my erect dick as I passed. I stopped, allowing him his moment of exploration. He said nothing, merely licking his lips as he felt the heat of my aroused prick in the palm of his hand. I left him to explore his arousal with his friend.

The Jacuzzi was empty save for myself and the young man. We sat facing each other, the usual gay porn playing on the flatscreen TV mounted to the wall on the right.

The scene in the dick movie was a muscled blonde gym guy getting his big, bare feet fucked on the floor of a shower room by another big, horny porn hunk. Periodically, the foot-fucker would pause to worship the blonde guy’s toes, sucking them greedily as he watched blondie jacking his veiny cock.

“Oh my god,” my companion exclaimed. “This is fucking HOT!”

“I’ve never seen a foot fetish movie in here before today,” I said, feeling the young man’s bare feet suddenly land on my chest.

Blondie was now sucking his own toes while his on-screen lover penetrated his tight asshole, the toes of Blondie’s free foot occupying his mouth as they both grunted passionately.

I felt the boy’s toes curl around my nipples, pinching them underneath the water.

“Fuuuuu…!” I moaned.

I felt his hands around my calf. He lifted my right leg out of the water and up to his lips. I felt the heat of his mouth as he closed his lips around my big toe, sucking and licking, taking each of my toes into his mouth in turn, skilfully fellating each masculine digit.

I did kaçak bahis likewise, taking his right foot into my mouth, sucking and savouring all of his toes at once, causing him to yelp with pleasure.

With my free foot, I found his beautiful erect dick. Slowly, I placed the ball of my bare foot against the base of his shaft. My toes were ideally positioned to work that sweet, thick glans. I began to slowly rub back and forth, spreading my toes to catch his cock between them, driving him crazy.

He began to suck harder and more forcefully upon my toes; he had my pinkie toe in my mouth, his tongue fucking the valley between it and my fourth toe. The sensation was breathtaking.

I glanced up at the movie; Mr Hot Blonde was now begging his dark-haired, hard-cocked lover to spunk all over his perfect male feet.

“Fucking shoot that hot sperm between my toes! Mmm, that’s it. I want to feel your cum on the wrinkles of my soles!”

“Wow, what a fucking hot line!” I thought to myself, just in time to feel my companion’s free foot caressing my own erection.

He, too, was an adept foot-tease. He expertly squeezed and caressed, massaged and kneaded my throbbing prick with his bare foot.

I felt my prostate tighten.

“Urgh…!” I groaned. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Stand up!” he said, releasing my toes.

I shot to my feet watching as he reclined, lifting his toes out of the water. I frantically jacked my cock, its tip bumping beautifully against the wrinkled sole of his left bare foot.

My semen erupted! I watched as my cum gushed onto the young man’s bare feet, great, hot ropes of my sperm streaked his bare feet, his toes (which he fanned and flexed, allowing me to decorate between each toe with ease) and his calf muscles.

I was seeing stars, my knees trembling as he said “Oh fuck… Mmm.. I’m gonna cum…!”

Spunk still dripping from my prick, I quickly sat, likewise lifting my feet out of the water to collect the young man’s jizz.

I felt his hard, hot shaft against the soles of my bare feet.

“Urgh!” he grunted.

He began to ejaculate. His first emission was so intense that it completely missed either of my feet and hit me violently on the chest. I laughed at the sheer velocity of his cum, feeling one, then two, then three loads of his hot sperm adorn my bare feet.

The boy emptied his balls, grunting and spasming as the last of his cream splashed across my toes.

Suddenly, a cheer and a round of applause brought us back to earth. I turned around to see that the two older men from earlier (one of whom had fondled my hard cock in passing) had been watching us from the loungers to the right of the Jacuzzi the entire time. I noted that they both had semi-erect dicks – their freshly-spent spunk clinging to their abdomens respectively.

“We must’ve put on a better show than the porno,” I remarked to the young man. He laughed and whooped.

We showered off, the two older men joining us just as we were about to head back into the changing room.

“I keep missing you,” my cock-holding friend remarked. Again, he put out his hand to stroke my prick.

“Hey,” the young man said. “You can play with this if you’d like?”

I turned to see that he was, again, proudly displaying a massive erection. The older gent’s eyes lit up.

As I left the showers, I glanced back to see the older man, kneeling, happily sucking the young man’s meaty girth.

Pulling my clothes from the locker, I remembered how wet my socks would still be. Considering how incredible my feet felt at that moment, it seemed nothing short of criminal to confine them in dirty, wet socks.

Just as I was wondering what to do, a voice spoke from behind.

“Hello again.” I turned around.

It was none other than Mike the receptionist. He was naked and extremely erect (aided in no small part by a steel cock ring which held captive his heavy-looking balls and beautifully-thick, veiny prick).

My eyes homed-in on the large, steel ring through the head of Mike’s delectable, hard penis. He was, indeed, pierced. I felt a surge of curious lust shoot into my groin; it was indeed not the first time I was experiencing this sensation today.

“I see you have a thing for guy’s feet?” he said, slowly stroking the draught-excluder between his thighs.

I merely nodded, my towel falling to the floor, my own erection knocking it from around my waist.

“I’m finished my shift and very much in need of a foot massage,” he remarked. “But first, I think we should rejoin the party in the showers.”

Again I nodded, following him.

As I felt Mike’s hands soaping my naked body, I thought of the wet socks in my locker.

“Another hour and they should be dry,” I thought to myself. “…or two!”

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