Bar Star Ch. 02

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“Learning More Each Day”


Marc and I had an enjoyable meal in the dining room of the 120 year old Blennerhassett Hotel. (I kid you not…that is the name of it!) I was in the mood for their prime rib and he wanted the chicken cordon bleu they were famous for. Our conversation ran the gamut of a few business things I needed to get with him on, and also ranged to his bathroom head job and my confession of having the hots for David the bartender. In many ways, he was the perfect mentor for me since he had been out since law school in his 20s and had the legal knowledge I needed trusted access to in order to manage the real estate portfolio I had inherited and built further since my parents were killed when I was a junior in college. Damn plane crash made me an orphan…a semi-rich one…but an orphan nonetheless!

My dad had been in the real estate business but more from an investor standpoint than anything. He and mom had owned a dozen single family rental houses and a nice 24 unit complex when they died. Being an only child, I ended up with it all, plus the river front house overlooking (what else) Blennerhassett Island. It was a huge temptation to just sell it all off and live on the cash; but I also not only knew better; but listened to other people that did too. No doubt at all that had I done that at 21 or 22, I would have been one broke-ass fucker by 25 at best. Instead I finished up my business degree at Ohio University in Athens and took some extra financial courses too, so I could expand what my parents had left me. With Marc as a legal advisor and trusted friend, I now felt as if I could do other new things too, perhaps.

The latest plan I had was to convert to commercial use and then double up the number of units of a 12 unit complex I had picked up last year out by interstate 77. It was originally built as one and two bedroom apartments, but the nature of that section of Seventh Street had gone to almost exclusively business and commercial over time, making them sometimes difficult to keep filled. Marc liked the idea of converting them to professional office space and the extra idea of expanding the walk-out basements to 8 or 10 more units with rear access. I joked that my other option was to turn the whole thing into a dirty bookstore with a couple hundred booths and go for the trucker trade!

Once we had gotten thru my latest dream deal, Marc steered me back towards the David issue. He said it was more than obvious that he had the hots for me in one way or another also, but was worried I was letting my groin get in the road of my brain.

“You are the new meat and new meat WITH money dammit!” was how he put it I believe. He then taught me unwritten rule

in a gay bar: bartenders like to get first dibs on new meat. “Just don’t set yourself up to get hurt…or fucked over.” Marc knew that I sometimes had a heart far too big for my own good and tended to trust too easily. “Look at the rep you have already at the Hut…half the bar has been in your pants one way and the other half wants in them the other!”

“HEY! That’s not fair bro!” I was a little taken back by the insinuation Marc had made at how promiscuous I had been.

“Fair or not, it’s the truth, Kurt.” His eyes showed that he hadn’t intended to be mean…just get my attention. “You are a good looking man that doesn’t show his age. The twinks think you are great because you buy them drinks and when you take one home, you protect THEIR rep by not bragging about it the next night like most guys do. So they in turn, protect YOUR rep too. Nobody is really certain how much you fuck around, but you do toss down the drink money too freely. It’s the best of both worlds in some ways, and the worst in others, guy.”

“But Marc…”

“Don’t even go there, Kurt! This is your new best friend you are talking to. I know you are getting more action by accident, than most all of us over 30, are bahis firmaları on purpose!”

I blushed bad at that one. “Am I really being THAT bad, Marc?”

“It’s not a matter of being ‘bad’ Kurt. It’s just a fact of life when you first come out and discover the smorgasbord that the bar can be. So you enjoy sex and aren’t at that ‘wanna settle down’ stage yet. Just don’t let it be too long or you end up like me. It’s too easy to be like me…the Harry Hamlin character in “Making Love” that suddenly finds out at 34 or 35 that you DON’T get to choose who to go home with every night…and reduced to bathroom blow jobs from the Fred’s of the world for human contact.”

Marc got very quiet after that and so did I in thinking about what it was he was really trying to say. We didn’t talk much more until after we were finishing our desserts and enjoying one last cup of coffee. I finally broke the ice with “So, are you saying I shouldn’t date David if that’s what he wants to do?”

“Oh hell no. David is one of the few guys that is that young that isn’t a total flake…he might be good for you in fact. Just don’t let that heart get in the road because he is a bartender and you are a new conquest for him in a lot of ways. Have some fun with him if you want…I just wouldn’t call it ‘dating’ until it’s lasted more than a week or two.” The wink he gave me at the end made me laugh.

“Marc, you really don’t think all you have left is…well…you know…like with Fred earlier…do you? You aren’t that old that you aren’t attractive to other guys still.”

Marc laughed at me and then stated “Why do you think I am on your ass about watching the biological clock, Kurt? You turn 30 in a few weeks and TRUST ME stud puppy…those 10 years between 30 and 40 will FLY by before you know it!”

“But you are only 38 or 39 aren’t you?” I honestly didn’t know and had never asked him.

That elicited another chuckle from Marc. “I wish! Baby…I have been 39 almost five times now! I turn 44 three weeks after you turn 30 bro.” Another sip of his coffee and he added “But thanks for the compliment.”

“Really? I thought you were still south of the big 4-0. That surprises me. I think you need to date more and settle down too then if that’s what you think I should be doing.”

“Yeah, I probably should. Just not much of a selection at the Hut and the dating potential otherwise isn’t great here in Closetburg, West-by-gawd-Virginny.”

‘Oh, but *I* am supposed to just get myself all fixed up so easy too?”

“You do have it easier because of your age and the looks that come with it. In fact…you haven’t even noticed the waiter half flirting with you tonight, have you?”

“Huh?” I know the look on my face duplicated that comment.

“Uh huh. Watch when he come to clear the dessert plates and the way he plays to you instead of me…at least until he slips the bill in front of me and decides to work me for a tip anyway.”

“Am I that dense, Marc?”

“No…just a noob at it. Your gaydar works; just needs some fine tuning. You are having to learn so much about who you really are and at the same time the way things work on the rainbow side of the fence.”

Before he could say more, his cell went off with a ring tone I had never heard before. I was left to ponder what Marc had said to me as I finished my coffee and he stepped away to deal with an important phone call from a retainer client.


As I reflected back on my life, I had taken a typical but slightly less than normal path to dealing with my attraction to men. There had been some experimenting with circle jerks and such during summer boy scout camp. High school sleepovers with a couple of buddies tended to end up with; at minimum; some mutual whacking. I had lost my virginity to a big-titted cheerleader at 16 and always had dates for the prom & homecoming dances, so I just presumed that the kaçak iddaa thing with guys was just a phase…or a case of overactive teen genes where a hard cock has no pride or gender bias. The college years at OU had included a couple of purely physical hook ups here and there and a semester my sophomore year with a roommate that liked to use the term ‘bisexual’ to justify us trading blow jobs when he was drunk. I could still remember the night that everything changed between me and Steve.

He had come back from an ATO frat party and was stoned…which meant he was also boned since pot tended to make him hornier than hell. I was stretched out face down on my bed in just a pair of sleep pants and had been surfing some gay internet porn, so I was in a little more than easily persuaded mood also. Steve stumbled in and just grinned real wide at me when he saw the gay fuck flick playing on my lap top. I will never forget how things went from the point he sat down on the bed beside me.

His right hand went to my bubble butt cheeks showing in the thin cotton sleepers and he only proffered “See something you like to try there roomie?”

As his hand slid down the back of my leg and his fingers strummed the inside of my thigh, my whole body turned into one giant goose bump. I was already hard as a rock from the movie and now Steve was making me leak pre like a broken faucet. I felt his left hand move across my shoulder blade, and I turned my face to stare into his. I tried to make a joke with “Little horny are you buddy?” That only succeeded in having his right hand up against my crotch massaging my full balls and his face down into mine kissing me deeply. I was in total shock since I had never kissed a guy before…and I was liking it!

Steve managed to get his tongue between my lips and rolled me over to my side as we embraced tight and began to grind our hips together as we made out. I had never felt anything like this before…and I mean from an emotional turn on more than the physical one. It scared me but also made me erotically charged up also. My legs wrapped around his and I ground back into his hard cock with mine even though both were still trapped by my pajama pants and his jeans. That was changed quickly when I decided that this was going to be a night of more than experimenting for me. I reached down to unzip him and push his Wrangler’s down…he kicked them from his ankles. We only broke the kiss when I rolled his American Eagle polo up and over his head so that he was naked. Before I could do it myself, Steve was yanking my sleep pants off knowing that I was bare under them. We immediately went back to kissing and grinding and rubbing all over each other but totally nude now. I had never felt the emotions I was at that point. It just felt right. It just felt so natural to be doing with a guy what I had only done with girls before.

What did surprise me was how much Steve was getting into it. He had always been about getting off before, but that night he was into the passion more it seemed like. I was feeling like the virginal freshman girl with the well experienced quarterback determined to teach me what I had been missing. I was under his spell, simply put, because no one had ever had me in this position before.

His hands raced all over my body. His lips and tongue and teeth followed. My own mouth was flipping between his and whatever part of him it could reach at any one point…his forehead, shoulders, chest, nipples…I just couldn’t get him enough under control to be able to slide my lips and tongue over his firm abs and down to his cock I had sucked many times before. He seemed possessed at getting me worked up as much as he could before he was going to permit me to work on him. I finally settled for slow stroking his seven inches and moaning softly as he did everything with his hands and mouth except concentrate on my manhood. By the time I was surrendering kaçak bahis completely, he had me on my back and was hip humping me and tongue fucking my lips while pinching the nubs on my pecs. I was squirting pre up onto him by now and thought he was going to make me cum without ever touching my tool.

Then he did something that freaked me out and forever changed our relationship.

I had just wrapped my legs around his before shoving my tongue into his mouth and was licking his white teeth. I didn’t realize the vulnerable position that move put me in and Steve took advantage of it. He reached down and moved his hard bone to under my balls and started poking at my taint.

OH HELL NO! I was a total virgin there and definitely not ready for being THAT gay yet! Even though he and I were close to the same height and weight, his power position on top of me (plus him being stoned out of his mind) made it almost impossible to fight back. The more he pressed the mushroom against my college boy twat, the more my sphincter tightened. He bucked his hips harder to try to force the issue and I did a butt clench that Richard Simmons would have been proud of back! It finally came to a head when Steve tried to pin my hands above my head with one hand and was using the other to try to force his cock head thru my anal ring. “STOP IT NOW GOD DAMMIT!” was what I ultimately used; along with a rapid roll to the side; to get him off me and from literally raping me.

The smell of our massive quantities of pre cum was thick in the room. Steve was laying against the wall on that side of the bed, when he looked at me in total confusion. “What the fuck asshole?” was his way of furthering the once romantic moment. “You were begging for me to shove it in Kurt! At least your body and tongue was!” Before I could even respond to that insanity, he pushed me out of the way, crawled off the bed, grabbed his jeans, and was dressing again. “Fuck you! I’m going down to ‘Changes’ and find me a piece of man pussy that isn’t BEING a pussy about it!” He snatched up the polo from the floor and was pulling it on when he stabbed me with his final barb for the night: “Let me know when you are ready to BE the fag you are, and take it in the ass like you are supposed to!”

I could only sit there on my bed in total shock and disbelief…partially from the near full assault and part from the way he used ‘fag’ on me. Before I could collect my thoughts and reply, he hissed one last thing at me: “One of us is moving the fuck out tomorrow…you decide who!” That ultimatum was followed with our dorm room door being slammed hard enough to make the wall shake. I actually cried over what had happened after he was gone, and the next day it was I that was making arrangements to switch rooms. I didn’t want any more conflict than what had already happened.

More significantly, that was also the only time I allowed myself to be in such a situation of someone nearly taking my virginity. Not only was it nearly a year before I was comfortable enough to be alone and sexual with someone again, I became a top-only after that ominous night also.


Marc apologizing with “Sorry about that,” interrupted Kurt’s flashback thoughts as he finally returned to the table.

“I can’t say which one, but one of out esteemed local car dealers had one too many at the 19th hole and just put one of his $55,000 floor-planned luxury models upside down in the creek out at the country club. Since the EMTs and the fire department were rolled, the state patrol is there now too, and the damn drunk expects ME to get him out of trouble yet again!” Marc snatched the guest check holder and scribbled his name on the signature line of the Am/Ex receipt, then handed the closed folder to Kurt. “You toss a $10 in there for the tip and we will call it even tonight…I got to haul ass out there before he lies too much to the cops!”

Marc paused once more as he stood up. He grinned as he added before leaving: “You might want to wait until the cutie server comes back and hand him the holder and a $20 separately instead…if you want HIS phone number too.”

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